Seaworld has been open for years, offering families all around the world the chance to travel to the US and see some animals, while also having some amusement park fun. One of the things that Seaworld became known for was their animal shows, shows that allow audiences the chance to see animals doing some serious tricks. However, both the trainers and now many people within the audience know that these animals aren't exactly having the nicest time behind the glass!

Let's be honest, there is a lot of stuff going on at Seaworld that we would rather not know, especially after the release of Blackfish. We want to take a look at this sort of stuff, the things going on at Seaworld that the owners don't want us to know about. This is a chance for us all to get informed, to really think about the things going on at these places.

So, we think it's about time that we all started on this list and took a look at some of the things that Seaworld does behind the scenes that they don't want people to know. It's time to peak behind the curtain to see what they've got going on, the sort of thing that a lot of us probably would rather not know! Let's get into it!

25 People Who Work There can't tell the truth

Before we get into the sorts of things that can take place behind the scenes, let's start with what is happening every single day at Seaworld. Yes, the people that work at this place are forced to lie to the customers on a daily basis.

Like any zoo, animals are going to get sick and pass on...

However, Seaworld puts itself forward as a happy place for all the family, an amusement park more than a conservation effort, so trainers constantly have to hide this from other people.

24 They Hold Animals In Captivity

This one is obvious, but we still think it's worth mentioning because it's easy to forget that this is just as important as anything happening behind the scenes.

The fact that this amusement park takes animals out of their natural habitat and puts them into captivity is a tragedy in and of itself.

This is the sort of thing that we all need to keep in mind when we see these poor animals at Seaworld.

No matter how people feel about animals, they should never be comfortable with the way these are being treated.

23 Guests Can Act Way Out Of Line

While the workers are held to some truly ridiculous rules, the customers seem to be allowed to get away with anything.

A lot of the time, the drinks are comped, meaning that many guests will get progressively more rowdy throughout their stay at Seaworld.

This means that trainers have been privy to some unpleasant sights, such as getting sick in the water, and parents letting their children run wild through the park. Not the best environment for wild animals.

22 They drill the Orca's teeth

In an attempt to make their lives easier, without thinking of the lives of the orcas, trainers will drill into the teeth of the orcas, often without anaesthetic.

This is in the hope of reducing tooth decay and infection, as they choose to flush out the artificial holes every single day.

Obviously this is not great behavior and we cannot believe there are people out there that are willing to do this to a living being, whether they're a human or an animal!

21 Some Animals Beach Themselves On Purpose

One of the many things that trainers have to hide from the customers is the fact that the animals can end up far from happy with their surroundings, which leads to some unhappy behavior.

Trainers are put in place to ensure that this is entirely hidden from the people who have paid good money.

There are stories of animals, such as stingrays, purposefully beaching themselves in an attempt to escape their surroundings. The trainers then have to tell the customers a different story.

20 They Can't Talk About Their Jobs Either

Yes, while we may all be allowed to moan about our jobs on social media or with our friends, Seaworld leaves their workers far too scared to dare this sort of thing.

Their various social media feeds have a watchful eye on them, making sure that none of the tricks of the trade are being spread across the internet by the people that work there.

Some workers are even too worried to complain to their colleagues as they worry that they will be reported and lose their job.

19 Sometimes The Trainers Are Forced To Rush Animals From One Exhibit To Another

While a lot of zoos claim that they are attempting to provide a place for these animals to survive, Seaworld is an amusement park first.

A trainer tells the story of having to move a bunch of stingrays from one exhibit into another, all the while hiding it from the various customers that were walking through Seaworld at the time.

It's weird to think about the sorts of things that are happening right before our eyes while we're at places like Seaworld.

18 The Animals Are Highly Overworked

Where a lot of zoos try to make sure that their animals are properly looked after, despite being in cages and on display for the public, Seaworld doesn't really bother with this.

Zookeepers know that it's important for animals to have down time, to be able to escape from what is essentially a job.

Despite this, the animals at Seaworld are essentially on the clock at all times, at the beck and call of trainers and customers who want to interact with them or watch them through some glass.

17 Many Of The Animals are too young to be on their own

Rather than make it to adulthood, many of the animals are taken at a young age and they won't make it much further than that once they get to Seaworld. They often get a lot of stress from being removed from their family.

It's well known that dolphins will often be taken away from their pod before moving on from stress within a couple of days. In fact, some of them will swim into the wall purposefully because they don't like being away from their family.

