The United States of America is a country that stands out in ways that truly differentiate it from the rest of the world. But a lot of those ways aren't so positive, to the point that even people living there aren't happy about it.

Despite being different, the US has a lot to offer. And sure, these eccentricities give the country charm and uniqueness that we all know them for. But a lot of it just doesn't make sense.

From odd spelling to a refusal to use the metric system to oddities that you'll find throughout the vast aisles of Walmart are a few things that definitely make them stand out.

There are quite a bit more, so without further ado, here are the 25 things about America that annoy us all.

25 Different Spelling

America certainly has a way with words, especially when it comes to spelling. The English language throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada all seem to be in sync when it comes to spelling words like colour, favourite, labour, rumour, travelling, counsellor... But the US is not on board.

24 Healthcare

Many of us from across the globe hear horror stories when it comes to healthcare in the United States where patients can receive bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The combination of administrative costs, pharmaceuticals, defensive medicine, outpatient treatments and the rising cost of services has a lot to do with it, says CNN.

23 Cost of Education

Getting a good education is extremely important today, where receiving an undergraduate diploma is a must in most jobs out there. However, we aren't too sure why those in the United States are paying so much! Education can be expensive, but many students are graduating with so much doubt that it's getting quite out of hand.

22 Portion Sizes

The United States is quite notorious for its massive portions and supersize options at most fast food establishments, and this is honestly a shock to many of us out there. According to The Guardian, large portions are creating large problems in the long run when it comes to the health of those living in America.

21 So Many Accents

According to Business Insider, there are as many as 12 distinct accents throughout the United States from a Texan accent to a New Jersey accent all the way to the Western American accent in states such as California, Oregon, and Washington.

20 Bleak Currency

The United States has a currency that is accepted in more countries than just the U.S, however, there is no bill out there that looks as bleak as U.S currency. According to First Things, the currency is so unattractive that it "acts as its own anti-counterfeit device", although that might be exaggerated, there is still some truth.

19 Football vs. Soccer

Next up on the list is the big debate between some of the biggest sports on Earth, soccer and football! Ask anyone outside of the United States what sport uses a soccer ball, and they won't be saying "soccer," but rather "football." Whereas in the United States, football is not the game that requires kicking a ball, but rather throwing it for a touchdown.

18 Tipping

Tipping is a must in the United States, and many servers rely on their tips as part of their wages. With that being said, many of us, particularly Europeans find tipping to be quite a foreign practice, as restaurants already add it onto the total of the bill, says CNT Traveler.

17 Eating Contests

According to National Geographic, the United States is home to the most eating contests worldwide, which usually consist of the most popular food choices of hot dogs, pies, chicken wings, and shellfish. In America, there are people who compete on a professional level and devote their lives to becoming professional competitive eaters.

16 Overbearing Pride

When it comes to patriotism and showing pride for your country, the United States sure takes the cake in that department. Although it may be something that not everyone is used to, it's not a bad thing by any means, however, it can be quite overwhelming.

15 Microwaving Water

This is one thing that we will not stand for! If you are from the United States it has become quite a normal practice, and that is microwaving water for tea, coffee or any hot beverage. In most countries across the world, kettles or stovetop boilers are used to heat up water, making the mere sight of a cup of water in the microwave quite atrocious.

14 Cost of Traveling Abroad

The cost to travel is never something that comes cheap, however, this is not the case in most places other than North America. Travelling within areas across Europe, Asia or South America can cost as little as a decent meal, however, trying to fly from the east coast of the United States to Europe, is a bit more than a decent meal.

13 Questionable Walmart Items

Although Walmart is not exclusive to the United States, there are certain items that can only be found in America. According to Business Insider, there are nearly 5,000 stores within the U.S, which calls for giant tubs of cheese puffs, heavy duty defence items, and aisles upon aisles of things you wouldn't even think twice about needing.

12 Wearing Shoes Inside

It is somewhat of a culturally accepted practice to wear shoes indoors or have "indoor shoes" in America. Although this might sound completely normal, this is not a commonly practiced thing in many places across the world.

11 Ranch On Everything

We get that dipping sauces can spice up your food or make them even better, however, the United States has such a love for ranch dressing that they will literally put it on everything! According to Thrillist, there have been cases in America where people love ranch dressing so much that they even eat with their cereal!

10 Driving Habits

In most places across Europe and Canada, there are strict driving laws that are nowhere near tolerated as much as in America. From blowing red lights, shredding the speed limit and texting behind the wheel, says the source, America has been receiving a lot of side-eye from different countries when it comes to driving.

9 No Added Tax

If there is one thing that many travellers find extremely annoying about visiting the United States, it's not knowing how much stuff costs. Price tags everywhere throughout Europe, South America and most of Asia include their VAT (Value Added Tax) on the price tag. But the United States leaves the VAT off the tags, making your total amount a surprise for everyone!

8 Fraternities & Sororities

Frats and sororities are quite the rave in America, however, it appears to be far more prevalent in the United States than anywhere else, and we've got some questions. These groups, often with Greek related names, represent schools all across the United States, and first developed in 1851, says Life In The USA. But what's the point behind these groups?

7 Deep Fried Everything

There is nothing wrong with some good 'ole fried food, however, it seems as if America just loves deep frying everything! According to, the United States is home to some of the most interesting food experiments ever, many of which include deep-fried Oreos, pickles and butter!

6 College Sports Obsession

America is undoubtedly sports-obsessed when it comes to professional sports, however, it goes far past major leagues, as they also love their college sports! According to BitEdge, college basketball, baseball, and football are far more popular than the NFL, NBA or MLB in many states!