Traveling is done in many ways and by the use of many methods. As a result, traveling is diverse as long as a person can reach their destination. In other cases, traveling involves not just people but also luggage. Either way, there is a need to reach the right destination, so many factors must be considered when choosing a transportation method.

One of the means many people do not talk about enough is water transport, especially cargo ship traveling. It is a large and important industry but not many people know enough about it. The main concern is the reasons why one should or shouldn’t consider it.

Why Consider Cargo Ship travel

10 Explore Many Ports And Places

Cargo ships move from one point to the other to deliver various products to their destinations. As a result, this is what makes the ships so unique. Through the months they are moving in the ocean, the ships are docking in several ports of different countries. This is a golden opportunity. It allows anyone onboard a chance to visit several ports and places along. Before continuing with the journey is also a chance to explore the surroundings.

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9 Unique Life On Board

When traveling on a cargo ship is a chance to explore and live life on board. There is so much to experience that is unique and out of the ordinary. It is a chance to interact with the crew and understand how they live. One will also get a chance to visit places like engine rooms, the bridge, and other places and learn to create a memorable experience.

8 Encounter Marine Wildlife

Onboard a ship that will take months in the ocean, it is a chance to experience the true marine life along the way. This is where one sees flying fish, dolphins playing, and interesting life like whales. Due to the long distance, the ship is able to move through the most unique marine life areas. As one moves from one place to the other, they get to see how different marine ecosystems are structured and distributed, and their behavior.

7 Good For Slow Traveling

There are travelers who would be interested in a slow mode of travel. Others may be looking for a place to offer a gateway environment. For someone looking for an easy way to get away from normal life, then this is the best way to do it. Cargo ships take months before they can move across countries. For someone looking for this kind of traveling it is a good option. For a person who wants to escape and stay excluded from modern life, then life on a cargo ship is perfect.

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6 Low Cost Compared To Other Means

The cost of traveling on a cargo ship can be cheaper than traveling in other means of transport such as flying. This is true especially when someone intends to connect to several locations. Due to the nature of transport which will also take a long time and go through several unplanned routes, the cost is low. However, a person gets accommodation, food, and other necessities.

Reasons Why Not To Consider Cargo Ship Travel

Although cargo ship travel has its advantages, it has a share of disadvantages that may make a person not consider it. They include:

5 Too Slow

For anyone looking to connect to several destinations within a short period, this is not the mode of transport to consider. Cargo ships take time to travel and can take even months in the sea before they move from one destination to the other. As a result, it is not okay for a traveler that is in a hurry.

4 Prone To Delays

Cargo Ships are known to have issues with delays due to weather problems. Whenever there is bad weather on the sea, then the journey can be delayed for days or even weeks. Due to the weight they transport, any bad weather can easily be a danger hence these precautions.

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3 Low To No Interaction With The Outside World

One of the challenges of using cargo ship travel comes from the exclusion. Once one has boarded the ship they will have to stay there for a long time before they can come out and interact with people on land. As a result, one has to be ready and agree to many days or weeks of that disconnection. For someone who likes to connect with many people and towns regularly, then this cannot be the best transportation option.

2 Requires Planning And Early Booking

Cargo ships are not like planes or buses where one can book on short notice and travel with ease. They follow a very specific schedule that can be difficult to deal with. The schedules take time and one must be willing to work with that when they choose this type of traveling. As a result, for someone who is in a hurry, it is not the best method to use.

1 Not Ideal For Children

Cargo Ship traveling is not the same as cruise ship traveling. As a result, the conditions are not the best for children. This does not mean that the environment is not conducive, but it does not provide the extra comfort that children require. As a result, it is not ideal for anyone with young children.

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