As travelers -- If you weren't one, you wouldn't be here -- there's a certain type of wanderlust that comes with the territory. We always desire the exploration of places that few have been and sometimes, the riskier, the better for those of us who are adventurous. However, those risks come with a cost and some of them are even backed up by a country's own officials, preventing you from ever getting near them. Others are a "go at your own risk" type of deal, not that you should. Whatever it is that your heart desires as far as travel, there's always a list of pros and cons... But what happens when these pros and cons become something akin to whether it's worth risking your life to visit?

Many places on this list are perfectly safe, yet protected for reasons that may be unbeknownst to us, the outsiders. Others are restricted for most obvious reasons, such as the land beneath your feet could erupt into a fury of flame and molten lava at any second. Whichever it is, you can guarantee that we've covered it on our list of the top 25 places you likely won't ever get near in your lifetime. And if you are one of the lucky ones who has seen one of these places then congratulations, both on visiting as well as surviving without getting arrested.

If adventure with a bit of terror is your thing, read on ahead to see what we've dubbed as some of the most risky travel destinations. Who knows, maybe someday you'll be able to check on of these off your list... But it's highly unlikely.

25 Heard Island, Australia: It's An Active Volcano

Not only is this island dangerous to be on, period, but the waters surrounding it are nearly impossible to traverse. Heard Island is in the Pacific waters near Antarctica and while its ecosystem and marine life are a beauty to behold, it's one of the few places on earth that no one is allowed to visit. Even if you're a researcher, this island is fairly off-limits -- It's Australia's highest peak but it's also a highly active volcano. Crossing these waters would take two weeks, at least, and no one is that crazy.

24 Surtsey, Iceland: For Researchers Only

Iceland has the right idea when it comes to protecting lands with fragile ecosystems. While much of Iceland is wide open for tourists to explore, this tiny island is protected and prohibits anyone who isn't a researcher from heading there. Its wildlife is maintained easily this way as there's no human traffic and minimal evidence of any humans leaving a footprint on this fragile land. While this particular island is off-limits to all those who aren't scientists, Iceland has plenty of other natural wonders to explore.

23 North Sentinel Island: No Warm Welcomes From This Native tribe

North Sentinel Island is a prime example of why some places should just be left alone. This small island is home to a pre-Neolithic tribe that has inhabited the land for something like 60,000 years. Not much is known about them and their land has been declared part of the exclusion zone, as their lack of immunity leaves them vulnerable to outsiders and the diseases they may carry. They've been known to be quite hostile when encountering unwanted visitors and use primal methods to keep the outside world at bay.

22 Niihau, Hawaii: This Paradise Is Already Privately Owned

That's not the only reason as to why it's not likely you'll be able to visit, though. This island is home to several endangered species and though it's a glimpse into true Hawaiian life, tourists are not exactly welcome on its lands. Additionally, this island is owned by the Robinson family, who maintains its protection and prevents tourists from using it as their own personal get-away. The only other people allowed here are government officials who have exclusive access to the land.

21 White's Gentlemen's Club: An All Too-Exclusive London Lounge

First of all, this club is only open to men as its name implies. Secondly, it's one of the most exclusive clubs in the UK if not the most exclusive, catering to that of mostly royalty. This club won't allow entrance if you don't hold a relatively high stature in England. If you did gain access, you'd have the privilege of exploring one of the most coveting clubs in the world. Good luck trying to get in, though -- It's not likely unless you're related to a king or queen somewhere in your bloodline.

20 Ilha da Queimada Grande: Not Unless You Want A Snake Bite

You might know this location by its alternative name of "Snake Island". That's right, among beautiful, seemingly untouched beach shorelines, you'll also encounter roughly 4,000 (venomous) snakes. This remote island in Brazil is entirely off-limits to tourists due to its high number of golden lanceheads, whose bites can wreak havoc. The catch-22 is that these snakes are endangered with nowhere to go as they became trapped on the island when sea levels rose. It's been off-limits since the 1920s unless you want to get bitten and watch your skin melt off (we wish we were kidding.)

19 The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum: Full Of Cool Gadgets, Only Open To China Residents

This is a great way to get some excited about technology and then crush their dreams. The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum has some of the coolest spy-like gadgets on display, but it's only open to people of Chinese descent. It's not that the museum has anything illegal or outrageous, it's just reserved as a special piece of history for those who were born in China or have ancestors who were. Otherwise, all you'll be seeing is the exterior walls of this neat James Bond-esque collection.

18 Albatross Island: It's An Australian Treasure And Well-Protected

Many of these places are protected for perfectly good reasons, such as Albatross Island. It's not unusual for a country to declare a place off-limits if it's home to an endangered species or a fragile part of the ecosystem and Albatross Island is one of them. It's not open to tourists as there are too many native species on this island who call it home, including fur seals and penguins along with the elusive albatross. The closest you'll get is watching from a distance and if you're lucky, you'll learn why this island is essentially a sanctuary for birds.

17 Ise Jingu: A Japanese Shrine So Sacred, Few Locals Have Even Seen It

Japan is home to many sacred places and in the Shinto religion, it's not uncommon to have protected shrines. Ise Jingu is one of the most protected and it's so rare to catch a glimpse inside that often, no one does. The only people who are allowed to pass through its gates are high-ranking priests and Imperial family members. To make this shrine even more elusive, Shinto beliefs require the shrine to be rebuilt every few years or so -- Therefore, even if you've seen it from the outside, there could be a completely different building there in a few years.

