When you pass a statue in a public place, you might not think anything of it. There is a chance, however, that you will take a second glance to confirm what you've just seen. Artists create statues for various reasons. Not all of their creations make sense, and they need to be explained. At times, ridiculous statues are created and placed in an equally absurd location. The artist may not be responsible for choosing the site, but that doesn't change that the sculpture they built is unsettling. Safety could be a reason for why a statue is considered incredibly out of place. One may find themselves surprised by these statues solely based on their appearance, but their location can also influence their normalness.

The statues below are out of place and don't belong. The reasons for why they don't belong vary, but they should be removed or changed nevertheless. You might not agree, and that's okay! Just read through till the end because you'll think that at least one of the statues is bizarre and out of place. This is one list of statues that you can't miss! These are 25 sculptures that are incredibly out of place and don't belong!

25 Crawling Babies In Kampa Park

There are crawling baby statues located in Kampa Park. Kampa Park can be found in the country of Prague. The statues' scrunchy faces are entirely different than what a natural babyface would look like. Because of the abnormal faces, these statues are bizarre beyond reason. They are in the crawling pose, but their faces alone make the sculptures seem kind of out of place. Also, the statues are quite large in size, so it would be shocking to encounter these statues in Kampa Park—or anywhere. 10,000 years from now, people would be very confused if they saw these statues.

24 Belgian Policeman Tripped By Man In Manhole

This peculiar statue shows what it looks like when a man from a manhole tries to trip a police officer. From the right angle, it would appear as if the statue is leaping towards the viewer. Why someone would be inside a utility hole waiting to trip a police officer is unusual. Hopefully, the man in the manhole is not the creature from the movie "It." Most likely the creator is not trying to paint a horrific scene; more likely a comedic one. Overall the statue is a bit out of place, which is why it belongs on this list.

23 A Myriad Of Faces

A wall of faces is intriguing from an artistic point of view, yet something is strange about this sculpture if it is placed in a public setting. How someone wants to interpret this statue is up to them. It's a wall of faces, and most of the faces have their eyes closed. It's a weird statue since the faces are placed next to hands. Perhaps there is a significance for why only the hands and faces of these people were put on the wall. A myriad of faces and hands appear on this strange sculpture. According to democratandchronicle.com, "As humans’ prime elements of communication, ippel Slutzky chose these parts to celebrate the oneness in humanity."

22 Invisible Men

These statues are titled "Les Voyageurs" and they are created by Bruno Catalano. At least ten statues can be found at this location, all of which are created by the French sculptor Bruno Catalano. As mentioned by dailyartmagazine.com, "The unique sculptural execution draws the audience in with the large amounts of negative space and expressive subjects." It's a remarkable statue that shows that less can be more. The "Invisible Men" of Marseilles, France are a phenomenon. These men aren't invisible. They are, however, oddly out of place.

21 The Walking Dead

Standing aloof, these statues are placed in the least favorable place possible. What's the purpose of building a staircase that is covered in statues? The staircase must be part of the sculpture, or the creator of the statues expects people to walk around them. Resembling zombies from walking dead, not only are these statues intrusive, but they are also creepy. The statues aren't bad and have much detail. Unfortunately, the statues were placed in the wrong spot, which is why these creepy statues are incredibly out of place and don't belong in the position that they are. Merely moving the statues to one side of the staircase makes more sense.

20 New York's Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is possibly the United States' most famous statue. Although many people have heard of the Statue of Liberty, it isn't far off to think that the icon is kind of bizarre. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French that took a group of workers nine years to build!

The statue, which was built in 1875 and is made of copper, used to be a brown color but is now green because of oxidation. It's strange how much of an impact this statue has made on immigration and freedom in the United States. Sure the statue belongs, but it's strange that the color is now green because of how old it is.

19 Ship Of Fools

As detailed by tripsavvy.com, "Based on a popular sixteenth-century book by Sebastian Brant, this piece was sculpted by Juergen Weber off of woodcuts by favorite Albrecht Dürer." The statue tries to depict a scene about the destruction of the world. It is kind of a terrifying statue if you look closely, but at least the picture isn't too graphic. The Ship of Fools shows the end of the world, features Adam and Eve, and a few other figures. It's a bit of an encumbrance for a busy public street.

18 Doggy Heaven

The dog in this photo is making an awkward pose for the camera. No, it's not a real canine that is urinating, but it is a statue of one who looks like he or she is about to. If visiting the country of Belgium, be sure to stop by the city of Brussels to see possibly the most ridiculous statue on this list. At least the maker did not carve a statue that included the urine of a dog. Maybe the dog was merely scratching his or herself—we can't know for sure. The statue is funny but inappropriate and out of place.

17 Man Holding His Head

This man is holding his head, so it could frighten some viewers. It's oddly out of place and the head is held in the air for some reason that we cannot explain. In the courtyard of a university campus, this statue seems to stand out as being pretty weird. The statue is thinking so hard that it must have to decide to hold its head over its non-existent body. Life on a university campus involves many decisions, and this statue seems to capture that. The statue of a man holding his own head is odd.

