Travel can be very hectic and considering you are probably on your way to a destination to relax for a vacation, you shouldn't have to be stressed out when you travel. However, it happens to the best of us and no matter how much we try and avoid it small travel annoyances can happen. There are ways to help avoid these small annoyances and one of these ways is to get rid of old bad habits while traveling. Many of these travel mistakes are common yet so many people still do them. Once you realize you are doing these simple travel mistakes, the next step is to try and avoid them the next time you hit the road.

Some of these common mistakes can be something like forgetting important documents but some mistakes can be much larger like planning ahead for certain aspects of a trip, especially if you are traveling internationally. Planning a trip and staying calm throughout the process is important to remember. If you remember to drop these mistakes and bad habits your next trip could be much better. Here are 25 travel mistakes that everyone needs to stop.res.

25 Forgetting To Pack Valuables In Your Carry On

Putting valuables in your checked bag sounds like a better idea because it is more convenient and there are fewer people who are able to take your valuables. However, your checked bag travels just as much as you and your eyes aren't able to be on it 24/7. Therefore, there is a chance of your valuables getting lost or even worse damaged. Therefore, you should pack your valuables securely in your carry on bag so you can always have access to them. There isn't much you can do if an airline loses your items in your checked bag or if they are damaged, therefore, you have a better chance if you simply carry them yourself.

24 Not Taking Reviews Seriously

Doing your research before planning a vacation is very important but if you only do research based on certain reviews your experience will probably be bad. Reading reviews isn't necessarily a bad thing, but not taking into account different reviews can land you in a bad spot. Anything from hotel rooms to restaurants can have reviews and if you don't do your research carefully you can have regret. Reviews are objective and should only be taken lightly. That is why it is important to get the perspective of many people and take the side of the majority of the review scores.

23 Overpacking Your Bags

This is likely the most common error that every traveler has made before and that travelers keep on making. Even if you are a veteran traveler it is likely that you will slip up at one point and accidentally overpack your bag. This can be a problem when it comes to checking a bag as you are only allowed to bring a bag within a certain weight limit. The best thing to do is to bring the essentials which include clothes for every day you'll be away and toiletries. Not much else should be packed in your checked bag as you can simply buy what you need at your destination.

22 Forgetting To Check The Weather

This is one of the mistakes that many people miss out on due to not thinking ahead in their vacation. Checking the weather of your destination when you arrive can be important for several reasons. Firstly, it is important to know so you can pack clothes that are suitable for that weather. Secondly, it is important to check the weather on the day that you get there so you can wear clothes accordingly. You can really save yourself a lot of hassle and money if you plan ahead and pack the correct clothes for the place you are traveling.

21 Taking Too Many Pictures

Cameras being in our phone seem like a blessing every which way we turn but sometimes that blessing can be a curse. Often times we will see people enjoying their experiences through a phone rather than with their own two eyes. We're not saying to take any pictures but setting a limit on how many you take can increase the enjoyability of your vacation. Trust us, you won't be looking back on those hundred plus photos you took in the art museum. Pictures are good for commemorating an event not experiencing it.

20 Not Drinking Fresh Water

Chances are if you are from a place that has accessible fresh water from the tap (like North America or Europe) then you won't think twice of drinking the water from the tap of other countries. However, not everywhere in the world has fresh clean water that comes from the tap and this is important to remember. Doing your research for places like the Middle East, South America, Asia, and Africa to see if they have fresh water or not can be important for your health. One of the leading causes of ailments on vacation is contaminated food and water.

19 Not Renewing Your Passport

There are many things that you can get wrong when traveling, but one of the most important things is remembering to renew your passport. Next is to actually remember to bring your passport! Both can be equally forgetful and are equally important to international travel. You will want to plan to have your verified passport around 6 months before and after your trip as most countries require that amount of time before your passport is valid enough for entry. Your passport is one of the most important things you'll bring on your trip so make sure to keep it safe.

18 Not Putting Valuables Hidden Away When In Public

So now that you have put all of your valuables into your carry on instead of your checked bag it is time to stow them away far enough to where nobody can reach them. While the chances of getting pickpocketed are slim there is still the chance. It is best to put your valuables on your person somewhere that isn't easy for others to access without your knowledge. However, don't lose your items yourself! We also aren't suggesting to leave your valuables at home or in the hotel room. Bring them but know where they are at all times.

17 Not Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may not seem like something that is worth splurging on, but in the long run, it is a life saver (in some cases it literally is). It is a simple process and many places offer it to people traveling locally or internationally. Travel insurance can cover anything like canceled or missed flights to health care while you are away from home. Not only does this help you with getting to your destination it will make sure you are taken care of when you get there. Travel Insurance Review lists 11 reasons why you need travel insurance, many of which you may never have thought you needed to be covered.

