• 26 Most Breathtaking Ocean-Front View Photos Travelers Have Ever Snapped

    A vacation requires a lot of planning. However, the perks of choosing the dream destination are nothing short of an adventure itself. Between deciding on the best foodie spots to the best vacation spots that offer the most amazing mimosas and pedicures. Of course, travelers have to make tough choices between airfare pricing and long layovers (can't have them all), and an Airbnb or a 5- star resort. But, the most important question that travelers should ask is: which beach will absorb my toes in the whitest sand?

    If this is a first time trip between gal pals, bachelors, family time or a romantic getaway, choosing the right beach is of high importance on the deciding factors. The entire purpose of a vacation is to be able to sit back with a cocktail poured in a fresh coconut, wear that large wide-brim Audrey Hepburn inspired sun hat, and relax without a care in the world. Unfortunately, those who book a vacation without the proper guidance or experience can find themselves sitting on a beach, riddled with plastic waste, dirty sand, and questionable objects floating in the water.

    But, first and foremost, before the hotels and the airfare, before the gourmet cuisines and finding out what time the swim-up bar opens, vacationers must first be able to choose where they would like to travel to. The possibilities of countries, towns, villas, and continents are endless. Are you traveling solo or with family (perhaps even traveling to meet the family)? Is this trip a relaxing getaway, an exotic jungle safari or better yet, to show the hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers where you're going and what brand you're wearing? Regardless of the occasion, here is a list of 26 jaw-dropping beach fronts that are perfect for the little kiddies to build sand castles to the most luxurious excursions that can make you #Instafamous.

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    Take A Stand With Flamingos At The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

    Picture this: you're 5 years old and you've just heard about the majestic creatures that are flamingos. Standing at 1.5 m high, these tall little beauties are covered in soft pink feathers and curve their necks into a perfect S.

    Now imagine you were waking up on the gorgeous island of Aruba, white sandy beach and the smell of salt and sun in the air. At the marina of the gorgeous Renaissance Aruba resort, waits a small catamaran ready to take you to a private island just a few short minutes away. When you finally arrive, you step off the catamaran and your toes squish into warm grains. The ocean brings the tied straight to your feet and envelops them in their natural goodness, bringing the ocean floor from under you.

    And there they are. Flamingos! More than the eyes can see. They just stand, a few with two legs buried in the sand, while others stand with only one left leg in the sand and one leg perched upright.

    Goals achieved. The next thing you want to do, no... need to do, is take a big deep breath, open your arms and be free. Free like a bird on a washed-up beach. Take a moment to soak up the sun, detox your skin with some Vitamin C and clear your thoughts of any work-related issues and personal matters, and enjoy the paradise that awaits of mystical birds that were only once a dream.

    According to travel goers from around the world, they have been able to review the phenomenal Renaissance Aruba Resort, here is what one traveler had to say about the experience of standing in the sun with earth's very own wonders, "Loved the private beach, great experience at the Flamingo beach, everything looks great, hotel and private beach." Oscar S.

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    An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words At The Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora (How About, When Do I Leave?)

    Take a look at this image. What do you see? White sandy beaches, a few crunched up shells, a coconut drink, and a gorgeous beach blond tourist, taking in the breathtaking sights of Bora Bora. From the sand and the clear water that lays on the tropical sand, the ocean darkens from clear to turquoise blue. In the deeper dip of the ocean's floor stand tall straw huts that are ready to welcome the wave of tourists that are ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the romantic Bora Bora sunsets. In the distance, lush green mountains stand as tall as the eye can see. This is a picture perfect moment that can stop time in its tracks.

    Whether you're traveling for the sake of a super trendy gals vacay away or a romantic getaway with the beau, this is the perfect spot. Grab your honey's hand and jump in the crystal blue Bora Bora waters. It's literally the most picture-perfect sight, and one that would make you gain a hundred Instagram followers overnight, and an absolute right to call yourself a travel blogger. 

    Situated in the heart of the island of Motu Tehotu, Bora Bora, the Four Seasons is surrounded by the outskirts of the coral reef. French Polynesia is best known for their amazing saltwater fish and active coral reefs, that aquarium lovers around the world come to witness first hand. I guarantee, if you were to take a sneak peek into home aquariums around the world, the most lively reef enthusiast would have multiple fish from French Polynesia. In fact, I see a handful of saltwater fish in my tank right now.

