What makes the presidential estates so intriguing is a group of features that are carefully designed to make life simple and offer luxury, security, and great peace. Many people dream and wish to visit presidential homes. In the US, there are presidential homes that are worth visiting for their awe-inspiring features and incredible histories.

9 George Washington’s Mt. Vernon

George Washington was the first president of the United States. As a result, his home is one of the most popular places to visit. George Washington served the country by leading it to independence. Mt. Vernon is a historic home that has become a National Historic Landmark that is found in Virginia. The home was built in 1754 by his father. Later on, Washington expanded it to a mansion in the 1770s with a large patio and varying new interesting features. It is a good place to visit and relive some history.

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8 Monticello

Thomas Jefferson's plantation in Virginia is yet another interesting presidential home to visit in the US. It is a home that has been in existence for a long time and has been used by many American presidents. It is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visiting the home is a chance to learn history and charges range from $25 to $30 for adults and $10 for kids. It is a guided tour. The experience explores private rooms, Dome rooms, and the life that was lived.

7 Richard M. Nixon, Museum and Library

Richard Nixon was the president of the United States and his history is quite interesting. As a result, many people have mixed opinions about him. However, visiting the museum and library is a good chance to learn more about this president. The home is set in an area of 9 acres, in Linda, CA. A replica of the original Lincoln sitting room can be found here. Nixon's Helicopter can also be found at this home-turned-museum. Touring the home offers a chance to learn more about the presidency during that time.

6 The Lincoln Home, Springfield

The Lincoln home was occupied and used by Abraham Lincoln and his family between 1844 and 1861. The home can be found at the corner of Eighth and Jackson in Springfield, Illinois. It was bought from Reverend Charles Dresser and used as a presidential home. The home was then remodeled to fit Lincoln's desires. Visiting the home is a chance to explore the history of the country's former president. In 1861, Lincoln moved to the White House.

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5 Clinton House Museum

The Clinton House Museum is also a presidential home that was used by former US president Bill Clinton. It is a house that has a lot of history that relates to the president. One of the stories is about how he took Hilary Rodham, his then-girlfriend, to the tiny bungalow home. The house is found in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bill Clinton later bought the home and they lived there. The two stayed in the house for 17 years. It is currently a museum worth visiting for its history.

4 Andrew Jackson Home

The famous Andrew Jackson is found in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a mansion that has the nickname "Hermitage". The home is also on a plantation. Some of the fun parts of visiting the home are moving through the halls, exploring the rooms, and learning about the history. The home has a selection of stories that took place during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. One of them is the sorrowful story of his wife’s death. She was buried within the same compound.

3 Franklin D. Roosevelt Estate

The Franklin D. Roosevelt estate is found in New York and is maintained by the National Park Service to date. It is a home that is significant in the history of Roosevelt's presidency in the United States. Inside the property, there was also a library. Today, the home has been turned into a museum and people can visit to learn more about its history. There are also multiple exhibits in the home worth seeing, all of which relate to the then-president.

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2 James Polk Home

The home of James Polk, who was the 11th president of the US, is found in Columbia, Tennessee. The home served the then-president for one term, as he died 3 months after leaving the office. It is a home that holds a lot of history and was one of the earliest in the history of the United States. James Polk served the country from 1845 to 1849. The house currently offers visitors a chance to learn history while also appreciating the presidency.

1 Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson spent a lot of his time during his presidency in this estate found in Texas. It was considered then the Texas White House. Touring the estate is a great experience where people are allowed to drive their cars and visit various places such as the family cemetery and the birthplace of Johnson. Visiting the home is free – all one needs is a permit from park authorities. Tourists can explore the interior and one can opt to get a guide or do a self-tour of the grounds.

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