Traveling to a new place can be a time of great excitement for many people. The possibilities of meeting new people, trying new food, and learning about different cultures can have us looking forward to, and planning our activities far before we ever get to our destination.

Before we get on the plane, train, or bus, however, we have to make sure that our trip goes smoothly by bringing some basic necessities with us. Packing for traveling looks different for everyone depending on the final destination, how many other people are traveling with them, specific needs, and the activities that are planned for the trip. Although a suitcase bound for the beach may look a lot different than a suitcase bound for a snow covered mountain, there are some supplies that people insist on traveling with no matter the location or duration of the stay.

While there are supplies that people will insist on taking with them no matter where they go, there are also supplies that we don’t realize we need until we don’t have them in our accommodations.

Below are 15 things that people insist on making sure they pack before they take off on their adventure- and 8 things that always manage to slip their minds.

23 Always Forget: Rain Gear

Even when we are at home going about our regular day, rain can really change our mood and schedule. If we are unlucky enough to get caught in the rain without any rain gear, well that usually ends up being a not so good day because we clothes and shoes are not fun for anyone.

While we are traveling in a new location, getting caught in the rain without any rain gear can usually mean having to cut our day short and rush back to the hotel room to change out of any wet gear. Rain gear is usually not something that is high on top of the list for many people while they are packing, but given that the rain can significantly alter plans or even limit them, it is a good idea to try and make the most out of your time while traveling by carrying around some rain protection.

22 Always bring: Phone Charger

Phone chargers are one of the more important things we must remember to take with us wherever we go. Some people have now started to take their phone chargers with them as they go about their daily life to make sure their phone always has enough battery, and others even buy phone covers that double as a backup battery. The phone charging game has also been picked up by different venues which now offer different battery charging stations in the lobby or around the area.

Many people will double back if they have started their journey to get their phone charger while others buy one as soon as possible because while phones are definitely a good item to travel with, they would be pretty useless without some juice.

21 Always Forget: Unseasonable Clothes

Although it is always a good idea to look up the weather of wherever your destination is for the duration of your stay, Mother Nature can be pretty unpredictable at times. Packing appropriately in terms of clothing usually means packing for whatever the typical weather of the location you are arriving to is.

So if the place you are traveling to is forecasting specific weather patterns, it is wise to take heed and pack accordingly.

But it isn’t just packing for the average weather that makes common sense, many people forget that there can be days where unexpected weather comes through and lasts for the entire day or even for the entire trip.

20 Always bring: Camera

Often when we travel to a new place for business, pleasure, or really any reason at all, we want to capture the moments that are happening forever. Beach sunrises, mountain sunsets, or even an interesting sight only common in the location you are visiting are all moments we want to remember, and a camera can certainly help us do that for many years to come.

Whether it is to remember fond times for ourselves or show our friends and family our adventures, a picture truly does say a thousand words.

The picture taking game has definitely changed due to the fact that many other devices like cellphones, tablets, computers, and music playing devices now have cameras as a standard feature. However, for those travelers who are serious about capturing the moment in full detail, a standalone camera is often the go to for high quality resolution and nuances.

19 Always Forget: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the items on this list that may seem like it is only necessary if you are going on a more tropical getaway with a lot of warmth and sun, but experts agree that it is a good idea to incorporate the habit of putting on sunscreen, particularly on our faces, into our daily routine as well even if we do not live in a particularly sunny or warm area.

Sometimes people forget that the sun’s rays can be a lot stronger in different locations and only realize that they need sunscreen when they have already felt the sun’s effects.

It only takes one sunburn to make us quickly remember how crucial sunscreen can be though and ensure that we don’t have to stay inside or wear clothes that cover us up the rest of our trip!

18 Always bring: Headphones

In recent years, headphones seem to have become much more than just a simple way to listen to music, audiobooks, shows, entire movies, and more. Different types of headphones will give you different sound quality, and many manufacturers have created very unique headphones to serve that purpose.

The design of headphones have changed significantly over the years and many headphones also double as fashion accessories because of the variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Along with providing a fashion statement, headphones can be very useful to anyone who travels. Waiting is something anyone who travels often knows very well.

