27 Worst Photos Ever Taken By Airbnb Customers

Airbnb has gotten a lot of flack over the years for both bad guests and bad hosts. However, the guests are usually the ones that get the most attention for destroying the homes and apartments that they rent. But this list of 30 photos proves that the hosts can be just as bad and deserve to be called out just as much for the horrors that they inflict on their renters.

These pictures cover the gambit of weird to disgusting. If you are squeamish about anything, some of these pictures may just push you over your limit of "gross" for the week. Even if you can handle bugs and dirt in your own house, you should not be expected to put up with it when you are paying for an Airbnb. We think that it is time for the world to see how gross and awful it can be when you rent a place online through Airbnb.

Do you think you have stayed in some gross or dangerous Airbnbs in your time? We propose that these 30 images will prove that Airbnb hosts all over the world seem to be vying for some kind of award as the worst host around. Some of these photos are sure to prove fascinating in terms of blowing your mind at the top 27 worst Airbnb photos.

27 A Questionable Shower

via: Airbnbhell

We are not sure what is more disgusting, the missing tile that appears to be replaced with cardboard or the moldy/mildewy tiles that are all over this pink tub. Or maybe the pink tub is actually the worst part. Whatever it is, you can bet that this Airbnb is not going to have a lot of people looking to take a shower in the morning. Makes you wonder what the rest of the house looks like...

26 22 Beds in One Apartment

via: Gawker

Yeah, if you have a big enough room you can pack a whole bunch of beds into that room and charge by the bed. Or, you can say your Airbnb sleeps 25, and forget to mention it is a studio apartment. Whatever the case, there is something fundamentally immoral about packing this many beds into an Airbnb that is not an actual B&B or a hotel. This person is not doing themselves any favors with their plan to capitalize on the situation.

25 Yes, This is a REAL Airbnb Listing

via: Metro

This photo of an Airbnb "room" shows up on multiple sites, and it was reported in a British newspaper, so we have to believe that someone legitimately tried to pull off setting up a bed in a parking lot of a storage unit (at least they dressed it up a bit, right?). However, we cannot attest to whether someone tried to rent the "room," or if someone saw the Airbnb ad and went to scope it out before booking the place for the entire night.

24 Is This a Cell?

via: Dose.ca

This place looks like it might be a prison cell or something, but it is actually listed on Airbnb... Ah, the joys of a single window, concrete walls, and a pad to sleep on. Hopefully whomever owns the house has better sleeping quarters than this. Unless this is a monastery or religious retreat that is renting out rooms? There is always that possibility, however remote. But this is probably not a place you would want to reserve for the night (we know we wouldn't).

23 Bugs, Bugs, and MORE Bugs


So you rent a place on Airbnb, and it turns out that when you walk into the house and pull back the curtains to let a little light in, there are bugs everywhere. Did the host even know about these bugs? One would think that with this kind of bug infestation, the owner of the house would know about it. However, this Airbnb guest was quite surprised about the bugs, which are probably not paying rent.

22 You Won't Believe What Happened

via: Bravo

You almost cannot make this stuff up. Except, how do you explain this to the host? Hopefully it is covered under the terms of the rental that the bathtub overflows with Kool-Aid unless turned off completely. We wonder if someone left something running, or if this is a common problem at this particular Airbnb establishment. Let's hope that the landlord host got things worked out with the tenants in a timely manner before the second plague came along.

21 Rent This TENT

via: Vuepeer

This Airbnb was advertised as a tent in the yard, but wait, that is not even the surprising part. What is surprising is that it is a tent on the hard gravel, which makes it rather difficult to sleep. Does anyone else notice the dog snooping around said tent? Hopefully the dog belongs to the host, and is not a stray, but one can never be certain. Either way, we would not pay for an Airbnb that is a tent in a backyard.

20 The "Bathroom"

via: Backpack Me

This may very well be one of, if not THE, most disgusting bathroom we have ever seen. How can you live like that? If you are going to have people paying to use your house, at least you can clean up the bathroom for them to use. Otherwise, your bathroom is going to show up on the Internet with a warning that you are a dirty Airbnb host, and you will not have any more Airbnb guests.

19 In Case You Need to Fix the Tub

via: Airbnbhell

We are not sure if this bathroom is still under construction, or if there are some repairs, or just what the situation really is. But it seems a little strange to have an Airbnb where the bathroom is full of tools, including a hand saw. So, maybe you should clean up your tools before you try to rent your spare bedroom out, because if someone cuts their foot on a saw getting out of the bathtub, that's not going to be pretty.

18 Is That Barbed Wire?


Okay, it may actually be a string of lights, but it sure does look like barbed wire up against the backdrop of this little room of horrors. It is difficult to pick out all of the problems with this room from the photo, but you can probably see that there are a number of oddities about this Airbnb room. Even with just one look, we bet that you would not want to stay at this particular place (and we wouldn't either).

17 A "Hideaway" Bed and Everything

via: Tumblr

We wonder if they actually advertised this room as having a "hideaway bed." What other reason could they have for having a bed leaning against the wall, rather than on the floor? This dark Airbnb room may be a perfect fit for someone who likes to sleep standing up, but for most guests this type of situation will just not work. But who are we to say how the host should advertise their space online?

16 The Mother Ship Will Be Your Nightlight

via: Tumblr

Either you are expected to sleep inside the glowing green box, or it is actually there to light the way to the bathroom. Apparently this room was advertised as letting you sleep in a tanning bed, which seems pretty odd. Even if you are not in the box, the glow from the box is going to be very distracting when it comes time to try and go to sleep. Whatever the excuse, that box is a deal breaker for us.

