25 Things UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Actually Throws His Millions At

Conor McGregor is the epitome of a rags to riches story! If you aren't familiar with his story, then it's definitely one worth listening to. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, McGregor was raised with very little money, however, he has managed to become the richest MMA fighter in the world.

McGregor has mentioned how he went from collecting unemployment during his earlier years back in Ireland to now being worth over $85 million, says Wealthy Gorilla. The MMA fighter now spends his time and money on just about anything and everything he wants! From cars, private jets, lavish vacations, and a sickening wardrobe, here are the 25 things Conor McGregor spends his millions on.

25 His Own Yacht

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Conor McGregor is not one to keep things on the down-low, and we don't blame him in the slightest. Although the MMA fighter keeps things as humble as he can, he enjoys showing off what his hard work has paid for. According to Southland Post, he recently purchased a yacht for $12 million in cash! McGregor also named the boat "188", which was a play on the $188 he would receive each month in unemployment back home in Ireland.

24 Endless Jewelry

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If you follow Conor McGregor on any of his social media platforms, then you know that the fighter likes to show off his bling! After his $30 million gain from his fight with Floyd Mayweather, it's no surprise that he is spending it on jewelry galore. According to Upscale Hype, one of his many jewelry purchases recently included a $25,000 Cartier necklace, that he was later spotted wearing while partying in Ibiza, Spain. The fighter is known to enjoy an array of necklaces, bracelets, watches and of course, jewelry for his loved ones as well.

23 Top-Notch Cycling Gear

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Conor McGregor trains in a lot of different ways in order to stay in tip-top shape, and when you are one of the best MMA fighters in the world, you got to keep up with the workouts. Although Conor McGregor keeps busy in the gym, he has also taken to cycling for some good 'ole exercise. According to Air Of In, Conor McGregor has been working closely with former Irish road cycling champion Julia Dalby as part of his weekly workout routines. This means a lot of cycling gear, including top-notch bikes and fitness attire to go along with it.

22 Private Jet

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Learning how to fight in the ring has really brought Conor McGregor a lot of success, especially when you get to sit back and relax in a private jet! According to Irish Mirror, Conor McGregor has found himself exclusively flying private and has not turned back! The fighter was spotted departing Dublin in a private jet, which can easily cost thousands upon thousands of dollars for a round trip flight on a private aircraft, so it's definitely not cheap.

21 Not One, But Two Rolls Royce

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Conor McGregor has made sure that his hard-earned cash goes to a fabulous car collection! The MMA fighter doesn't just own one Rolls Royce, but two, and that's only one model, it doesn't end there. According to The Sun, McGregor has mentioned his love for that particular luxury car brand, and how he intends to continue adding them to his fleet of collectibles in the future. If you are going to splurge on a car, it's obviously best to do it on a Rolls Royce Phantom of all cars.

20 Shopping

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When you have a net worth of nearly $100 million, shopping becomes part of your daily lifestyle, and for Conor McGregor, it's one that he's incorporated quite well! Not only does the fighter enjoy shopping for himself in countless stores across the United Kingdom, and the United States, but he also splurges on others too! According to TMZ Sports, Conor McGregor recently took his partner and mother of his son, Dee Devlin on a Louis Vuitton shopping spree in New York City. Not too shabby!

19 Custom Gym

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When you're a top contender in the world of MMA fighting, then training is a must, especially when you have a major reputation to uphold. Luckily for the 30-year-old, he has his very own custom-built gym at home. According to MMAMania, Conor McGregor has his very own boxing ring along with a proper gym in his home, suited with everything you need from weights, cardio machines and artwork in honour of his fight against Floyd Mayweather back in 2017. In addition, McGregor, of course, has his gym decorated with none other than the Irish flag colours painted on the walls.

18 Travelling With Friends

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When you've got enough money to last a lifetime or five, then it's only customary that you share the wealth with those around you. In Conor McGregor's case, he does just that! The father of one is known to head on trips and fly out his close friends and family, including his most recent trip out of Dublin. According to The Sun, McGregor and his friend, Jonathan Murray, travelled from Crumlin, Ireland to the island of Tenerife, with their kids to get some much-needed relaxation time!

