Traveling can be an incredibly scary prospect, something that even the most hardened traveler may struggle with as they step on a plane to a completely new place, but that's why many people in the past have come up with various tips and tricks to help people get through their trip. However, some of these things never properly make it through the grapevine, only ever stopping at the people who spend most of their time traveling anyway. We don't think this is right, so this list is for anyone going away soon who wants to take a look at some of the best traveling tips they've probably never heard.

Okay, so we've pulled together a list of the best travel tips out there, facts about traveling that nobody will have ever told you before, but any hardened traveler will likely have heard of some of these before. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a look at some traveling facts together.

So, it's about time that all travelers take a look at these facts, these tips and these tricks, so that they're well aware of what they can expect next time they go traveling!

24 Bartenders Are Helpful

It's definitely a good idea to start up as many conversations as possible with locals, but it's always good to start with the bartenders.

These are the people who will know a lot about how to stay entertained in their area, which is what a lot of travelers need when they're in a new place.

They're also aware of the dangers that can be in the area, so they can let travelers know what or who to keep an eye out for when they're out and about!

23 Share your trip details with your family

Not only is it a good thing to keep in touch with people so that they don't worry about the traveler, but this way, if anything does go wrong they've got all the information they need.

Obviously, don't get too paranoid about it, but it's always good to bear it in mind.

Also, it's a good way for anyone that's feeling homesick to curb any of those feelings. That being said, be careful if phoning home to family or friends, it could end up turning a lovely trip into a night of tears!

22 Don't Be Afraid To Haggle

Part of this will come down to how much of the local language someone knows, but we think that everyone should haggle when they're abroad and out on the street. This will be impossible if people don't take on the most basic conversational language.

While there are certain people who will be having none of it from a traveler, a lot of street vendors will be aware that people are turning up to haggle with them.

Don't push back too far if people aren't interested, but we're sure that a lot of people selling will be willing to haggle with someone if they come to play!

21 It's Important To Take Local Currency

Getting money at the airport after landing can end up costing a traveler a lot of money, which is not how anybody wants to start off a holiday or trip across the world.

We suggest that people make sure they take some local currency on the flight with them.

This way they can go from landing, straight onto their personal adventure in a foreign land. They will be able to go straight out and grab themselves some food or catch a cab with no problems.

20  Travelers Will Share Information

Whether people have gone traveling for some solitude or not, they shouldn't spend the entire experience ignoring everyone else that's traveling. Sure, spend some time with the locals and spend some time alone, but other travelers are worth a look in to as well.

Sit and share experiences with travelers.

It's impossible to know who will be able to add something to someone's travels, so don't shy away from chatting with other travelers. That's the best way to go about these things, they may have learned a few not-to-dos that you can avoid.

19 Stay In A Hostel

One of the greatest ways to meet people and gain traveling empathy is to stay in a hostel, preferably in a public room where travelers can really get involved with other people.

Even if someone decides to take on a private room within a hostel, they can use the common areas to bump into other people and discuss the local area with them.

This feeling of camaraderie is important for local information, but also to keep travel fatigue from settling in. Fight away loneliness by spending time with other people who are on their own as well!

18 Going Out As Much As Possible Is Important

Depending on how good the accommodation is where someone chooses to stay, it might be pretty tempting to stay indoors and keep comfy. That being said, we don't think this is what people should be doing!

Get out and enjoy the area for as long as possible and as much as possible.

This is the best way to take in a different place, while also meeting new people and discovering something new. It's impossible to know what's out there till people step outside.

17 Street Food Is The Greatest!

We're sure that every traveler out there has heard some horror stories about street food, leaving people on the toilet instead of out on the streets where they should be. However, people shouldn't listen to these rumors.

Becoming ill isn't something that people should worry about.

Sure, we reckon it will happen at least once to any travelers out there, but it isn't necessarily going to come from just the street food. Be vigilant, but enjoy the local cuisine too!

16 Negotiate A Cab Fare!

Not only will some cab drivers take advantage of someone who is clearly foreign, it's also easy to get the destination wrong.

It's important to make sure that the cab driver is on the same wavelength before they set off. Make sure they know exactly where they're going and that they decide ahead of time how much it's going to cost.

This will save any shy travelers from having to shell out a lot of money and any abrasive travelers a fight with a cabbie!

