Over time, there have been numerous disappearances which occurred under unusual circumstances in a western region of the North Atlantic Ocean. Although planes and boats frequently go missing in areas of the ocean, the Bermuda Triangle contains strange disappearances which have perplexed scholars for decades. The region wasn't always named the "Bermuda Triangle" since the term was first used by Edward Van Winkle Jones in an article published in The Miami Herald on September 17, 1950. With much mystery surrounding this area, myths such as the presence of an underwater civilization need to be put to rest.

Arguably, the most famous plane disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was the belonging to Flight 19. Even the rescue plane which attempted to locate survivors disappeared. Scientists are unable to explain how many planes and boats went missing in this area. There is an abundance of theories and reasonable explanations, but with conspiracists conjuring new conspiracies all the time, we may never put to rest the enigma that is the Bermuda Triangle.

The claims of the Bermuda Triangle include alien abductions, black holes, and sea monsters. Christopher Columbus's journal suggests that a giant fireball appeared before his ship as he sailed to North America. These claims are false until proven. Here are 25 myths about the Bermuda Triangle that people still believe.

25 Myth: Underwater Pyramids Lie At The Seabed

Some theorists believe pyramids are lying on the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle. It is astonishing how pyramids can make their way into the discussion when dealing with the Bermuda Triangle. It's possible there are pyramids at the bottom of the ocean, but the likelihood is very low.

If a land mass with a pyramid resting on it plummeted into the sea, it would surely be turned into rubble.

Pyramids being built at the bottom of the ocean is highly improbable. Surely, it didn't happen in the last century, and ancient cultures did not possess technology that would allow them to build one. There are no pyramids; it's a myth.

24 Myth: The Bermuda Triangle Is A Time Machine

Albert Einstein found that time is an illusion and only relative to its environment. He also believed that travelling through time is possible, in theory. Our technology won't allow it since it requires hyper-speed.

There is a widespread belief on the internet that the Bermuda Triangle could be a time machine.

A time machine would explain disappearances and the bizarre nature of it including electrical storms. This assumption is purely speculative and has no merit. Could the Bermuda Triangle be a time machine? Anything is possible, but it is unlikely a time machine exists in the mystic Bermuda Triangle.

23 Myth: Megalodon Lies At The Bottom Of The Sea

The ancient creature named "Megalodon" has been discussed for ages. Its size was colossal, and unlike other folklore contained in this article, the Megalodon existed, and there are fossils to prove it. A Megalodon's tooth is about the size of a human's hand. A Megalodon weighed approximately 50-70 tons and it could be up to 50 feet long. 50 feet is 1/6th the length of a football field!

It is possible Megalodon still lives in the deepest waters of Earth. Life can thrive in Earth's deepest waters at more than 30,000 feet. Since the Bermuda Triangle has some of the deepest waters on Earth, Megalodon could be alive and be responsible for Bermuda's shipwrecks, but it's not very likely.

22 Myth: The RMS Titanic Sank in The Bermuda Triangle

A common misbelief suggests that the RMS Titanic, the British passenger liner that sank on April 14, 1912, sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. The Titanic sunk after being struck by an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

Had the RMS Titanic sunk in the Bermuda Triangle, it wouldn't have been found.

The Bermuda Triangle's waters are too deep, and most of it is far away from land. Director James Cameron made a spectacular drama/disaster film about the RMS Titanic's sinking. The cinematography was spectacular, and it is one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Still, the movie and the original wreck did not take place in the Bermuda Triangle.

21 Myth: Atlantis Was Swallowed By The Bermuda Triangle

It is hypothesized that an enormous land mass was swallowed by the sea centuries ago. Ancient maps suggest that Atlantis existed somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1669. How is it possible that such a large island vanished into thin air? Is it possible that whatever is causing the disappearances of planes and boats is causing entire isles to vanish?

The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle are perplexing.

It is highly probable that Atlantis was a land mass on Earth at one time. What happened to the people of Atlantis is a mystery, but to say that Bermuda swallowed it by some supernatural force remains a myth.

20 Myth: There Is A Higher Rate Of Missing People In The Bermuda Triangle Compared To Any Other Body Of Water

Despite the prevalent belief that the Bermuda Triangle contains more disappearances than any other body of water, it is only that, a belief, the facts prove otherwise. The Bermuda Triangle was the last known location of numerous disappearances which occurred under strange circumstances, yet the rate of missing people is about the same as any other ocean.

