Eight limestone sarcophagi containing mummies dating back thousands of years have been uncovered at a site 25 miles south of Cairo, Egypt.

According to Fox News, they were found in the same pyramid as King Amenhotep II, located in Dahshur, near the Great Pyramids of Giza west of capital Cairo. Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced that the mummies date back to the Late Period (664-332 BCE), and are covered in a layer of painted material known as cartonnage which consists of tightly fitting layers of linen glued together.

The ministry added that the linen has been constructed in the form of a human, which suggests the presence of mummified remains inside. Secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Mostafa Waziri took to Facebook to explain that three of the mummies are in particularly good condition. He said that the mission began its excavation work back in August and ultimately found the burials with eight limestone sarcophagi with mummies inside. PREVIOUSLY: DOZENS OF CAT MUMMIES AND SARCOPHAGI FOR COBRAS DISCOVERED NEAR CAIRO The ministry has since confirmed that the mummies were located in the Dahshur royal necropolis, which was the burial site for courtiers and high-ranking officials. This area is home to what is considered to be some of the earliest pyramids in history, including Sneferu’s Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. Egypt continues to surprise us with fresh revelations from its rich history. Archaeologists recently uncovered a massive building that was once part of Egypt’s ancient capital city. A stunning sphinx statue was also found at an ancient temple in southern Egypt . In a separate project earlier this month, experts recently discovered the mummy of a woman named Pouyou or Pouya in a sarcophagus in Luxor, in southern Egypt. She is believed to have lived during the 18th dynasty. During the same dig, another tomb nearby revealed a number of mummies in sarcophagi, according to website LiveScience . One sarcophagus displayed hieroglyphics referring to the goddess Mut.Archaeological digs can also surprise us with unusual findings – experts recently discovered the oldest solid cheese in the tomb of Ptahmes, mayor of the ancient city of Memphis. READ NEXT: 20 INCREDIBLE SIGHTS IN EGYPT EVERY TRAVELER NEEDS TO SEE (THAT AREN'T THE PYRAMIDS)