15 Valuables Should Be Kept Close

Pretty much every single traveler knows this, but it's easy to forget that valuables can be snatched by someone if they're not kept close to the person. One of the best ways to ensure they're safe is to buy a money clip or something similar.

Always be checking whether or not the valuables are on your person and never get caught unaware by someone who is trying to steal. Don't get paranoid, just have a healthy understanding that there are thieves out there!

14 Bottled Water Is Your Friend

Another basic one, but one that many first-time travelers may forget. The local water can end up making people very sick if they're not used to it, so make sure that there's a bottle of water nearby at all times.

This will help stave off dehydration in hotter countries, while ensuring that any nasties in the local water system stay out of the body.

People need to make sure that they keep buying new bottles of water. It may cost more money, but in certain areas it is well worth it!

13 Learn The Language before you go!

Part of the reason that traveling is so enjoyable is because it forces people into uncomfortable situations, situations that they will never be in when they're at home. This is how people will end up learning.

One of the things that everyone should learn when they're traveling is the language spoken in the area you're visiting.

Not only is this good knowledge for anyone to have, but it will make sure that someone traveling will manage to keep up with the locals. We're not saying people have to learn everything, but at least pick up the conversational basics!

12  Leaving Immigration Without The Correct Stamp Is A Mistake

Okay, so this one is very important, so make sure that you remember it. When passing over a border and through immigration, it's important that everyone checks they get the right stamp with the right date. If this isn't done right, then a traveler can get in a lot of trouble.

If you're not sure whether or not something is correct, don't just leave. Pull someone aside or try and find someone who speaks English, asking them that everything is definitely in order before leaving.

11 Bring Ziploc Bags

Not only can these bags be used for food, but they also offer a waterproof sanctuary for anything that people want to keep dry while they're traversing a river or somewhere that sees a lot of rainfall.

They can also be used to house anything that could break open and affect any of your other items, such as suncream. Once these are bought, it will be worth looking into buying cable ties as well, as these can be used to group things together for easy access.

10 Sarongs Are Great

This is a rule for both men and women! Travelers would be fascinated to see how many ways a sarong can be used when you're somewhere with a lot of heat. For example, on a particularly hot night, the sarong can be soaked in cold water and then worn in bed to keep the body cool.

It also works as a bed sheet in a hostel or as a towel, either after a shower or on a beach.

Obviously, the main way it can be used is as a form of clothing, but it has so many other great uses you may have never even considered.

9 Always Be Polite

One thing that everyone has to bear in mind as they travel is that different cultures have different traditions, as well as different expectations of politeness. Places in the Western World are less interested in politeness, so people traveling away from these areas need to be careful.

Yes, that's right, we expect people to be a lot more polite when they're traveling.

We know this might not come easy to a lot of people, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't make the extra effort to accommodate the people that are actually local to these areas.

8 Pick The Right Season

While people will be well acquainted with what their own native land is like during certain seasons, it doesn't mean that it's the same around the world, so it's important that people research this online.

Not only that but there will be different times across the year when there are more people traveling to the same place, so if your travel is more about solo introspection, then it may be worth booking for a time when you'll be one of the only people there!

7 Buy from stores as well

We know we've already said that it's important to buy from local street vendors and take in the local cuisine, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't use any stores while they're traveling.

The thing about vendors and restaurants/bars is that they can end up costing a lot more money than other places.

For the main food that you'll be eating throughout your trip, as well as any drinks you may want, people should be visiting the nearby stores rather than relying on the more expensive places!

6 Do The Research

For a holiday to go well, for travelers not to end up disappointed, they need to do the right amount of research. Sure, we've already said that a lot of traveling is about taking on an adventure, but research is still important.

Have a look at the local customs, what's going on in the area during your visit, where the best places to stay are, and what you can expect to find down certain streets.

There will also be loads of travelers online talking about the area you're visiting and we suggest that people take a look at what they've got to say about it too, just to get an idea!

5 It's Impossible To See Everything

The first things that everyone needs to take on board once they land in a different country is that it's impossible to see everything that an area has to offer if there's only a certain amount of time to see it all. Moving somewhere is pretty much the only way to get around to everything!

If people are really set on seeing as much as possible, they can make a list and timetable before they land to sort out exactly where they want to go.

However, we would argue that the best way to travel is to wander and find things off the beaten path. People should be safe, but they should also be embracing adventure!