• 25 Sweets We Can Only Find In The US (And 5 From Canada)

    While people go to the US for a lot of different reasons, something they enjoy once they get there is the opportunity to take in some of the local cuisine. They're known for being larger people, and this is down to the fact that they enjoy a lot of sweet treats we think! People who travel to the US therefore have the option to try out these sweet treats, and we want them to know which of them are the best, the ones that they can only get in the US!

    We wanted to take a look at some of the many sweets that the US has to offer, perhaps offering those from outside the US a chance to see what they should be heading for in the stores once they arrive. Not only that, but we'll then take a look at some of the Canuck candy that people struggle to get, not only in the US, but also around the rest of the world.

    So, are people ready to take a look at some of the best sweet treats that the US has to offer? We think it's important that everyone has a chance to try out these things while they're in the land of the free, so it's about time that we got started!

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    via: wired.com

    Anybody who has ever been to the US knows that the people there like to turn food into endurance, adding an element to food that some people really enjoy.

    Whether it's eating competitions or sweets like these, people want to prove they can deal with more than anyone else. We're not sure why, they just do!

    These are some of the most sour candies out there, a form of candy that people in the US love. Take a look on YouTube and you will find so many videos of people trying to eat so many of them at once.

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    Candy Corn
    via: thetakeout.com

    Believe it or not, but this candy is only usually seen in the US, and it is so well known that people often think of it whenever the concept of Halloween comes about.

    Obviously, the reason that this candy is called Candy Corn is down to how it looks, but it wasn't always called this! It was first released under the name Chicken Feed.

    Some people don't think too much of this candy, and don't think it tastes very well, but it has somehow made it big, famous to the point where it conjures up an entire season!

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    Red Vines
    via: adage.com

    This brand of red liquorice has become so famous that it is now a pop culture icon in the US. It's no surprise then that it's difficult to get outside of the US, as that popularity hasn't exactly spread to other places in the world.

    Many people choose to buy this when they go to the movies, as it makes no noise and is pretty light.

    Red Vines are always worth a look when inside the US, so grab some!

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    AirHeads - Maple flavor in Canada
    via: odyssey.com

    Yet another sweet that doesn't really fit into a single category, this soft taffy-like sweet is known for coming in various shapes and sizes, with this image showing off the AirHeads bites.

    AirHeads are also known for coming in a very wide variety of flavors, even having a maple flavor that's only available in Canada!

    For anybody travelling to the US, we think it's important that they take a look at the various flavors on offer in the form of AirHeads!

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    Tootsie Roll
    via: wikipedia.org

    No matter what food people come up with, it seems that it's not good enough for the people in the US, as they always want to add to it or throw things together.

    This thing might taste like chocolate, but it has the consistency of either taffy or soft caramel.

    We reckon that when somebody first came up with this candy, nobody could really understand what they were going on about, but it turns out that everyone loves it.

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    Toxic Waste
    via: wordpress.com

    Here is another look at the way the people of the US have decided to turn candy into an endurance test. Not only are these candies incredibly sour, but some of them don't even taste nice.

    Seriously, there's a dark colored sweet that will make the hardest person out there wince.

    It is so sour, we don't think there's any chance that people enjoy the taste of it, but then people don't buy them to enjoy them, but to prove that they handle them!

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    Swedish Fish
    via: sweetcitycandy.com

    We know it's weird that a candy with this name would be known for being sold in the US, but that's just how it is! They were actually made by a Swedish company to be sold in the US.

    They're a softer candy, chewy and sweet, offering a more relaxed sweet experience than most of the candy we've talked about at this point!

    Unlike a lot of the candy on this list, that can be bought at numerous places in the US, this candy is often only sold in speciality shops that sell a lot of different candy by the ounce.

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    Mike And Ike
    via: enacademic.com

    One thing that a lot of people know about this candy is that nobody is too sure where the origin of the name comes from, with a lot of people coming up with numerous theories, both in real life and across the internet.

    When they were first released, they only came in a variety of fruity flavors, but this changed as time went by. 

    They added flavors such as Cherry Cola and Buttered Popcorn, as well as throwing in a sour mix for the people who want more to their candy than a little fruity flavor!

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    Life Savers
    via: truetreatscandy.com

    Named after their visual similarity to Life Savers, these sweets are rather similar to a mint that can be bought in other areas of the world called a Polo.

    Believe it or not, but these sweets were originally created as they offered a candy to people that they could take out with them in the summer that would manage to withstand the heat much better than chocolate!

    Now, people can enjoy them in fruit flavors and in mint, but we suggest that people go for the fruit flavors because they have a lot more variety.

