• 25 Things Tourists Have Spoiled For All The Locals

    Everyone has a routine or specific place that makes up a part of their daily life. For some, it's going to the gym at early hours of the day, taking a jog down their neighborhood before work, or ending the day with a sit-down dinner at the fancy restaurant next to their home. The idea of starting or ending their day any other way is unheard of.

    But nothing in life is one-hundred percent consistent, and this goes for routines, places, and people. For people living in a major city or popular attraction, this realization becomes apparent when a certain group begins crowding the streets, making up a majority of the line at Starbucks, and are the reason why wait times at amusement parks are almost two hours; this group is universally referred to as tourists.

    While going about their travels, tourists affect the daily flow of natives from Los Angeles, Portland, Barcelona, Venice, and every other popular destination around the world. Of course, tourists have no ill-intent in the way they disrupt the lives of those around them during their travels, but there's simply no avoiding it.

    Here are 25 Things Tourists Completely Ruin On Their Travels

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     Brunch at The Griddle Cafe-Los Angeles, CA
    via ifthedevilhamenopause.com

    The Griddle Cafe is an LA Hot-spot located on Sunset Boulevard that is known for its oversized pancakes, scrumptious Brioche French Toast, and savory breakfast items.

    On weekends, the line extends for about a block and the wait times range between thirty minutes to an hour and a half depending on the party size.

    While the wait is well worth it for the food alone, the amount of tourists that trek from their hotel just to experience The Griddle is greatly why the wait times are so ridiculously long.

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    Working as a Restaurant Host/Hostess
    via parade.com

    Working as a restaurant host is hectic enough as it is. From explaining to guests why their wait time is so long, coordinating table seatings so that each server is sat accordingly, answer phones, taking pick-up orders, making reservations, and doing this all while keeping a clear head, it's a job that requires much more than just smiling and looking pretty.

    That noted, many tourists don't understand how the dining scene works in major cities and will needlessly go the extra mile to make this job even more stressful.

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    A Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada
    via smartdestinations.com

    Going to Vegas in itself is already a time-consuming vacation from saving money to make the trip, getting the best hotel deals and packages on shows/concerts, and driving for hundreds of miles depending on where one lives.

    Tourists are everywhere, and they have time for everything!

    Now throw in the number of tourists crowding the streets, taking picture after picture of everything in sight as one's trying to make it to a show, go shopping, or just trying to explore the strip on foot; this makes trying to enjoy the trip as tedious as organizing it.

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    Working Retail
    via theodysseyonline.com

    Working retail may seem like an easy job consisting of standing around and greeting guests, but don't be fooled! From smiling at all times, being alert for the possibility of shoplifters, to the competitiveness of going against co-workers just to make a sale, working retail requires all the patience in the world.

    Now add tourists trying on half the items in the store, turning neatly-folded clothing into piled messes, bargaining for discounts, and arguing over the concept of sales tax on already discounted items; this makes any retail worker reconsider their role in the glamorous world of fashion.

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    A Day at the 3rd Street Promenade
    via relocity.com

    The 3rd Street Promenade is an excellent hangout spot for several reasons; it has various restaurants and fast-food stops for people to eat at, its stores range from clothing and toys, to electronics, and offers more than one movie theater for people looking to catch a flick after going to the beach.

    At peak times of the season it is nearly impossible to get around!

    Unfortunately, getting just about anywhere inside the Promenade takes an absurd amount of time due to the influx of tourists crowding from morning to night, especially during the peak of the holiday season.

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    Being Famous
    via voolas.com

    Fame is an unavoidable part of working in entertainment. It's only fair that an actor or singer's hard work is celebrated by fans; after all, they spend a considerable amount of their lives working on set, rehearsing vigorous dance routines, and often times being away from their loved ones for extended periods.

    Locals are used to seeing celebrities in their own hometown, some even grew up with them.

    But the perk of being recognized by everyone turns bittersweet when tourists chase these people down to get an autograph or picture, even when said person is wearing sunglasses, a hoodie, and is obviously trying to get by unnoticed for the day.

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    via motorists.org.uk

    For many people, driving is one of the most anticipated rights-of-passage in their life. They count down every day of every minute until they're old enough to get a permit and finally take the driving test required to get their license, and then comes saving up enough money to buy the car of their dreams!

    With this highly anticipated moment comes a reality known as traffic, an occurrence that is worsened by the magnitude of tourists exploring the streets, riding via Uber or Lyft, and navigating through unknown territory in their rental cars.

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    Living in New York
    via eventbrite.com

    Living in The Big Apple attracts visitors for a variety of reasons; it's a city with beautiful infrastructure, it counts with one of the best subway systems in the world, and its entertainment scene ranges from epic Broadway musicals, visiting The Statue of Liberty, or taking part in the New Year's countdown in Time Square.

