The ocean makes up nearly 70% of planet Earth's surfaces, while only 5% has actually been explored. With countless series on ocean life and the eerie depth of our dark waters, there is so much that lays below us that we don’t even know of. From deep sea creatures to hidden gems and sunken cities, the sea is full of constant surprises. Thankfully, with deep sea technology and divers that have braved the open waters, we have been able to discover so much that had been unknown for centuries.

In fact, there are more historic artefacts under the sea than in all of the world's museums, that ought to put things into perspective with just how much there really is sitting hundreds of feet underwater. Luckily, we are coming at you with some of the most interesting discoveries made by deep-sea divers throughout history. From endless treasures, abandoned ships, locomotives and ancient ruins, you are bound to be intrigued by what's to come.

  1. 25 Trucks

First up on the list is none other than a huge truck! You would not believe the things that have been discovered at the bottom of the sea, but this massive six-wheeler managed to find itself rock bottom, quite literally.

Trucks and other large vehicles are often found at the bottom of the sea due to large cargo vessels sinking feet and feet below the surface.

Many have been lifted out, however, this truck remained comfortably under the sea, looking somewhat intact.

24 2. Ancient Treasures

As mentioned, there are more ancient artefacts at the bottom of the ocean than there are in every museum across the globe, and this is exactly why.

Deep sea divers came across this stash of treasures that include a gold chalice, an amphora and a two-handed cup known as a kylix.

These ancient treasures allegedly found their way to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea nearly 3,400 years ago when a 50-foot merchant vessel sank off the coast of Turkey. Talk about a steal!

23 Ancient Sculptures

In addition to the Moai statues, numerous ancient sculptures have also been found by deep-sea divers. While congregations of statues lay at the bottom of the sea on the coast of European, African and South American countries, this particular discovery was found off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.

This grouping of sculptures, known as a sculpture park, can only be seen by those willing to plunge deep into the Caribbean Sea, as many deep-sea divers have done. If so, you can feast your eyes on over 500 statues that date back thousands of years.

22 14. 13,000 year old Human Skull

Although shipwrecks, ancient artefacts and sunken cities are interesting finds, deep sea divers also come across some creepy things too! Many divers have discovered remnants of the human body, from entire skeletons, bones and even human skulls!

One case that truly stunned divers was the discovery of a perfectly preserved 13,000-year-old skeleton of a girl found deep off the coast of Mexico back in 2007.

Many skulls and skeletons discovered hundreds of feet underwater are remains of bodies that were involved in probable shipwrecks, storms or sunken boats.

21 8. Motorcycles

Motorcycles are often found laying at the bottom of the sea. Although nobody has a definitive reason as to how they get there, we can only imagine that these vehicles either have fallen off cargo vessels, or are dumped on purpose, or even were stolen and tossed into the water.

Motorcycles, such as the one photographed, will remain under the sea for some time, allowing sea life to grow and feed off of the metal, becoming a home to millions of water bacteria. So, if you've ever wondered where you Harley Davidson has gone at some point, there is a good chance it is hanging out at the bottom of the sea.

20 13. Underwater Jesus

This statue of Jesus Christ was discovered by deep sea divers and has now become quite a tourist attraction. The mysterious statue of Jesus currently sits on the bottom of the ocean floor, but it is not the only one that exists.

Italian sculptor, Guido Galletti, created this very statue of Christ looking up the heavens above, however, the statue sunk near Portofino in the Italian Riviera in 1954, where it was then found by divers decades later. The statue has now surrounded by reef and countless wildlife that lives within our dark waters.

19 9. Giant Jellyfish

Next up on the list is one feisty and scary sea creature. Jellyfish are somewhat of a threat if you get stung by their painful shocks, however, these giant jellyfish are on a whole other level.

The giant jellyfish, known as a 'Lion's Mane Jellyfish' is the largest known species of jellyfish.

Its range is confined to the cold, boreal waters of the Arctic, northern Atlantic and northern Pacific Oceans, which are three oceans you can now officially avoid to eliminate the possibility of running into one of these creepy sea creatures.

18 20. Goblin Sharks

Goblin Sharks, also known as a sea 'Nope', is one scary creature that is found in some of the deepest parts of the sea. This particular shark is a rare species of deep-sea shark that only a few divers have come across, and made it out alive!

They are sometimes referred to as a "living fossil" and has a lineage that is nearly 125 million years old.

As ancient as this shark may be, the name alone is reason enough to stay clear of it. If you find yourself deep sea diving and come face-to-face with this guy, then good luck!

17 3. Ship Wrecks

Although boats are meant to stay afloat, a sinking ship occurs more often than we would think. This particular ship is one of many vessels that disappeared to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas as part of many boat wrecks.

Heavy seas tend to take down quite a lot of ships, and many busy shipping lanes that carry vessels, such as the one photographed, do not find themselves at their final destination, and this ship is one of those.

16 4. Planes

In addition to trucks, and ships, planes also find themselves sinking down into the deep blue sea. One plane, in particular, that was discovered by deep sea divers was a sunken F4U Corsair in Oahu, Hawaii. This specific Corsair had been in many wars and was part on a routine training flight when it was forced to crash into the ocean in 1946 due to a fuel shortage.

The pilot made a standard water landing before swimming to safety and telling the tale.

Decades later, the F4U Corsair has become surrounded by lively reef and countless other marine life.

