Cuba, the beautiful island in the Caribbean, welcomes tourists with the rhythm of salsa and rumba. With palm-fringed beaches all around the island, the place gives a sense of vibrant and fun-filled life. Whether we talk about legendary cigars or exotic cocktails, Cuba wins the heart of visitors across the world.

What makes Cuba highly invigorating among tourists is its less commercialization and political isolation. While, on the one hand, it has prevented the island from getting ultra-modern, on the other, it helped preserve the personality of Cuban society, which is unique in its ways. It has made the island captivating from a tourism point of view, attracting travelers from different parts of the world.


The place assaults the senses and gives a laid-back feeling. Wondering what the best things about Cuba are? Continue reading to find out!

Architectural Magnificence Of Cuba

Traveling to Cuba is like traveling back in time, especially the beautiful “La Habana Vieja.” It gives a feel of a tinge of Spain in the Caribbean. Visitors can find baroque townhouses and Andalusian-style arcades depicting the beauty of pre-historic times. It is easy to find tequila cantinas and soukous rumba bars within the hatches worth a visit.

From the splendor of historic churches to the opulence of non-classical palaces, everything about Cuba gives a sneak peek into the architectural intelligence and artistic beliefs of people. To witness the best structural design and art deco style in Cuba, visitors must take a trip to Havana. Some of the best places to visit are:

Plaza de la Cathedral- The place once a swampland was converted into a cathedral influenced by baroque design elements. It gives a good view of the architectural grandeur of Cuba.

Plaza de Armas- These are the main squares of the city where travelers can visit the two iconic buildings: the Church La Compañía de Jesús and the Cusco Cathedral.

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana- A large colossus built with the mission to repel invaders, is now perfect sightseeing for travelers. One can find souvenir shops, plush restaurants, bars, and a cigar shop where the world’s largest cigar is on display for visitors.

La Casa de la Obra Pía- Also known as the House of Charitable Works, is one of the most distinguished buildings. It is the largest colonial house in the city.

Palacio de Los Capitanes Generales- It is the most celebrated ancient building that occupies an entire block in Old Havana. RELATED: According To Reviews: Here Are The Friendliest And Rudest All-Inclusives In Cuba

Bon Appetite Cuban Way

Cuba is a paradise for foodies as Cuban food is an amalgamation of Caribbean, African, Spanish, and Chinese cuisines. The influx of people from different communities has made a significant difference in Cuban food. Although their major food choices revolve around meat, there are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. Most of their foods are now enjoyed worldwide, among which the Cuban sandwich is pretty popular.

Apart from it, some of their delicacies worth trying include Ropa Viejo, Masitas, Arroz Con Polo, Bunelous, Maduros, Picadillo, Yuca, and many more.

Talking about Cuba’s popular drinks, rum and coffee are the most popular of all.

  • Rum- Most of the bars can be found serving the famous classical rum available in various local flavors. Visitors can find rum selling in packages that look similar to juice boxes. Get them from the windows of shops and cafeterias and enjoy the drink while strolling through the roads.

People looking for some more rum tastes can visit the Arechabala Rum Distillery located in the city of Cardenas. Visiting Santiago de Cuba will take one to the Bacardi factory, which is the birthplace of Bacardi, now available across the world.

  • Coffee- Coffee is like the national culture of Cuba as people receive a monthly ration of coffee. The first coffee plantation in Cuba has made a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Cuban coffee is now selling in different parts of the world.

Visitors can enjoy Colado, a typical Cuban espresso, Café Con Leche, which comprises hot milk and coffee, or Cortadito, espresso topped with steamed milk.

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Heavenly Havana

Havana is listed as World Heritage Historic District UNESCO. Being the Cuban capital, it offers travelers a lot more than expected. The long history, colonialism, art culture, baroque remnants, everything makes it unique. Once in Havana, do not forget to pay a visit to Plaza Vieja, Catedral de San Cristóbal, and National Capitol Building.

Apart from its historical significance, the city is also home to some gorgeous beaches. Enjoying the architecture and city life and later relaxing on the white-sand beaches can make any voyage fulfilling. Enjoy the turquoise blue water by Santa María del Mar, the best and biggest beach in the city. It is also great for beach parties.

Visitors can also mingle with the crowds and locals, who are always welcoming. Playa Boca Ciega is the best place to see the biggest crowd in Cuba. From snorkeling at Playa Bacuranao to relaxing at Playa Guanabo after a tiring day, everything has the Cuban charm. Lastly, do not forget to visit Playa El Salado, named aptly for its unique salty beach.

Visiting Cuba gives glimpses of its colorful history to travelers. While the museums showcase the occurrence of revolutions, the footprints of Castro and Guevara depict the dramatic old era. Travelers will find live cabaret and jazz playing along the streets, giving vibrant vibes altogether. Once in Cuba, visitors can experience Cuban sounds, sights, and smells that are one of their kinds. Visiting Cuba will make memories that last forever.