    Of the 3071 reviews on Trip Advisor, 88% of travel-goers have rated this resort a 5 star. There must be a reason for that, and I want to be the first to find out - ticket, please!

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    Forget The Jungles, See Penguins At Boulders' Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

    Just when I thought I've seen it all, penguins in South Africa appear. Granted, they've probably been there for quite some time. Imagine waking up to the sound of little honks, in Africa. Of course, as hot as it is in South Africa unless you're taking a safari trip through the jungle, you're most definitely sitting on the beach.

    Real talk: it's well worth visiting this beach, especially if you have the little babes joining you along. This beach never has a high tide or waves. The waters are calm and remain at low tide from the giant boulders that protect this location from giant waves or strong winds. However (there's always a but, right?) because this park is considered a Marine National Park, there is a teeny tiny fee to pay. But, it's always worth dishing a dime or two for an experience of a lifetime. Think about it, how many times will you 1) Go to South Africa and 2) See penguins on a beach? So treat yourself, and your wee ones, to witness something incredible. Nature and nurture all in one heck of an adventure to remember.

    "High lights included the amazing views, the weather, the penguins (of course), our visit to Cape Point, exploring Simon’s Town, the friendly staff, and the two resident kittens. We will be back!" - Leanne Boss, UK, Trip Advisor.

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    A Hammock For Your Thoughts Only At The Yas Beach, Abu Dhabi

    The Yas beach is my favorite one on this list. This gorgeous piece of land actually belongs to the Yas Hotel and Resort, that have hammocks hanging from palm trees and incredible swings in the middle of the ocean. A little further onto the beach, large beach cabanas can be used by beachgoers to protect them from the hot Abu Dhabi sun.

    Enjoy all that the Yas Resort has to offer with a great summer party playlist. Best of all, this beach has multiple snack bars and, dare I say it... a pizza bar. Yes, folks, this resort has equipped their welcomed guests with a pizza bar that was handcrafted by a company in Napoli, Italy. But, best of all, their entire team of skilled chefs, are actually chefs from Napoli, Italy, as well. I mean, get a taste of Italy in Abu Dhabi while swinging in the waters of the ocean. Mind blown.

    In need to relive your college volleyball days again? Grab your gal pals and serve up some v-balls on the beach of the Yas Hotel and Resort. This resort has a long list of aquatic and land sports that they offer to entertain travelers.

    And of course, this wouldn't be complete if the resort didn't offer something for the kiddies, while their parents sip on some Pina Coladas from the Tiki bar. Kids can set their eyes on the kiddie pool that can be found at the right of the Tiki bar. So, really the question is... one shot or two?

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    Swim With The Most Majestic Ocean Creatures At Sting Ray Beach, Cozumel

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the stingray beach comes along to Wow you out of the park. At this highly underrated beach, you can share the Mexican waters with stingrays AND sharks! Yes, it's safe, we wouldn't send you somewhere that was not. You will be able to swim and snorkel with each species and learn how they move, what their personalities are like and how they move underwater. But, you also get the additional chance to hold and feed both, sharks and stingrays. Don't worry, there is a trained specialist that will be with you along the way, of course; they wouldn't simply hand you over some shark food and let you go at it.

    Beyond the main tourist attraction, there are many other things you can enjoy yourself with, like stand up paddle boating. If you've ever wanted to glide through waves but had never learned how to surf, then, my friends, you will have to try stand up paddle boating. Remember, back in the day (the 90's is now back in the day), when boogie boards were the new big thing? Well, now image you're standing on a large boogie board that is strapped to your feet with velcro, and you're given a paddle to steer with.

    What better way to enjoy the beach than with some chocolate and wine? My initial thought was, Well doesn't the chocolate melt? But yes, dear readers, visitors to Stingray Beach can attend a chocolate making workshop that offers pairings of wines to help the chocolate go down smoothly.

    And if chocolate and wine isn't your thing then I'm sorry but we can't be friends. But you can make your way to a chocolate piñata workshop, where you create and make, as described, a chocolate piñata. I wonder if you have to eat it right away or if they keep it in a chilled room until you're ready to leave. Because, although that sounds extremely gratifyingly romantic, having hot chocolate makes a mess out of things, I don't see how else they would manage this.