15 Prison Camp or B&B?

via: Tumblr

Yet another Airbnb rental that looks more like a room in a prison than a place you would pay good money to rent for the night. How do people get away with putting a room like this up for rent? One has to ask just what the Airbnb posting states to get people into the room, because if potential renters knew it looked like this, they would click to the next place. Maybe it is a cheap room, though.

14 They Said The Sheets Would Be Clean

via: Tumblr

There is definitely something on these sheets. No idea what it is, though, which is probably more worrisome than the fact that the sheets are not clean. You would think that when you show up to your Airbnb rental, the place would at least be clean and the sheets would be fresh. But this strange residue (if that is what it is) makes you wonder if the host thought they would see if they could get away with dirty sheets.

13 The Ants Go Marching One By One

via: Airbnbhell

There are more than a couple of little bugs in this house. A renter who submitted this photo found their Airbnb over run with ants. Not a few here and there, but a whole swarm of them. This is one of the most disgusting Airbnb photos we have ever seen. We can just imagine the movement of these ants up and down the wall and across the floor of the rental. Imagine walking into the kitchen for a snack, and seeing this!

12 A Questionable Living Room

via: Root of Good

This is another example of where the Airbnb host just did not have the decency to clean up their living room before inviting people to pay to see it. This picture may not look all that bad, but if you look at it closely, you will see dirt, hair, and filth all over the place. How can you live in these squalid conditions? And why would you think that someone else would want to pay to spend the night in these conditions?

11 What is THAT?

via: Airbnbhell

This is a picture a guest took in an Airbnb bathroom. There is something on the floor. The question is: what? Is that a pile of something, or a layer of mold? Regardless of what it is, that is not something you would expect to find on the bathroom of a place you are paying to stay. We think this Airbnb host should have done another cleaning of the bathroom, which is usually one of the grossest places in the house.

10 It Just Needs a Little Paint

via: Airbnbhell

Someone needs to take a paint roller and a can of paint to this bathroom! Hopefully that is not mold or mildew, because that would be a real health concern. Hopefully it is not something worse than mold, either. No matter what it is, it is unsightly and gross, and should have been taken care of before this Airbnb host posted their home online for people to come rent for the night.

9 A Moldy Pantry

via: Airbnbhell

You do not expect your Airbnb host to stock the pantry with goodies for you to snack on all night. But you also do not expect the pantry to be full of mold and mildew! This Airbnb guest had expected a fully stocked kitchen (not with food), but instead ended up not having anything available to make their "home away from home" a little nicer. With this kind of filth, we would not post a good review, either.

8 Electrical No-Nos

via: Airbnbhell

This just looks like a big "no-no" from an electrical standpoint. Either someone was trying to do a wall repair, and accidentally covered up the outlets, or they discovered that there is an outlet behind this wall on accident. But really, who cares? A partially covered outlet just does not look up to code for Washington, DC. This Airbnb host should double-check the wiring in their home before trying to rent it out, because this just looks dangerous.

7 A Bust in Vegas

via: Elliot.org

When you go to Las Vegas, you might as well play a little. However, maybe you should not take a gamble with your Airbnb. This photo collage from one Airbnb guest demonstrates that you can play cards in Vegas and come up way short of beating the house. There are a number of reasons for your house to look like this, but if you are going to rent your house out, you should probably take the time to clean things up a bit.

6 A Rickety Bed

via: Airbnbhell

Would you sleep on this bed? Even if you think you would dare to get onto this fold out couch, the bed part probably would not hold your weight. That's just dangerous and silly. When you book an Airbnb, part of what you are booking is a place to sleep. This place does not exactly come through on that part of the deal, since no one will be sleeping on this particular "bed." Nice try, though.

5 Sewage Leak?

via: Airbnbhell

While visiting this Airbnb, the guests were not pleased when the sewage line broke and human waste flooded into the living space. True, a broken sewer line is hard to predict, so the host can have a little bit of a pass on this one. But it still made for a more than disgusting experience for the guests. Plus, the host should probably make sure their house is in livable condition, anyway, before renting it out to people.

4 No Idea What That Brown Mess Is

via: Root of Good

This is just gross. We have no idea what that brown pile on the floor is, but we are sure your imagination can fill in the gaps. Why do Airbnb hosts leave their homes in such a disgusting state? Do they realize that people are paying to visit their homes, and spend a night or two there? Yet another example of the Airbnb host not caring about the health and safety of their paying guests.

3 This is Not the Basement

via: Popsugar

If this was your basement in the home you live in, you would probably be grossed out enough to clean it up. Unfortunately, this is not your basement. It is not even a basement at this particular Airbnb. This is a room that people are living in on a regular basis, and that is just gross. Can you imagine walking into your Airbnb rental and seeing that this is where you will be spending the night? No, thank you!

2 Don't Drop the Soap

via: Mashable

You go to take a shower in your Airbnb. You have your own soap, your own shampoo, your own towel. But as you are waiting for the water to get hot, you see this bar of soap sitting there on the soap dish. Yes, this bar of soap that is covered in your host's hair (or the hair of the previous guest) is staring you in the face while you prepare to shower. Too bad you can't wash your eyes.

1 No Need for An Alarm


When travelling, you have many things to worry about. Apparently, this Airbnb host thinks that if you have one less thing to worry about, you will give them a good review. Unfortunately, the thing they do not want you to have to worry about is the smoke alarm. This family questions whether this is a bad cover up of the smoke alarm in this Airbnb. Even if the smoke alarm were not functional (which it likely is not), covering it up has got to be a violation of code wherever you are.

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