25 Weird But Good Beauty Products We Must Travel To Buy

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is one of many sayings and quotes about beauty. What is beautiful really does vary from person to person but, in general, most people want to look good. Billions of dollars are made by the beauty industry a year, worldwide. Though the beauty industry hadn't been established until the early 20th century, beauty products have been around since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians used kohl on their eyelids and eyelashes, rouge for their cheeks and chalk to whiten their skin. Just about every country's culture has a history with early versions of the beauty products that are used today.

Nowadays beauty products aren't just things like lipstick, blush and other makeup used to color bring some color to a person's face. Beauty products include things that promote healthy skin and hair to bring out a person's natural beauty. Makeup is still a big focal point in the beauty industry, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but having a more healthy and natural look is the aim of many beauty products being sold today.

The United States accounts for at least 18 billion dollars made by the beauty industry. Brands like Fenty Beauty, ColourPop and Maybelline dominate the US market for beauty products and have even made it into other countries. It is also the same vice versa, with brands from other countries making their way over here and either being sold online or in stores like ULTA and Sephora.

But these products here can't be found in stores in the United States, as weird (by US standards at least), as they are, they actually work!

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25 Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream

via intothegloss.com

Korean beauty products have been making big waves across the globe over the past few years. It is especially true in the United States with the rise in popularity of K-Pop idols and the secrets of their flawless features being revealed.

This Bounce Cheese Face Cream looks more like a delicious spread for toast than for anyone's face, but it advertises that it will hydrate and leave skin feeling firm.

What gives it its cheese-like texture is that it is made from whey, a by-product of any cheese-making process. And though it may look like cheese, it thankfully does not.

24 Bigan Beauty Face Expander

via amazon.com

As first impressions go these giant lips from Japan look more like a novelty item than a beauty product.

This Bigan Beauty Face Expander boasts that it will help keep skin youthful and pliant by helping them train and exercise the muscles in their face.

There has been a lot of talk about face exercises, and according to Nivea's website, it can help tone a person's face too by helping promote blood circulation, which then leads to a brighter complexion. Maybe ten minutes a day using this is worth it for brighter and beautiful skin? Behind closed doors, of course.

23 Bioaqua Hydrating Lip Mask

via beauty and the cat

We have heard of hydrating masks for the face, but ones for just the lips? Maybe It isn't as weird to think about, as lips need hydration too, and sometimes a lip balm just won't cut it.

As cartoonish as these huge pink lips will make someone look, they work really well.

According to This Is Beauty Mart, the collagen and hyaluronic acid within the gel mask will leave lips looking smooth and plump! And it only takes ten minutes for all the fine lines to (temporarily) disappear.

22 Etude Peel Off Eye Brow Tint

via refinery29

A bold, dark and thick eyebrow is the latest beauty trend and there have been several different beauty products to help even those with the thinnest of eyebrows stay fashionable. Drawing on or filling in eyebrows isn't new, some have even gone as far as threading their eyebrows. But this Korean beauty product makes achieving a thicker brow easier and less painful.

This peel-off eyebrow tint goes on as a gel and it gets peeled off, leaving behind a bold tint for a person's brows.

It takes at least two hours to dry but provides a long-lasting natural and elegant look!

21 Imselene Donkey Milk Face Mask

via aplaceforthese.blogspot.com

Milk has been used in beauty products for years. It's packed full of lots of good vitamins, calcium and protein, and the lactic acid that milk has helps hydrate skin and reduce pigmentation.

The milk usually used in beauty products in the United States comes from a cow, but a lot of Korean ones like this use... donkey's milk.

Yep, that's right. Apparently, the milk from a donkey has some essential fatty acids that work as a powerful anti-aging and healing product. They say milk does the body well, they never did specify where the milk had to come from!

20 Eye Slack Haruka

via youtube.com

Most people don't want bags under their eyes. Whether it is from a lack of sleep, an abundance of stress or just the signs of aging, the beauty industry has created many different products that promise to hide or get rid of bags and dark circles under eyes.

For the most part, these products come in the form of creams, powders, and even injections sometimes, but the Eye Slack Haruka is a battery operated device that promises to "vibrate" all of those bags and sags away. This Japanese product uses electrical muscle stimulation to tighten the muscles underneath the eyes.

19 Dr. Jart Rubber Lover Face Mask

via bravo.com

Has Halloween come early? Anyone who first comes across this Korean beauty product might be a little weirded out with its packaging. The rubber modeling mask smacked in the middle of it is pretty weird.

