The way van traveling is always portrayed on social media can make anyone crave that sense of freedom, but is it really freedom? Here are 5 reasons why van traveling is amazing and another 5 reasons why it is overrated

5 Reasons Why It’s Amazing

10 Money-Saving

It is without saying that the one who travels by road rather than flight will save more money. However, van traveling is not without any cost – the van needs gas to move, repairs for any broken parts, parking tickets, tolls, and other travel expenses to consider. But those expenses will not add up to as much as renting an apartment, and that’s where the traveler can save – only if a considerable amount of planning goes to play before getting behind the wheel.

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9 Touring The World Daily

Van travel allows the traveler to wake up in a new place every day, should they wish. It is unlike being stuck in an apartment until their lease finishes then they look for another place for the next year. This is one of the great perks of van travel. With van travel “home is where you park”.

8 High Possibility Of Meeting Like-Minded People

Vans need to stop at least once a day for refreshments, to clean up, and maybe get some gas. This is where they meet fellow van travelers just like them and where they can give each other life hacks on how to navigate the van lifestyle. Now there are online forums where van travelers can connect and decide to meet face to face, and even share life tips.

7 Van Travellers Appreciate The Little That They Have

Moving to a van lifestyle means downgrading on many materialistic things which are not a need. "Less is more" when it comes to van travelers, so as not to cloud the vision of your driving path. This is why van travelers appreciate the little things that they have because those are just the basic necessities they need to navigate life on a regular basis.

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6 The Traveller Feels Liberated

One of the perks when van traveling is the feeling of liberation the guest gets. Essentially, travelers become the bosses of their own destinies without having to feel trapped and bound in a cubicle. They can do what they want to do when they want to do it without anything stopping them. The idea of so much responsibility can be scary, but most endure through it and come out more independent and stronger than ever.

5 Reasons Why Van Travelling Is Not For You

5 Travelers Get To Love Their Privacy And Personal Space

For travelers who decide to journey with a partner, this can prove to be difficult in the long run when they need some personal space. Downgrading means losing a lot of materialistic things which are often very close to the heart of the traveler, and having a small space to share makes it an even harder task. When a person is inside the van, they may be able to always hear body movements outside, the sound of what is going on, and so forth. If this thought makes a traveler uncomfortable, then van travel is probably not for them.

4 Boring Days Are A Reality

While the first few days to weeks will be filled with a lot of adventure, depending on where the travel van is headed, the traveler is very likely to experience some boring days. Social media always portrays the good parts of van life, but never the actual reality when there are boring days. It takes a determined and prepared traveler to navigate through these days, otherwise, they might just be disappointed.

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3 The Weather Is Not Always Great

While being in a van allows the traveler to choose the destination of the van and move whenever the weather is not satisfactory for them, there isn’t a place in the entire world that has the perfect weather all the time. Sometimes travelers might find their vans in pretty sticky situations or have to bear with the sounds of raindrops hitting the roof hard because thunderstorms, blizzards, and extreme weather conditions are very likely to find the traveler in different seasons of the year. This can be a rewarding experience for those who enjoy dealing with the environment and those who aren’t prepared are very likely to feel overwhelmed and disappointed.

2 Van Lifestyle Can Get Messy Quickly

It becomes a hard task to keep the van clean if the traveler is always going from outside to the inside with the same shoes. Rain makes mud on the ground which can easily get transferred into the van if not careful, beach stops are likely to bring in sand into the car, which could get stuck in every crevice of the van. Moreover, food crumbs from eating inside the van will definitely attract bugs. Eating in the car is a messy job, and anyone obsessed with cleanliness is not made for van travel.

1 Constant Driving Will Need Constant Repairs

Van travelers use their vehicles all the time, which is more than the average driver. An increase in the mileage in a very short space of time could lead to constant repairs of the van. Living in the van also needs the traveler to optimize the van for humane living conditions, the ‘van furniture’ is likely to break down easily and need frequent fixing as well. Although this may prove to be way more affordable than fixing a whole apartment or house, if the traveler is not in for the long pauses while the van is being fixed or cashing out a few bucks here and there, then they better stick with hotel accommodations.

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