If you're getting ready for a vacation there are a few things you should reconsider as you begin packing for your trip. While you may think you need a certain jacket or pair of jeans, you may just be wasting space in your suitcase for items you'll end up not wearing anyway. So before you start throwing your entire closet into your luggage, consider some of these 25 items listed here that you could set aside to create more room and less stress.

You may think you need an extra pair of heels or your most expensive jewelry, but consider that some of these items can get lost, damaged or even stolen. Not everyone is a great packer, but you can be if you take some time to look at your itinerary and plan outfits you'll be wearing each day. Vacations are about relaxation and getting away from your phone for a bit, so don't bring that heavy laptop with you and ditch the extra electronics that might make you look like an easy target.

There are numerous things women believe are essential to pack when going on a vacation, but believe it or not, most of these things just take up space. Why take "just in case" clothing when you are going somewhere hot and dry? Why take hair tools like blow dryers and straighteners when hotels can provide them? Maybe you should even consider letting your hair breathe for the time you're there and rock your natural look.

Here are 25 things most women think are essential to pack for a trip but are wrong. You'll definitely be saving a lot more room in your luggage for souvenirs and other items that are way more important.

25 More Than One Pair Of Jeans

If you're heading on vacation for the weekend or for even a week, there is no reason why you need to pack more than one or two pairs of heavy jeans. Jeans are made of thick material and they take up a lot of luggage room. Plus, you can match a pair of dark jeans with just about any top and any shoe. If you are going somewhere warm, there shouldn't even be a pair of jeans in your bag! Opt for more flowy pieces, like light dresses and breathable pants so that you can fit more things in your luggage and create more awesome looks.

24 Expensive Jewelry

If you are traveling somewhere where you must dress to the nines, then it's recommended you carry your valuables, like expensive jewelry, on you, which means having them stored somewhere discreetly in your purse or carry on. However, there is no need to bring your diamonds with you no matter where you are going on vacation. Whether you are going to a tropical oasis or consider yourself a snow bunny and enjoy chilly vacation destinations, there is absolutely no reason to carry luxurious jewels with you. Stick to costume jewelry if you want to add something a little extra to your outfit, no will no the difference.

23 Books

Vacations are made for relaxing and a lot of people like to bring a few books with them to read while they are lying on the sand or in a chair and enjoying the warm weather. While you might really like reading, you should consider that all those books can take up a lot of luggage space and be quite heavy, resulting in overweight baggage fees. This may sound harsh to some avid readers, but it wouldn't hurt purchasing a Kindle or book reader which can store hundreds of your favorite books. Also, don't forget that you're on vacation, and if your destination is a place you've never been before or has a lot of sightseeing, you'd want to put your book down to enjoy them.

22 Extra Gadgets

Do you really need to bring your laptop, iPad, and every other electronic device with you while on vacation? This is the chance you have to unwind and unplug from the rest of the world for a few days, so why bring a heavy device with you to ruin your trip? Unless you have to work, it's okay to bring your laptop, but that's why you're using your vacationing days so you don't need to be sending e-mails at 8 a.m. Sometimes life seems more relaxing when you're off social media for even just a few hours, so consider leaving tablets and other devices at home. Plus, you're less prone to theft and damage if you bring them along.

21 A Blow Dryer

Blow dryers are very bulky and can take up a lot of space in your luggage, plus most hotels provide blow dryers in bathrooms so there is no need to bring one with you. You can double check with your hotel to see if they provide blow dryers if you really need one, but it wouldn't be the worst idea to let your hair breathe for a few days. Everyone knows that blow-drying your hair constantly can damage it and even make it dry. Every time you blow-dry your hair, it's going to cause damage, so ultimately you want to avoid it as much as you can, or go as long as you can between blow dry’s.

20 Towels

Towels will always be available to you when you book a hotel. You can ask the front desk for more towels if you're in need for more or when you have your room cleaned, you'll always be given new ones. Most hotels will even provide towels for you if you are vacationing somewhere warm and want to check out the beach or pool. Towels take up a ton of luggage space and you could use that extra space to bring another pair of shoes, bring an entire extra outfit or even use that space for all the souvenirs you bought and are bringing back to family and friends.

19 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion

Items like shampoo; conditioner and body wash and other bathroom amenities are usually provided in hotel rooms. However, not everyone wants to use the products in hotel bathrooms and sometimes people need especially hair products or body products in the shower. Your best bet is to buy travel size bottles that you can fill with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. These small bottles can be purchased just about anywhere like Target and your nearest drug store. You wouldn’t want to bring your full-size bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner with you because that just takes up way too much room in your baggage.

18 A Bunch Of Clothes

The worst thing you can do when packing for a vacation is to just throw your entire closet in your luggage and assume it's all going to fit. If you have a set itinerary, find time in your schedule to plan outfits for each day. Wear the same jeans twice to save room and take one pair of comfortable sneakers if you'll be doing a lot of walking. Over packing can make your luggage heavy and that will cost you when you head to the airport and have to pay hefty overweight fees. Plus, you'll want to make room for things you'll end up purchasing for friends and family. Be smart when packing, it'll make your life a lot easier when you get to your destination and have to search for something to wear.

17 More Than One Or Two Jackets

Jackets are items that can take up a lot of room in your luggage. If you are going somewhere cold and need to bring a coat along with you, try opting for one that is of a neutral color and if you can, wear it on you so you have that extra baggage room. You don't need to bring more than two jackets with you on a trip. Coats and jackets are very bulky, especially winter ones so try and wear one on you when at the airport and if you really need an extra one, plan outfits that will work well with them and see if you really even need both.

