26 Themed Hotels Around The World That Actually Exist

Hitting the hay in a real-life Medieval castle may sound like a daring fantasy, and yet, it can become a marvelous reality. If you've ever had such wild ideas, then how about exploring a few of the world's best-themed hotels? After all, no vacation deserves to be deprived of action-packed moments with your loved ones, right? So, whether you're a nature enthusiast or a city person, the following unusual hotels will certainly make the heart go wild.

Besides, when was the last time you slept in a luxury tree house under the Northern Lights or even in an underwater hotel? No matter how odd it sounds, these charming places do exist and aren't even that pricey at all! To make it even better, some of these lavish properties offer rides with elephants during your stay.

Admit it – you don’t get to experience such exotic moments back in your hometown, do you? Then grab the backpack and get ready for an electrifying escape to places you've only seen in your dreams. From unique spaceship houses to downright quirky cave castles and igloos, today we'll talk you through the world's most appealing hotels. Hopefully, you’ll find your new favorite spot this summer as well!

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26 Giraffe Manor - Nairobi, Kenya

Via East Africa Safari Ventures

What comes to your mind when you think of exotic vacation? Does it share the tropical character of Kenya or does it offer the unique African Wildlife? If not, then you should probably drive this image away and book a room at this vine-covered hotel in Nairobi instead.

Situated less than 10 miles from its busy city center, this quirky hotel is the ultimate African oasis. Built in 1932, this marvellous Giraffe Manor spreads out over 140 acres and is home to a herd of Rothschild giraffes. The best part: you can literally enjoy dinner in the company of these majestic African animals.

25 Conrad Hilton  - Rangali, Maldives

Via Globetrotter HQ

With its three luxury resorts and eleven high-class restaurants, Conrad Hilton will give many hotel owners a good run for their money. Huddled in the gentle embrace of the Maldives, this fabulous hotel takes the lagoon experience to an epic level. For the most part, Conrad Hilton's stilt hut villas boast sheer glass flooring, private freshwater pools and fantastic beds that rotate 270 degrees - and these are only "humble bonuses" to your stay. For a considerably hefty fee, thrill-seekers can also dip into an out-of-this-world underwater experience.

24 Anantara Golden Triangle  - Sop Ruak, Thailand

Via Mapio.net

From picturesque scenery to diverse outdoor activities, Sop Ruak's spectacular hotel is a hub for romantics at heart. Here, at the cozy Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, adventurers can finally escape from the ordinary and explore Sop Ruak's jungle paths and nearby temples. Best of all, Anantara Golden Resort makes such a perfect place to meet baby elephants while enjoying a private picnic in the company of professional mahout trainers. Indeed, this sure sounds like an unforgettable holiday in Thailand that’s beyond everything you’ve experienced before.

23 Ashford Castle - Cong, Ireland

Via Barefoot Blonde

Feeling less enthusiastic about such wild adventures in the African jungles? Then how about exploring this heaven-like Irish castle? Located in Cong, Ireland, the world-famous Ashford Castle will leave you awe-struck. This marvelous castle does stand out with its striking appearance and massiveness. The fabulous castle dates as far back as the 15th century as it features an impressive architecture and a beautiful French-style chateau wing. From its very entrance through its gate and walls, this Irish castle spreads out across 26,000 acres covered with thousands of planted trees.

22 Dhara Dhevi Resort - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Via Wallpapers13.com

Book a stay at the Dhara Dhevi Resort, and you'll undoubtedly feel like as though you've just entered a whole new world of colors and shapes. This sprawling resort promises a royal treatment as well as an exclusive package of grandeur and excellence.

Situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Dhara Dhevi Resort boasts lots of lavish suites, bright & spacious rooms with magical views of the lush tropical gardens. This 60-acre resort, which is more like a palace rather than anything else, also features a rice field and an old farm to remind the world of the old days when such castles were like self-sustaining cities.

21 Kelebek Cave Hotel - Goreme, Turkey

Via Kelebek Cave Hotel

Moving on to the east, there's no better way to explore the oriental world of Turkey than with a stay at the exotic Kelebek Cave Hotel in Goreme. Travelers can dip into the pre-history of Turkey and enjoy mesmerizing chimney forests of Cappadocia. In fact, traditional arch homes were built into these chimneys that are now part of Kelebek Cave hotel’s glory. As unique and beautiful as they are, Turkish day trips to the famed forests have become a stable activity around here, especially if you decide to enjoy the moment on a hot air balloon.

20 Londolozi Tree Camp - Kruger National Park, South Africa

Via www.londolozi.com

Established in 1926, Londolozi Tree Camp and Krugel National Park have come a long way regarding the African wildlife preservation. Initially, the tree camp served only exclusive guests, such as royalties, and even presidents. But later on, Kruger National Park and Londolozi Tree Camp officially changed their practice. By the end of 1970, Londolozi was already referred to as one of the continent's best game lodges. As luxurious as it's today, Londolozi Tree Camp has grown into becoming one of the world's finest tree camps with excellent cuisine and service.