16 Coca-Cola Recipe Vault: Yes It's In Georgia, No You Can't See It

Does anyone really know what's in coca-cola? Our guess would be not really, other than a boat-load of sugar and carbonation. However, there's just something about the effervescent brown liquid that has people hooked, and for good reason. The secret recipe for this soda is kept under lock and key and unlike other facilities, the coca-cola company won't let you anywhere near it. While you could take a tour of this local Georgia attraction, the vault is strictly off-limits to coke lovers.

15 Proveglia, Italy: Most Recently Home To An Asylum

Given the title of Italy's most haunted, Proveglia is an island that locals will tell you to avoid at all costs. Not only was it used as a quarantine for those who suffered from the Bubonic plague, but it was also used as an insane asylum after that. In between, the island received no proper cleaning, for lack of better words, and grew a continuous history of horror that would span decades. Locals refuse to visit this hellish wasteland and discourage any tourists from making their way over -- Not that you'll be able to find a boat ride easily and without a cost.

14 Marianas Trench: Experienced Divers Only, Please

The Marianas Trench is a stunning landmark that seemingly defies all logic when it comes to the sea floor. It spans depths far past what the average human being can handle without being pressurized into oblivion and is the deepest location on earth. Additionally, it's dark and can reach unimaginable temperatures, making it fit only for the few robotic diving devices that can handle a pressure at that depth. Many experienced divers try to take on this challenge until they realize that it's rather easy to become disoriented and frazzled, making it dangerous as well.

13 Vatican Secret Archives: Where History Comes Alive, But Only For Some

It's common knowledge that the Vatican is highly protected and is completely off-limits to those who don't first have unique clearance. While no one really knows what lies on the shelves behind guarded doors, it's speculated that they hold some of the most important pieces of history in the world. Rumors have emerged that one will find documents such as legal records from Michelangelo and Henry VIII, along with other documents dating all the way back to the 8th century.

12 Svalbard Global Seed Vault: For Research Only

It makes sense that if you want to preserve something, you'd store it where the temperatures are conducive to it maintaining its freshness. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was built for exactly that reason and there's a pretty smart theory behind its conception. This secret operative near the Arctic circle was built in the event that the earth was devastated by some type of global destruction, during which regrowth would obviously be a concern. Various seeds have been locked away in this vault in order to give the earth a second chance, were that ever to happen.

11 Metro 2 In Russia: It's Part Of History But Not For The General Public

Interestingly enough, this part of history is extremely off-limits to tourists as well as locals. Metro 2 was built during the reign of Joseph Stalin. It was rumored to have been used as a passageway between all of his essential personnel buildings but for whatever reason is now closed to the public. Another interesting fact is that it's built parallel to the current transportation system, which traces the same routes that were used during the construction of this secret passageway.

10 North Brother Island: A New York Bird Sanctuary With A History

New York is an interesting place and New York City even more interesting. Its filled with a rich and turbulent history as any major city usually is, but it's also important to note that NYC has roots in a diverse history as well. This has led North Brother Island to be a variety of things, including a hospital which many will recognize as the same hospital that Typhoid Mary was held in. Long after that, this island became a refuge, and in 1964, it was eventually released of all obligation and fell claim to nature, becoming a bird sanctuary.

9 Chichen Itza Pyramid: Look But Don't Touch

There are many beliefs surrounding the ancient Mayans and their culture and it's fascinating to take a look at what their life was like. That's why many people flock to the Chichen Itza Pyramid, in order to get a real feel for what life was like in the day of a Mayan. This pyramid is in pristine condition and at one point, tourists were able to climb its vast steps. After a tragic incident in 2006, it was restricted to the public and now serves as a site to be looked on and not interacted with.

8 Pravcicka Brana In The Czech Republic: Beautiful Yet Risky

This is a site that shouldn't be visited by the faint of heart. The Pravcicka Brana can be found in the Czech Republic and even those who are fearless in the face of heights get a little nervous when faced with this feat. The sandstone archway that seemingly defies gravity was once open to tourists who desired to walk across its narrow bridge, but it has since been restricted due to the condition of the stone itself. After many visits, it's no longer safe to take a stroll down this gravity-defying natural wonder.

7 Bhangarh Fort In India: So Haunted That It Has Specific Visitation Hours

You'll run into many beliefs and superstitions in India but one that's well-known is that of the Bhangarh Fort. While it is open to visitors, you can only visit this fort between the hours of sun-up and sundown. This 17th-century fort is in wonderful shape for its age and the number of tourists visiting each year isn't the problem -- it's the ghost stories that accompany it. The site is to be closed after dark as per request from India's government, meaning no one can be on the grounds after nightfall.

6 Bohemian Grove: Meeting Place Of A Secret Society

An interesting addition to this list is Bohemian Grove, found right in the US. This isolated grove in California has been rumored to be the meeting place of a secret society called the Bohemian Club. Supposedly it's a group of only powerful men who meet every once in a while to exchange pleasantries and party. Although this location can be found roughly 75 miles outside of San Francisco, good luck getting in -- few have tried and they've all failed, including one arrest back in 2008.