16 Monkey Statue Has Bullet Holes For Some Reason...

Holes of some type, maybe bullet holes are found throughout this statue. The story of what happened to this sculpture that would cause it to become covered in holes is unknown at this time. Even with a few flaws in the statue, it still displays some level of craftsmanship. Holes throughout the statue is part of the reason why it is bizarre. The two monkeys appear to be fighting over a banana. What looks like a banana peel lies on the floor below them. Each of them is holding a banana, so they might be hugging.

15 A Wild Statue

The statue is one that gives us the impression that its maker was striving for creativity rather than clarity. The statue is wild, to say the least. If the statue fell over, it would cause destruction to the floor and perhaps injury to a person. It is kind of out of place and far too impressive and grand for the location that is placed. The number of curves on the statue makes it look exceptionally strange. It's difficult to see what the statue is and to differentiate it from a heaping pile of mess.

14 Creepy To Say The Least

Resembling the Slender Man, or the Headless Horseman in a suit, this statue is kind of weird. The tall, lanky appearance of the man and other man standing on top will ensure most passersby see the statue. The lower man has no head for some reason. What was the sculptor trying to say by giving the lower mean no head? Is there only one man and the top guy is standing on a suit? This statue raises many questions. If only an inscription was left to explain its purpose. The sculpture would seem less out of place if there were an inscription.

13 Watch For Pointy Objects

He looks more than comfortable based on how many pillows he has. The statue-man lies on this surface, but why wouldn't the sculptor round the other end of whatever he is holding. Possibly it is a sword, but either way, what he is holding is pointy and could injure someone. It looks incredibly out of place and doesn't belong. Winchester Cathedral contains a number of funny statues. At least this man found comfort—even if three pillows are excessive.

12 Giant Edgar Allan Poe

Perhaps it is the most awkward place to place a giant Edgar Allan Poe statue. Edgar Allan Poe is one of the world's most famous poets who ever lived. Poe's poem titled "The Raven" is perhaps his most famous poem. Imagery and emotion are contained in Edgar Allan Poe's poems, and any statue of Edgar Allan Poe is an appropriate ode. Unfortunately, this statue is far too detailed and hefty for its location. It belongs in a museum and not outside this building.

11 Weird Dog In The Park

To give the creator credit, it's worth noting that the statue would be less strange if the lei was removed. It's possible that this sculpture is part of a dog graveyard. If the statue is part of a pet cemetery, we want to send out condolences to its owner.

In respect to detail, the statue was smartly sculpted to show fine details of the dog's body. A tail and pointy ears of the breed could be shown. How close of a resemblance this statue has to the dog it is modeled after is unknown, but it would be interesting to find out.

10 Oddly Out Of Place

The statue appears to be stuck in a bush or is walking out of one. The statue seems oddly out of place because of its positioning, and not the appearance of the statue. It would make more sense to put this is an open area where it won't have a negative effect on the bushes beside it, or where it could impact the growth of nearby trees. There are many other places this statue could have been placed, but the one they chose is certainly not the smartest choice.

9 Mississippi Man Bending Over While Holding A Compass

This picture of a man bending over is too cool. Eduardo Paolozzi, ‘Newton’ is one of the most remarkable statues found in London. As stated by timeout.com, "Intellect versus passion, head versus heart: it’s all there just off the Euston Road." We should praise its creator for molding such a remarkable piece of work. It could be the finest work of art or the most out of place. The setting seems wrong for this sculpture; especially since he is bending over in an almost impossible pose. Either his body's proportions are misrepresented, or he is depicted as a giant.

8 Pretentious Elvis Statue In Mississippi

Few statues modeled after people can stick out more than an Elvis Presley statue. Elvis was regarded as the king of rock and roll during the years he was active in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. It's an impressive statue that is kind of out of place because of the location. Sure lots of care was put into the realism of the sculpture, but in such an open area, a statue such as this one could be vandalized. It belongs in a museum, not in this public setting. It's a weird attraction in Mississippi.

7 A Statue That Does Gymnastics

Oddly out of place is the "granite and steel Holderbestolder" statue in the Norval sculpture garden. According to the website of privateclubsmag.com, in an outdoor display "art and nature complement each other in a 10-acre sculpture garden surrounded by mountains and indigenous flora." Doing the splits on a grassy hill is fine, yet it seems like this statue was built in the most awkward position possible. Perhaps it is doing a cartwheel—either way it's weird.

6 Villain From Spider-Man?

Who would possibly make a statue with an appearance such as the one in the above photo? Not to mention that the statue doesn't have a profound meaning, it looks like it might be out of a Marvel comic—maybe Spider-Man. It's a totally creepy statue/figurine, and not a very detailed one. Whether the statue was molded by hand or chiseled is unknown. It has glaring red eyes and a vacant stare. This statue is a bit spooky, so it belongs on this list for its qualities. Is this eerie figurine incredibly out of place? Let us know on Facebook!