Hiking is a great pass time for many and it offers a chance for us to get exercise and get out in the outdoors. There are many places in the world that offer great hiking spots. If you are thinking of picking up hiking it is important to know the difference in difficulty with hiking trails. There are beginner trails and ones that are meant for only experts. Deciphering the difficulty level can make a huge difference when you actually get out and hit the trails. Hiking can be a good form of exercise, especially if you like to sightsee along the way. Often times hiking allows hikers to see views they would have never seen otherwise.

If you like to hike or are thinking about picking up the hobby, then you should consider taking on some of the hiking spots that anyone can do. However, if you are more of a seasoned hiker, then you may want to check out the hiking spots that are only for experts. Either way, the hobby of hiking will take you many places around the world and it will allow seeing sights that you otherwise never would have.

20 Long Range Traverse In Newfoundland

Upon looking at pictures of the Long Range Traverse hiking trail in Newfoundland, the task can be very daunting. It looks as if hikers will be tasked with hiking through various mountains. However, when you begin the hike you will find that it is more peaceful than difficult. The most danger that is presented along the Long Range Traverse is the fog. The area receives a lot of fog at different times of the day so it is important to either bring knowledge of where you are going or bring location devices to help you find your way when eyesight is limited.

19 Lava Hike In Hawaii

The Lava Hike may seem very daunting at first. As far as the level of experience needed to hike this trail, anyone can do it. The question is do you want to get that close to lava? The Lava Hike is located in Kalapana and it is one of the only opportunities on Earth where humans can get up close to lava safely. The amount of lava that is flowing along the path changes daily so you may get unlucky and not see any lava. However, it is worth the chance of seeing lava in person to just say that you did.

18 Pink Pillbox Hike In Hawaii

This hike is located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It can be accessed through the Maili and Nanakuli suburbs and it starts at Kaukama Road. It gets less linear from there as there are many different paths that lead to the top of the mountain. These different paths differ in difficulty. One of the paths is simple enough that children could even accomplish it. There are other paths that get more difficult and you would likely need experience or a large group to conquer. The views from the trail will leave you astonished as you gaze out at the Pacific Ocean.

17 For The Brave - Angel's Landing In Utah

Utah has garnered a lot of attention for having some of the most dangerous hikes available in the United States. One of these hikes is known as Angel's Landing. This trail is fairly long and if you aren't prepared it can take a lot out of you. The most danger that Angel's Landing presents is the fact that the trails don't have many (or any) safeguards or guardrails preventing you from slipping off the cliffs. Trust us, you will be climbing upwards a lot on this trail. Don't try to hike this trail in your flip-flops, or if you are a beginner hiker.

16 The Everest Base Camp

While you may not want to go much further than the base camp of Mt. Everest, it isn't all that challenging to get to the area of the base camp. While you won't be able to say you hiked to the top of Mt. Everest, it is at least worth visiting. The area around the base camp can be a very scenic one. Just make sure you pack warmer clothes because it is extremely cold at night at base camp. If you are a more experienced hiker you may be able to get higher than base camp, but we don't recommend many people try and make it to the top of Mt. Everest.

15 Pacific Crest Trail In California

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in the western United States. The trail itself stretches across most of the west coast, but the most scenic spots by far are the parts of the trail that are located in California. The Pacific Crest Trail stretches through to cover 25 national forests and 7 national parks along the way. The best part is with the trail being so long there is not a lot of areas where beginners can't jump in and go for a hike. There are many different types of terrain along the way including mountain tops and dense forests.

14 Koko Crater Arch In Hawaii

The Koko Crater trail is a popular trail among many locals as it is a great place to get in some cardio workout for the day. It presents amazing views along the way that can brighten anyone's day. There is a large arching rock that is the main thing to see along the trail. While there isn't any predetermined path, you can tell which direction to go. It is up to you if you want to go under, above, or around the arching rock. Many people recommend either climbing the large rock or going underneath it for the best views.

13 For The Brave - The Maze In Utah

As mentioned before Utah is known for its more risky hiking trails. Another one to add to the expert's side of the list is a trail known as 'The Maze'. The Maze is located in the Canyonlands National Park and you may be asking why it is called The Maze. That is because it has a ton of dead ends that hikers run into along the trails inside The Maze. The Maze is also known to flood when storms pass through so this is either a good thing for daredevils or a bad thing for normal hikers because it causes them to have to improvise most of their hiking experience. Stay away from The Maze unless you know what you are doing.

12 Franconia Ridge In New Hampshire

The Franconia Ridge trail located in New Hampshire is one of the most popular hiking trails in the eastern United States. This is likely due to the fact that it offers beginner level hiking trails with amazing views. You can even bring your whole family along for a nice hiking trip! The trail can be completed in a day as it only stretches to be 9-miles. While the majority of your time on the trail will be looking out at the beautiful horizon, there are certain parts of the trail where you'll be heading through the White Mountains where there is a lot of vegetation.

11 Overland Track In Australia

Australia is known to be a place to enjoy the outdoors and that includes its hiking trails. The Overland Track in Australia is 40 miles long and you can see surreal mountain views, waterfalls, and the famous Lake St. Clair along your way. This route is perfect for anyone who has an interest in hiking whether you are a beginner or an expert. The added bonus of seeing some of Australia's rare wildlife like the Tasmanian Devil never hurts. The trek is around five days worth so make sure you prepare to be trekking across Australia for a little under a week.