16 The Trainers Aren't Often Hired For Their Expertise

If any of you have ever been to Seaworld, you will have probably noticed that all of the trainers there are very good looking, almost as if that's why they were picked to work there in the first place.

While most of the people working there do want to be in that field of work, and they are passionate about what they do, they're not as trained as you would probably like to believe!

Yes, these people are often hired based on how they look and how well they get on with the public, before getting basic training on the job.

15 The Chemicals Involved With Cleaning Is Very Bad For The Trainer's bodies...

So, not only do the trainers have to get up ridiculously early for work before moving a huge amount of fish to feed the animals, they also work with chemicals that mess with their bodies.

They have to keep their workplaces incredibly clean, scrubbing it down several times during a day of work.

It's not long before these chemicals do their magic on the bodies of the trainers, leaving the skin of their hands a complete mess.

14 ...As Are The Wetsuits!

If these chemicals weren't bad enough, the wetsuits end up leaving the trainers' bodies a mess as well. First of all, the trainers are expected to share many of these wetsuits, meaning that whatever one of them gets, many of them will get.

Some of them are forced to tape parts of their body, such as their chest, so that the suit doesn't rub them away and leave them raw.

Many trainers will smother themselves in cream before they slip on the wetsuit just so that they can get through the day!

13 Workers Can't Take Pictures There

One of the many things the workers aren't allowed to do at Seaworld is take pictures, presumably as the higher-ups are worried they may be caught doing something that the public wouldn't be too happy about.

We think that any company that forces workers to sign something that says they will be fired if they take a picture while at work is probably hiding something, don't you?

If they dare take a picture, even if it's just of themselves, they will more than likely be fired.

12 Feeding The Animals Is A Nightmare

Anybody who wants to work at Seaworld is probably very aware of how many fish they're going to have to handle on a daily basis, before watching dolphins devour them, but that isn't all they'll be handling.

Seaworld also has various other animals such as lizards and birds, which usually feed on maggots.

The workers are given these maggots live, in plastic tubes that they have to open themselves. When they do, a brown dust explodes from the tube and goes up their nose and in their mouth. We'll let you guess what that dust is.

11 They've Been Using The Name Shamu For Years

Look, anybody over a certain age will understand that the animals in Seaworld will eventually pass on, but many of them pass on well before their average lifespan. This happens regularly to the orcas that are forced to perform in Seaworld's main shows.

In fact, they will often use the same name so that people aren't aware of the fact that the orca is no longer there. This is why there has been a Shamu at Seaworld for years, despite the fact that they have always just moved the name onto the next orca.

10 Seaworld and the two sharks

Now we're going to get into the way that Seaworld actually takes animals away from their natural habitat in an attempt to make money, rather than looking out for their best interests.

According to PETA, Seaworld captured two sharks in 1978, before placing them in an enclosure as they do all of their animals.

Within three days, these sharks had repeatedly swam into the wall of their enclosure before falling to the bottom of the tank, where they remained.

9 Two Polar Bears Were Separated After Twenty Years Together

Szenja and Snowflake are the names of two polar bears that had spent twenty years in captivity together, before Seaworld decided that they didn't want the two of them living together anymore.

This was bad for the polar bears, especially Szenja, who was left with no other polar bears to interact with in the enclosure she was placed in.

It should come as no surprise that Szenja only managed to stay with Seaworld for another two months.

8 Ten Baby Penguins Were taken For Research Purposes

Ten baby penguins were taken away from their parents in Antarctica, sent straight to Seaworld in California. Seaworld claimed that these penguins were needed for "research purposes."

Seaworld have never disclosed what these research purposes were, so we think it's fair to say that what happened, was these penguins were forced to perform for customers.

Based on how long other animals have managed to cling on while at Seaworld, we doubt these ten baby penguins made it to adulthood.

7 Seaworld Have Also Shipped Penguins Through FedEx

We all know that animals like a wide open space, a place where they can properly move about and live the life that comes to them instinctively. Imagine how worrying it was then for the twenty penguins that were shipped by FedEx to Seaworld.

According to Seaworld Of Hurt, they were trapped for a thirteen hour journey from California to Michigan inside small plastic crates with holes so they could breathe.

Throughout this entire journey, they were forced to stand in the same position on a single block of ice.

6 A Beluga Whale got hurt

A beluga whale named Nanuq was taken from his family at just six years old, before spending his life being experimented on by Seaworld and used to impregnate female beluga whales.

It's known that he was removed from the water, forcibly, at least 42 times throughout his life, which was obviously quite a traumatic event.

Nanuq broke his jaw, which eventually led to him further complications, just like six of his children at birth.