16 Not Considering Jet Lag

Jet lag is a real thing and it can absolutely ruin your trip if you aren't careful. Considering there are over 24 different time zones in the world it is no wonder that when you travel far distances you experience a disruption in your personal clock. If you are unlucky enough to catch a flight where you will travel so many hours into the future of where you live then you can likely lose out on a whole night's sleep. There are several methods to curing or preparing for jet lag that we recommend researching.

15 Forgetting To Pack A Change Of Clothes In Your Carry On

While this may seem a bit redundant as you probably have spare clothes packed in your checked bag, bringing a spare set of clothes with you in your carry on can be a life saver. It is hard to predict what might happen to you between leaving your house and arriving at your destination. It is always best to have an emergency outfit in case something like spilling food on yourself occurs. Having a spare set of clothes in your carry on is also great if in the event your checked bag gets lost you will be able to have at least two sets of clothes for your trip.

14 Not Informing Your Phone Provider Your Traveling Internationally

With all of those pictures you'll be taking on your vacation you will surely want to share them with friends and family and also post them to social media right? That will require using data, and if you don't inform your cell phone provider of your international travels then you could be looking at a bunch of unnecessary bills stacking up. The best way to prevent this is to call your provider and access a travel package or simply remove your SIM card and purchase a new one at your destination.

13 Using Airports To Convert Currency

There are many things that travelers avoid even though they are more convenient, however, this isn't the case when it comes to converting their cash. The airport conversion stations typically have ridiculous upcharges or percentages that are taken out of your share. The best solution to this is preparing beforehand and exchanging your money for the currency your destination uses at a local bank or ATM. A little less convenient but still better than converting at an airport is to use a local ATM of the place you are visiting.

12 Forgetting To Inform Bank

One thing you will likely be using more than anything on your vacation is money and to use your money you will likely bring a debit or credit card. Before you spend all of the money you saved up for your vacation, it may be a good idea to inform your bank of all the purchases that will be made while your away. If you don't do this you could risk your bank freezing your accounts and you will have to rely on cash. It is much easier to cut out the middle man and inform your bank of your travels either through phone or email.

11 Only Bringing Credit Cards

Speaking of traveling with credit cards! You shouldn't bring solely credit cards and debit cards as they can't always be super trustworthy. Take for example in the last entry, your bank could freeze your accounts leaving you with no way to get money. It is best to find a good medium between using your cards and using cash. It is always important to bring at least a little cash with you as there are some places in the world that still only accept cash. It is also good to have if you are traveling through an area with pay tolls.

10 Forgetting To Make Copies Of Travel Documents

Before you take a big trip it may be a good idea to make copies of all your important travel documents. This includes things like passports, driver's license, and insurance papers. While it may not seem like a necessary thing at first you never know what could happen when you travel. Perhaps, these documents get somehow damaged it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is also useful in countries that require you to travel with travel documents at all times which causes risk of theft.

9 Not Considering Short Layovers

Finding a cheap flight can seem like the most important thing when you are planning a vacation. However, one thing many travelers don't consider is the fact that many of the cheap flights have frustrating layovers. Either they are hours long or they don't provide enough time to get to your next flight if your first flight is delayed. You should give yourself at least 45 minutes but an hour is always a safe bet. This ensures that you can still make it to your next flight if your first flight is delayed. It also ensures all of your luggage will be making it to the next flight with you.

8 Packing Items Not Allowed On Airplane

The TSA has grown a reputation to be annoying but necessary. They have fairly strict rules when it comes to what is allowed on a plane and not all of these rules are obvious. One of the most known rules is the restriction of liquids over 100ml. Make sure you don't have any large shampoo bottles or other toiletries that go over this limit. Having to throw away items in line in TSA is not only frustrating but embarrassing. There is also no allowance of any sharp or flammable objects on flights for obvious reasons.

7 Planning Too Much

Traveling to a place for the first time is exciting but it may also be very daunting. Planning an itinerary is a great idea but planning too much in that itinerary is where the problem comes in. If you plan too much for your vacation it becomes less of a vacation and more of stress filled getaway. It can be tempting to want to visit all the places there is to see in a place as your vacation may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. However, it is important to seek out the things you know you will enjoy and spend more time doing those things than cramming other things into your schedule. Quality over quantity!

6 Not Doing Your Research

Many people who take spontaneous flights often don't do the proper research beforehand. While it is great to take spontaneous vacations, it is just as important to take a few hours to make sure you have everything planned for success. There are several ways to research a place one of the most informative is that of the internet. However, you can ask the help of a travel agent or even reference a few guidebooks. Things like lining up flights with hotel availability are very important and are something that people often overlook.