17 Always bring: Books

Similar to headphones, books are a well known travel companion to people who tend to travel a lot and are often made to wait indefinite amounts of time if they are taking public transportation.

Books can often be an escape from the noise and bustle that is going on around us and also helps us pass the time a bit more quickly while learning a little something about the topic we have chosen to read about.

Easy to carry, books are usually something that can be enjoyed while lounging on vacation and just relaxing. One of the many (many) great things about books is that they can be read over and over again and still teach us something a little different each time depending on where we are in our lives.

16 Always bring: "Going Out" Outfit

Whether you are destination bound for a relaxing beach vacation or a more active and adventure filled getaway, the clothes you pack will make a difference in the kinds of activities you can engage in once you are there.

Although it can definitely be fun to buy clothes that are local to the area where you are visiting, sometimes the style or the fit just doesn’t work well.

That is why it is a good idea to pack enough outfits for the duration of the stay; and perhaps a few extra ones just in case something comes up. One of the extra outfits that many people will make sure to include in their suitcase is a going out outfit that you can throw on if a special occasion arises.

15 Always bring: Skincare Products

Making sure our skin looks good no matter where we go, whether that is to our job, out for a special occasion, or away for a vacation, is definitely something most people have in mind.

Traveling with skincare products is important to make sure that our skin stays healthy and looking good.

Because some people might have sensitive skin that can react negatively to things as simple as the kind of soap used to wash sheets, it is imperative for them to travel with a variety of different skin care products they know to be effective. Different weather will also require different protection for your face particularly, and looking up factors like humidity and temperature can be a good idea to make sure that you pack the appropriate kinds of skin care products.

14 Always bring: Fragrances

Along with our skin and clothes looking good, we want to make sure that we are smelling good too! There are infinite amounts of fragrances out there for men and women and discovering which one works best with your unique body chemistry involves some trial and error over a period of time.

Fragrances are usually easy to carry and can slip easily into any bag which makes them a necessity that is not inconvenient at all.

Bringing a few different options for the day and night help us put just the right finishing touches on whatever outfit we are wearing, whether that is to go out for a nice dinner or to have a casual day of exploring wherever we happen to be.

13 Always bring: Laptop

Considering all the things that laptops can do now, from playing music, to writing papers for school, sending emails for work, and connecting with others online, it is very easy to see why many companies are investing in creating laptops that are low in weight so they are more easy to carry everywhere.

Many people will take their laptops with them everywhere because they can so easily fit into a purse, backpack or really any kind of other bag without being bulky or awkward and this includes while we are traveling.

Laptops can be used for entertainment to help us pass time while we are traveling, but they can also be used to catch up on work so that an inbox isn’t overwhelmingly full once we get back.

12 Always bring: Comfortable Walking Shoes

This one usually becomes a regret if people forget to pack them before they leave. No matter where we end up for our final destination when we are traveling, the chances of us walking more than usual are pretty high. Sightseeing, shopping at new stores, eating at different restaurants, are just a few of the activities that people enjoy doing when they are traveling, and all of these require we get on our feet and start moving!

We sure do a lot of walking while on vacation, even when we went there to relax!

Many of us have ended the day with sore feet because we did a lot more walking around than we thought we might do or were prepared to do, but a comfortable pair or two of walking shoes can help us relieve the discomfort so that we can keep on exploring without missing a beat. Thankfully, comfortable doesn’t have to mean unfashionable and there are a lot of comfortable walking shoes that look good with a variety of different outfits.

11 Always bring: Cellphone

If there is one thing that almost everyone will go back to their house to get if they realize on the road that they forgot it… it is definitely a cell phone. Many people have come to depend on their cell phones while they are traveling to pass the time because of the variety of different things they can do.

We have become so dependant on our phones that even in a foreign country we can't really be without them.

Having access to games, movies, shows, books, and other entertainment on a tiny device is incredibly convenient which is why so many people keep their cell phones by their side at all times.

10 Always bring: Pain Relievers

It is usually better to be safe than sorry whenever we are in a new location because we may not know where to get any first aid supplies we need in a hurry. Pain relievers can often times be incredibly useful to carry around with us just in case we get a random headache, stomachache, or any other kind of body ache.