    Tourists don't realize just how fast-paced this city is.

    It goes without saying that tourists enter this city in the thousands daily, overcrowding every corner of its already congested streets and making the everyday routine of residents quite the ordeal.

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    A Day at the Venice Boardwalk
    via venicebeach.com

    The Venice Boardwalk is a superior beach destination over Santa Monica Pier in many ways. While the pier has many streets artists, electronic rides and an arcade, the Venice Boardwalk has eateries, street performers, rows of street vendors, and an overall livelier scene.

    But just like Santa Monica Pier, this location attracts an influx of tourists filling its boardwalk and competing with LA natives to get the attention of a vendor, having their self-portrait made by artists, or securing one of the volleyball courts for their friends and families.

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    Being on campus
    via taketours.com

    Another right of passage that some teenagers eagerly anticipate is college. To them, it's their first taste at independence by moving away from home and experiencing the excitement college life promises.

    While this leads to lifelong memories for some young adults, it results in a bumpier journey for those attending coveted universities such as UCLA and USC.

    These institutions constantly hold orientations for visiting tourists that make sleeping in, quietly studying, or simply getting to class an ordeal for students living on campus.

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    Experiencing Madame Tussauds
    via vanityfair.com

    Located in the heart of Hollywood Boulevard, this wax museum attracts thousands daily due to its replicas of popular celebrities and historical figures. Amongst its creations are Beyonce Knowles, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Audrey Hepburn many more scaling in the 100's range.

    For tourists dejected by the possibility of meeting a famous person face-to-face, Madame Tussauds serves as their default alternative.

    The only problem is that locals would also like to take pictures with their favorite actor or singers, something that is virtually impossible when tourists hog the wax models during most of the museum's operating hours.

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    via disneylandparis.co.uk

    Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for millions of people. It's where kids go to see their favorite, life-sized mouse and where adults can be kids again. From taking pictures with Mickey Mouse and indulging in sugary treats, to riding Space Mountain over and over again, Disneyland provides a magical experience for all of its visitors--especially those traveling from distant corners of the world.

    This is hard for anyone who actually lives around Disneyland, as it is loud, and overrun with visitors. 

    During the peak of summer, a day of wonder at this amusement park quickly turns into a game of patience as visitors wait 90 plus minutes to get on their favorite ride.

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    Clubbing in Los Angeles
    via timeout.com

    The LA club scene attracts people due to its trendy vibe, which consists of pop and hip-hop music, strict dress codes, and the possibility of meeting a celebrity while getting their groove on.

    This also leads to long lines to get into just about any club on Sunset Strip, Hollywood Boulevard, or West Hollywood and worse yet, the overcrowding inside the clubs consisting of tourists and locals bumping shoulder to shoulder to secure some leg space on the dance floor; a battle which usually ends with the tourists' majority claiming the space for the night.

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    Living in San Franciso
    via clubquartershotels.com

    Cold weather aside, San Francisco is an awesome place to live in. From strolling through Chinatown, going shopping in all the local farmer's markets, and riding bikes through all the sloping street hills, life in San Francisco is invigorating.

    It's almost like tourists forget people actually live in these cities!

    But there's a reason why so many people invest in a bike over driving on their days off; traffic is a notorious occurrence in this city, one that's aggravated by the number of tourists flooding its compact streets on their way to Fisherman's Wharf or driving towards Lombard Street.

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    A Trip to New Orleans
    via gadventures.com

    New Orleans is one of the most interesting cities in the U.S; from all its historical landmarks, its vampire and swamp tours, its French and Creole-inspired infrastructure, and its delicious cajun food, a trip to New Orleans makes for an all-around enriching experience.

    Tourists come for very different reasons...

    Many tourists love New Orleans for an entirely different reason: partying on Bourbon Street and the drinking laws, which allow people to walk down the street (slowly and belligerently) with their cocktails in hand the entire day.

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    Weekend Brunch
    via dreamstime.com

    For some city folks, weekend brunch is the aftermath of heavy partying on a Saturday night and is the precursor to Sunday: Funday.

    Other people look forward to it as a way to spend quality time with their family and friends.

    But when locals arrive at their favorite brunch spot for their first meal of the day, they're met with a line that's around the corner, wait times over the hour's range, and tourists making up a predominant portion of the people waiting to get seated--just because this place is on their to-do list before going back home.

