There are a lot of reasons to visit British Columbia for a relaxing (and adventure-filled) vacation. There is also a reason the province’s motto is “Beautiful British Columbia”! This Canadian province is home to gorgeous national parks, incredible coastal views, and an eclectic foodie scene. Downtown Vancouver is brimming with adventures, but other parts of BC—including West Vancouver’s Cypress Mountain—are also sights to behold. Cypress Mountain is Vancouver’s biggest ski resort and a popular site for winter activities. However, just because the snow has melted, that doesn’t mean all the fun has gone too. In fact, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy when on Cypress Mountain. Take a look at some of the many activities to partake in this West Vancouver resort.

8 It's Home To Canada’s Longest Mountain Coaster

Known as Eagle Coaster, Cypress Mountain houses the longest mountain coaster in the country. Visitors swivel and turn as they ride through Black Mountain at speeds of 25 mph (or 40 km per h) at a length of 1.1 miles and a drop of 900 feet. The coaster is “self-guided,” riders can control the coaster’s brakes as they navigate through the mountains, appreciating BC’s beautiful forest backdrop.

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7 There Are A Ton Of Beautiful Hikes

Cypress Mountain is full of trails with different ranges of difficulty. Regardless, each trail will reward the hiker will unbridled views of the province’s beautiful lakes, forests, and coast. For an easier hike, visitors can take the Yew Lake Barrier-Free Interpretive Trail which will loop around pond areas of the park. For pretty views of nearby lakes, Black Mountain’s Eagleridge Bluffs and Hollyburn Peak are great options too. Many of the park’s trails are dog-friendly, but they must be kept on a leash while hiking.

6 It's A Great Place For A Treasure Hunt!

Looking for a no-frills treasure hunt? Geocaching is a fun way to explore Cypress Mountain while hunting for treasures known as geocaches. On top of that, anyone can enjoy geocaching in the mountains, as long as they have a phone. The adventure involves the use of the Geocaching app, where adventurists can make their way toward multiple geocache locations on Cypress Mountain. For this adventure, a pad and paper will also come in handy too!

5 There's A Lot Of Surrounding Wildlife

Being a lush mountainous area, Cypress Mountain is chalked full of flora and fauna waiting for travelers to discover them. During their hike, visitors may spot gorgeous wildflowers like the arctic lupine or the bunchberry. Alternatively, looking up at the sky, hikers can spot the gentle tweets of the Canadian gray jay or Anna’s hummingbird. Hikers may even come across black bears (though it’s vital to keep one’s distance)!

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4 The Crazy Raven Pub Has Good Grub

In the summertime, the Crazy Raven Pub is open to all ages. Located nearby Eagle Coaster along the Baden Powell Trail, this establishment offers traditional pub grub alongside a wide selection of beers, cocktails, and wines. Those wishing to taste some treats from Granville Island can try Granville’s craft beer at the pub while munching down on juicy handheld burgers. Try their Whiskey Jack burger or sink into a sockeye salmon burger. Don’t forget to indulge in some sticky toffee pudding for dessert!

3 The Yew Lake Trail Is Perfect For Picnics

As mentioned before, the Yew Lake Barrier-Free Interpretive Trail makes for a leisurely hike, with paved trails that span for less than a mile (about 2 km). The trail rewards hikers with a view of the park’s tranquil Yew Lake, a perfect spot for a picnic. Visitors can curl up to a packed lunch as they take in the sights of the marsh while enjoying a peaceful escape from the city. Keep in mind that dogs on this trail are not allowed due to the sensitivity of the local ecosystem.

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2 The Cypress Trestle Bridge Has Stunning Views

Located near Cypress Bowl Road, the Cypress Trestle Bridge is a gorgeous wooden bridge connecting the nearby Mountain Path Trail network. Spanning 200 m, this bridge offers visitors a view of the city and Vancouver’s wispy mountains. Also, guests have plenty of photo ops with a stunning backdrop of towering trees and the expansive Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, the bridge can get crowded (especially during Vancouver's peak tourist months), making parking limited during this time.

1 High View Lookout Is Perfect For Watching The Sunset

Also known as Barrett’s View, this lookout point is one of the most gorgeous sunsets in all of Vancouver. Bring a significant other, and this lookout makes for a romantic date night. This landmark has unbridled views of Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge and an expansive view of its skyline. Be under the stars while staring at the distant city lights amongst the gently swaying trees nearby. Stopping by High View Lookout is a perfect way to end the day at Cypress Mountain.