16 Your Entire Beauty Routine

There is no need to bring your entire beauty routine with you on vacation. Chances are you don't use everything in your makeup bag right now, so why haul around a heavy bag full of makeup products you'll never even use? Empty out your bag and stick to the products you use pretty much every day like moisturizers, foundation, concealer, blush or bronzer, mascara, and lip color. There are a lot of cosmetic companies that make travel-sized products of your favorite eyeliner, mascara and lip stain, so opt for those so you'll save more room.

15 A Bunch Of Shoes

This might seem difficult for some people, but you really don't need five pairs of shoes if you're going away for a weekend. Think practical here and figure out what you'll be doing each day, whether it's walking around museums, hiking or going out on a date. You don't need two pairs of heels, so stick to ones that are black or nude because they'll go with just about anything. Pack a pair of cute sandals that will look good with the outfits you chose and most importantly, a pair of shoes that are very comfortable for walking around.

14 Every Medication You Think You Need

You'll stress out if you pack almost every medication in your medicine cabinet for your trip. If you take medication regularly, make sure to carry that with you and in a safe place. However, if you think you'll need over the counter medications, instead of hauling around bottle after bottle, put what you need in Ziploc bags. No matter where you travel too, you’ll most likely find these medications at the hotel you are staying in or the local stores. You'll definitely save yourself a headache and you won't have to hear all that rattling around in your luggage that'll just annoy you.

13 Clothing That Needs Dry Cleaning

Bringing clothes that need dry cleaning just seems like a hassle. You are less likely going to be doing laundry while on vacation, so think about ditching those clothes that need extra care. Even if you do end up giving your clothes to be washed by hotel staff, you might forget about the clothes that need special care and they'll end up destroyed. Stick to cotton fabrics and pieces that don't need a lot of maintenance. Why ruin something that you'll probably just wear once while on vacation? Leave all the clothes that need to be dry cleaned at home.

12 Multiple Cover-Ups

If you are traveling somewhere warm, you're going to need a few cover-ups when hitting the beach or pool. Stick to cover-ups that are practical and comfortable. The idea that the pool deck is a fashion show is bizarre because you're going to take off your cover-up anyway and people on vacation could care less about your lacy brightly colored cover-up. If you are tired of wearing the same cover-up and want a bit of change, buy a cool over-sized t-shirt at a souvenir shop and wear it as a dress!

11 Multiple Purses

Just like you don't need a different outfit for each day, you definitely don't need a different purse to match with all the outfits you brought along with you. Are you really going to need a different purse for every night you go out? All these bags can take up too much room. Think practical and bring along a big enough cross body bag in a neutral color or pattern so your hands are free and it can fit your cell phone and other necessities while you are out and about. There is also no need for you to take your most expensive purse either. Don't be an easy target for theft.

10 Food

Bringing a snack on your long plane ride is okay, but there is absolutely no reason to bring a whole fridge of food with you on your trip. You might want to bring along your favorite candy bar or coffee grounds, but you'll be missing out on authentic cuisine and local delicacies if you just stick to the food you brought with you. Going on vacation to another country also means experiencing different foods and wouldn't you want to try their specialties? You'll always be able to have your favorite meal at back at home, but how many times will you be able to sit down and have an authentic dish from a foreign country while in that country?

9 "Statement" Clothing

So you're a fashionista and you want to show off your style wherever you go. You can still show off your unique style on vacation, but it's better to ditch the bulky and big "statement" clothing that will take over your luggage space. Not only will that colorful coat take up space, but also how many times are you actually going to wear it on vacation? These items are likely for one occasion and if it isn't going to match well with your other clothes, don't bother packing them. Save the stylish moments for when you're back home.

8 Designer Luggage

Unless you're flying private, there is no need to bring expensive luggage with you while on vacation. Have you ever seen a Louis Vuitton luggage at baggage claim when picking up your things? Definitely not. If you are willing to risk it, chances are you might end up finding some things missing from your bag or even your entire bag altogether. There are enough missing bag horror stories and you don't want to be one of them. If you do have designer luggage that's a carry-on that's quite alright because it'll be with you all the time during your travels, but try and avoid using anything that's out of this world expensive and a bag you won’t see most of the time you’re flying.

7 Camera Tripod

If you love to take pictures you might have the urge to bring your entire camera gear with you. While you want to get the best shots out of your trip, there really is no need to bring large items like a camera tripod or even huge camera zoom lenses with you on vacation. Unless you are a professional photographer and need these items then make room for them, however, most of the time you'll use your point and shoot option or your regular lens because it is just way more convenient. You'll be discovering new things, trying new foods, and experiencing new cultures, so why would you haul around large camera equipment with you when your regular lens will pretty much do its job.

6 Money Belt

Okay, you've heard about using money belts when traveling, right? But honestly, nothing spells "target" more than a traveler with a money belt. You always want to look like you belong and it's quite easy for thieves to spot them knowing that you have most of your personal belongings in there, including cash and credit cards. Not only do they make you easy prey, but they make it hard to get stuff out quickly, which means locals can see where you have it, and they could be very annoying to wear around all day. The simple rule is to never carry all your traveling money with you and carry just some of it each and every day you’re on vacation.