Demi Lovato has had a rather interesting - and in some ways, tragic - road to the top. We've practically watched Demi Lovato grow up right before our very eyes. The first time we caught a glimpse of her was from an appearance on Barney & Friends. Some years later, she became a Disney Channel star. First with the breakout television hit Camp Rock movies, and then as the star of Sonny with a Chance.

Upon leaving the House of Mouse, Lovato started to steer away from acting and focused more on a career as a musician. She has so far had six successful studio albums, and several chart-topping singles. Fan favorite tracks like "Heart Attack" and "Cool for the Summer" - just to name a couple - went on to become award-winning mega-hit records. In between all of that, she's found time to be a judge on the USA version of the X-Factor and smaller acting appearances in programs like Glee.

Needless to say, Lovato has found a lot of success in her line of work, and with all that success comes cash. For Lovato, she doesn't just spend her savings by splurging on herself. She has used her wealth to contribute to a number of charities and pronounce her voice as an activist loud and clear for the masses to hear.

To find out exactly which charities Lovato has contributed to and how she decides to splurge her riches when she does decide to spend it on herself, read below for more details.


Most young people - whether they are rich and famous or not - usually use their 18th birthday as an excuse to splurge something big on themselves. They might go out partying, or go buy a new car, perhaps. Not Demi Lovato.

Instead, the Disney star used her 18th birthday as an excuse to thank her family for supporting her throughout those 18 years. So she decided to buy her family a Mediterranean house seated just outside of Los Angeles.


Demi Lovato and 107.2's KIIS FM Jingle Ball do not have a particularly great history with one another considering that when Lovato showed up to the 2015 edition of the show, she fell while performing onstage.

When she showed up to the 2017 edition of the show, she did two things to ensure people would forget about her 2015 flop. First, she gave a show-stealing performance onstage without falling this time. Then, she arrived wearing an incredible outfit: a Frolov Kiev Spring 2018 gold outfit, with $795 Giuseppe Zanotti Betty Platform Sandals.


A lot of people want to accumulate enough wealth to the point that they can share it and spread it with their peers, friends, and family. Demi Lovato is rich enough where she's beyond that point of wealth, and she most certainly has found more than enough ways to spread the wealth.

Just this past summer, she rented out a private island in Fiji and then Bora Bora to herself and some friends. She never specified how much it cost, but she cites the experience as the most she's ever splurged on anything.

22 Sweating it up AT THE LOS ANGELES GYM

Demi Lovato regularly is seen attending a local LA gym, but when she does leave the gym, she isn't just dripping in sweat. She's dripping in, well, drip. The kind of swaggy, expensive drip that all the rappers are talking about nowadays. We're trying to say that she wears expensive clothes to the gym (and we said it in the most uncool way possible).

This past July, Lovato was seen coming out of the gym wearing Louis Vuitton Flat Mule shoes that cost $760, Cobain Charcoal Dust Joggers for $225, and a Milan Charcoal Dust Zip Crop Top for $67.50.

21 Showing off ON RED CARPETS

One of the perks that come with being a Hollywood celebrity is that it affords the person at the center of fame enough money to wheel out a boatload of swanky outfits on a regular basis. Take Demi Lovato for example.

She usually waits until red carpet events - which is the perfect opportunity to do so - to show off her best dresses. Most recently, she stunned crowds when she strutted out to the Billboard Music Awards 2018 dressed in a leopard print Christian Dior silk dress that had to have cost her thousands. Her Saint Laurent shoes already cost $995.


We are vastly approaching Winter season, which is a huge downer for anyone striving to be a fashion icon. It is hard for anyone to razzle and dazzle in a cute fit when said outfit is hidden underneath a huge winter coat.

Thankfully, some celebs have enough coin to buy cute winter coats to make their outfits even cuter. One of Lovato's cuter winter coats - a white wool Ports 1961 Oversized Coat - cost her thousands of dollars, but just look at it. Clearly, it was worth every penny.


Last year, Demi Lovato teamed up with fellow actress Kate Hudson and her sportswear line - Fabletics - to release the limited edition capsule collection called Demi Lovato for Fabletics.

The line includes leggings and tops with words like "Unbroken" and "Confident" slapped across them. Lovato partnered with Hudson and invested in the project not only because she's personally a Fabletics fan, but because she wants to use the line to empower women of any shape, size, and age.


Most Hollywood superstars need a personal assistant and a bodyguard on hand at all times. An assistant because they can't do everything by themselves, and a bodyguard because they need protection. Demi Lovato might have the best bodyguard and the best personal assistant that money can buy, seeing as both saved her life.

Had her assistant and bodyguard not been in the house at the time when things went wrong for Lovato earlier this year, there's no telling where Lovato would be right now.


In January 2017, Demi Lovato took a break from her hardworking and busy schedule to make a charitable trip to Kenya. While there, she took the time to have schools built in Kenya. She also sold necklaces made by mothers in Kenya to help raise money for their families.