15 5. Moai Statues

Countless statues have been discovered at the bottom of the sea, including Polynesian Moai Status such as the one photographed. These Moai Easter Island-like statues have been discovered in several areas across the globe, however, many have been uncovered in Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc Mexico.

These full-body statues, which existed thousands of years ago, have managed to find themselves, along with other Polynesian and Aztec artefacts, at the bottom of the sea, some having been found, while others certainly remain undiscovered.

14 7. Egyptian Tombstones

An Egyptian tombstone, along with other artefacts of a lost city, was discovered by deep sea divers just off the coast between Greece and Egypt. This artefact is said to be part of the ancient city of Heracleion, which was expected to be lost under the sea for good.

However, nearly 1200 years later, just off the Aboukir bay, it was finally discovered.

The city, which dates back to 6th century BC, was overtaken by an increase of water than submerged it for centuries. Luckily, divers were able to claim this stone along with countless other ancient artefacts that have been preserved and put on display in numerous museums throughout the Mediterranean.

13 10. Gold Coins

Treasure is no myth when it comes to deep-sea discoveries. Many divers come across countless items worth something, however, one diver was lucky enough to stumble upon nearly $1 million worth of treasure found in the sea.

Back in 2015, just off the coast of Florida, a diver found the jackpot on his luckiest day ever.

The sunken treasure included 51 gold coins, 40 feet of ornate gold chain, and a rare single coin that was made for the king of Spain, Phillip V. Talk about getting lucky! Although this is one treasure discovered, it is believed that many remain at the bottom of the sea to this day.

12 11. Pirate Ships

Pirate Ships are yet another common find with many deep sea divers. Although cargo ships and boats-alike are often discovered in the deep blue sea, pirate ships and wreckage from these sunken ships have been uncovered too.

One pirate shipwreck off the coast of Colombia discovered in 2015 dating back to the 18th century, is set to be worth anywhere between $4 billion and $17 billion.

The pirate ship wreckage included treasures, precious stones, gold and countless other items valued at thousands of dollars. The ship, now called the San Jose, is believed to be a pirate ship involved in certain battles at the time, making it a historic ship of the 18th century.

11 12. Jewellery

Next up on the list, jewellery! Although Rose's 'heart of the ocean' diamond blue necklace remains fictionally at the bottom of the Atlantic, countless other pieces of jewellery have been discovered by divers. From pearl and diamond necklaces, ruby and emerald stones, and modern-day Rolex and Cartier watches, there isn't anything you won't find nowadays.

Numerous items have been uncovered that are worth quite a lot, however, most of the time, certain pieces are no longer valuable. However, if you do come across some jewellery in the ocean, it's always worth getting it appraised, you never know!

10 15. Egyptian Statues

As mentioned previously, countless artefacts from the sunken city of Heracleion were discovered and preserved for display in numerous museums, this statue is part of just that.  This statue, in particular, was a colossal creation of red granite, although no longer red, represented the god of Hapi, which stood tall in the temple of Heracleion.

This statue, which is currently in possession of Egyptian historians, dates back thousands of years and was carefully examined and proven as a remnant of the Egyptian lost city.

9 16. Sunken Submarine

Although the words sunken submarine are not ones you would think to read, however, submarines do in fact, sink! Many submarines used for government purposes and war have been discovered by divers. One of Nazi Germany's most high-tech submarine was found in waters near Denmark, after being downed.

In addition, one of Australia's WW1 submarines was discovered off the coast of Papua New Guinea 103 years after it sank. Although members of the submarine are believed to have perished in the sinking of these submarines, the discovery alone is quite a feat for these deep-sea divers.

8 17. Roman City

The Egyptian city of Heracleion or the famous Atlantis are not the only sunken cities! One Roman city was discovered recently by a group of divers. The remains of the Roman city of Neapolis were uncovered off the coast of North Africa in 2017 and was confirmed that the city was overtaken by a massive tsunami nearly 1,600 years ago.

The lost city, which lays near the coast of Tunisia, has remains varying from tiles, pots, columns and much more that once made up an entire city!

7 18. Mayan Pyramids

Next up on the list, pyramids! It is not every day you come across a pyramid underwater, however, a recent discovery using Google, was able to locate this very Mayan pyramid. After using Google Earth, a researcher discovered a massive pyramid deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Deep sea divers from Mexico immediately went on a mission to confirm the existence of the pyramid, and behold there it was!

A perfectly shaped Mayan pyramid, measuring 8.5 miles across one side of its base, was uncovered. It is believed that countless more pyramids, although not as big in size, are also expected to be beneath water off the coast of Mexico.

6 19. Steam Engines

Next up on the list is a steam engine! These industrial machines have also found their way into the deep sea. Remains of a dismantled steam engine was discovered by deep sea divers, and as it turns out, this boiler of a steam engine was allegedly blown off the deck of the SS Thistlegorm when it unfortunately sunk on October 6, 1941.

The steam engine, along with other industrial machines, have met the bottom of the ocean due to the numerous sunken cargo vessels that had ultimately met their match.

5 21. Trains

Next on the list, trains! These locomotives have been found in numerous spots across the globe, however, one discovery off the coast of Long Branch, New Jersey, is one for the books. Known as an "underwater train graveyard", this mysterious train wreck lays 90 feet below water and has occupied that spot for the last 100 years.

It was first discovered in 1985 by scuba diver Paul Hepler, and has now become a massive interest for many historians as to just how this train, amongst many others, found its way so deep in the ocean.