10 Tom Tom Trail In Hawaii

The first 15 minutes of this hike is the worst of it, so don't let it deter you from seeing the hike through. The Tom Tom Trail offers amazing views of the ocean and if you want to see the perfect sunset then you should definitely hike there in time to see that. The trail stretches to be a little under 7 miles so it won't take but a day to complete. Overall this is a great starting trail for beginners, especially if you are visiting Hawaii simply to hike most of its trails.

9 For The Brave - Mist Trail In California

The Mist Trail is by far the shortest hike on the list. That doesn't mean, however, that it is the easiest. The trail can be completed in just five hours but along the way, there are steep cliffs that if not careful can present a real danger to hikers. There are also chances of the hiking trail being wet and this is not a place you want to be slipping. It is best to stay away from Mist Trail unless you are an experienced hiker or if you are traveling with a large group. Mist Trail has been nominated Yosemite's signature hike so it definitely is worth checking out if you have the experience.

8 The Olympic National Park In Washington

The Olympic National Park is a large park totaling in at almost a million acres. There is a great variation of terrain present in the park so it can suit any hiker's needs. There are trails that go through forests, up mountains, and some that even go across glaciers. The park is the busiest in the summertime, but that doesn't mean that there won't be enough room for you to hike as the trails stretch to be 70 miles long. Every trail in the park has something for both beginners and experts in hiking. If you are looking for a good practicing ground for hiking you should look no further than the Olympic National Park.

7 The Sierra High Route In California

The Sierra High Route is popular for its remoteness away from civilization. The Sierra High Route will offer amazing views at a cheap cost for experience in hiking. This is a great place for beginner hikers who want to experience the views of more expert trails. The paths present some rigidness along the way, but overall the trail is easy for all hikers to enjoy. The best time to hike the trails is in the summer if you want to get the great views of the mountains in the backdrop. Get up high and see the world from a different perspective on this hiking trail!

6 Crouching Lion Hike In Hawaii

If you are feeling nervous about taking on other hikes in Hawaii, the Crouching Lion Hike can create a great safe alternative for beginner level hikers. The hike can even give you great views of Kahana Bay and the town of Kaawa. The worst/hardest part of the hike is the steepness of certain parts of the hike. You will definitely work up a quick sweat but the path does begin to level out more to the top of the path. The name Crouching Lion is derived from a rock along the path that resembles a lion that is lying down.

5 For The Brave - Mount Hua Shan In China

Mt. Hua Shan in China is considered a daredevil's paradise. If you don't want to do something like climb Mt. Everest, then Mount Hua Shan is waiting for you. The trail up the mountain has been called one of the most dangerous trails in the world. That is for good reason because when you take one look at a picture of a trail heading up Mount Hua Shan you may want to give up hiking altogether. The only thing standing between you and the bottom of the mountain is a small footpath and a chain for support. If you are hiking Mount Hua Shan then you can't second guess yourself because when you're up there, you're stuck up there.

4 Tour Du Mont Blanc In France

The Tour Du Mont Blanc is located in France and has been called one of the safest hikes in the world. This is a great place to start for beginner level hikers. The Huffington Post called it the best hike for going solo. That speaks volumes to how simple this hike is. If you do decide to go solo don't worry about missing out on civilization as there are many other hikers who hike the Tour Du Mont Blanc (both experienced and beginners). Along the way, there are many places to stay for the night including campsites and lodges. Overall you can't go wrong with this trail no matter your experience level.

3 Te Araroa Trail In New Zealand

The Te Arora Trail has many smaller branching trails that offer unique experiences. One of these smaller trails is known as Maori which translates to "long pathway". The trail travels through most of  New Zealand so it is a great start to getting to know the country and its culture. The hike isn't for the most novice of hikers but if you are with a group it shouldn't matter your experience level. The hike is by far one of the longest hikes as it can take weeks or sometimes months to complete depending on experience and the weather.

2 Caribou Tracks In Alaska

Alaska doesn't seem like your typical destination for going on a hike, however, if you go during the right season your time there can be amazing. The Caribou Tracks is a great trail for beginners hiking in Alaska as it stretches to be 30 miles and has a lot of vegetation to see like spruce, willow, and alder trees. If you happen to go during the sprint time you will even find nice wildflower fields that add to the experience. The Caribou Tracks is considered an overall easy trail from people who have hiked it and there is no immediate danger along the trail. The trail even goes through the Mentasa Mountains and the Noyes Mountain range if you are feeling up to it. The views are well worth it!

1 For The Brave - Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

The Drakensberg Traverse is nicknamed 'The Berg' from the few who have been able to complete its strenuous hike. The weather has a lot to do with why the hike is difficult. The weather in the are changes rapidly and is often times unpredictable. This can be a huge factor in changing an easy hike into a very difficult one. Therefore, more experienced hikers will likely know what to do in these fast-changing situations. There are also a number of venomous snakes along the path that can become a problem. If you want a challenge, then you should definitely check out 'The Berg' as it is a one in a lifetime hike.