The main difference between a hotel and a resort is that a hotel is merely a place to rest and to sleep for a night or two while a resort is an experience. Resorts tend to have entertainment for its guests, excursions to take part in, spas to relax at, and are amazing enough where guests don't need to leave the resort to have a good time. But due to the amount of amenities resorts offer, they can be quite expensive.

Thankfully, there are oodles of travel sites out there that can help travelers find life-changing resorts for half the price. Some resorts even partake in price-matching, meaning a traveler is guaranteed to get the cheapest rate for their accommodation.


With hundreds of resorts spread out all across the world, it can be hard to find a trust-worthy place to stay that's also not going to break the bank. Keep scrolling to see five five-star resorts around the globe that won't cost an arm and a leg to go to.

X2 Khao Lak Resort, Thailand

It's a dream for many to visit the gorgeous country of Thailand. With tropical weather and its close proximity to other stunning Asian countries and cities, Thailand is a major destination for those looking to get away. When the time comes to visit Thailand, don't cancel out X2 Khao Lak Resort.

The X2 Khao Lak Resort has villas overlooking the ocean, white-sand beaches, and according to Travel Off Path can cost anywhere from $89 a night! Once those plane tickets are booked, travelers can feel good knowing their resort won't cost nearly as much.

Pleiada Boutique Hotel & Spa, Romania

Romania is one of those countries that's severely underrated. Covered in deep forests, Romania also has an amazing countryside and Medevil castles to visit. It's also most remembered for the legend of Dracula. Can somebody say Halloween-themed getaway?

Of course, there are many places to stay in Romania but there's a hotel and spa resort that's both affordable and five stars. The Pleiada Boutique Hotel & Spa has amazing spa treatments to make any traveler feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The hotel and spa can be found in the gorgeous town of Iasi for around $130 a night, so when you're not hitting up the vitamin bar or Himalayan spa room, wander through Romania's second-biggest city!

Conrad Cartagena, Colombia

The gorgeous country of Colombia may have a traitorous past but it shouldn't be ignored in 2020. The South American country is close to Venezuela and Ecuador if we have any travelers who are interested in backpacking during their time away.

The Conrad Cartagena is part of the Hilton Hotels chain and is five stars but books for around $138 a night. The beachfront resort has a golf course to enjoy, amazing cuisine, spas, a beach club, and much more. Their website even says travelers can save up to 50% on Sunday nights when staying Friday and Saturday. It's Colombia, you may as well extend your trip!

Quintas Jardins do Lago, Portugal

Portugal is the small county bordering Spain that is known for its delicious seafood and cliffs overlooking the crisp blue ocean. If anyone is planning on heading to Spain anytime soon, making a weekend out of Portugal is a solid idea — especially if it's done at Quinta Jardins do Lago.

For a five-star hotel, this resort can bounce between €100-300! The resort is small but mighty, surrounded by tropical plants and botanicals. You can relax by the pool, have the hotel set you up with a golf outing, and explore their many gardens.

Canaves Oia Hotel, Greece

It's a dream for many people to explore the gorgeous islands of Greece. With all the white homes layered in the mountainside, it's a gorgeous view for many travelers. The fresh Mediterranean food is, of course, another plus.

The luxury resort can be found in Santorini and has views facing the ocean, private villas, outdoor yoga classes (with an iconic background), pools, and so much more. The resort is so pristine, travelers won't want to leave. And let's not forget that on Trip Advisor staying here can cost a traveler around €70 a night!