If the doctor has given the all-clear for travel, while mama is still pregnant is often the best time to squeeze in a vacation before the bliss and business of parenthood really sets in. Once new baby arrives, most parents find they're just too busy to pack up and vacation with a new-born.

Other parents might be expecting their first child and eager to celebrate the closing of one chapter of their lives before they look forward to embracing the next. Often called a babymoon, these vacations that pregnant women take are often designed to combine the celebratory nature of impending parenthood with relaxation and maybe even bidding farewell to some aspects of single adulthood that will soon be left behind.

There are several factors that go into creating a memorable and enjoyable babymoon. Many pregnant women are eager to explore a place they've never been before while they can still get around without baby carriers or strollers. Others look forward to spa experiences or pampering as they prepare for taking on their new role as a mother.

Some couples take a vacation while mom is pregnant to reconnect and strengthen the bonds between them, knowing that a baby will put new tests on their relationship. Babymoons can be anywhere in the world, but pregnant women do have preferred spots where they say the experience was one they'll never forget. Whether chock-full of amenities, the utmost luxury, or priced just right, here are the Top 25 Of The Best Vacation Spots For Pregnant Women.

Updated by Lauren Feather, February 25, 2022: Since the pandemic began and people have been resigned to staying home, it's not at all surprising that a huge number of babies have been made in the last year or so. After all, events have been cancelled, establishments have been closed down, and people have been bored at home for so long - so what much else has there been to do? Due to the massive wave of buns in the oven, we've dug out this guide for mommas-to-be, dusted it off, and added even more sublime vacation destinations perfect for moms and dads seeking out a fantastic babymoon. If you're one of the lucky expectant parents this year, why not consider one of the following places for your indulgent babymooning escapade?

28 Slip Into Siesta Key, Florida

The beauty of finding a peaceful spot like Siesta Key is that mama doesn't have to travel out of the country to find dazzling white sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine water. Few people outside of Florida realize how incredible the beaches facing the Gulf of Mexico can be.

Siesta Key's beach has been ranked number one in the US more than once, according to Visit Sarasota.

For those who want to do more than lounge at the beach, every activity from kayaking to fishing is available.

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27 Uniting Past And Future In Lausanne, Switzerland

Some visitors find Lausanne a little less stuffy than the larger city of Geneva, with incredible lakeside vistas contrasting with stunning Gothic architecture, as per Lonely Planet.

There are so many incredible museums in Lausanne—including the Olympic Museum and Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts—that it's unlikely a babymoon would last long enough to take in everything.

Day trips can take vacationers to opulent castles or landmarks, and no matter what the expectant mom is craving, there's a gourmet restaurant that will make it fresh for her.

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26 Ask About Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a multifaceted gem that offers up stunning foliage, especially in the Fall. Located in the Blue Ridge mountains, Asheville offers accommodations that range from rustic to pampered; it even has packages tailored to focus on romance, the season, or even the incredibly vibrant music scene, according to Explore Asheville.

There's just so much to do in Asheville, and pregnant mothers who aren't keen on a long flight overseas can still take in fresh mountain air and unforgettable views not just in the fall, but year round.

25 Remembering Romance In Venice, Italy

Venice is the city for pregnant women who are up to walking, because this is a place best experienced on foot and by gondola ride. It's actually comprised of over a hundred islands interconnected by footbridges, as per Trip Savvy.

Romantic gondoliers serenade their passengers, and the architecture is sublime.

Palaces, basilicas, and the world-famous Galleria dell'Academia will ensure that every moment of this vacation will be filled with memories. Well over a thousand years of arts, crafts and history are only a short journey away from the hotel.

24 Hollywood's Pregnant Playground In Palm Springs, California

The starkness of the surrounding Sonoran Desert and the sharp San Jacinto mountains provide an incredible contrast to the Palm Springs made famous by classic movie stars.