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    Freeze Time At The Amalfi Coast, Italy

    The most iconic landscape of the Mediterranean, the Amalfi Coast is the dream location for you. Okay, so it's not a beach. But it does have sand and it does have water, and it is the ocean but it's not your typical tropical beach. The Amalfi Coast is also considered one of the most memorable destinations in Italy. In Amalfi, vacationers and thrill-seekers can enjoy nail-biting mountain plunges landing directly in the Italian sea, and rock climbing along the mountains. Think about it, learning how to rock climb and mountain jumping into the sea, go hand in hand. What if you enjoyed plunging headfirst into an ocean that is miles upon miles upon miles of water deep? You'd need to find a way back up to do it again, right?

    The Amalfi Coast is also home to countless hotels and restaurants. This may be your first trip with your future soulmate, how amazing is it to get the Italian culture, language, and cuisine while dining on the side of the coast?

    While you're neck deep in sea water, take a look around the Coast, and tell me what you see? Huge rows of vintage buildings, higher than the eye can see. Each historical home bears a different color, but especially the classic Mediterranean colors, like yellows and reds. But on top of the antique buildings sits lush green forests and rocky mountains. So, while you squish your toes in the black sands of the Amalfi Coast, or swim alongside Italian sea creatures in the Amalfi sea, remember to take a moment to indulge in the rich, Italian culture and history. A picture is really worth a million words.

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    Pamper Yourself While Rehydrating At The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    Now, again, this one's not a beach. However, it does have a gorgeous body of water that could simply not be ignored. The title of this article is self-explanatory, and we decided that this frost blue water is exactly the kind of informative, well... information, that we could give to our readers.

    The Blue Lagoon is situated in Silica Hotel in Iceland. Overlooking this hotel, you will be able to find lava landscape. The hotel also offers the lagoon on the balcony where visiting guests can go for a swim. But book fast, because this hotel books up months in advance. The lagoon offers geothermal water which is known to cure skin diseases like psoriasis. Now, if you don't know what geothermal waters are, don't fret. This happens when salt water and fresh water meet in the ocean and meet at severe temperatures. It also includes minerals, silica, and algae.

    I've had friends who have gone on this therapeutic getaway, one of which only went for 4 days to have her skin hydrated. They have come back with such glowing skin and were incredibly relaxed. I mean, who wouldn't want to get away for a few days, leaving work behind and communication from the outside world, to simply sit in this crystal blue waters?

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    Never Let Me Leave The Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    This gorgeous beach is situated on a real Te Fiti. And for those who don't follow any of the Disney movies (or pay attention to what your children are watching), Te Fiti is the name of the island that turns into a volcano that poisons the water. Regardless, Te Fiti is made of gorgeous flowers, luscious green forestry mountains, stunning white sandy beaches and a turquoise lagoon.

    Mount Otenamu is the remainders of a previously active volcano. It can be seen on many of the pictures that can be taken from the Bora Bora islands. This is because the spike of the volcano stone is 2,385 feet from the surface. What an amazing backdrop to have and definitely more of a reason for me to pack my bags and move over to the tropical climate.

    If you're traveling and not into sitting on the beach in floral crowns, sipping on some Pina Coladas in the middle of the lagoon, then Mount Otenamu also offers an incredible hiking trail that leads you closer to the top of the peak. Unfortunately, there is no way to reach the peak of Mount Otenamu as uneven and loose rocks hover the surface. But, who needs to go all the way to the top, if they can make it 3/4 of the way up and get the breathtaking views of the Bora Bora Islands?

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    Travel To The Land Down Under At Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia

    Of course, this list wouldn't be complete if we didn't include one of the many beaches that Australia has to offer. I have been to this beach and let me tell you - WOW. Considering Australia is a continent surrounded by water, when I say everywhere you look there is water, I actually mean, everywhere you look there is water. Look to the left, water. Look to the right, more water. Look straight ahead and you'll be able to see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which of course hovers over more water.

    However, I do love me some Bronte Beach because this beach actually has a trail that will take you all the way to the Broome beach. It's a few miles of a walk, but it's well worth taking the extra exercise for.

    But if you're traveling in hopes of finding culture, language, and art, look no further because Bronte Beach offers the world's largest sculpture exhibit by the beach. This exhibit will bring you from Bondi beach to Tamarama beach. This exhibit takes place between October and November and hosts the largest number of tourists the beaches see all year. Bringing in visitors from 50 different countries, the Sculpture By The Sea exhibit is one that cannot and should not be missed. It is definitely something to add to the bucket list!

