Celebs travel a lot, mostly by plane, and while up in the air, they have no access to their professional makeup artists and hair stylists who make them look stunning. The problem is, none of us immune to the air conditions in airplanes, including celebs. When your plane is cruising 30,000+feet in the air, the cabin pressure increases while the humidity decreases. The lack of humidity is what makes skin dehydrated and parched. It also makes you look tired and stressed-out.

If you get the same results and want to look good after your flight ends, who better to turn to than celebrities? If they have tried or used a certain face mask, for example, then the mask should work. After all, celebs can afford to experiment, and will immediately ditch a beauty item that doesn't have a positive impact on their skin. So when they fly, they narrow down the products that they know will keep their skin hydrated and glowing, and those items then will become the things they never travel without.

But traveling is not just about parched skin. There are also things that celebs would never leave behind upon embarking on a trip. From things to entertainment, like books and music, to things that will help make flights more bearable, like movies and podcasts, celebs have it all down.

When we hear what a celeb uses or what items they always pack and we've used similar things, we feel an affinity with them, and this helps make them relatable and makes them seem just like us. Kate Hudson may bring along a moisturizer and we do too, except ours is usually not as expensive. While Kim K uses a silk pillow to sleep because silk helps retain the moisture in your skin, we carry a cotton pillow because it's cheaper. Yep, the things that celebs travel with may, on occasion, make them seem just like us, and we've given you 25 reasons why.

25 Katy Perry and her hairspray

The Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray, which costs $42, is a hairspray that does double the duty. It's a dry shampoo and helps give hair texture. It's a spray coveted by celebs, who use it to extend the life of their newly-styled hair.

It's also the go-to when traveling by plane, which is why celebs' hair look both luminous and freshly blown as they leave the aircraft.

Katy Perry is a fan, and she said, "I keep a small can of Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray with me when I'm traveling to give my hair lift and texture." We don't use the same volumizing hairspray but the fact that Perry always carries one just like we do while traveling makes her seem just like us.

24 Posh doesn't go anywhere without her toothpaste

What does Victoria Beckham never travel without? Toothpaste! At least she's keeping it hygienic! Beckham swears by Mentadent SR Toothpaste because it's just one beauty item that completes her signature smell. She likes this "old school" toothpaste and told Into The Gloss, 

“I like a strong, minty toothpaste. Something like SR. It’s a little old school, but it’s so English and I always make sure to take it with me to LA".

She's just like us, except for one thing: if you want to get the paste in the US, it will cost you around $40 per tube!

23 Kim K needs just the right pillow and blanket

When Kim Kardashian travels by plane, she always brings along with her the Slip for Beauty Sleep Silk Travel Set, which includes a silk pillow and a sleep mask embedded in the pillow so you'll never lose it.

The benefits of sleeping on a silk pillow are that it helps retain the moisture in your skin and also reduces bedhead and split ends.

We also carry around a sleep mask and a pillow, but it doesn't cost us $119. Our pillow is made of cotton, but at least we're doing it the Kardashian way!

22 Anthony Bourdain and his irreplaceable jacket!

Anthony Bourdain was a foodie and travel star who encompassed so many good things during his short life. He had shows on The Food Network, The Travel Channel, and his first book, Kitchen Confidential is still on The New York Times Bestseller list after its release in 2000. When the Travel Channel asked him what would be the perfect gift for him to give someone who travels, he said,

"A super lightweight Patagonia down hoodie that bunches up really tiny into my carry-on. Great for a cold plane headed to a hot country".

We too wear Patagonia shells because they are lightweight, they keep sweat away and they are water-resistant, windproof and, above all, iconic.

21 Jennifer Lawrence needs her comfort movies

Jennifer Lawrence never feared flying until the private plane she was on suffered a double engine failure. Since then, she's had a lot of fear, anxiety and is distracted on flights. Lawrence found a way to remedy this by watching something you'd never guess. It's Disney movies.

In Vanity Fair, she even thanked actress Emma Watson for Beauty and the Beast, and admitted that she has seen the movie "six or seven times".

She always brings her Disney downloads every time she travels. She's relatable because we too watch calming and entertaining movies on our flights as well!