Demi Lovato's contributions as a charitable person who gives back has been well documented, and seeing her continue to do good-natured deeds like this is heartwarming to see in action.


Mental health is more important today than it has ever been, with more children and young adults dealing with health problems now more than ever (or at least these issues are being more openly discussed than they have in the past).

Demi Lovato pays top dollar to get the best therapist and the best therapy sessions which she goes to twice a week. Looks like she's willing to offer her expertise on therapy to her fans now as well, as she stated earlier this year that she's willing to provide fans with free therapy sessions with her while she's on tour.


Artists in the music industry today struggle when it comes to owning their own intellectual and creative properties separate from the business suits that surround them; whilst also trying to be in complete control of their work without those suits interfering.

To avoid issues like this, Demi Lovato teamed up with Nick Jonas and their manager Phil McIntyre. Together, the trio got their funds together in 2015 to create their own record label, Safehouse Records. In owning one-third of the label, Lovato's last two albums were distributed through this label.


Earlier this year, Demi Lovato teamed up with CORE Hydration and became the new face of their purified water products.

Despite the fact that she gets paid to say anything and everything positive there is to say about CORE Hydration, Demi Lovato swears that she was an avid drinker of CORE long before their partnership came to fruition. She said that she would buy their water, and championed their support of both balancing the body's natural pH levels and performing at her hydrated best onstage.


In 2016, Demi Lovato bought herself a sphynx cat. On paper, it sounds like a harmless, inexpensive buy, but really, little did Demi Lovato know, this purchase would cost her the sake of her health.

Within a day of owning the cat, Lovato was forced to give it away because she quickly discovered that she was allergic to the cat. Anyone with cat allergies knows just how demoralizing and painful it can be to get sneezy and itchy thanks to a cat. Against her better wishes, the animal-loving actress had to give the cat back the next day.


In 2012, Demi Lovato took her tour to Brazil and did so after returning from Mexico. Apparently, she must have had some delays that had her arrive later to South America than expected, because her fans waited on her to show up for hours on end.

As a thank you for all of her dedicated and devoted fans in attendance for waiting so patiently for so long, Lovato - once she arrived - treated all of the fans in attendance by buying them all free mini pizzas.

11 $1000 HIGH HEELS

High heels are not easy to walk in, yet somehow, Demi Lovato finds a way to do it on a regular basis. Not only do we see her wear heels regularly, but she does so in different variations as well (i.e. big heels, small heels, etc). That, to us, sounds like a real MVP.

Just like any other real MVP, she wears the top of the line most expensive high heels known to man. This would include her $1,375 Valentino Rockstud Suede Block Heel Boots, her $795 Giuseppe Zanotti Betty Platform Sandals, and her $455 Stuart Weitzman Sohot Platform Sandals.

10 $200 Lavish SUNGLASSES

It is no secret that Demi Lovato loves her shades. It is rare that any of us tend to see Demi Lovato out and about in public without sporting a pair. Whether it be in the blazing daylight or in blistering night air (because wearing sunglasses at night is cool, obviously), we're likely to catch Lovato in a pair of sunglasses, and most likely, those shades are expensive.

We've seen Lovato in the past rock a pair of $175 Roberi & Fraud White Betty Sunglasses, as well as a pair of $233.99 Prada Round Aviator Sunglasses.

9 designer HANDBAGS worth $12,000

Everyone loves a good handbag. Regardless of gender, handbags are just a dandy thing to carry, which why those of us who carry them strive for the perfect handbag. For some, the perfect handbag is one with a lot of space, and for others, it's one that looks drop dead gorgeous.

Demi Lovato has a lot of drop dead gorgeous handbags in her arsenal, including an $11,495 Celine Croc Luggage Tote Bag.


Similar to Demi Lovato herself, her father Patrick struggled with having a mental illness. Patrick passed away in 2013 in part due to untreated health and addiction issues.

To honor her father, Demi Lovato partnered with CAST to create the Lovato Treatment Scholarship to cover expenses for anyone struggling with mental health issues. Not only did she use her only money to create it, but also spent her money to craft an event called the Lovato Scholarship Benefit.


Demi Lovato is certainly no stranger to giving away her money for a good cause, and she certainly did just that in the wake of the tragedy that was Hurricane Harvey.

In wake of the tragedy, Demi Lovato teamed with Nick Jonas and DNCE so that fans could donate to and support the Houston Food Bank for Hurricane Harvey Relief. To kick things off and encourage fans to donate, Demi Lovato herself donated $50,000 of her own money to the Houston Food Bank so that they could help victims affected by Hurricane Harvey.


For those who may have forgotten, earlier this year, an event was held in Washington D.C. called March for Our Lives. Demi Lovato was one of the celebs in attendance. While it is unknown if she donated money, she did give an emotional performance of "Skyscraper."

It's also worth noting that Lovato's MFOL outfit consisted of a $3,375 Alexander McQueen Red Cashmere Coat, $4,750 Gabriel & Co. Earrings, $188 J Brand Jeans, and $625 Christian Dior D-Bee Sneakers.