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    Yes, There Are Camels In Broome, Australia

    Broome beach in Australia was once the home to pearl trading. It is now a trendy beach for visitors and locals to sit back and relax, in the Kimberley region. Broome beach is also home to a plethora of different restaurants that welcome guests year round. This foodie hot spot houses six different elegant restaurants that offer a classy and casual dining experience. Between a brewery, a resto-pub, late-night cocktail lounge, Mexican and Japanese cuisines, and let's not forget to mention, a seafood hot spot, this beach has something for everyone at all hours of the day (and night).

    The beach is also home to many trendy - yet secretive - Instagram setters. For example, freshwater swimming holes! Have you ever gone through your social media news feed, and you see influencers from all over the world go through canyons, all of a sudden there is a hidden cave and diving right into a swimming hole? You will be able to at Broome beach.

    Upon the shores, you can walk down to the 5 points. The 5 points are where the 5 different lakes in Kimberley, Australia meet. Broome is also home to its very own Jurassic Park. That's right, dinosaurs were known to roam the north-coast of Broome and left massive fossils and footprints to mark their existence.

    Let's not forget to mention the stunning image in this entry, the camels on the beach. Yes, they are real and no, they are not a backdrop. There is an excursion, off the beaches of Broome, that allows you to take a camel ride along the shoreline. I mean, if that isn't majestic, I seriously don't know what is.

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    Venture Off To Hidden Caves At Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Cocos Island is as magical as this photograph. However, Cocos Island is also a Marine Park and World Heritage Site for Australia. It is home to a large eco reef system with salt water fresh as far as the eye can see. Which, of course, is the best reason to grab the scuba gear and take a dive, exploring the tropical waters of Australia.

    Though this beach can only be accessible by taking a boat across, these waters are home to large schools of sharks, typically hammerheads, and stingrays. But, you lucky traveler you, swimming close to shore is said to be okay! Amen, let's go swimming. However, if you're brave enough to venture off, then taking a catamaran across the waters to explore hidden caves, would be one heck of an Instagram story to post. The mountains are also considered to be a tropical rainforest ecosystem, which is the only one in the Eastern Pacific. This island is made of ballistic rock (leftover lava from a volcano).

    And for the ultra brave, scuba diving is available. In fact, this gorgeous marina life filled water is in the top 10 spots for scuba diving. So grab that hot pink diving mask and matching wetsuit, tank, and regulator and explore the mysterious lives that lay beneath the sea.

    For all my ocean lovers and fish obsessed enthusiasts (like me), you'd be happy to know that the point of location for this ocean and vast marine ecosystem, make it a very interesting water to conserve and study.

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    Lose Yourself In Paradise At Kawasan Falls, Palawan, Philippines

    Located on the middle island of the Philippines, Palawan is one of the most gorgeous cities on this planet. I would know, I've been there. And, this was legit paradise.

    Real story: So I went to the Philippines a few years ago and completely fell in love with the people, the culture, the language and most importantly the beaches. I was hooked on phonics, totally in love. Head over heels, if you will. I wanted to move there and have many babies and a large piece of land, all while wearing a bikini and watching everything nature has to offer. Who wouldn't quit their job and run an ice cream shop by the beach?

    Palawan is home to one of the most amazing waterfalls ever, Kawasan Falls, which is an ideal location to go kayaking under. Picture a super hot Filipino day, it's 45 degrees (with no humidity) and you're on the cool waters facing a waterfall. Now, picture the refreshing mist that sprays your face and shoulders, cooling the air and keeping your skin hydrated from the hot sun.

    If that wasn't enough of a reason for you to pack your bags and travel the 27-hour flight to Palawan, imagine traveling that long of a flight to swim and feed with whale sharks. That's right. Tourists and locals alike, are invited to take a swim at the Kawasan Falls alongside 20 feet long whale sharks. If you've never seen a whale shark, and wonder how a government can allow civilians to swim and feed a shark, don't worry, these sharks are harmless and safe for everyone. In Finding Dory, Dory's pipe pal, Destiny, is a whale shark.

    I personally suggest that everyone travels to Cebu, Manila, Palawan, wherever, but travel to the Philippines. It is well worth the long flight and will satisfy you to no end.

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    Take A Step Towards The Tallest Peek At Kelingking Beach, Bali Indonesia

    This gorgeous beach has many different hidden caves to be explored. Situated on the breathtaking island of Bali, tourists near and far are attracted to the hidden pink beach that this island has to offer. Although this rock mountain looks small, it actually stands at 80 feet high. However, the biggest adventure of this island is the entrance to the beach. Yes, that's right. Tourists always ask, "How do you get to the beach?" Well, to get to this beach you have to take a 150-meter-long hike. Talk about getting a summer bod.