Inside of the box is a rubber mask that is already mixed and ready to use, eliminating the mess that usually comes from applying clay masks.

There are different kinds that target different problems, like dry skin, dull skin, breakouts, and even fine lines and wrinkles.

18 Huile De Serpent

via twgram.me

This brand of "huile de serpent" is sold in Pakistan but many other different brands can be found in other places in the Middle East and Asia. It can also be found in pharmacies all over France.

What is "huile de serpent" exactly? It's snake oil!

As strange as it sounds, snake oil has been used in Chinese folk remedies for centuries for aches and pains in joints. And apparently it works really well for dry scalps and hair, some even say it helps hair to grow longer and stronger!

17 Skinfood Coffee Body Scrub

via beautifuldokidoki.blogspot.com

Who doesn't enjoy the robust smell of coffee and the rich and nutty taste of a good brew? The people at Skinfood, a South Korean brand of beauty products, have created a body scrub that might just interest coffee lovers.

Drinking coffee might dehydrate your skin due to all of the caffeine, but using it as a body scrub helps exfoliates the skin, and helps with redness and swelling.

Skinfood's coffee body scrub does just that, and it promises a healthy glow. It works all over the body too, especially on knees and elbows! And it probably smells pretty great too.

16 Oenobiol Sun Capsules (Tanning Pills)

via lovelycharlotte.nl

There are certainly a lot of beauty products out there that protect people from the sun and ones that give people that sun-kissed look without having to step outside, but this product helps prepare people for the sun.

They can be found in French pharmacies.

Oenobiol sun capsules are taken every day a month in advance before exposure to the sun to help prepare for it, and then can be taken during and after for anyone that wants to their tanned look to last longer.

The capsules have vitamin B2, which helps maintain normal skin and protect it from oxidative stress.

15  Voya Seaweed Bath

via thespaman.co.uk

This seaweed bath surprisingly comes from Ireland and there are a whole spa and treatment center in a coastal village in Ireland set up around it!

Voya seaweed baths boast a number of health and beauty benefits from using their seaweed, including anti-oxidants that help pull all of the toxins out of a person's body and tons of vitamins and minerals that will transform a person's skin into the most radiant version of itself. It is even possible to order a box of the seaweed for at-home use, but only in Europe.

14 Guerisson 9 Complex Cream

via hertravelogue.com

Looking at this Korean beauty product, one might wonder why it is on this list. It doesn't seem weird, it even comes in nice packaging. But what makes Guerisson 9 Complex Cream a perfect candidate for this list is one of its main ingredients- horse oil.

Horse oil has been used for centuries in Chinese and Japanese remedies for healing injuries.

The fatty acids found in horse oil work as an anti-inflammatory and it is said to regenerate and strengthen the moisture barrier in the skin.

13  Besolbo Royal Salmon Egg Cream

via bloguni.com

Caviar is a bit of an acquired taste, so it's fair to reason that most people would raise a brow at the idea of slathering it all over their faces.

This Korean beauty product, Besolbo Royal Salmon Egg Return Cream is pretty much caviar for the face.

Eggs are thought to be good for the body with all the vitamins and protein tucked away inside the shell, and apparently fish eggs are even more so. The nutrients inside help maintain skin's natural moisture and enhance the overall condition of the skin.

12 Shampoo Au Dait D'anesse (Donkey Milk Shampoo)

via lemondesavon.fr

Donkey milk makes another appearance on this list and this time in a shampoo! This type of shampoo is often found in French pharmacies, with some brands even making a complete beauty kit that includes shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Donkey milk is considered to be great for hair as it nourishes it at its roots and all the way to its tip.

Even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it. And it was apparently Cleopatra's secret to her famed beauty, and who doesn't want to look like Cleopatra?

11  Nature Republic Cocoon Silk Balls

via nutycosmetics.vn

At first, this Korean product looks like a pack of regular cotton balls. But there is no "cotton" in these balls, as they are made from the cocoons of silkworms. Yes, they are actually the cocoons of silkworms.

Anyone afraid of small wormy things need not fear, it is just the cocoons!

The silk cocoons can be used to exfoliate and remove blackheads and excess oils from the face. They are 100% natural and can be used on even the most sensitive skin. And they are even reusable!

10 ReFa Carat Body Rollers

via pinterest.com

Okay, even we were confused about this Japanese beauty product at first but the more we learned about it the more we could see the benefits of it. This is a body roller (or massager) by ReFa.

Deep tissue massages are said to not only feel great but have some health benefits as the kneading and rubbing promotes healthy skin.

