5 European Cities That Scare Us (And 5 Where We Feel Safe)

The chaos of living in the United States has been well documented over the years, but we'd argue that there hasn't been nearly enough focus on the trials and tribulations that come with building a life in Europe.

Sure, there are some great big cities to live in that we'll touch on in this piece, but we'll also discuss the areas that leave us feeling a little bit less secure.

It's all about perspective and you could find someone that would probably take on an inverted version of this list and make sense of it, such is the nature of travel.

10 SCARE - Moscow

As much as Moscow needs to be regarded as a beautiful city, pretending like it doesn’t make us feel uneasy at times would be incredibly disingenuous. We all know the culture over there and we all understand the crimes that have gone down on Russian soil, and with it being the capital, that kind of magnifies the trepidation.

It isn’t the warmest city anyway both in terms of the locals and the actual weather itself, which often leads us into a certain state of confusion as to what we should expect whenever visiting.

9 SAFE - Amsterdam

Hanging out and feeling nice and mellow is the way of the Dutch people, so is it really any surprise that we consider Amsterdam to be nice and safe? Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it also feels like there’s a constant good energy flying around the city at any and all times.

The people are friendly but can have a bit of banter back and forth, and you never feel like sitting outside with a drink and enjoying the day is going to put you in any kind of danger.

8 SCARE - Paris

Paris is known by many for being the city of love and we tend to believe in that theory, but unfortunately, the recent attacks over the course of the last few years have thrown that belief into doubt.

As opposed to seeing the streets being lined with couples in search romance, they’re full of heavily armed police officers attempting to make Paris a happy place to be once again.

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Oh, and being approached every two minutes by folks asking if you want to buy random tourist items can get tedious.

7 SAFE - Vienna

Vienna feels like a city that has come straight out of a fairytale and, come to think of it, that’s probably why it features so heavily in a lot of romcoms.

From the music to the chilled out vibe to the literal empty streets past a certain time at night, you’d have to look really hard to all the way around the outskirts in order to find any kind of criminal activity going on here.

Sure, there are probably a few shady characters littered around, but in terms of a tourist spot it’s great.

6 SCARE - Kiev

The issues over in Ukraine across the last few decades, and especially the last few years, have scared a lot of people away from ever visiting the country. While the primary source of the conflict rests in Donbass, even heading to Kiev seems like a bad idea in the eyes of travelers.

People just refuse to trust in the idea that you can build a life there, or even visit for an extended period of time. It all comes down to whether or not you feel any resistance or hesitation, or whether you consider the trip to be absolutely essential.

5 SAFE - Reykjavik

You could probably walk up to a local a punch them in the face and they’d just smile at you and wave. Of course, that sounds a little bit over the top, but you get the general gist of it.

Iceland as a country is considered to be one of the most peaceful nations in the world, and Reykjavik captures that perfectly.

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Anywhere that is nearby to the Blue Lagoon is bound to be a tranquil place, and that’s what we love so much about the area – it’s so laid back.

4 SCARE - Istanbul

Turkey isn’t exactly known for being the safest country on the planet at this moment in time, with a string of terror attacks serving as a huge knock to their tourism board. There’s a sense of feeling uneasy from the city center to the surrounding areas, and to an extent, even in the airport.

It’s commonly recommended in Istanbul that, if necessary, precautions should be taken and measures should be in place beforehand to try and prevent being caught up in what we’ll elegantly call a spot of bother. It’s not ideal.

3 SAFE - Manchester

Contrary to what happened at Manchester Arena a few years ago, we tend to believe that MCR is pretty safe. Why? Because it feels like a family.

The north of England tends to carry that trend across all major cities and towns, and even through the countryside. There’s an ever-present feeling of knowing that while it may seem a little bit hardened on the outside, on the inside, everyone is living their best life here.

Some call it a party city, but we tend to view it as a city full of hope.

2 SCARE - Glasgow

Trouble seems to follow you around in Glasgow no matter where you go, and the worst part is that it legitimately feels like many of the locals thrive on that reputation and often joke about it.

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They tend to take themselves pretty seriously and while there are a few nice spots in the city, it’s not like it’s some European gem that needs to be visited in your lifetime. If it’s on the bucket list then great, but if you do go, make sure that walking around on your own in the evening isn’t on your to do list.

1 SAFE – Florence

As opposed to worrying or panicking about the state of affairs around you, Florence almost doesn’t allow you to get caught up in the chaos. Instead, as a city, it sweeps you up off of your feet and ensures that you spend most of your time diving head first into the history and culture of the city.

It feels more like a safe haven than anywhere we’d ever dream of being afraid of, and that’s the most comforting part of it all.

Italy, as a country, consistently receives negative reviews as a tourist spot for being unsafe – but we don’t believe Florence follows that trend.

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