    This beach has only recently become known. Tourists from New Zealand and the Czech Republic spotted the hidden treasure back in 2003 (that's right millennials, you were around when this beach was founded).

    Travelers can dive into this crystal blue water and see what Mother Nature has blessed this earth with. With lush green grass and lots of marine life, tourists and locals are welcomed with a wide range of fish as they follow the plankton schools, to feed on, near the shore.

    Although this island and beach are gorgeous, locals highly suggest bringing snacks and drinks to keep hydrated when traveling to the beach, especially with the long hike it takes to arrive. But above all, because there are no spots nearby to grab something refreshing and satisfying without having to redo the treck of a lifetime.

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    *Cue The Jurassic Music* Molokai, Hawaii

    Getting to the island of Molokai, Hawaii, is one that tourists have to tread carefully with. This island has no traffic lights and the speed limit is highly slow. That's essentially why their slogan is Aloha Slow Down This Is Molokai. But, foreign travelers will feel comfortable with the locals at this highly underrated island, as Molokai is filled with rich culture and beliefs. In fact, the majority of the population of Molokai are Hawaiian-Natives, that have continued passing down their cultures, religious beliefs, traditional dialects and, of course, no Hawaiian article is complete without mentioning their story-telling tattoos. Perhaps tattoo-loving tourists can show off their full sleeves here.

    Traveling to Molokai is naturally going to take you directly to the beach. However, while on the beach, we suggest you find a restaurant or show that offers a Hula dance. Molokai is said to be the homeland of the traditional Hawaiian dance, the Hula. So grab your grass skirt and coconut bra, and sway what your mama gave ya to the sound of sweet Hawaiian melodies.

    Now, there are a large number of reasons why travelers will want to travel to Molokai, but I have narrowed down the list to discuss two (because they're huge!). Reason number one: foodies rejoice! This island and beach coastline is home to Instagram famous, Kanemitsu's Bakery. If you've never heard of this bakery, let me explain it. Kanemitsu's Bakery is, essentially, a bakery, that bakes and serves fresh bread late at night, in order to replenish the supply the next day. However, locals and vacationers alike go to Kanemitsu's Bakery to get the freshest bread that is still warm, from the oven, when they get home. Ugh, pass the butter, please! Reason number two: if you're a tank fanatic or ocean-obsessed, then you'll be pleasantly surprised that you're on the homeland of aquatic life for tank lovers. Many of the saltwater fish sold are from Hawaii, especially Molokai. But, you'll also be able to snorkel and scuba dive, all while being able to see these majestic fish. Lastly, it'd be no surprise for tourists and locals to be able to see humpback whales swimming nearby and possibly leaping out of the water. Along the shoreline, you'll also be able to see a monk seal laying on the sand, catching some sun.

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    Edward Cullen, Is That You? Mystic Beach, Vancouver Island

    This gorgeous island in Vancouver is an ideal location for introverts and those who want to get away from the world, to camp out and hike. Although Vancouver Island is highly known around the world, the gorgeous beaches and trails have been massively underrated and under-talked about. For those camping out, you'll always be able to get unlimited front row seats to unpack at the beach. That's right folks, you are able to camp out on the beach. And no one knows about it, so it's completely deserted and highly unknown, so you will get the entire beach to yourself (until readers have read this).

    From the shoreline, campers and swimmers will have the great opportunity to see large schools of whales. And, deeper into the mountains are optimal hiking trails (can't forget to mention the free and dry firewood). However, for the brave souls, we highly suggest heading up north during the fall season, as the leaves will begin changing colors, which is absolutely stunning (especially by the beach).

    But, best of all, if you truly need a vacation to relax and go back home refreshed, this is definitely the beach for you. The air is true Canadian air, which is crisp and chilled. For my yoga fans, you will definitely want to pack your yoga mat and Lululemon Spanx for this trip. Namaste.

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    Hang Lose At Oahu, Hawaii

    Zipline across Kualoa Ranch, on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii, along with the mountains of the Jurassic Park. That's right, historian buffers, this is the island that inspired the classic movie series of Jurassic Park. While you fly across the trees, don't forget to start a live story for all to see. Insta-perfect!