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    Now And Later
    via hiveminer.com

    Similar in fashion to another sweet that can be had around the world called Starburst, this is a taffy like candy that people can chew on for a very long time.

    The name suggests that whoever chooses to buy this candy should have some of the squares straight away before saving some in the packet for later.

    Now And Later offer people the chance to enjoy this soft candy in nineteen different flavors

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    Sour Sloths
    via: blogspot.com

    As opposed to the other sour candy that we've talked about up until this point, these are actually quite sweet and sugary as well.

    These aren't about endurance, they're just about having a nice fruity time, a sour but sugary opportunity, which are really enjoyable to eat!

    The fact that they're shaped like sloths is just for a bit of fun, but we know that it's nice to have fun with food from time to time, right?!

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    Laffy Taffy
    via: wikipedia.org

    Its true that forms of taffy exist in other parts of the world, but the US is the only place where people can really get a hold o this type of taffy, the harder stuff that can be really difficult to get through and is a real mix between candy and gum.

    Other places, such as the UK, have sweets that have the soft consistency of taffy, but they don't offer the same sort of endurance test that can be found in the US. If you find yourself there, this is definitely something you should try out.

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    Sunkist Sours
    via: ohnuts.com

    This is one of those candies that tries to convince us that we're actually eating something for us that is pretty good. Even though we all know this isn't true, we don't think there's any problem with this sort of lie, this placebo effect making us believe that this little sour treat is actually full of vitamin C and good for us.

    We all know that candy isn't good for us at this point, so there's nothing wrong with a bit of lie about something this small, right?

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    Brain blasterz
    via: wordpress.com

    Okay, so we promise this is the last treat that is all about being as sour as physically possible. We don't want to harp on about it, but we really have left the most sour for last right here.

    There is nobody out there that actually enjoys these candies, not even children. They're all about seeing how much somebody can take.

    Take a look on YouTube to see just how many people want to prove that can take more sour than anybody else out there. It's actually a genius marketing strategy in a way!

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    via: businessinsider.com

    Dots are a gum drop that come in many different flavors, filling in that niche that is not taffy but isn't really a hard sweet either!

    One of the great things about this candy is that they're vegan, kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, and peanut-free.

    There aren't many companies that are willing to go to this level to make sure everyone can enjoy their product, so we salute that. The company claims that Dots have now become the number one best-selling candy in the US, which is a pretty amazing thing if it's true!

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    Fluffy Stuff
    via lindsayannbakes.com

    Despite the fact that this was once the sort of thing that people could only get at circuses or special events, somebody decided they would package it so that we can all enjoy it at home!

    If the US is about one thing, it is choice, so it's good to know that there are companies out there that will take this seriously.

    If people want to be able to buy packaged candy floss that they can then take home to enjoy in front of the television, then somebody should be out there selling that option!

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    Jolly Ranchers
    via: candyfavorites.com

    These hard boiled sweets made their way to different areas of the world for a long time, but they were then taken away, now only sold within the US area.

    For anybody that used to live in a country that once sold them, a visit to the US will be a good excuse to buy a packet or two and go back in time, suck on some fruit flavored nostalgia, and maybe get enough to take some back to their own country where they're no longer allowed to enjoy them!

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    via: partycity.com

    Another look at the way that people in the US are constantly trying to change their foods and snacks, this isn't just a sweet or some bubble gum, it actually works at both.

    People who live outside of the US will have never seen anything like this, and while it's not exactly the most amazing thing on US soil, we bet that pretty much everyone visiting the US will find this odd sweet that slowly turns into bubble gum to be quite the oddity!

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    via: peanutbutterandpeppers.com

    The reason that this chocolate candy bar is doing so well in the US because of the marketing surrounding it, such as having some pretty memorable spokespeople appear in their advertising, such as Bart Simpson of all people!

    Not only that, but they've paid big money to get proper writers in to make people genuinely laugh while taking a look at their commercials. That is how people get the name of something like this stuck in their head! We say go for it.

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    Hershey's Kisses
    via: time.com

    More than anything, these things are known for their fairly distinctive shape, so even people who aren't from the US will know what they look like.

    This will be enough to make them want to go and try them we think. They need to grab a bag of these.

    Customers will have to remove foil from each of the little teardrop chocolate bites, which they may not be used to if they don't live in the US, but it's all part of the experience! Savour that slow removal and enjoy the chocolate once you've got it in your mouth.

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    Bubble Yum
    via: imgur.com

    Believe it or not, but this was actually the first soft bubble gum product to be created, all the way back in 1875, so it must have been quite the big deal back then compared to now.

