Europe has been a major destination for many around the world for decades now. Whether a person decides to go to amazing cities like Venice, Paris, and London or somewhere different like Rome, Amsterdam, or'll always have a great time. Many European cities have been around for decades while others have been present for centuries. Regardless of which places travelers decide to visit, there will always be amazing places to see in those cities.

Likely one of the biggest things known about Europe is their role in the food industry. Some of the most amazing foods in the world came from Europe before they ever went to nations like the United States. Pasta, fried potatoes, even the grilled steak all started in Europe well before they began in any other nation. This means that people will go to the place that started the cuisine and likely perfected it.

While Europe is expensive in many ways, one of the most important things people must do is splurge on the places they eat at. Europe does it right and always has when it comes to food. Again, they invented some of the most popular dishes in the world. The question is, where can someone go to get the best possible food?

In this list, we'll break that down perfectly for the person deciding on their European food tour. We have compiled 30 restaurants throughout Europe that are not only considered great due to their service but also due to their food. Some have a specialty food while others simply make everything amazing. We hope you enjoy. Let us know if we missed your favorite place in the comments.

30 Don Alfonso 1890

In Europe, there are amazing places to eat just about anywhere you turn. Likely one of the most forgotten areas to go are hotels or resorts. Restaurants here are some of the best on the planet, especially in Europe. One such place people must visit is Don Alfonso 1890. It is located in Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, Italy. This small town in Italy offers some amazing food that finds itself inside a hotel property that is well-known among tourists who visit the area often. The restaurant sits on a lovely village that overlooks the Mediterranean on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Not only will you be wowed by the beautiful Italian area you're in, but the food truly brings someone to the brink of happy tears. They offer true Mediterranean food, as they're literally IN the Mediterranean.

One of their most popular menu items is the Smoked Mediterranean yellowtail with wild orange sauce and a fennel seed and grapefruit mayonnaise. They also specialize in desert food and offer a mousse with Amarelli liquorice that is considered spectacular. They even offer an amazing yogurt desert here. Their menu even changes throughout the year, so one can go back throughout a year and never see the same option twice. Here's a hint, it's all good.

29 Restaurant Martin Wishart

Martin Wishart has been known as one of the best chefs in Europe for several years and wanted to offer his homeland of Scotland a great place to eat authentic Scottish food. Located in Edinburgh, Wishart is often beloved for making everything as amazing as it could be. He makes sure to search the local area to get ingredients for his food, which is as authentic as one could be. While the price could be considered high here, it's actually relatively well-priced for a specialized place, and a superstar chef being here so much. It is likely Martin can do this due to a mostly local ingredient pool.

The restaurant is considered quite stylish and very innovative compared to other places. It is among the most popular Scottish restaurants in not just Scotland, but the entire world. Martin offers a very popular six-course tasting menu with amazing dishes on it like Orkney scallops with vadouvan spice served along spring squash, white asparagus, and yellow pimento sauce. He continues this with his version of ravioli of snails with mussels, baby leeks, and new season garlic velouté. If you're still not satisfied with the course-load yet, he offers a Valrhona Guanaja chocolate mousse with coconut sorbet and passion fruit to finish off this meal. All reviews are excellent for the place, to the shock of no one.

28 Mourne Seafood Bar

Mourne Seafood Bar by name does not seem to be a fancy place. It does not come off as one for sure, but it has been bringing amazing food to Belfast, Northern Ireland for quite some time. The original can be found in Dundrum, Ireland that is a bit fancier by comparison. Europe, especially The UK, are famous for their bars and pubs. Ireland, more than most other countries in Europe, is known for this. That said, the place in Belfast is more beloved by locals and tourists, despite the Dundrum establishment also being amazing.

Considered a lively place by reviewers, it has a blackboard menu of localized seafood that they catch or buy from local areas.

