His catchphrase might be "You Can't See Me," but it's hard not to see John Cena considering how he's popping up all over the place on the mainstream scene. Many of us first caught a glimpse of the professional on our televisions when he first made his onscreen debut for the WWE in 2002, and became popular from showcasing a rapper character. Shortly after winning the WWE Championship, he decided to break into the realm of movies by starring in The Marine, which wasn't a bad theatrical debut as it made $22.2 million at the box office.

Over 16 years after his WWE debut, Cena has since become the biggest star on the WWE roster with a record 16 WWE Championships to his name and several lead roles under his belt.

These days, Cena is looking better than he ever has before, and so is his bank account. This year, it was reported that he is now the highest paid wrestler in the WWE, surpassing former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar, who was the highest paid earner last year. To be more specific, he's currently grossing $10 million in WWE. It's also worth noting that he has a net worth of $55 million. Read below to find out what The Champ does with all that cash in his savings.


It's interesting to think about how John Cena is always seen wearing a suit whenever he's in an interview, on a press run, or virtually anyplace that isn't a wrestling ring. However, when he is in a wrestling ring - essentially his place of work - he's wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts. That wouldn't even be considered business casual in the usual workplace. Funny that.

Cena professed to his then-partner Nikki Bella that while on a trip in New York City, that he compulsively bought 55 fitted suits at once.

This was revealed in one episode of Total Bellas. Anyway, the point is, John Cena loves his suits.


On one of the episodes of his YouTube series John Cena: Auto Geek where he showcases cars in his collection, Cena showed the world his beloved 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom. Cena told viewers that the car means a lot to him because he believes this car is the "ultimate display of luxury."

We find it hard to argue with Cena on this one. Not only because he's a 251lb gorilla who can snap our heads off if we look at him funny, but because this car costs $417,825. Only the most luxurious, rich celebs own this one.


As someone who makes as much money as he does in WWE, it makes sense for John Cena to have such a lucrative contract. Other than his projected earnings and the 6.25% merchandise bonus, Cena's WWE contract promises him a few other perks as well. For instance,

Cena's contract promises Cena access to his own private jet to help him travel city to city and country to country to WWE events.

Cena also owns his own personal private tour bus.


In a May 2007 episode of John Cena: Auto Geek, Cena revealed himself to be a proud owner of a lime green 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo.

He affectionately and proudly refers to it as his itty bitty teeny weeny "LamborGREENi."

By October 2017, he decided to sell it for $145,988. Looking at how much the car cost back in the day, we think Cena may have paid a price originally for at least $198,000. Not a bad purchase to tell the truth. That car is a beauty.


John Cena is a huge proponent to using his money to give back to charitable causes. The charity which he has given back to the most has to be the Make a Wish Foundation.

It was in 2015 that Cena granted his 500th wish to a child, and we would only assume that in the three years since then, he has granted an additional countless number of kid's wishes, and continues to put smiles on children's faces around the world.


As if having one Rolls Royce Phantom was not enough, John Cena owns another one in his garage. The second is a model from 2009, and this model is more specifically recognized as the Drophead Coupe edition of the car.

The Drophead Coupe has a startling price of at least $199,000. Well, startling for the average Joe like ourselves.

Not so much for John Cena. As we all know, $199,000 is like change out of a piggy bank compared to John Cena's net worth.


Frequently featured on Total Divas and its spin-off Total Bellas, viewers around the world have seen just how huge John Cena's mansion in Tampa, Florida is.

Cena bought the property for $3.4 million and comes equipped with an indoor pool, a giant closet, an ivy-themed kitchen, a piano downstairs, a guest house, a really big balcony, an even bigger gym to boot, a cigar room, and of course a massive garage to house his gigantic collection of muscle cars.

18 FERRARI 599

In another episode of John Cena: Auto Geek, Cena showed the world his Ferrari 599. Well, actually, he owns two of them, and he talked about both of them in two separate episodes of his show.

Regardless of the color, the Ferrari 599 is an expensive car to own, clocking in at $273,845.

In one episode, he gave us a glimpse of his red 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB, and in another, he showed us a yellow version of the same car.


Their romance may be over now, but it was only a year ago when it looked like to us that John Cena and Nikki Bella could very well be together forever. Not only because of their engagement, but because there was a time when they looked like they couldn't be happier.

It was only last year that the two celebrated their five year anniversary together, and according to Bella's red carpet interview with Extra, Cena's anniversary gift was none other than a brand new house.


