We have all strolled through the aisles of Walmart countless times, shopping for items we don't even need. From their unbeatable prices, an array of products and everything you could possibly need, all under one roof, Walmart is truly where it's at. Although you might have seen some unruly sights at your local Walmart, nothing beats what certain international Walmart's carry, or are allowed to carry.

The U.S. hasn't seen anything yet, especially when you're up against what Walmart, China has in stock. We are coming at you with 25 things that you'll find on the shelves of Walmart in China, that you would never see in the United States. From live animals, odd drink concoctions and some items that truly require a double take to believe they actually have. Buckle up, folks!

24 13. Dried Squid

Are you even phased at this point? Next up on the list is dried squid! Walmart China offers their dried squid by hanging it on display for customers. We aren't sure if the whole squid is taken home, or cut up and prepared on-site, but either way, there is no chance of finding this hanging at your local American Walmart.

Squid, which is also eaten in many countries across the world, including the US, is usually found solely at fish markets, and never is it hanging on display.

23 3. Diet Water

If you've been wondering why your water and exercise hasn't been paying off, well, we might have the answer. Walmart China carries Diet Water! Yes, that's right, diet...water. It is as crazy as it sounds.

We had no idea that water could come in diet form, but China has managed to blow us away yet again.

The water, which is in fact, normal water, marketed as "diet" to follow the beauty ideals of China and the incessant need to remain thin. Companies market many other things as "diet" for this purpose as well.

22 4. Frozen Crocodiles

Next up on the list are crocodiles! They are not just regular crocodiles, but frozen crocodiles, because why not, right?

Walmart even places an orange in their mouths to make them "fancy" frozen crocodiles.

As crazy as this may be, crocodile is a common food found across the globe, however, this is definitely something you would not find at your local Walmart, that's for sure! They are propped in a mountain of ice along other fish, and are up for sale completely whole.

21 5. Snickers Battery Combo Pack

"You're not you when you're hungry". The famous candy bar, which is in fact, available in our Walmarts, comes as a combo pack in China. "Batteries not included", is something you will not have to worry about in this case.

At Walmart in China, Snickers is available as a combo with 2 AA batteries.

Yes, batteries. We aren't sure if Snickers in China is battery operated, or if they are just including a set of batteries with their sets of 3 Snickers bars. Either way, we're into the idea, we could always use some batteries.

20 7. Cucumber Flavored Lays

We all love a good flavor chip! From BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Ranch and many more, but Lays in China is taking it up a notch. The Walmart in China actually carries cucumber flavor Lays chips. Although we aren't opposed to the idea, we could only imagine how they got this to work.

With cucumbers primarily being made of water and having a very mild taste, we can't see these having any burst of flavor.

They are marketed as being "cool and refreshing", but we can't say that's something we look for in a bag of chips, but, to each their own!

19 8. Live Frogs

Walmart China isn't holding back! They also carry live animals, many of which are frogs. These animals are kept in a tank-like bin, that allow customers to specifically choose which frog they want, and take them home.

We doubt they keep them as pets, but that's beside the point.

Many people will eat frog, in particular frog legs, so we can see why Walmart China has these in stock, but you wouldn't be able to stroll down your Walmart back in the U.S and ask, "which aisle are the frogs in"?

18 9. Live Turtles

In addition, to live frogs, Walmart China also carries live turtles! These animals are kept in a water tank where they too can be selected and taken home. Although they aren't kept as pets either, turtles are yet another delicacy in many Asian countries.

Turtle soup is one dish that is eaten throughout China and is quite a popular meal.

We might not be used to seeing these guys in anything other than a pet store, Walmart China is keeping it 100% real.

  1. 18 Animal Eggs

As if your normal carton of a dozen chicken eggs weren't enough, Walmart China carries an array of animal eggs to your liking. From chickens, quails, and ostrich, to name a few, this Walmart has you covered.

The store offers the eggs in baskets, allowing you to choose which you'd like by picking them yourself and placing them in a bag. We're not sure just what these eggs are used for, but we're sure that they come in use somehow.

17 10. Dried Starfish

Next on the list of insane things found in Walmart China, we have starfish! These beautiful creatures that live within the ocean, are too, carried in-store, but unfortunately not alive.

Walmart China has bins of dried starfish for the customer to choose from.

Starfish are known to be sold at local markets, often times on a stick, they can now also be found at Walmart. Many will eat the spongy inside of a starfish, or use it within a broth.

16 11. Shark Heads

Well, we definitely didn't expect to see this! China does not disappoint, that's for sure. Although this may be difficult to stomach, Walmart China allegedly carries shark heads.

Similar to the crocodiles, the shark heads are placed on a sheet of ice, eyes, teeth, fin and all!

Sharks have become quite a protected species as of lately, so we aren't sure if Walmart China continues to sell these endangered animals. Also, we can only wonder just how anyone would take this home?