It's a standard casual restaurant that does not ask one to dress up to enter. Heck, you could walk in with half a shirt and flip-flops here. They pay careful attention to what they serve. As they offer great ingredients with proper ways of use, likely as good as any in the area. The owners have their own shellfish beds, which provides them amazing oysters and mussels on the regular. They offer daily foods like peel-and-eat langoustines, crispy seafood dumplings, and filet of hake. All of which include amazing sides. Yet they also offer specialized foods that are not always on the menu. It is a must-visit, and likely one of the best casual places you'll go to. It's fun, beloved by the locals, and the price is quite fair. We did not even get around to telling you about the wine and beer, so find out for yourself!

27 Cal Pep-Tapas Restaurant

Cal Pep has been offering amazing food to the city of Barcelona, Spain since 1977. The restaurant is owned by Josep "Pep" Manubens Figueras, who is also the chef for the establishment and helped make it famous. It is known to be a very small place, with literally only the bar to sit at. This works out well for the establishment, however. Locals claim that the best time to visit the Cal Pep establishment is to get there 15 minutes before they open up for lunch at 1 p.m. local time. What makes Cal Pep a bit different is that they do not offer or even have a menu. Upon being seated, they simply ask you if you would like to have meat, seafood, or vegetables.

They are known for some absolutely terrific seafood and, of course, tapas. In fact, the restaurant is so known for the Tapas they produce that they decided to pretty much add it to the name. The restaurant rotates a grand total of 70 different tapas. Some are available on say, a Tuesday but not on a Wednesday. Chef Pep has been known for quite some time for his fried calamari as well as his tortilla espanola. Overall, the restaurant is reasonably priced, and one of the best value-eating establishments in all of Spain. If there is ever a place to go to, especially on a budget, it's Cal Pep in Barcelona.

26 Botrini's

Botrini's is located in Athens, Greece and happens to be an award-winning establishment due to their food. However, they are also priced well. This allows people to enter Athens and get a great meal without having to put out a ton of money. Chef Ettore Botrini runs the kitchen and quickly became one of the most popular chefs in the country due to this amazing restaurant. Botrini realized that the people of Athens needed a place to get great food at a reasonable price.

As Athens saw a major economic drop in recent years, a place like this has become an even bigger deal to the locals.

Botrini is also very creative with his food, yet the place masks this with a very vague menu that is sort of playful. Menu items like "octopus in its natural environment" are listed here. What is going on with this octopus? Clearly one has to check out the establishment to see. Each time one gets the menu, they assume they'll get something odd on their plate when they get their food. In reality, they're getting what amounts to a 4 to 5-star meal. The menu masks the amazing meal as a psychological trip of sorts. Botrini's is best visited in the summer according to locals, but reviews from all times of the year have it rated as one of the best on the continent.

25 La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

This famous Czech restaurant is located in Prague and is considered one of the best eating establishments in all of Europe. While they do have authentic Czech dishes here, they are known just as much for their location. They sit inside one of the city's most historic buildings and has a beautiful dining room to enjoy the mere sight of. One must be ready to eat when they arrive at this restaurant as they rarely do not succeed in filling a customer up when they arrive. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise is most known for their seven-course tasting menu, which includes wine and juice pairings.

Forbes Life touted the seven-course plan, as they claimed it was the best available. It takes about 3 hours to get through, so filling up is extremely likely. Chef Oldřich Sahajdák is the head of this kitchen and makes sure to give visiting tourists and locals a proper menu to choose from. The menu offers a very updated Eastern European cuisine line, which includes a great pork shoulder dish with a multitude of great sides. If one is really wanting to dive into the true Czech experience, they should try the pigeon served with a plum jam and blueberries. The restaurant is consistently beloved by locals. It has also been awarded a Michelin star since 2012, which puts it among the best restaurants in all of Europe.