The Bermuda Triangle is mysterious because it causes compass issues and disappearances between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Methane gas eruptions could explain ship and plane disappearances. To say that more people go missing in the Bermuda Triangle than other places is a myth. It is likely the nature of the vanishments that makes the Bermuda Triangle so mysterious.

19 Myth: There Is Only One Bermuda Triangle

Not only is there a Bermuda Triangle located between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean, but there is also a place similar to the Bermuda Triangle located in the Pacific Ocean.

Between North America and Japan, a place called the "Pacific Bermuda Triangle" or "Devil's Sea" is a body of water that is host to a number of plane and ship disappearances.

Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Pacific Bermuda Triangle is considered to be paranormal as many unexplained events have occurred. Underwater volcanoes can explain many of the tragedies that have taken place in the Pacific Bermuda Triangle.

18 Myth: We Have Recorded Every Disappearance

Being able to record every disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle would help us understand this almost mystical location. The Bermuda Triangle has existed for centuries, and famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus sailed over this area. Given how many disappearances have taken place in this area, and continue to occur, it is almost certain that there were missing ships that we don't know about.

Plenty of ships have attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean, while aware of the dangers, and ultimately failed. Don't think that we have all the facts because we know so little about this arcane body of water.

17 Myth: The Bermuda Triangle Has Alien Technology At Its Bottom

Aliens would explain most of the phenomena that occur in the Bermuda Triangle, but is it not ludicrous to suggest that there is alien technology lying on the seabed? We would have spotted alien technology through satellite imaging, or the United States' submarines would have spotted it through Sonar.

Conspiracists claim that alien technology and an underwater alien base is to explain for missing people.

We can't deny the possibility of UFO sightings on Earth, but could super intelligent beings from a distant planet be the cause for more than 1,000 disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. For now, this theory is a myth.

16 Myth: There Is A Black Hole At Bottom

A black hole is a cosmic phenomenon that slows spacetime as objects approach it. Black holes are said to exist in the outer reaches of space, yet we know so little about them.

Since we know so little about black holes, it is possible one could exist in the Bermuda Triangle.

Once an object reaches a black hole's event horizon, there is no turning back, and they become sucked into it. Black holes have not been proven, and neither have most of the claims about the Bermuda Triangle. If a black hole existed on Earth, Earth would be sucked into the black hole.

15 Myth: The Bermuda Triangle Is A Small Region In The Atlantic Ocean

There is a widespread myth that says the Bermuda Triangle is a small area in the ocean where planes and ships go missing. Although it looks like a small area in comparison to the land around it, guess again because the Bermuda Triangle is 500,000- 1,000,000 square miles which means that it may take a few hours to fly a plane over it.

It's a vast region in the Atlantic Ocean. There would have been more investigations into this mysterious area if it was a small area. It's a long ocean region to cross, and it's also one of the deepest bodies of water in the world.

14 Myth: Christopher Columbus Saw A Giant Fireball Fall From The Sky Into The Ocean

The log of Christopher Columbus's journey to America was ordinary except for the fact that he and his crew spotted a fiery light flying from the sky and landing in the ocean and then coming back up, still ablaze. It was described as being like a fireball, but what makes this spotting seemingly impossible is that fire could not exist out at sea.

A comet could fall from the sky, but how did the fireball come back up, still on fire?

Some claim that a mystical fiery light moving up and down could be a UFO. After this sighting, Christopher Columbus and his crew went on to discover America. This claim is truly odd and will likely remain a mystery.

13 Myth: Each Plane And Boat Disappearance Has Been Explained

To say that most disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle can be explained and have been solved is not necessarily true. There have been explanations for missing planes and ships, but often, the circumstances are so outlandish that cases are left unexplained.

Flight 19 is one of the most famous examples of a group of planes that went missing. The subsequent rescue operation for Flight 19 was also a failure and a mystery. Pilots should ensure the weather is stable for their flight path before departing for the Bermuda Triangle. This region is full of surprises and should not be underestimated.