20 Chris Evans is too good for us

Okay, we may be cheating a little bit with this one, but he is traveling, and he was in the plane at one point. Now, it's not normal for us to all jump out of the plane flying us to our location, but if our destination is part of the jump, well then he is just like us.

Like us, he isn't doing it without backup (the professional strapped to his back).

With the permission of Marvel, Cap was able to fulfill a lifelong dream and do some skydiving. If we like to include extreme sports on our bucket-list then he is definitely doing it the exact way we would.

19 Chrissy Teigen can't wait to put her mask on

Sheet Masks are essential in a plane's dry climate. They hydrate the skin, keep it supple, and improves skin texture and tone. That's why Chrissy Teigen uses the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask when flying, just like Cate Blanchett and Alicia Keys.

But if you're too embarrassed using the mask, or worry that you'll frighten children on the plane, Teigen's other go-to choice is the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial because it appears clear on skin. We also use a mask, so we're just like these celebs except for the fact that ours is a tad cheaper, as one SK-II sheet costs $17.

18 Keira Knightly WON'T SKIP her nightly routine

Yep, wearing a mask on a plane can make you look silly or scary. But there is another option and which Keira Knightley swears by. She uses The Ordinary's rose hip seed oil on her face instead.

She told Vogue UK, “I completely fail to keep myself on an even keel with my skincare when traveling, but I have just discovered rosehip oil. . . Flights are so hard on your skin and they make it so dry, so I gave this a go and it really worked. Now I always travel with it”.

We're buying our own,  especially when a 30ml bottle costs only around $10. She'll be just like us!

17 The Kardashians bring their comforts with them

Kourtney Kardashian is one smart traveler. Because she always travels last-minute, she needs a full-proof packing system that allows her to never forget her essentials. So for the things she uses every day, like make-up and cleansers, she buys duplicates and set them aside in bags way before a trip. In a post on her app that InStyle picked up, the eldest Kardashian said: "I always keep three bags totally packed for travel: one that goes inside my carry-on, one full makeup bag and one full toiletry bag that gets checked with my luggage." We do this too!

16 Mandy Moore and her extra moisturizing mask

It's no surprise that celebs tend to use face masks when they travel by plane because the humidity is low. Our skin, according to Allure, is comfortable when the humidity is somewhere between 40-70 percent.

When there's a lack of humidity, the cabins clock in at about 20 percent, which is the cause for our skin to become dry and dehydrated.

That's why Mandy Moore, the This Is Us actress, always brings the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask when she travels. She said, “I put mine in the hotel mini fridge and it’s a delight”. One mask sells for under $4, which is totally affordable and which is what we're going to copy to be like her.

15 Kim K and Kanye are all about the right bag

When Kim Kardashian travels, she (and hubby Kanye) swear by Tumi luggage for its style and durability. It's also known for being expensive, with carry-on luggage starting at around $600 and going up to around $1300. Kim K told Hollywood Life,

“If you’re doing a lot of traveling, it’s so worth it! The last thing you want to deal with while on a trip is replacing luggage. My favorite luggage is from Tumi”.

She's right, Tumi is an investment that will last nearly forever because it's made with incredible quality. And buying quality luggage makes Kim seem just like us because that's something we would splurge on too.

14 Miranda Kerr won't go anywhere without that extra glow

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr created the Kora Organic Noni Glow Face Balm, which was developed with travel in mind. It's easy to put on during a flight, where the lack of humidity and recycled air will leave your skin parched and dehydrated.

Kerr never travels without this balm because Noni softens dry skin.

On a plane, Kerr said in Well and Good that she always removes her makeup and then cleanses her skin before putting on a facial oil and then the Noni balm. She'll be just like us when we get the balm, as it's only around $40 at Sephora.

13 Cate Blanchett takes care of her flawless skin even in flight

The SK-II Facial Treatment Masks is a cult-favorite sheet mask that gets its power from Pitera, an ingredient that's rich in vitamins, organic acids, minerals, and amino acids. Many celebs swear by it, and it's no wonder because it was universally praised by InStyle and the 2015 Brides Beauty Awards, to name a few.