24 Hakkasan Mayfair

It is likely one can find this very high-end Chinese restaurant in multiple cities all over the world and not just Europe. The Hakkasan Mayfair was founded by the low-end Japanese noodle chain Wagamama. They have restaurants in the United States, the Middle East, and China. However, they are often criticized by customers due to the extremely high prices and lack of quantity in their food. Yet the original restaurant in London, England is consistently spoken highly about.

Going in, one should not eat at Hakkasan Mayfair if they are not willing to spend some money, as it too is a pricey establishment like its sister sites.

However, unlike those places the food is amazing and the quantity is typically very good per plate. They offer a classic Chinese food experience, while also giving the people of London a twist to incorporate local foods. They are most known for their run the gamut platter, which includes scallop shumai, har gau, chive dumplings, duck dumplings, and Chinese prawn. They also have a terrific seafood option with their roasted silver cod. They even offer a great dessert with their black truffle dish. While the restaurant is expensive, it is always worth it according to most who visit the London location.

23 Ca l'Enric, La Vall de Bianya

If this Spanish restaurant sounds like a mouthful, you should see their menu. Those who visit the restaurant are continually hyping up the beauty of the location. They are in Catalonia's Garrotxa region, which is inland from the Costa Brava. They sit customers in a gorgeous dining room that combines the rustic Spanish color scheme with a new-school upscale appearance. All of this while sitting on the small mountain location, which is sort of to-itself, and a lovely escape from the major cities of Spain. Their menu is well-liked due to the personality and wonderful combinations they make. They also are sure to recommend the right wine for the food that will be eaten with it.

In fact, their menu is designed to incorporate the wine with the food, unlike other restaurants which force wine into the menu, with the food not blending. Chef Joan Juncà is to thank for the tremendous menu and food here, on top of his siblings who also take part in the restaurant. The beef tartar is the most talked about dish and considered Joan's most tremendous dish. Yet he does not let you down with other dishes like grilled prawns, along with other tremendous seafood choices. Most of which are locally organized. While locals love the restaurant, tourists cannot stop talking about it. The restaurant is one of the most recommended Spanish eateries a tourist can find. Though a bit pricey, it is worth it.

22 Kadeau

Denmark has been known as one of the most beautiful nations in the world for many years. However, most do not realize how amazing this place can actually be. Then we come across Kadeau, a restaurant on the southern coast of Bornholm, a Baltic Sea Island. Due to its surroundings, Kadeau offers one of the better seafood menus one can find. A lot of their menu is locally organized, and even their wines are organic.

While this restaurant is known for their seafood dishes, like their scallop with horseradish, beets, hemp, and Scots pine, they offer more.

They have a tremendous lamp with veal plum meal. If that was not enough, due to their local garden, they offer fresh literal farm to table vegetables and fruits. Kadeau has been known as one of the best restaurants in the world for a little while now, even being voted in the Top 50 by multiple outlets. Sitting right on the seaside, you can enjoy a tremendous meal with a tremendous view any time of the year. To no one's surprise, the price of the food can be a bit heavy. Though their service and food are raved about by most who visit it. For their part, the nation of Denmark recommends it to all who come by. That's saying something when your nation puts you in packages of must-visit venues.

21 100 Maneiras

100 Maneiras is a lovely bistro that can be found in Lisbon, Portugal. The restaurant is known for their amazing authentic Portuguese menu, which gives out some very creative dishes. Unlike other top-tier bistros of the day that stick to the norm of fancy everything, 100 Maneiras feels that is boring and old. Their creative and innovative ideas for food has ultimately made them well-known in the European restaurant pool, with high recommendations from locals and tourists alike.

Menu items literally called "Cut the Fish Off!" are notable. This is a cuttlefish cappuccino with scarlet prawn, curry spices, and lemon mayo which sits on a bed of steaming rocks. They also have an item beloved for a few people at a time called "The Famous Four." It is a trout tartare with tapioca, tomato gazpacho, and onion pickle. Of course, the most lovable item is the "Long Live The Queen!" which is an almond praline. The interesting names have made the menu interesting for all who see it. Yet at the same time, the food that comes fills up mostly everyone. It's also open a good bit of the time, which allows it to be a venue for various meals of the day.