17 Sunglasses Collection

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Conor McGregor knows how to look good, and he does it well with an insane sunglasses collection! The fighter has been seen sporting some of the most luxurious sunglasses on the market, from brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and more, McGregor is definitely into looking fresh, or protecting his eyes from the sun, who knows! His most recent purchase consisted of a new pair of Gucci GG0087S Aviator sunglasses that retail for nearly $800, says Now The Glasses.

16 Rolex Watches

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In addition to Conor McGregor being a heavyweight MMA champion, he's also a heavyweight Rolex collector. Rolex is the creme de la creme when it comes to timepieces, and McGregor has made sure to add a few to his own collection. According to Becker Time, Conor McGregor has a Rolex collection worth well over $800,000, including his most recent Rolex purchase that he had custom made for himself in celebration of his 30th birthday back in July 2018. Now that's one way to bring in the big 30!

15 Suit Collection

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When you're worth millions, you have to look the part, and Conor McGregor sure does know how to do just that. The fighter is notorious for his insane suit collection, many of which are custom made by designers that aren't cheap. According to GQ, McGregor's collection costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and luckily for those who love his look, they can actually bid on some past suits of his that go straight to charity! Not only does he always look dashing, even at his MMA weigh-ins and face-to-face meetings, but he's forever giving back in the best ways possible.

14 $2.5 Million Lamborghini

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Conor McGregor may own a plethora of Royce Rolls and other cars, but one that really stands out is his custom made Lamborghinis, yes, Lamborghinis, meaning more than one! According to Best Ten News, the MMA fighter has one Lamborghini that stands out the most out of all of them, and that is his khaki green Huracan, which is estimated to have cost him nearly $2.5 million after all customizations. Green appears to be one of his most loved colours when it comes to cars, and we can only imagine it has to do with his love for his home country.

13 Boys' Trip To Ibiza

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When Conor McGregor is not in the ring winning game after game, or training in the gym for his next big fight, he is hanging out with his close friends and travelling! After McGregor's big gain of $30 million in the Mayweather fight, he joined his mates in Ibiza for his childhood friend's wedding. According to The Sun, the fighter partied it up with his close friends and girlfriend in celebration of a friend's wedding only a few weeks after the big fight! Although many fighters take a little time to recover after a major fight, it appears Conor McGregor is not one of them.

12 Gourmet Meals 30,000 Feet In Air

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Conor McGregor doesn't just have to take care of his body with rigorous workouts and exercise, but also with what he eats! When you are one of the most popular UFC fighters in the world, you don't eat just anything but the best food there is! As seen on a shot on McGregor's Instagram, @NotoriousMMA, he and son Conor Jack McGregor Jr. were photographed eating a gourmet meal while flying on a private jet! Despite being 30,000 feet in the air, McGregor makes sure to get the best of the best whenever he can.

11  A Second Private Jet

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As if one private jet wasn't enough, Conor McGregor has also recently been seen boarding a second jet of his, says Upscale Hype. According to the source, the G-CHMF Cessna 560 XL, which Conor McGregor is posing ever so casually on, is worth anywhere between $16 to $30 million. In McGregor's case, when you can buy two private jets from the pay of just one single fight, you do just that, and we certainly don't blame him for travelling in style, whatsoever.

10 Sneaker Collection

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When it comes to sporting some pretty fresh kicks, then you can guarantee yourself that Conor McGregor will always be wearing nothing less. The MMA fighter has posted an array of shots showing off his extensive sneaker collection from quite a lot of familiar names. According to Sneaker Freaker, McGregor doesn't just opt for a sports sneaker but also splurges for some high-end shoe game from designers such as Comme Des Garcons, Gucci and of course the popular Christian Louboutin.