Brave the heat of midsummer to get a fantastic deal at one of the opulent resorts, or visit in season and make sure to include at least one Thursday to explore the weekly street fair, as per Visit Palm Springs. The cuisine, especially the Mexican choices, will tempt anyone's tummy, and the center of Palm Springs features some hidden cultural gems.

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23 The Comfort Of The Cotswolds, England

The only difficult choice for a pregnant woman vacationing in the Cotswolds will be deciding between staying at a spa, or a charming bed and breakfast, or just renting a cottage.

The rolling green hills broken up by golden stone are crisscrossed with walking paths, but if the expectant mama isn't up to trekking, there's a burgeoning art scene and, of course, delectable locally-produced cheese and meat to try, according to Cotswolds.

Some hotels can provide ancient architecture with modern luxury, and tours guide newcomers who aren't sure where to start.

22 Let's Go To Lihue, Hawaii

There's a reason why Hawaii is a top destination for many US vacationers—and Lihue has a little bit of everything all in one place.

Luxury hotels sit near world-famous beaches, and more active babymooners can check out Wailua Falls or the Hokuala Golf Resort.

They can also tour a plantation or one of several museums to learn a little more about the richness of Hawaiian culture, as per Go Hawaii. There's nowhere else in the world quite like Hawaii, and Lihue offers an alternate destination to the more populous Honolulu.

21 Crafting Memories In Cork, Ireland

The coastal city of Cork combines the wild Atlantic Ocean and some of the most ancient sites in all of Ireland, reveals Pure Cork. In a single day, visitors can take in ancient castles, the salt spray of the Atlantic, rolling green hills and cuisine that incorporates traditional Irish fare in modern dishes at restaurants and gastropubs.

There's more than enough in Cork City to fill an entire vacation, but babymoon moms could also use Cork as a jumping-off point for a tour all around Ireland.

20 Sonoran Beauty In Scottsdale, Arizona

If pregnant potential vacationers didn't know before, now they will—Scottsdale is home to some of the highest rated spas and resorts in the US, as per Visit Arizona. It's a city of paradoxes: there’s the Sonoran Desert and a river with steamboat excursions, and the Old West rubs elbows with modern shopping.

The resorts are so highly rated that many pregnant vacationers might not make it past the relaxing treatments and spa amenities.

If they and their partners do venture out, prestigious golf courses and hikes into the desert await.

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19 Less Rushing In Lisbon, Portugal

There's a reason why many travel sites list Lisbon as a must-see in everyone's lifetime, and more and more pregnant women are planning their babymoon vacation there. Hillsides encrusted in homes reflecting both older and modern styles tumble down towards the Atlantic Ocean, and architecture that is uniquely Portuguese is easily navigated by even beginner travelers, according to The Culture Trip.

One of the biggest reasons that Lisbon is so popular is because it combines the wonders of travel with safety and security.

18 Wake Up To Wonderful Wiscasset, Maine

Even if Wiscasset isn't actually “the prettiest town in Maine” as its welcome sign asserts, it's certainly high on the list. Wiscasset has a long history on display against a backdrop of vibrant green foliage and a ragged but beautiful coastline, as per Visit Maine.

Ask any New Englander where to vacation in the summer, and they'll quickly point out how much towns like Wiscasset have to offer. First, experience the quiet romance of Wiscasset with a partner, and then return after the baby is born to enjoy the family-friendly fun.

17 Spas And Secrets In Saint Jean-De-Luz, France

Many people approach Basque country and culture from the Spanish side, but babymooning couples are quickly discovering Saint Jean-de-Luz on the French side of Basque country can deliver a spa experience like no other.

It's near the Spanish border, so in between relaxing thalassotherapy sessions, vacationers can explore the unique culture, language and music of Basque country, according to Saint Jean-de-Luz.

Many of the resorts feature large, relaxing pools with incredible ocean views. Exploring nearby reveals a wealth of small- to medium-sized villages.