19 De Glace Ice Hotel - Québec, Canada

Via The Luxury Spot

Re-built out of snow and ice, De Glace Ice Hotel offers the ultimate winter fairytale. From January through early spring, De Glace Ice Hotel opens its icy doors to adventurers from across the world. Not only does it boast a surreal setting, but the architectural detailing is just beyond any comparison. As massive as it is, this surreal hotel even boasts an ice bar, super slide as well as over 40 themed rooms, each more beautiful and stunning than the other.

18 Jade Mountain Resort - Saint Lucia

Via Fly and Sea Dive Adventures

With sweeping views of the bay of St. Lucia from every room to exceptionally high ceilings, Jade Mountain Resort sure sounds like a great start to a more adventurous vacation. Indeed, this lavish property affords some of the most stunning views imaginable. Located in Saint Lucia, Jade Mountain Resort sits high up a cliffside, so you should get prepared for a 90-minute windy drive from the airport or....you can always take pleasure in scenic helicopter tours (starting from $220).

17 Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - Tanzania

Via Art of Safary

Ideally located nearby Lake Magadi, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge sits between Mount Kilimanjaro, the Kenyan capital of Nairobi and the Serengeti National Park. Wild animals and large cats often roam the grounds while giraffes, zebras, and elephants are only a few miles away. With stunning vistas of this African paradise and the over-sized luxury inside the crater lodge, travelers are promised one heck of a trip into the wild. Add the hotel's themed furniture, woven roofs, and beautiful sunset views to the list, and you'll surely leave this place inspired. You see, this Crater Lodge is the perfect spot to drink a toast to the African wildlife.

16 Dromoland Castle - Newmarket-on-Fergus, Ireland

Via The JetSet Redhead

This Irish castle was rebuilt a few times before it was finally renovated into a high-class property. Many years ago, Dromoland Castle was first owned by the Irish King Brian Boru until the late 90s. Today, this marvelous Irish Castle impresses the world with its modern facade and awe-inspiring towers. Indeed, the architectural design and structure bring to mind images of knights in shining armor and dragons. Today the 5-star property offers an equally impressive interior alongside lots of outdoor activities, like horse riding, fishing, clay shooting, etc.

15 Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort's Igloos - Saariselkä, Finland

Via Archilovers

If you're seeking more romantic getaways with under-the-star evenings, then you must visit the famous Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. While this extravagant property is open year round, it is the Glass Igloo that keeps visitors coming here during the Northern Lights Season.  Also, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort's Glass Igloos offer an unobstructed view of the night sky painted with the flowing colors of the northern lights. The igloos themselves are known for their high levels of privacy making it perfect for couples and families.

14 Art Maison Oia Castle Hotel - Oia, Greece

Via Agoda

Clinging to an ocean-side cliff of a former volcano’s caldera, this gorgeous white-washed village is another winner on today's list. Not only does it look just perfect, but Art Maison Hotel has long been a popular destination for cruise lovers. Foreigners love coming here for the exceptional sunset vistas, private cave pools and honeymoon suits at Art Maison Hotel. Tourists can also enjoy the picture-perfect views of the village when the evening lights turn it into one of the world's most romantic and charming places.

13 Four Seasons Tented Camp - Chiang Saen, Thailand

Via Four Seasons Press

Another exotic place in Thailand which is worth mentioning is Chiang Saen's Four Seasons Tented Camp. This luxury property is ideal for guests seeking a more thrilling camping experience. Here, at the Four Season's Tented Camp, travelers may enjoy private outdoor rain showers at the backdrop of the Chiang's jungle. Once you've set foot in Chiang Saen, you'll forget what traditional camping means. Thailand's Golden Triangle, which virtually sits on the edge of the jungle, provides the perfect setting for any wild adventure.

12 Tree House Lodge - Limón, Costa Rica

Via Pinterest

How about meeting some cute little friends at the Tree House Lodge? Well, this super cozy place looks like a real-life version of the Rain Forest Cafe, set within the Costa Rican jungle. This lovely 10-acre property sits in the middle of the jungle where hammocks and sloths are regular views all day long.

With tons of cozy tree houses to choose from, The Tree House Lodge, located in Limon, is one of the most beautiful themed hotels/lodges in Costa Rica.

11 Intercontinental Thalasso Spa - Bora Bora

Via Tahiti Islands Travel

When it comes to Bora Bora, there's an unlimited choice of picture-perfect spots to choose from. But while many of the area's resorts are located in the shallow waters, Bora Bora's Thalasso Spa Themed Hotel is to be found in a protected cove of sandbar strands. This tiny, yet significant detail, helps the water maintain its magnificent turquoise shades and peaceful character. This cozy property boasts high-class services and stunning views of Bora-Bora's tropical paradise.

With its pearlescent beaches, azure skies and perfectly calm waters, Bora Bora seems to be the perfect location for any beach lover.

10 Udaivilas Palace - Udaipur, India

Via Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

To those travelers who aren't scared of distances, we highly recommend visiting India's magnificent Udaivilas Palace. Sitting on the shores of Lake Pichola, this splendid property was genuinely made for royalties. This fabulous palace comprises of 4 significant buildings, luxury villas with cascading terraces, alongside semi-private pools you haven't even seen in your wildest dreams. All of them create the illusion of a fortress-like facade being one of India's best-themed castles. Indeed, India’s Udaivilas Palace has absolutely earned its place on this shiny list.