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    Going to Universal Studios
    via universalstudioshollywood.com

    For all lovers of film and the entertainment industry, Universal Studios Hollywood is the place to go. This amusement park offers a day's worth of activities, from their 3D simulator rides and the Harry Potter land which includes a replica of Hogwarts School of Wizardry, to a Studio Tour that takes visitors throughout the Universal Movie Lot while detailing the very beginnings of Universal Pictures.

    And just like Disneyland, it also becomes a tourist mecca during the summer resulting in hours of waiting for just about every ride.

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    Being a Server
    via possector.com

    Being a server has undeniable perks to it. Depending on the scale of the restaurant they work in, servers can make anywhere from their day's budget to their monthly rent in just one shift, all courtesy of the gratuity left by guests for their services.

    Tourists don't always tip the same way the country they are visiting does, if even at all!

    But there are several occasions where despite servers answering all sorts of questions regarding the menu, giving their honest opinion on just about everything on it, keeping drinks refilled, and ultimately delivering an outstanding dining experience, they're compensated a few (below ten percent)- zero dollars because tipping isn't 'customary' in certain tourists' homeland.

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    Winning Tickets to a Talk Show
    via hollywoodreporter.com

    For those who enjoy watching popular talk shows such as The Tonight Show, Ellen, and Late Night With Seth Meyers, scoring tickets to be part of the live studio audience is a dream come true, especially when that means getting to see celebrities up close from the edge of their seats.

    Tourists flock from all over to get on these popular shows and the locals miss out!

    The only problem is that just about anyone can get tickets for these shows, and half the time, the audience consists of overly excited tourists who have no qualms in whispering to themselves during the taping and going into uproars of applause randomly throughout it.

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    Going to the Mall
    via racked.com

    Whether it's for window shopping, bargain hunting, or grabbing a quick bite with friends after school or work, going to the mall is one of those 'cool' things people of all ages revel in.

    But for those living in a major, cosmopolitan city, going to the mall can become a battle of the fittest as they try getting by clusters of tourists to reach to their favorite store, as they search for any remaining merchandise on sale, or wait in line over thirty minutes to complete the smallest of purchase.

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    Living in Los Angeles
    via comparetours.net

    On the list of major cities that are magnets for tourists is L.A. From strolling through Hollywood Blvd, shopping in Rodeo Drive and 3rd St Promenade, visiting San Monica Beach, and keeping an eye open for any potential celebrities around them, tourists place a trip to Los Angeles as their number one destination when brainstorming vacation options.

    This makes actually living in LA a daily mission of getting through heavy rush hour traffic, bumping shoulders and elbows with tourists while riding the subway, and ultimately sharing every bit of the city with them.

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    Being a Restaurant Manager
    via myfoodsafetynation.com

    Being a restaurant manager puts a great weight on anyone who takes on the role. These are the people responsible for making schedules, dealing with employee disputes, working twelve-hour days at times, and amongst the most daunting of duties, dealing with guests complaints.

    Tourists make anyone in the service industry's day that much harder!

    The job becomes even more draining when tourists question the menu prices, return half-eaten meals expecting it to be waived from their bill due to their dissatisfaction, and end their meal on the sourest note by tipping servers next to nothing.

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    Life in London
    via youtube.com

    London is amongst the top tourist destinations when planning a trip to Europe. And for good reason; with its many historic buildings, its night-scene consisting of pub hopping and indulging in Fish and Chips, and hitching a motorbike ride around the city, a trip to London is a trip of a lifetime.

    Some tourists even make it their life's mission to distract officers from their daily business.

    Nevertheless, London is still very much an everyday setting where its residents have to get to work, make appointments, and go home at the end of the day, all of which takes longer than necessary when tourists slow down the city's usual pace.

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    Strolling Through the 3rd Street Farmer's Market
    via aprilbaby.typepad.com

    As a city that pays close attention to healthy eating, one of the many advantages of living in Los Angeles is its plethora of Farmers Markets. Most of these are weekly setups throughout the city, but there’s only one that operates 7 days a week: the 3rd Street Farmer’s Market.

    This location is filled with multiple grocers, diverse eateries, and some of the freshest produce in town.

    Needless to note, the influx of tourists only feet away at The Grove make their rounds through it, making it hard for locals to even find a seat to enjoy their lunch.

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    Grabbing Coffee
    via timeout.com

    Who would have thought it, but yes, grabbing a cup of coffee is also one of those activities quickly turned bitter thanks to tourists.

    With their daily agenda of things to do during their one-week stay wherever they're visiting, tourists sometimes opt to reduce their sleep schedule and fuel-up on the caffeine; this decision makes going to Coffee Bean, Starbucks, or any coffee shop on a major Boulevard a hassle for locals worsened when tourists wait until reaching the front of the line to consider their drink options.

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