9 Healthy Organic Food

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It is by no means a surprise to see Conor McGregor getting his daily fix of healthy smoothies! Keeping your body in top shape is a must when you're a pro-MMA fighter, and eating clean is a big part of that! According to Irish Mirror, much of Conor McGregor's diet consists of "good quality meats, good-quality greens, and a green smoothie", that keeps him in shape and full of energy! With that being said it looks as if it's definitely working, especially considering how much success McGregor has been having in the last few years.

8 Custom Bentley

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Next up on the list is yet another car! Conor McGregor doesn't seem to hold back when it comes to cars, and we don't blame him. This time around McGregor can be seen sitting comfortably against his very own custom Bentley! According to Auto Moto TV, the fighter dished out a whopping $300,000 for this beauty with customizations. Bentleys are at the top of the car pyramid when it comes to luxury, so it's no surprise to see McGregor buying the best of the best when it comes to his wheels.

7 Yacht Trips

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When you own your very own yacht that cost $12 million, you definitely put it to use, and that's exactly what Conor McGregor does! According to the fighter's Instagram, @NotoriousMMA, he and his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, took a yacht trip in Europe last year in celebration of his partner's birthday. This was also the same time the two announced they would be expanding their family as they were expecting their second child, says Irish Mirror, making it what we can only imagine a memorable vacation.

6 Partying

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There is no fun when it comes to all work and no play, which is exactly why Conor McGregor doesn't seem to live his life according to that saying. The successful MMA fighter is known for having a good time, and that's not just because of his Irish roots. According to MMA Focus, McGregor was partying it up in New York City to promote his UFC return just before his fight against Kahbib Nurmagovedov back in October 2018. This isn't the first time he's been out on the scene, Conor McGregor loves to live it up quite often whether he's promoting his products, attending events or simply out to have a good time.

5 Grooming

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The notorious MMA fighter is known for his immaculate beard, however, with a mane that majestic, it's important to take good care of it! In Conor McGregor's case, he knows how to keep things fresh at all times. A beard like McGregor's would require a lot of care, says Regal Gentlemen, which the fighter obviously has professionally kept, from monthly trims and products that keep it clean and fresh. This left fans surprised when he fully shaved it off back in May of 2017, says Irish Mirror, however, he has since let it grow back out and he looks like his old self!

4 UFC Equipment

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The UFC industry is definitely not cheap, and much like any other professional sport requires a lot of upkeep in regards to equipment costs. From keeping his own gym pristine, and the gear required to constantly keep in shape and practice for his fights, Conor McGregor can easily spend thousands a month on clothing, boxing gear and facilities in order to maintain his fighter physique, says Business Insider. Sports don't come cheap, however, it must help when you make millions from one match.

3 Coaches & Trainers

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In addition to equipment and gear, Conor McGregor also has a team that works with him day in and day out to keep him ready for his next matches. According to GiveMeSport, Conor McGregor mentioned how his current training camp made up of skilled coaches and trainers costs nearly $300,000, which is a pretty hefty price tag for keeping in shape. Despite his massive success, remaining one of the most popular UFC fighters to date is definitely something that comes at a price.

2 Real Estate

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Conor McGregor is also known for his good taste in real estate! Despite having his own home back in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, he also owns several other properties across the world, one of which was recently purchased! According to MMAMania, Conor McGregor spent $2 million on a custom vacation home in Spain, where he and his family and friends vacation when he has the time off. If that weren't grand enough, he and girlfriend Dee Devlin threw a carnival-themed party at their Dublin estate, which is nothing short of a castle!

1 His Family


When it comes down to Conor McGregor and his career as an MMA fighter, there is one thing that he dishes out on that will always be worth it, and that is his family! McGregor and girlfriend have been together for a few years now, and have a son, Conor McGregor Jr. together, and daughter, says PEOPLE. Despite the cars, yachts, and jets, McGregor takes care of those he loves, which is truly a testament to the kind of person he is. Conor McGregor is the perfect example of making it big, keeping things big all while staying humble and hardworking!

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