    Even though there are loads of different types of bubblegum out now at this point, we think that everyone from the US should take their time out to have a taste of some bubblegum history!

    There was a rumor that started to spread two years after it was first released that the soft texture of the bubblegum was created by adding spider's eggs, which obviously isn't true!

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    E.Frutti Candy Hot Dogs
    via: candymachines.com

    We all know at this point that the people of the US like their food, so it's no surprise that they would end up creating candy that looks like another type of food. When we think about it, it's actually pretty smart.

    Not only does this candy taste nice, it also has a bit of a novelty effect, allowing people to have a bit of fun with their food!

    This is definitely something that is meant to be bought for children, but we don't think there's anything wrong with someone buying themselves some as a treat when they visit the country.

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    via: blogspot.com

    Okay, we'll admit now that this one is a bit of a cheat, as it actually started as a candy in Japan before it was then released in the US as well, so it's only found in either of those countries, not just the US.

    However, more people are likely to visit the US than they are Japan, so we think it's okay to keep it on this list.

    Not only that, but it's pretty delicious, so if anybody is looking for a sweet snack while they travel through the US, we suggest they buy some of these while they still have the chance.

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    Sour Jacks
    via: candy.com

    Another sour treat that is actually about enjoyment rather than endurance, Sour Jacks come in a variety of fruity flavors with a sour tang to them.

    It's easy to see by this image that they also have a lot of sugar on them, meaning they're a wonderfully sweet treat for anybody that wants bit of a kick to their candy.

    We suggest the Watermelon version over any of the others, but they also come in Lemonade, Wildberry, and Green Apple. The apple flavor is definitely our second favorite after watermelon!

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    Peanut M&Ms
    via: parade.com

    While M&Ms may exist across the world, there are some forms of the hard shelled candy that can usually only be found in the US, such as Peanut Butter M&Ms!

    The reason that we're including these on the list, it because we think that everyone should try Peanut Butter M&Ms at some point in their lives, because they're an amazing candy.

    Peanut M&Ms and Crispy M&Ms are sold in various areas, but for some reason the US has decided that only they like the peanut butter variety, even though they're easily the best version!

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    Only In Canada: Caramilk
    via: howtoadult.com

    These are more chocolate than candy, but they have a sweeter taste than chocolate, hence the name Caramilk. It has also come in various other flavors throughout its production history, usually only as a promotional measure.

    If people search long enough on the internet or while they visit Canada, they may be able to find the more exciting flavors, such as maple syrup, cappuccino, and covered in dark chocolate as well.

    However you're able to find it, we think that this one is well worth a look during a visit to Canada, just to try something new!

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    Only in Canada: Coffee Crisp
    via: junkfoodbetty.com

    For any people visiting from countries that enjoy a nice cup of tea, this is the treat that will make you the most homesick!

    This chocolate bar/biscuit is filled with vanilla wafers, layered on top of each other, offering a soft crunch with every single bite.

    As we've said, it's also perfect for dipping into a nice warm drink, but it doesn't have to be tea! Why not go with the local culture and dip one into a nice cup of coffee instead? That is how you will make it truly Canuck.

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  • 3 / 30
    Only in Canada: Big Turk
    via: moirasanders.com

    We can understand why this sweet treat isn't sold in the US, as it is Turkish Delight covered in chocolate, and not everyone enjoys Turkish Delight!

    It can be quite an acquired taste, but anyone from the US that is sick of the super similar sugary treats that they've left behind them while they're in Canada should pick one of these up and see what they think.

    A lot of other places in the world have Turkish Delight, so the Big Turk probably won't be that much of a surprise to them, but again, it's a nice way to think about home.

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  • 2 / 30
    Only in canada: Sweet Marie
    via: theglobeandmail.com

    One of the reasons that we think any tourist should pick one of these up if they find themselves in Canada is because they're not for being quite big, so they're worth a look for this novelty alone.

    Not only does it offer the chance to enjoy chocolate and peanuts, but it is also has a center that is completely filled to the brim with soft nougat.

    If that description alone doesn't have people ordering their plane tickets, then we don't know what sort of sweet treat will do if we're being completely honest.

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    Only in Canada: Mr Big
    via: flickr.com

    Yet another candy bar that highlights just how big Canada like their sweet treats, coming in at a whopping eight inches long!

    This is the best treat on the list to share with somebody, as it offers enough to be enjoyed by two people.

    Obviously, the candy bar gets its name from the size, so we don't think anybody should be making a visit to Canada without trying one of these, as they won't be finding a single candy bar that's as big as this one!

    Sources: Narcity; AmericanSweets

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