16 See Why They're Choosing Chestertown, New York

The Adirondacks aren't just for hikers anymore, as more expectant couples are flocking to the gorgeous resorts in and around Chestertown in New York. Chestertown is actually a hamlet in the larger town of Chester, where it is home to fan favorites such as Fern Lodge, as per Adirondack.

From Chestertown, visitors can easily access either of the two nearby lakes for lounging, fishing or other fun activities.

The Adirondacks have been a popular vacation destination for well over a century, and pregnant moms are eager to go before parenthood begins.

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15 When In Rome, Italy

The only problem that expectant babymooners will encounter in Rome is deciding what to cram into the vacation and what to leave out. There's just so much—from the Colosseum to the Arch of Titus—that vacationers may regret having to leave.

Thousands of years of history are on display on nearly every street in Rome, as per Fodors.

Once visitors learn the laws (or lawlessness) of traffic, the city is easily navigated by foot and very tourist-friendly. Elegant hotels provide a romantic backdrop.

14 Destined For Destin, Florida

The Emerald Coast along the northern panhandle of Florida gives vacationers the pristine beach experience they love at a price they love even more, as per Emerald Coast. The biggest surprise for vacationers is that they can get a luxury booking and world-class service, yet they can take a short drive and find themselves alone on their own stretch of beach.

The locals know the best seafood spots, and the best time to visit is between May and July, when the water is warm but it’s before the hurricane season.

13 Hidden Luxury In Lake Tegernsee, Germany

Located in the Bavarian Alps, Lake Tegernsee is on the brink of exploding in popularity as babymooners discover a wonderful mix of luxurious accommodations and the stark mountain beauty, according to Traveller.

Well-stocked with spas and retreats, Lake Tegernsee can also offer tourists historical sites like an 8th century abbey, or traditional Bavarian architecture set off by later Baroque embellishments and backlit by alpine woodlands.

Today's babymoon trendsetters who visit Lake Tegernsee will wonder why more people aren't rushing there.

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12 Not Just Skiing In Stowe, Vermont

Not everyone has the budget to traipse around Europe or jet off to the Alps, so many cost-conscious vacationers are surprised to discover that Stowe can offer some of the same mountain experiences, according to US News And World Report.

Stowe, Vermont, blends some of the features of Alpine destinations with the unique New England charm.

Any season is a good time to visit, but fall is an especially gorgeous time as the leaves turn to jewel tones of orange, yellow and red.

11 Absolutely Enamored With Antalya, Turkey

More expectant moms are taking the time before baby comes as a golden opportunity to explore more far-flung wonders than the destinations in their own country, and with an OK to fly, increasing numbers are heading to Antalya, Turkey.

An amalgam of Roman architecture, dazzling mosques and the confluence of Eastern and Western cultures, Antalya offers something completely different than the European experience, as per Nomadasaurus. If the city gets too overwhelming, retreat to the spa, or venture out to the natural waterfalls just outside of Antalya.

10 Captivated In Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The one drawback of Cape Cod is that once people visit, they don't ever want to leave. Even though it's only an hour’s drive from Boston, it's like a whole different world with lovely beaches and distinctive architecture, according to Vacation Idea.

There is, of course, the Cape Cod National Seashore, but many outside of Massachusetts don't know that there are also salt marshes full of crabs and birds like the green heron. Make sure the babymoon includes a trip to the lavender farm and a whale-watching tour.

9 Mama To Be In Madeira Island, Portugal

Despite being an island destination, people don't go to Madeira for the beaches—they're too rocky. Instead, it's all about the views, the exotic fruit, like the tiny bananas and the custard apple, and the gourmet food, as per Huffington Post.

Be careful not to overdo it, but those pregnant moms who are used to hiking will go nuts for the miles of trails that showcase sweeping mountainous views and often follow levadas, or man-made irrigation canals. Moms will remember their vacation in Madeira fondly.