20 Onyx

Onyx stands out as one of the best European restaurants due in part to their menu as well as their exclusivity. They have a 55-seat dining area that is as fancy as it gets. They've been in the Vörösmarty Square in Budapest, Hungary since 2007. Since then, they have been a top area for locals and tourists to visit. The kitchen is run by two-world class chefs in Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll. Szulló is the head chef while Széll is the beloved sous-chef of the restaurant. Both have been awarded the Michelin star, which as we mentioned above, is quite prestigious.

They are mostly known for their Hungarian Evolution Menu. They tout it like this: "[It is] where the freshest, highest-quality domestic ingredients and new technologies are used in preparation of renewed and updated versions of traditional Hungarian cuisine."

They truly do offer the best authentic Hungarian food in the nation, according to many. They stand out with dishes like the buffalo steak tartare with garlic pannacotta and rice crisps. As well as their "twenty-first-century Somlo sponge cake." While we mentioned the exclusive nature of the place due to the limited seating, they're also quite pricey. Though, this is Hungarian Forint currency. So 10,000 of the Forint is a little over $39. That said, it may not be the craziest price.

19 Tim Raue

Tim Raue is located in Berlin, Germany and stands out most likely due to their rapidly terrific love from critics, locals, and tourists. Literally just 3 months into opening their doors in 2010, they were awarded a Michelin star. This is almost unheard of in the fine dining industry, especially in today's market. They would attain another star in 2012. Tim Raue is considered to be one of the best options for eating in all of Europe likely due to their extremely impressive service and outstanding German menu. Not to mention, they market their restaurant very well, using a Hummingbird in their logo. Even the dishes incorporate it in some way.

The most beloved part of their restaurant is their very open and dynamic menu system. They have four menus customers can choose from: the à la carte menu, an eight-course menu, the signature menu, or the vegetarian menu. The best items from the menu, which are the most recommended, are the suckling pig, Wagyu beef shabu shabu, and Granny Smith Apple with coriander and Guanja chocolate. Due to the restaurant making waves since the moment it opened, the pricing here is a bit steep. Though most locals say it is worth the price, and recommend it to tourists.

18 Kronenhalle

Kronenhalle is considered one of Switzerland's most infamous and best restaurants. Located in Zurich, it has a long history as one of the best eateries in the country. Opening its doors in the 1920's, it has hosted a ton of famous people. Coco Chanel, James Joyce, and even famous artist Picasso all came to Kronenhalle. The restaurant is at the height of fancy, with original art from Chagall and Bonnard. The entire restaurant is covered in amazing art.

From the moment you enter, you're easily taken back by the beauty that takes more than one visit to truly appreciate. Oh yeah, and the food is amazing too.

We don't mean to overlook it, as no one should. They're filled with food that sort of goes with what the Swiss are known for, the in-between stage. They possess a lot of old-fashioned dishes that focus on the European culture overall. Dishes like oxtail soup, blinis with smoked salmon, Wienerschnitzel with rosti, as well as an entrecôte Café de Paris with Pommes Frites. While they do have a lot of Swiss-related food, people will notice a heavy German and French influence. The pricing here, as expected, can be a bit high. Most express love for the place every time. It's hard to hear a bad word on it.

17 La Sucursal

Valencia, Spain houses one of the best restaurants in Europe with La Sucursal. Like many places in Spain, Valencia is known for amazing restaurants. La Sucursal stands out mostly due to their ability to continue winning major awards, such as the Michelin star. They are mostly known for their paella dish, which is one of Spain's biggest dishes. They stick out a lot today because, even beyond this great dish, they have food that you won't find anywhere else. They have a creative menu that continues to evolve and innovate the culinary industry. Like many restaurants in Spain, they offer a big taste menu and various other multi-item to single item dishes.