Cate Blanchett swears by it and always carries the masks around when she flies because the air in a plane dehydrates skin. The mask instantly hydrates skin, making the cost of $17 per mask worth it. We also travel using masks, and this makes celebs seem just like us.

12 Rosie needs to be constantly entertained

If there is something you should always bring when traveling to entertain yourself, especially while on a flight, it's books and music. Model and actress Rosie Huntington is always on the plane for one of her jobs, and she never leaves without a book or two in hand.

She likes Lena Dunham's book as well as similar ones. But as a backup, she also carries with her some Beats headphones to listen to her playlist or the latest podcast. We bring both along, which makes her seem just like us!

11 Sun protection is a necessity in Wakanda

Lupita Nyong'o is such an acclaimed actress that when she went on vacation to Bali, Vogue followed her around and took some great pics of her. Especially in a tropical climate, we learned that Lupita never travels without the basic sun protection items, such as a sun hat, skin products, sunscreen and sunglasses, what everyone should carry with them.

She gets her sporty glasses from William Morris London. They look like a million bucks but you can get a pair for around $200, making her totally relatable to us.

10 Eva always makes sure she brings way Too Much Luggage

Eva Longoria, the actress and producer, always brings with her a soft faux pillow when traveling by plane. The problem is, Brookstone discontinued the item. She lamented,  "It's the best travel pillow ever!" And while on a plane, she always puts on comfy socks since it's always cold on the aircraft and the socks protect her feet from all the disgusting things on the floor.

But she also brings too much, as seen above, and maybe that's either because she doesn't know how to pack, or she just wants to bring everything. 

Where is she going with so much luggage! We can so relate because we too pack too much and we too wear socks on the plane. She's so relatable!

9 Rachel Zoe wants to be seen, not have to see others

Fashion designer Rachel Zoe once told Forbes that when she travels, she never forgets to pack a knit scarf, a floor duster cardigan and a wide-brimmed hat. On a flight, she also brings along a tote to carry some of her beauty essentials, including at least one shade of Tom Ford lipstick, Tatcha face blotters and travel-size perfume.

But she stressed that she could never do without a pair of oversized sunglasses. As she put it, “It is the ultimate jet-setter accessory . . . [and it also] protects your eyes from harmful rays.” We always travel with glasses, so does that makes her seem just like us?

8 Ashley Graham always rocks the 'bare-faced' look

The model Ashley Graham has appeared on the cover of many fashion magazines. She's a smart traveler, as she tends not to wear makeup on a flight because it's not good for the skin. Skin needs to be hydrated, as we've been saying, when the air is canned.

So Graham keeps it real.

She always carries rose water in her carry-on. "I put it in a travel spray. It locks in moisture," she told Refinery29. Rose water tightens pores, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Like Graham, many models also use rose water. We'll take a page from Graham, as it seems to do everything we want, and besides, it's super cheap to buy.

7 Lea needs her jet lag mask

 We now know that planes dry out our skin, leaving it parched and unhealthy looking. The Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask hydrates thirsty skin, gently exfoliating it and nourishing it with natural vitamins and antioxidants.

So it's no surprise that when former Glee star Lea Michele flies, this is her go-to staple.

The actor took to her (unsponsored) Instagram Story to gush about the mask, saying, “This is one of my favorite new products! I’m so excited to take it on tour with me! With all the flights coming up, I’m going to need this!” At only $48 for 2.25 Fl oz, this is something affordable we can buy and use. Thanks for the tip, Lea!

6 Karrueche goes nowhere without her trusty chapstick

After appearing on several magazine covers like Rolling Out and Flaunt, Karrueche Tran was picked up by Wilhelmina Models LA in 2015, and then landed a few parts in movies and TV. When it comes time to travel, Tran keeps it simple.

She never travels without Chapstick.

She told The Cut, "I'm addicted to Chapstick. I can’t go anywhere without [it]. She only uses the Chapstick brand in strawberry, never upscaling to an expensive brand. Trans makes her seem like us because we literally put on Chapstick all day to fight chapped lips. We know it works, and it only costs around $2.00.