You get what you pay for. A simple cliché, but one that could not be more correct. Yes, 5-star hotels do offer premium services, as well as crazy possible upgrades and extra amenities, not to mention the sheer amount of business opportunities that can come from them if you play your cards right.

Of course, it is everyone’s dream to stay in premium, luxury hotels but unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to on a regular basis. Luckily, there are some of us out there that can afford it, and do treat themselves, so here are 10 things they have experienced staying at 5-star hotels that we may have never known otherwise.

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10 Social Status Matters

Although we may not want to think about it, but our social status at 5-star hotels matters. Unfortunately, it is a reality that those with a higher-ranked job or social status will be treated better than us average Joes, and by no means is this okay but it is the reality.

Talk to anyone who stays at 5-star hotels and they will tell you that high-profile guests, VIPs or a loyalty program member will receive better treatment than everyone else.

9 Staff Will Google You

Those who enjoy the high life and live it up in 5-star hotels know that front desk staff almost always know some information about their arriving high-profile clientele. A former luxury hotel executive said that it is not uncommon for staff to perform a Google search in order to find out social status, personality, career and possible wealth of the person.

Some will tell you it’s not a bad thing, so they can provide good customer service, but others will say anything but.

8 How To Locate A 5-Star Hotel

Usually, 'luxury' hotels will claim to be 5-stars, and this could be for several reasons. It could be simply to jack-up prices, or jus to attract guests looking for a luxury getaway. How to locate a true 5-star hotel could be hidden on the hotel's website.

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How? Well, for true 5-star, it will have a 'Forbes' logo on the hotel website, and for 5-diamond hotels, a 'AAA/CAA' logo. If neither of these logos is on their website or anywhere on the internet, chances are that they have not been officially credited and are falsely advertising their 5-star rating, and therefore taking advantage of the average person.

7 Some Rooms Are Free

As much as we want to don’t want to hear about someone getting something for free, it happens.

If you will make the hotel money from promotional material, then it is likely you will receive a free or discounted room. even when someone decides to stay in the hotel who can easily afford it, for example a celebrity, they are often given free rooms as well!

6 Your Secrets Are Safe Here

Much like entering a room when the ‘do not disturb sign’ is hung on the door is against the law, front desk staff at luxury hotels have been known to keep affairs a secret. Employees have even said on anonymous forums that they often see the same people check-in within a few weeks of each other; one week with their mister or mistress, and the other with their family.

It is a sad reality that only really happens at 5-star luxury hotels, and staff do everything to keep it on the down-low.

5 Ask For Freebies

Seek and you shall find. Seriously - if you just look for them, freebies are everywhere. Most 5-star hotels offer free upgrades or added amenities if you simply ask, and making friends with the concierge doesn’t hurt either.

Want some free bubbly? Perhaps chocolate strawberries? All you need to do is ask, although this is something reception nor frequent 5-star hotel guests will let out of the bag anytime soon.

4 Great Places To Network

If you travel for business and you are lucky enough afford to stay in 5-star hotels, it could be wise to do so. These types of hotels, much like flying business class, are full of networking opportunities.

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The lobby or executive lounge of a 5-star hotel is the perfect place to mingle with strangers, and who knows what would come from it! There are endless possibilities, and if you are planning to grow your business, the high cost of a premium hotel could far be outweighed by the opportunities it presents.

3 How To Act

It may seem like an odd one, but there are certain ways to act in a 5-star hotel, and us average people surprisingly do not know how to properly act in the luxury hotel environment. When you arrive in the taxi and the porter approaches you, do you let him take your bags, or do you awkwardly reach for them at the same time as them?

Let's be honest, this has happened at least once in our lives. There is a certain way of presenting yourself whilst in the company of these kinds of hotels, and this is only a way those who frequent 5-star properties know, but there is a first time for everything, right?

2 Amenities

More often than not, 5-star hotels encompass a hefty price tag. However, this rate usually includes some amenities not found at other hotels, or perhaps they are available for an extra charge.

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In order to look like a local, make sure you know about the choice of minimum 2 newspapers every morning, 24-hour concierge and room service, as well as a turndown service; sometimes these amenities aren't advertised, so you will have to call down to reception and organize it with them.

1 5-Star V Luxury

To the naked eye, 5-star hotel and luxury hotel are the same thing, much to the disbelief of 5-star hotel regulars, and we could even go so far as to say the word 'luxury' is thrown around a little too easily.

4-star and 5-star hotels can be considered luxurious in their own right, but what differs is the service and amenities available. 5-star hotels will usually comprise of the amenities listed above, plus a butler service and complimentary mini-bar, and some 5-star properties may even have more services!

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