They are likely going to stick out most for their artistic looking tomato tartare with pickled vegetables, mustard, and romesco sauce. Though they have also managed to stand out with their tremendous soft lamb in an herb brioche with lemongrass sauce. If one tries to look for reviews or pricing online, they will come across an interesting concept. Locals and tourists rave about its location near the water, but it's also standing out due to its service too. While you will get great food here, a good view and service clearly stand out for most as well. The pricing seems to be well-liked by locals and tourists as well. On top of this, the restaurant routinely sees 5-star ratings from critics that come by.

16 The Three Chimneys

Located on the Isle of Skye, The Three Chimneys make Scotland proud with its tremendous reputation for great food. They are sort of an odd place to track down. They sit in a remote northwest corner of Skye, which is an island off the West Coast of the nation. Once people arrive, they go to the ground floor of a more than 120-year-old crofter's cottage. Here they will come across three small dining areas where people enjoy their amazing food. They have some interesting concepts on food times too. They only serve lunch from mid-March through the end of October. Yet they serve dinner the entire year. They have lovely wooden table-tops with white linens over the top, while also offer kitchen table options. That said, seating here is a bit weird but gives a real laid-back appeal.

They offer a set-menu-only, which offers certain foods that will be tough to amend.

Unless it is subtracting. It's also quite seasonal, so certain foods won't be around at certain times of the year. The most popular area of the menu is the three-course dinner and seven-course Skye Showcase. They offer authentic Scottish foods that would make any Scot happy to eat here, as well as a tourist wishing to have a good time. Their smoked monkfish, Loch Harport and Dunvegan langoustines, and charcoal roasted pear stand out as key dishes. That is not even discussing the sweets, like their buttermilk cake and goat's milk ice cream. It even won UK Restaurant of the Year for 2018, and chef Scott Davies continues to be raved about by culinary experts who enjoy a bite to eat here.

15 Clairefontaine

Clairefontaine is located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. The restaurant typically sticks out due to their food created by chef Arnaud Magnier, who has been awarded a Michelin star due to his impressive work at the restaurant. Arnaud has been known for the eatery's development of authoritative Luxembourg food for over 14 years. The overall tourist review when arriving is of one who wishes to be impressed, due to overhearing how good the place is often in travel through Europe. They do not disappoint the customer at any point. They stand out due to amazing ingredients that they spare no expense in grabbing, in order to create dishes that pop in flavor

Like others, they offer interesting menu opportunities. However, due to being in Luxembourg, a tourist may not expect to see such interesting combinations. Yet to be fair to the tourist, they will surely enjoy it. Things like frog legs with shrimp and chicken with parsley, garlic, and mushroom purée stand out as examples of this. Yet others like red mullet with bacon, fennel, and red wine sauce clearly can as well. They also have some sweet options like a cheery mousse and sponge cake with choco crumble and cottage cheese pannacotta. It can be a bit steep on the price end, but most locals and tourists swear it can be worth the extra money, due to the authentic nature and creativity of the food alone.

14 Restaurant Frantzén

Located in Stockholm, Sweden you can find Restaurant Frantzén. It is run by its head chef, Bjorn Frantzén and often stands out due to its influence from multiple cultures. Sweden, like the United States, is known as a melting pot of various cultures and foods from them. Bjorn makes sure to use his training to bring about amazing food that no one will want to turn down. He trained under amazing Chef Chez Nico in London, England before going to Paris, France to work at Arpège. He brings a lot of English and French food knowledge and influence into Sweden to accompany the amazing food of the nation.

He has a modern Scandinavian menu that includes dishes of over 40 different vegetables. Don't assume he goes to a market to buy them, oh no. They are locally grown right at the restaurant's personal garden for literally fresh veggies all through the year.

Late last year they had to close and reopen, which was done to bring an entirely new brand design inside their restaurant, which gives it an all-new feel. They have a set fee of 3,000 SEK per person. This translates to a little over $350. They don't like offering their menu online and it often can change depending on the season. It is well worth going to throughout the year. While the price is a bit high, this set fee includes everything.