15 12. Giant Rice Containers

Here is a little something easier on the eyes! Walmart China carries rice in huge container-like bins that customers can bag themselves. We're used to buying rice already bagged, but in Walmart China, you can choose just how much you need without over consuming.

With rice being such a widely popular ingredient in countless dishes throughout China and other Asian countries, we are not the slightest bit surprised to see them offer this method of purchasing rice. We wonder how often they need to replenish the containers...?

14 14. Fox Meat

You can even buy your meat at Walmart China, but not just any meat! Walmart China offers fox meat, which customers can purchase and touch with their bare hands.

This meat is often times sold as "donkey meat", but has been revealed to be fox meat.

Of course more traditional cuts of meat from chicken, pork and beef are also carried at Walmart China, they go the extra mile by providing their customers with some other prime choices of meat. We aren't too sure how to feel about this one, but couldn't leave it off the list.

13 6. Cooking Oil & Orange Juice Combo

Now here is another odd combo pack! Walmart China carries their "Corn Oil" with a side of, yep, Orange Juice! Ever frying up a storm in your kitchen and get thirsty? Well, no time need to worry, because you can now reach over and have a refreshing glass of Minute Maid Orange Juice.

This odd, yet, genius combination remains a mystery to us in North America but must serve a greater purpose in China. At least they are getting their customers their daily source of Vitamin C!

12 15. Meat Floss Donuts

Now we love a donut as much as the next person, from chocolate glazed, regular or powdered, donuts are absolutely delish, however, we're not sure about this one. Walmart China offers a "meat floss" donut, which is your typical fried dough, topped with remnants of meat.

"Meat floss", known as, Rousong, in China, is a dried meat that is topped onto many dishes, in this case, donuts. We don't know if this combo seems tasty or not, but for that price, it's worth a shot!

11 16. Chicken Feet

Next up on the list is some good ol' chicken feet! This is yet another common dish found across many Asian countries but never ceases to creep certain Western folks out. Packaged and ready to go, Walmart China offers their chicken feet in sets of 8 or so, unseasoned and larger than you would normally find at a local market.

They say chicken feet taste like, well, chicken, but can have quite a rubbery texture. Although chicken feet are available in the U.S., there is definitely no sight of them at any Walmart.

10 17. Sausage Bins

Walmart China also offers an array of sausage links in bins throughout their stores. From smaller to larger types of sausage, it's not common in the U.S. to find your choice of sausage, piled in a mountain.

We can't promise they are entirely hygienic laid out this way, but apparently it a system that works, don't fix what ain't broke, right? We aren't sure what exactly these sausages are made up of, but we must admit, they do look quite tasty.

9 18. Mini Watermelons

Now if this isn't the cutest thing we've seen so far! Walmart China reportedly carries watermelon, but not just any watermelon, miniature watermelons! The peanut-sized green fruit is no bigger than the average grape, if not smaller.

We can't fathom just how little is actually inside of them, but the visual of a mini watermelon alone is reason enough for us to want some! Fun fact: Some say that watermelon in China is a lot better than what you'd find in the U.S., and we definitely believe it!

8 19. "Fat Guy" Underwear

These make us giggle just a bit. These underwear, which quite literally translates to "fat guy" underwear, are what would be referred to as "plus-size" in the U.S., however, we are definitely a lot more politically correct than this brand of "plus-size" underwear found in Walmart China.

The image, which is reminiscent of character, Peter Griffin from 'Family Guy', comes in packs of 1 each, and translates to a size XXXL in the U.S. Although you'd be able to find larger sizes in U.S. Walmarts, they are definitely not advertised the same way it is in China.

7 20. Powdered Horse Milk

This one is definitely not found in a Walmart in the U.S. We're used to seeing powdered cow's milk, condensed milk and other similar variations, however, powdered horse milk is definitely a new one for us.

The "100% Horse Milk - No Ponies" container, is sold at various Walmarts throughout China.

Although it isn't used the same way milk in North America is used for, powdered horse milk is often used for healthy gut flora and skin ailments in China. Who would have thought!

6 21. Assorted Reptile Parts

Next on the list is another odd one! Walmart China sells an assortment of reptile parts, pre-packaged to your liking. From snakes, lizards, frogs and more, you can find what you need at this Walmart.

When was the last time you heard someone say: "Honey, I'm just running to Walmart to grab some assorted reptile parts"! Yeah, never.

However, that isn't the case in China. The popular item is used for certain Asian dishes that are seen quite frequently throughout the country.

5 22. Baby Shark

Similar to an adult size shark head, Walmart China also sells baby sharks. Now we, for sure, won't be finding this at a U.S. Walmart, however, they are widely available in China.

The babies are captured not too much after birth and are used most commonly for soups.

Although shark finning has been deemed illegal at official banquets in China, it does not appear to hold much power considering these remain in-stock and available at many Walmarts throughout China.