There is always the risk of being overstimulated by trying to do so much in so little time when we are traveling, and being in pain, even if only slight pain, can really take away from enjoying the little moments during our trip.

This can be a small way to ensure that the trip goes smoothly and usually one or more people in a group will carry different kinds of pain relievers to share with anyone who might be in need of one.

9 Always bring: Snacks

Although trying new food can often be a huge reason for why many people who travel to a new place are excited to get there, there are also instances when the food is so drastically different than what we are used to eating back at home on a daily basis, that it can turn into an unpleasant experience very quickly.

Packing a few of your favorite snacks is a great way to ensure that you will at least have something to munch on if you find that the food does not agree with you.

Snacking smart is something a lot of people do too while they are traveling and waiting for long amounts of time in places like airports where the food can get very expensive. Other than for purely physical needs, familiar snacks can also bring a sense of comfort for anyone who is feeling a bit nervous about traveling and being in a new location.

8 Always bring: Shaving Supplies

Even if they are not going to a beach vacation where a lot of our skin will be showing in public, shaving supplies still rank pretty highly on the list of things that a lot of people are sure to take with them while they are traveling.

Since they are a part of almost everyone's getting ready routine, shaving supplies are also something that if people forget to pack, they often find a way to make sure they go to a store to find some kind of a replacement- the sooner the better! Whether it is for a long trip, short trip, vacation trip or business trip, taking care of ourselves oftentimes includes a quick shave to look our best and feel freshened up.

7 Always bring: Credit/Debit Cards

It seems as if more and more, all kinds of stores are starting to accept debit and credit cards around the world. While it is always a good idea to travel with some amount of cash just in case you come across a “cash only” kind of business, these kinds of businesses are becoming smaller in number as most places of business are realizing that credit and debit cards are becoming one of the most popular ways that tourists like to buy merchandise and souvenirs.

In fact, many people rarely carry cash on them anymore and only travel with their cards in their wallets.

It can be a bit more safe to carry cards that require a pin number or some kind of identification in order to be used which is another reason that a lot of people may prefer to make sure they are carrying credit and debit cards instead of large amounts of cash.

6 Always bring: Identification

Given that most of the time we can’t even take off towards our destination without some form of identification, this is one item that if forgotten has the power to essentially postpone or even cancel an entire trip. This is why one or two forms of identification are usually one of the top priorities when people are packing to travel somewhere.

Whether we are traveling by bus, airplane, or train, having some way of proving who we are and our birth date is a non-negotiable and most businesses will refuse service if a client cannot provide a form of identification. The good thing about identification forms is that most people will carry one or more forms of them around in their wallets or purse on a daily basis anyway to purchase common goods and services.

5 Always Forget: Q-Tips

It really is only when we start to unpack in a new place and get ready as we normally do that we realize just how many individual things we actually need in order to get ready for a normal day.

Even if we do not use a lot of products, the simple things we need to take a shower, soap, shampoo, towel, etc, can all start to add up quickly.

Bathroom toiletries are especially important to help us feel fresh and clean while we are traveling and one little remembered, but often used and missed when forgotten item that many people leave behind are the simple q-tip. Used for more than just cleaning our ears, q-tips are used for putting on makeup, ointment, and other very useful tasks. Many hotel rooms will have a complimentary pair available for use, but depending on how many people are staying in the room, it is usually a good idea to bring a few with you so that you do not run out and your ears stay clean.

4 Always Forget: Toothpaste/Toothbrush

One of the more necessary of all hygiene items that many people use at least twice a day is our toothbrush and toothpaste. But because they are often hidden in our bathrooms and we use them right before we rush out of the door to travel to our destination, we often forget to bring them along with us for the trip.

And while toothpaste can usually be shared amongst fellow travelers, sharing toothbrushes is a whole other story that definitely makes some people uncomfortable (and not to mention it is not very sanitary!) Thankfully, many hotel rooms will offer a complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste kit if you ask for it, but oftentimes these are small and may not be the exact brand that you are used to.