Due to having a schedule that takes him all around the world, it makes sense as to why John Cena took the time to learn multiple languages. He's learned how to speak French, Punjabi, and most recently, Mandarin.

Mandarin is a language that Cena seems to be most proud to have learned, as he shows off his new skill on talk shows and WWE programming whenever he gets the chance.

In an interview with The Strait Times, Cena explained that he became fascinated with the language in light of WWE trying to expand into the Chinese market, and so he hired a tutor to teach him the language for two hours a day.


As we mentioned earlier, WWE is trying to break into the Chinese market, but they aren't the only ones. John Cena seems to being trying to make the same business move, but for the sake of his acting career.

Not only did he travel there recently, but Cena is currently living in Yinchuan, China as he is filming a movie there with Jackie Chan. In a September vlog, Cena revealed that he had been living in China for the past (at the time) three months. He said he'd come back to America in two months, and with this being November right now, he should be returning any day now.


John Cena has been an avid car collector ever since he was a much younger teen. He bought his first car at the age of 14 and that car was a 1984 Cadillac Coup Deville.

Truth be told, the only reason why Cena even bought the car was because he wanted to install the car's engine into a different car, but the motor seized up before he could do so. So young John Cena just settled on using the car as his regular vehicle to drive around West Newbury, Massachusetts.


This is technically another car that Cena snagged before he became a million dollar franchise, but he grabbed this car when he had just under a million to his name.

This Lincoln Continental is still an expensive one for some of us - at least $30,335 - but Cena bought this very early into his wrestling career at a time when he was on his last legs.

Not only did he used to drive this one, but he also used to live in it.

Thankfully, he has the luxury of living in mansions opposed to cars.

12 1969 AMC AMX

John Cena sure does love his old school cars, and perhaps one of the oldest cars in his collection is the 1969 model of the AMC AMX.

The two-seater is especially unique because it is considered both a sports car and a muscle car; the latter being John Cena's favorite type of car.

With a four-speed manual floor shift and even a horsepower speed of 325 with its own V8 engine, this car is a keeper for sure.


Among the rarest cars in John Cena's collection, only 50 cars have been made for the 2012 Autobiography Ultimate Edition of the Range Rover. Miraculously, Cena seems to be one of the 50 people who can claim ownership over this model.

It is easy to see why the car is so rare. Just like how it took a lot of money to make the car, it cost a lot to buy it as well. When originally released, the price tag clocked in at a hefty $170,000.


The 2008 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren comes equipped with a supercharged 5.4L 620 horsepower V8 engine. In layman's terms, this car is really, really, really fast. Since John Cena loves his fast muscle cars, this one has to be a favorite in his muscle car collection. The butterfly doors are a nice touch as well.

He talked about it in an episode of John Cena: Auto Geek and noted that while the car costs half a million dollars, it is well worth the price for car enthusiasts out there.

9 2004 FERRARI 360 SPIDER 

In one special episode of John Cena: Auto Geek, John Cena highlighted his 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider as a dream car that he idolized when he was a kid. We totally see why, and quite frankly, we have to say that even as a kid, John Cena had excellent taste in vehicles.

The Ferrari 360 Spider has a beautiful body on it with a sleek paint job accompanied by a horsepower of 400. What kid wouldn't fall in love with this thing?


When he showed off his 2013 Maserati Gran Turismo C-MC Stradale on an episode of John Cena: Auto Geek,

He compared owning one of these to a bad relationship, but believe it or not, he meant it in a good way.

To summarize the analogy, he basically said that cars like these go underappreciated until its too late.

In all honesty, if anyone of us regular folks kicked out the crazy amount of $146,300 that it takes to own one of these things, we'd be sure to appreciate it.


Arguably the coolest looking ride in John Cena's car collection is the 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe.

Even fellow WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose had to bond with Cena over this one. Cena recalled in an episode of John Cena: Auto Geek that Ambrose usually never says a word to him, but after seeing Cena come out of this ride, Ambrose had to tell him "Hey man, cool ride. Looks like the Batmobile." We would have to agree with Dean Ambrose on this one.


Of course, any self-professed car geek and car collector would own a car that was featured in the James Bond franchise, since that franchise is notorious for featuring sick rides. John Cena owns an Aston Martin Vanquish S, which appeared in the Bond flick Die Another Day.

Die Another Day may not be hailed as one of the best James Bond movies, but the Aston Martin Vanquish S is still hailed as one of the best looking cars to pop up in any of the James Bond films in the franchise.