Sedona is an unparalleled romantic destination, with stunning red rocks, astronomical nights, and evenings great for cuddling up for couples. This Sedona itinerary will allow couples to immerse themselves in the romanticism of this wonderful location and make lifelong memories. There’s no better spot for a romantic trip than Sedona.

Whether it's celebrating a special occasion like a honeymoon or anniversary, or simply spending the weekend with their significant other, this place is the one to choose. With a team of people that are experienced in creating unforgettable, romantic itineraries, couples can be sure to have one of the most romantic moments in their lives.


Day 1 In Sedona: Take In The Beauty And Magic Of Sedona

Both partners can spend their arrival night at the Alma de Sedona Inn. Couples can start with breakfast, then take a nap. Afterward, they can go on a hike, where couples can choose from the various paths based on their interests and hiking experience. The West Fork Trail and the Fay Canyon Trail are two of the many trails available. It is less difficult to pass the latter than the former.

The Oak Creek

The Oak Creek, red rock canyons, pools, and other features of the West Fork Trail are worth experiencing. Fay Canyon trail, on the other side, provides spectacular vistas of oak and juniper woodlands, as well as granite cliffs and a canyon. Regardless of the options selected, couples will be treated to breathtaking scenery.

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The Chapel Of The Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a must-see. As the couple reaches Sedona’s outskirts, they should keep an eye out for it. As it is closer to the chapel, they will need to turn right onto Chapel Road and locate parking anywhere around. From there, the couple will have to climb up a slope to the chapel's door and a small parking area. The vistas alone are worth the trek, but this stunning church is a work of art. To evade some of the worst crowds, it is recommended to go before noon.

Tlaquepaque Arts And Craft Village

Later, a couple may go shopping for Mexican and Native American goods in the Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village. The sightseeing tour continues here, and it’s easy to become lost in the moment of bliss. Cobblestone walks, stucco arches, water fountains, and willow trees create a lovely atmosphere. El Rincon Mexican Restaurant, Rene Eateries, and others are some of the greatest places to eat in the evening in Tlaquepaque.

Although Sedona lacks a vibrant nightlife, end the night at SaltRock Southwest Kitchen & Craft Margaritas at Amara Resort & Spa, where they host live music most nights. They can end the day with a cup of coffee, a fruity cocktail, or just one more margarita. Saltrock is famed for serving the greatest margaritas in Sedona while relaxing inside or by the resort's fireplace. Later, they can head over to their on-site Salt Rock Southwest Kitchen and try their delicate mouth-watering dishes, such as the Short Rib Taco.

Things to do on day one:

  • Alma de Sedona Inn
  • The West Fork Trail and the Fay Canyon Trail
  • The Chapel of the Holy Cross
  • Shopping in Tlaquepaque Arts and Craft Village
  • El Rincon Mexican Restaurant
  • SaltRock Southwest Kitchen & Craft Margaritas at Amara Resort & Spa

Day 2 In Sedona: Grab A Bite And Experience The Unique Landscape

The Wildflower Bread Company

Couples can start the morning with breakfast at The Wildflower Bread Company. They provide pancakes, sandwiches, protein dishes, desserts, and other delicious items. This will energize both travel partners for a journey to the Palatki Heritage Site. They’ll learn about Sedona’s rich culture, tradition, and artistry while they’re there. If they’re satisfied with the crafts, travelers may visit one of the city’s many art galleries and stores.

Jeep Tours

Jeep tours, a famous Sedona adventure, began in Red Rock Country in the 1960s when Don Pratt developed the notion. Couples can book the Broken Arrow Tour with Pink Jeep Adventure Tours, the company Pratt created, for vistas of spires and butters before cautiously entering The Road of No Return. Alternatively, the Ancient Ruins Tour will take guests to a Honanki site with 700-year-old cliff houses and petroglyphs. If guests prefer to explore the region on their own, they should rent an ATV or bring their own Jeep for the daytime. Many of Sedona’s hiking paths are also suitable for mountain biking. This afternoon is ideal for exploring Uptown’s art galleries and shops, visiting a vineyard in nearby Cornville, or indulging in a spa treatment.

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Devils Bridge

Couples can proceed to one of Sedona’s most Instagram-worthy treks at the Devil’s Bridge. This in and out trip is somewhat difficult at first, but quickly becomes a hard ascent up a natural rock stairway to the summit of a 50-foot high arch. If a couple can arrive early enough, they might just have the arch almost entirely to themselves, any time later might result in having to line up for a shot.

The Elote Cafe

The Elote Cafe is open for dinner and it attracts diners from all over the state with recipes influenced by James Beard-nominated chef Jeff Smedstad’s journeys through Oaxaca, Veracruz, Puebla, and Arizona. They provide a variety of Mexican and Southwest American dishes. Couples can begin with a smoke elote or a green maize taco as an appetizer. Dinner options include buffalo mole, lamb adobo, and duck carnitas. Flan is a delicious way to end the evening, and there is no excuse to not try out Elote Café with prices starting as low as $8 per dish.

Doe Mountain Or Baldwin Trailhead

Couples can finish the day with stargazing, which is the best part of the entire excursion. Because of its low contamination, higher elevations, and clear skies, the city is one of the greatest locations in the country for stargazing. At fantastic stargazing places like Doe Mountain or Baldwin Trailhead, it’ll just be the couple, together, walking hand in hand or cuddling.

Things to do on day two:

  • Wildflower Bread CompanyPalatki Heritage Site
  • Red Rock Country
  • Devil’s Bridg
  • The Elote Café
  • Doe Mountain or Baldwin Trails

Because Sedona offers so many attractions, guests might not get enough of them. Tourists may spend days here and yet not be able to see everything the little city has to offer. Even so, 48 hours is plenty of time to spend with loved ones and enjoy the greatest of times.

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