12 Myth: No Remains From Missing Planes And Ships Have Been Recovered

In the Bermuda Triangle, plane wreckage was found from a private plane that was carrying four people. Crews searched for survivors, but, ultimately, did not see any. The Bermuda Triangle is famous for disappearances, but because of how deep the ocean is, sunken ships and planes are rarely found.

A myth suggests that missing planes and boats are never discovered. This notion is not true since wreckage is sometimes found in the ocean or it washes ashore. We can probably rule out the possibility of a black hole since planes and boats would be sucked in forever. The ship wreckage and sunken planes that we have found do not indicate anything paranormal caused their sinking.

11 Myth: Navy Lieutenant Charles Taylor Was Rescued

Flight 19's team of five Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers mysteriously went missing while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Investigators never concluded as to why five planes went missing. Following these five planes' disappearances, a Martin PBM Mariner flying boat left Naval Air Station Banana River to search for Flight 19.

The rescue operation was a disaster and the  Martin PBM Mariner flying boat never returned. Lieutenant Charles Taylor was the only experienced pilot on Flight 19, so for him to crash over the Bermuda Triangle was highly improbable. A myth suggests that Navy Lieutenant Charles Taylor was rescued after his team went missing. The mysterious disappearance of fourteen airmen from five Avenger planes and thirteen airmen aboard a Mariner rescue plane is too strange.

10 Myth: The Bermuda Triangle Has Stable Weather

There is a reason why planes avoid the Bermuda Triangle. A large number of planes fly through this area, but it is avoided when possible. It's avoided because of the weather in the Bermuda Triangle. It can be unpredictable and is sometimes unsuitable for planes.

The consensus among experts is that the Bermuda Triangle is not a mystic area that causes ships and aircraft to vanish into thin air.

Scientists say disappearances are caused by erratic weather conditions such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Also, there is a significant amount of volcanic activity which could take down ships and impair the vision of pilots.

9 Myth: We Can Explain Its Strange Lights

Lights appearing in the Bermuda Triangle is difficult to explain since there is a lack of evidence. A series of blurry photos have emerged, and there have been a few witnesses, but as Neil Degrasse Tyson said,

"Eyewitness testimony is the lowest form of evidence in science."

Strange lights in the Bermuda Triangle could be almost anything. Solar flares, comets, and other cosmic events could create flashes in the sky. Even satellites can create lights. For people to jump to the conclusion that lights in the sky are paranormal does not make sense. Also, lights would not explain missing boats.

8 Myth: Planes Move Twice As Fast In The Bermuda Triangle

There is an abundance of bizarre claims from pilots flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Everything from spotting portals and mythical creatures in the Bermuda Triangle has been said. Planes moving more than twice as fast in the Bermuda Triangle is perhaps the most radical theory.

One pilot claimed to have flown across the Bermuda Triangle in 40 minutes when the flight was expected to last 90 minutes.

The pilot said that he was flying steady and hit a storm. His 90-minute flight turned into a 40-minute flight because he suddenly reached his destination. It's possible for wind to shorten flights, but it would be impossible shorten a trip by 40-minutes. There are also several variations of this story. One story said a pilot did a flight that was supposed to take a few hours in only 10 minutes!

7 Myth: There Is A Wormhole Somewhere In The Bermuda Triangle

A wormhole would explain some of the phenomena present at the Bermuda Triangle, but with so little knowledge about wormholes, its existence cannot be proven. For something to be considered science, there has to be evidence of it. There is no evidence of a wormhole lying in the Bermuda Triangle—or anywhere in the universe!

Unlike Astrology, Astronomy works in facts. A wormhole could exist in space. Is it possible that a wormhole lies in the Bermuda Triangle and is the cause of missing ships? Anything is possible, but for now, this theory has little merit and remains a myth.

6 Myth: It Contains An Underwater Area 51

How absurd is it to think that the Bermuda Triangle is the location of an underwater Area 51? Saying that there is a sunken Area 51 implies that there is a secret government base beneath the water. This base may contain classified government experiments and maybe aliens.

Why and how a base would be built underwater seems implausible.

Disappearances have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle for decades now, so why would a base that was recently constructed have anything to do with the Bermuda Triangle's mysteries. Whoever came up with this myth should prove Area 51's myths before associating it with the Bermuda Triangle.