13 The River Café

River Café is considered to be one of the best Italian restaurants in all of Europe. Here's the funny isn't located in Italy. You can find this amazing culinary attraction in the beautiful and historic city of London, England. They're known for their Italian food that is considered to be so good, Italians are wondering if they actually left home. The food was made by Chef Ruth Rogers until her passing in 2010 as well as Rose Gray, who has been here since the 1980's. Ruth was married to an amazing British architect named Sir Richard Rogers, who was able to make sure this place to eat looked as good as the food tasted....fantastic.

He added bright colors and made sure to use every inch of the restaurant as a useful department. In that, he would make a ton of room for customers as well as offer a great environment. You can see the wood-burning stove in the back even. The kitchen is known for producing pretty much a classic every time, but they have a few dishes that people cannot stop talking about. One is the char-grilled squid with chile flakes and rocket while another is the Legendary Chocolate Nemesis cake. The menu, like many others on this list, is often seasonal.

In the winter, dishes like linguine with fresh Cornish crab and fennel with pancetta-wrapped whole Anjou pigeon can be found here. Overall, they mix the great Italian food with some London flair. People enjoy it so much, it's often recommended. The food is so good, they even offer a cookbook you can buy, with a lot of their most popular food items in it.

12 Geist

Located in Copenhagen, Geist stands out as one of the premier locations to visit when you hit the area. Chef Bo Bech is notable for the food created at Geist, but Bech worked with some of the best in the world before ever going here. Bech worked with Alain Passard at L’Arpège in Paris, France at No.8, and Michael Roux at Le Gavrochein London, England. When Bech began working to make the menu at Geist, creativity began to flow. There is a clear commitment to the culinary craft here, as you can see with a lot of the foods that come out of this kitchen. It is likely that the local ingredients ultimately help Geist stand out.

Copenhagen is known for featuring some great vegetables and fruits that can be found all through the year. At Geist, you can find zucchini flowers stuffed with cod as well as young duck with broccoli and sesame. Bech does not hold back with the one bird, as Geist offers a quail with boiled egg and black truffle. But don't worry if you're looking for something to hit the spot on the sweet end. They offer a tremendous blue stilton with chocolate that could likely make a fallen angel feel as if it has rejoined heaven. Obviously, it hits the Michelin Guide for restaurants to visit. However, tourist and local reviews seem to always hit the mark. One person feels like they cannot ever get seafood wrong. On top of this, compared to other restaurants on the list, they are moderately well-priced.

11 L'Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel

Now we're beginning to hit the big leagues of the culinary industry. This brings us to L'Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel, one of the best restaurants in all of France. It is located in the Arles region of the country, which is well-known for its great food. Head Chef Jean-Luc Rabanel has managed to put together a restaurant that the French locals rave about on a routine basis. The place is known to be a fantastic restaurant for people of all walks of life in the food industry. Are you a vegetarian? You may swear Jean-Luc sold his soul to become the greatest vegetarian food chef alive, as he makes an absolute masterclass happen on your plate. Though Jean-Luc is not a mere vegetarian chef, of course.

The restaurant is known for its locally sourced material and makes a lot of meaty food here too. Jean-Luc seems to know how to put things together taste-wise that both entices the senses and makes the stomach happy.

Food like the tempura of young carrots with peanut sauce and sweet peppers confited with ginger. It is something you rarely see in other places, even in France. The red rice is sensational, as well as his Ajo Blanco ice cream. There is also a fillet of bull meat option that is beloved. Due to the materials used, the menu is quite seasonal. However, Jean-Luc does not leave France to get his meat, vegetables, dairy, or fruit. Everything comes from the nation, making it one of the most authentic in the area. In case you were wondering, yeah, the price is relatively high. But reviews and awards earned prove it is well worth the visit.