    For those who are going for a yoga retreat and who enjoy the waves, stand up paddle boating yoga is a thing in Oahu. But, most importantly, they organize this event during a gorgeous sunset. A breathtaking sight, yoga with a pink sky? Wow.

    There are also many hiking trails and waterfalls that travelers and locals can tackle, should they be brave enough. Oahu mountain is also the largest mountain in the world. So, for all the hiking and nature enthusiasts, taking a trek up this mountain may not be an easy challenge, but the reward of having climbed the tallest forest mountain in the world is big.

    And, of course, traveling to Hawaii would not be complete without taking an excursion to the ocean and scuba diving or snorkeling to visit Hawaii's coral reef system and the marine life that live there. Marine life enthusiasts may have the opportunity of watching Barracuda fish grouped together, the unicorn fish, angelfish, pufferfish and, of course, tangs, just to name a few. We highly recommend travelers to bring an underwater camera to snap a pic of life under the sea.

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    Learn About The Folktales At Phra Nang Beach Cave, Krabi, Thailand

    There's a local folktale about the Phra Nang Cave, in Krabi, Thailand. There's a legend that an Indian princess was traveling on a boat when the boat capsized and she died. It is said that her spirit still lives on in the caves of Phra Nang Cave. The second legend that revolves around the beautiful Indian princess, is that she was actually a fisherman's wife. When her husband went out to sea to fish, it is said that he never returned and the wife spent the remainder of her life in the cave, waiting for her husband to return. Either way, the cave sounds creepy enough for me not to want to go in it alone, like this brave traveler.

    However, aside from the perfect campfire spooky stories, this cave actually looks like it's one incredible adventure, something that can only be lived out once (unless you're riddled with money and can do this journey multiple times in your life). This cave has another urban myth to it: that this cave helps women who struggle with infertility. In fact, this cave can be seen with many different lingams at the entrance. A lingam is a Buddhist symbol and good luck charm for all those wishing to become pregnant.

    Getting to the Phra Nang beach is no picnic but definitely well worth the trip. In order for locals and travelers alike to arrive at the Phra Nang beach, they must take a longtrail boat ride from Ao Nang to Phra Nang. However, there is a resort next to the Phra Nang beach, located on the East side of the coast, called the Rayavadee Resort.

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    #Insta-worthy Pink Lakes of Yucatan, Mexico

    This cotton candy pink lake is situated in the heart of the Yucatan island, in Mexico. Although Yucatan can be translated to the red sea, this lake is, naturally, pink. Vacationers are in for a wild adventure when they see different animals and marine life, like crocodiles, flamingos, jaguars, sea turtles, seabirds and of course, fish. This lake is part of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Resort, for studies and protection of the ecosystem that it houses. For example, this lagoon is also protecting the wildlife, forestry and hidden caves that the Yucatan Island has to offer.

    Travelers can also spot large mountains of salt, that was left behind by the Mayan people. Apart from fishing, the pink lakes of Yucatan, Mexico, used to mine and exchange salt with different countries around the world. Due to the solar production of the salt, scientists believe that this pink colored lake is actually the result of red-colored shrimp, algae, and plankton. As the water evaporates, the water is said to have a remaining residue of the red-colored products that have permanently stained the colors of the lagoon. Interesting stuff. But, as always, salt has a huge added benefit for your skin. It would be like taking a dip in the dead sea, where the salt will actually repair, replenish and rehydrate your skin, leaving scars and injuries a thing of the past. Sign me up!

    Here's an additional surprise: parts of the lakes are actually orange, according to some recent travelers. Which just makes this journey to the pink lakes of Yucatan, Mexico an even more memorable one. Who wouldn't want to see a rainbow inspired lake, that also has amazing benefits for the skin? Yes, please.

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    The Postcard Of All Of Europe At Positano, Italy

    The city line of the gorgeous town of Positano, Italy, is actually the Hallmark card of European destinations. This view is famously known around the world, as it is used to highly market the Italian country. Filled with deep colors and rich culture, this town is home to mostly natives of the country. It is now time to show travel-wannabes around the world how much of a breathtaking coastline this town has to offer, and start bringing in some romance into our lives. I mean, a proposal by this view would be an automatic yes from me!

    In addition to the stunning view, this town also has much Italian shopping, sightseeing, resorts, and best of all, the food! Sure enough, many of the shops overlooking the ocean view are actually restaurants, ran by world-renowned chefs, waiting to please your palette. Around each corner are hidden side streets, where many of the locals and vacationers will buy large paintings, or wander the streets browsing handmade art.