9 Burj Al Arab Hotel - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Via WallpaperSafari

What you see here is certainly not some futuristic ship sticking out of the ocean, but an opulent complex with a futuristic design and high-class services. This gorgeous place is, indeed, one of the most luxurious and best-themed hotels around the world.

On a 5-star scale, Dubai's Burj al Arab Hotel is regularly treated as a 7-star property.From Rolls Royce taxis to scenic helicopter tours to and from the lavish hotel, visitors are definitely not short of transportation options. Aside from its high-class amenities, travelers can also enjoy exciting mini-submarine trips as well.

8 Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort - Liwa, United Arab Emirates

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

If you're into desert trips, then you'll certainly have a blast at Dubai's Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort. As you might've heard, the Anantara Group houses some of the best hotels in the World, and the luxurious Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort is just a mere example of that.

From stone castles to private plunge pools and exotic came trecks out into the legendary Liwa Desert, travelers will find this place to be quite an exciting summer getaway. Book your suite at the shiny Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort to enjoy stunning desert views from your balcony.

7 TreeHotel - Harads, Sweden

Via The Sybarite

Once you've arrived at the TreeHotel in Harads, you'll see why blending into nature is no longer an issue here. Escape from the busy city and the daily stress all at once and enjoy a magical weekend at one of the world's most unusual and best-themed hotels. While many of the property's features are quite futuristic, the original concept of its design talks about the undisturbed nature. This UFO-shaped suite looks as though it's been taken straight out of a sci-fi movie, and it's certainly a great way to beat the boring and typical hotel experiences.

6 Silver Mine Hotel - Sala, Sweden

Via InsideHook

Housed in a 17th Century Silver Mine, almost 508 ft below ground, The Silver Mine Hotel is officially the world's deepest hotel room. Here, at this unique hotel, visitors can take pleasure in exciting mine tours that go through a series of large cavern halls as well as spiral staircases that lead you 70 ft down to the famous Sofia Magdalene Mine.

In fact, Sofia Magdalene Mine is now regularly used for wedding ceremonies, banquets, and other festivities. Once you go past the mines, you'll eventually reach a few dining areas dating as far back as 1690. As unique as they are, these shafts give the appearance of underground lakes.

5 727 Fuselage Hotel - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Via Curbed

As part of the Costa Verde Resort, this charming hotel is one of the most impressive and unusual hotels around the world. The famous 727 Fuselage Hotel sits high above the ocean and borders the nearby Manual Antonia National Park. Therefore, monkeys are regular visitors that may come to greet you at breakfast. This vintage plane was later transformed into a two-bedroom suite with luxury amenities and spectacular views of the lush Costa Rican jungle and Costa Verde's nearby beach.

4 Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Via HuffPost

If you're planning a trip to Amsterdam anytime soon, you'll surely know where its best-themed hotel resides. Housed in a converted crane, this marvelous three-suite property is just the perfect place for out-of-the-box thinkers. This unashamedly cool hotel boasts fantastic city views, hipster bars, and restaurants.

Because the location isn't exactly famous for many notable attractions, visitors will have to catch a ferry ride to get to the city center. But otherwise, this charming property has got all you need for an exciting family weekend.

3 No Man's Fort - Solent, Portsmouth

Via Martyn White Designs

Originally built to protect Portsmouth from Napoleon III's attacks, the so-called No Man's Fort has long been re-purposed into one of the world's most atypical and odd hotels. Not only does this Victorian-era fort have a pretty weird shape, but it has been fully transformed into a lavish luxury hotel offering dozens of bonuses, such as a laser quest arena, hot tubs, nightclub, etc. For those seeking out-of-this-world experiences, there's even a lighthouse penthouse suite at the No Man's Fort as well.

2 SiloStay - Little River, New Zealand

Via TraveLynn Tales

Located in Little River, only 350 yards from the Christchurch-Little River Rail Trail, this spectacular hotel is an eco-friendly accommodation sitting on New Zealand's Banks Peninsula.Although its location doesn't abound with mind-blowing attractions, the hotel owners of SiloStay rely on the physically round silo and the area's peacefulness as a way to keep their guests excited about it.

Built and designed across two floors, these silos are perfectly equipped with kitchen facilities as each room comes with a balcony that offers beautiful views of the lush surroundings.

1 Palacio de Sal - Uyuni, Bolivia

Via My English School

Have you heard of the Salt Palace? No? Well, that's certainly a shame. This exceptional palace is located in Uyuni, Bolivia, and serves as a magnet for the devoted adventurers.

The fantastic Palacio De Sal is entirely made from salt, and so is a significant part of its modern and unique furniture. There's also an equally impressive lobby, private rooms with a unique decor as well a top-rated restaurant serving salt chicken, of course.

Well, this salt palace has just proved to be equally wonderful and quirky. No wonder why it's one of Bolivia's busiest best-themed hotels.

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