Now anyone can have their own personal masseuse in the palm of their hand! It is waterproof so it can be used in the bath and has a platinum coating, so it can be used on even the most delicate skin.

9 TonyMoly Tomato Mask Sheet

via xoxogabrielle.blogspot.com

The Korean beauty brand TONYMOLY has a wide variety of beauty products that include ingredients one wouldn't think could be used. This mask sheet is one of them as its main ingredient is the tomato.

It is part of a line of "I'm Real" sheet masks that include the juices of many different fruits, vegetables, and other plants.

The tomato one is aimed at people who want to give their skin a more "radiant" look. It's rich in amino acids that help keep the skin hydrated and revitalized!

8 Peel-able Lip Tint

via temptedtolove.wordpress.com

Wearing lip tints and stains have become pretty popular recently. They are great for anyone who doesn't want to wear lipstick but still wants some color on their lips, or as a base for lipstick to give it a bolder look.

This look is especially popular in South Korea, which led to the creation of peel-able lip tint!

The Korean brand MyLip has created lip tint that goes on as a gel. Once it dries the wearer can peel it off, leaving behind a beautiful bold color!

7 Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

via pinterest.com

When one thinks of a volcano, what comes to mind? Probably heat and lava, fire and smoke. Volcanoes can be scary but they apparently also have a hidden benefit when it comes to beauty and wellness.

This product is a clay mask made from the minerals released from the volcanic eruptions from Jeju Island in Korea.

It boasts that it can do six things in one; control sebum (an oily substance secreted by the skin), shrink pores, cools the skin, brightens tone, deep cleans and exfoliates!

6 TonyMoly Egg Pore Blackhead Balm

via koreankiwibeauty.blogspot.com

No these aren't extremely large chicken eggs, but an Egg Pore Blackhead Balm from the South Korean brand TONYMOLY. The reason that it is in those cute egg-shaped packages is that its key ingredient is eggs.

Not just the egg yolks but also the egg shells.

It boasts that it'll minimize pores, remove blackheads and dead skin and leave skin feeling fresh and tight too. The consensus seems to be that to get the full effect of this product, it has to be used daily.

5 Deo Perfume Candy

via unvlmom.com

This odd little product is both a beauty product and a sweet treat! It comes from Bulgaria and boasts that it is a hard candy that not only tastes good, but that will also aromatize the skin of the person who eats it with a pleasant rose scent!

The science behind it is that ingesting Geraniol, a type of rose oil leaves a wonderful rose-like scent on the skin after it passes through cell walls and evaporates through the skin.

4 Holika Holika Pig Collagen Gel Masks

via kosmeologika.pl

The packaging for this Korean beauty product is very cute and the little pig on the front might make people think it is just a mascot. But it is exactly what it says it is on the package, a pig collagen mask.

But what is pig collagen?

Well, it is a protein that comes from a pig's skin. And it is thought that using beauty products packed with this collagen helps to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

3 Mizon Original Skin Energy Placenta 45

via blog.douglas.de

For those that don't know what placenta is, it's the organ that develops in the uterus of pregnant mammals, which nourishes the fetus. It comes out in the "afterbirth" once the baby is born... and apparently, it makes for a really beneficial ingredient in beauty products!

This Korean product here boasts that it will vitalize and regenerate skin. It doesn't exactly say which mammal it gets its placenta from, though most beauty products that use placenta commonly get it from sheep.

2 Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Essence

via rahrahradula.blogspot.com

Using animals and animal by-products in beauty products isn't anything new. Especially not on this list with creams using donkey milk, pig collagen, and eggs from all sorts of animals.

But this Korean product here goes a step further than the rest with its weird animal ingredient, snail slime.

Yep, it is exactly what it says it is on the bottle. The "slime" is full of a lot of good stuff like antibacterials, glycolic acids, and proteins that protect the snail, stuff that is commonly found in beauty products to care for aging skin and acne.

1 Houreisen Iron Nasolabial Fold Booster

via ebayshopkorea.com

Nobody likes wrinkles and most people who have them and want rid of them probably wish they could just take a magical iron and "iron" the wrinkles out. Well... now they actually can!

This beauty product from Japan is the Houreisen Iron Nasolabial Fold Booster. It uses a combination of EMS to stimulate the muscles of the face and heat and radio waves to warm up the skin, improving the blood circulation. Proper blood circulation does promote healthier muscles and healthier skin. But this device, that is a literal iron for the face, might be a bit much for us.

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