    As always, we highly recommend travelers to be able to take in as much culture, language experience and food experience as possible. So book the tour, travel Italy, sight-see, stop and speak to people, try different lemon sorbets and delicious Italian pizza, you're on vacation anyways.

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    Surf's Up At Dunsborough Beach, Perth, Australia

    When talking about beaches around the world, one would always have the idea of Australia in mind (or Hawaii). However, it's not the location that makes the beach, it's the beach that makes the location. You could be in the most romantic city in the world and yet, you switch into your two piece bikini and it's filled with garbage and pollution. However, this is not the case for this beach.

    In fact, according to many travelers, there's definitely an interest in this beautiful beach. Vacationers have also rated this beach 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trip Advisor, with one traveller saying so much as,

    "One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to, the colour of the water is incredible with Soft fine sand underfoot and safe swimming. We hired the Kayaks on the beach and even cooked lunch on the free barbacues on the foreshore. Great changing rooms and lots of parking. Best and prettiest Beach Ever !!! We will be back again and again and again." Says KeenTraveler, from Perth, Australia.

    As someone who has travelled to Australia, it is safe to say that Australia is definitely a location that everyone must travel to at least once in their life. And, of course, if you travel to Australia, then it's expected of you to at least visit their stunning beaches as well. Travellers and locals around the beach can also expect to see pods of dolphins and large schools of salmon close to the shoreline.

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    Float Away Any Problems While Overlooking The Ocean At St. Regis Resort, Bali, Indonesia

    The St. Regis Resort is located in the heart of Bali, where travelers can stay in the most luxurious of rooms, filled with excursions and hotel attractions, at an affordable cost. While the main suites have underground saunas and pools, many of the vacationers tend to head out to the main pool side, or best of all, the beach that the hotel resides on.

    While this resort is definitely one of the most gorgeous resorts in all of Bali, the St. Regis is also home to famous international chefs and the most glamorous spas around. The St. Regis ocean view suite can also house locals and travelers looking for a memorable getaway, as their bedroom balconies are located facing the ocean. So yes, as romantic as it was beforehand, heading out onto the balcony during sunset will definitely make her say, Wow.

    Best of all, when you travel to the beach, make sure to get your coconut drink in hand! These coconut cocktails are a favorite amongst travelers, and even come from local coconut trees around the resort. These drinks are made fresh and taste so good.

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    City Gal Meets The Amazon At Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Fiji is one of those islands that is so filled with adventure and romance, gorgeous beaches and resorts, that often times travelers believe that this trip will break the bank. Well, my dear readers, that is wrong because there is a long list of hotels, villas and resorts that vacationers can stay at. One of the hotels being as cheap as 16$ USD a night. Yes, for under 20$ you can book a hotel room, in Fiji. Now if that doesn't blow your mind, I seriously don't know what will.

    This gorgeous beach is another sanctuary for the many different species of fish these waters have to offer. This island is also home to the Bouma National Herritage Park and many different hidden caves, lagoons, creeks and waterfalls. Best of all, travelers and locals are welcomed to scuba dive and snorkel, and see the Rainbow's Reefs attractions, and the many different species it houses.

    Above all (and most importantly), the forests in the Taveuni Island look similar to the rain forests of Brazil. Therefore, travelers who dare backpack or hike this island, will be welcomed to see many different kinds of birds, jungle animals and will have a hard time finding things like restaurants or bathrooms. It is highly suggested that anyone who goes into the jungle go with enough supplies (food, water, clothing) and also be prepared to set up camp. But, it's also important to remember that one must know where they are going, because Tarzan won't be around to save you and take you swinging in the trees, trying to escape large and angry gorillas.

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    Swing Back And Relax On The Maldives Islands

    The Maldives Island is home to more than 2,000 islands. So, for this beach, we will focus on the Maafushi island. However, not all of these islands can be found on Google Maps to the naked eye, so for anyone trying to find the Maldives (a country in South Asia), they will have to use optimal zoom to actually located each of these islands. Most importantly, not all of these islands have locals to live, so these islands are mostly deserted. Talking about a relaxing weekend away, with not a person in sight and an island and beach to yourself. Literally, goals (I say that now until I start talking to a Volleyball and name him Wilson, no offence Tom).

    For anyone who has wanted to travel to the Maldives Islands, book fast as over 100 islands have already disappeared. Thanks to inhabitants and rising sea levels, the ocean has essentially engulfed certain islands of the Maldives into the abyss (like Atlantis). That should be enough encouragement for travel-goers to want to book now, before it all disappears and is left in the books of history.

    One super cool fact about the Dunsit Thani Maldives beach is that it glows in the dark! The beach glows in the dark due to the bioluminescent plankton that live in the waters. Therefore, for any romantic couple trying to set the mood, could you name a more perfect scenery for you to impress your girlfriend for the rest of her life? Take her to the beach, in the late evening, and watch as the sun sets and the moon appears. And instead of the water getting dark and mysterious, instead, it turns into a florescent green body of water.

    It's also important to note that all of the beaches on the Maldives island prohibit alcohol, any PDA and revealing bathing suits, as 100% of the population follow the Islamic religion.

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    Foodies Rejoice With International Chefs At The Tri Hotel In Sri Lanka

    The Tri Hotel in Sri Lanka is a travel buff fav. Situated in the heart of Sri Lanka, this entire resort is located surrounding a large body of water. That's right, if you look to the left there's water. If you look to the right, there's even more water. If you book a hotel room, on the 2nd floor, with large windows, you'll still see water (and the pool and the forests that surround the island).

    This resort is also home to an internationally famous spa, that also offers a yoga retreat each year. The resort is also favoured by Instagram influencers, as you will be guaranteed fresh elegant meals, that will simply blow your mind in both taste and appearance.

    According to the Tri Hotel website, the family villa also has an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean and the lush green mountains. As we said, there is literally water at each corner of this resort. But now there is food, cocktails, water and paradise. There is nothing more peaceful than being able to surround yourself with water, and fresh fruits and seafood available at all times. What more can you want?

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    Be Top Trending At Tulum, Mexico

    If you have never heard of Tulum, Mexico, than you need to refresh your newsfeed. Lately everyone has been traveling to Mexico to visit the newly famous city of Tulum. From everyday travelers to stars like the Kardashians, all have made the journey to Tulum, while others have been traveling to Tulum for the amazing hot yoga experience. And with good reason, as this town has even been featured on Forbes. This town is home to white sandy beaches and restaurants surrounded by large jungles.

    It's extremely important for us to remind future Tulum adventure seekers that Tulum is a 90% cash only town, where the local ATM cannot be found for miles. For those who want a drink, cash-only please. For those who want a souvenir t-shirt, cash-only. Need an ice cream to cool you down from the hot Mexican sun, even the sun doesn't accept debit cards, so cash-only please.

    There is a taco bar located right on the beach front of this waterfront, where locals and travelers alike can be spotted indulging in authentic Mexican beef, chicken, goat or lamb tacos. These are your real tacos, not your Old Del Paso tacos that are made from corn chips. Each of these tortilla shells (soft and hard) are handmade, with love, by the children, wives and mothers of the owners of the taco stand. Travelers have documented the hard work that they endure, to ensure that each traveler gets the true taste of Mexico.

    So, not only is there a swing on the white sandy beach of Tulum, but there's also a Taco bar, I mean... heaven! This beach is also filled with many different restaurants and cocktail pubs that anyone can attend to. Restaurants and bars range between a burrito bar, taco restaurant, dinner at the Mezzanine and breakfast at Zamas.

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    Stay Local And Learn About Victoria Beach, Laguna, California

    To end this list of inspirational vacation ideas, the list would never be complete without having a take on a more local and affordable beach: Laguna beach, California. Yes, California is expensive at times, however it (may or may not) save on airfare, hotel and restaurants, especially if you live nearby or have someone that can shelter you while you travel.

    Laguna beach was put on the map after MTV's hit series, Laguna Beach. However, the list of activities that you can do while at Laguna beach is endless. Anything from kayaking to canoeing, fishing to body surfing, volleyball and even stand up paddle boats can be rented to the most adventurous traveler out there.

    But the most Instagram-worthy, and super trendy, hot spot currently is this seaside hotspot that is located at the base of the Pirate's Tower. The Pirate Tower was once used for pirates to anchor their boats and take a much needed rest. However, there was a huge flop with this design, as the exiting doors cannot be used during high tides, as it submerges the doors in water.

    This beauty spot is also the picture perfect spot for a couple to enjoy the coral pink sunset that the California sky has to offer.

    References: tripadvisor.ca, oyster.ca, forbes.comhuffingtonpost.com, journeyera.com, travel.cnn.com,

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