A vacation to one of the many Disney parks around the world can be one of the most magical trips you will ever take. You can meet your favorite characters, immerse yourself in the movies, and go back to being a kid for a few days. Whether you go with a big group of friends or your kids, traveling to Disney is an experience you won't soon forget. However, just like any vacation destination, there are rules you have to follow in order to have the safest and enjoyable visit possible.

Not many people know this, but Disney parks actually do have codes of conduct for their guests. These rules are put in place to keep you and other visitors safe. There are some things on this list, though, that isn't in the rules. They are just common sense! While avoiding doing some of these things might seem annoying or inconvenient for you, remember that it's for your own good. From following the dress code to being respectful of others, being a polite park guest is best for everyone involved. Keep reading for 25 things you should never, ever do when you are in a Disney park!

25 25. Yell At Cast Members

I get it. You are hot, tired, and over-stimulated. You've had to wait in long lines all day long and fight crowds while trying to calm down your screaming kids. However, none of these are a good excuse to yell at Disney cast members.

Disney is amazing at customer service and each employee tries their hardest to make your experience as magical as it can be.

So when a ride breaks down or they run out of a food item at a restaurant, don't take it out on them. They are doing their best! Show respect and you'll get the same in return.

24 24. Cut In Line

The lines at Disney parks are long. That's just a fact of the experience. You will wait in lines for food, rides, and even to get into the park.

It's annoying but everyone else who is there with you has to do the same! That's why cutting in line is a big no-no.

Why should you get special privilege when everyone else is just as annoyed and tired of standing as you are? If being respectful of other guests isn't enough of an incentive, know that if you get caught cutting in line, you can be ejected from the park by Disney security.

23 23. Get Dehydrated

Orlando is known for its crazy heat and humidity. It is so hot and sticky most of the year that you will definitely sweat a lot. For that reason, staying hydrated is a must! Add in lots of salty foods and walking and you could have a recipe for disaster. Bring a refillable water bottle to use at the fountains to stay healthy. You can also go into any quick service (fast food) location in the Disney parks and they will give you a cup of ice water completely free of charge. Having fun is no reason to put your health on the line!

22 22. Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

As I mentioned before, a Disney parks vacation requires a lot of walking. Each park covers multiple acres, meaning you will get in way more than your required step count each day. That is why wearing your most comfortable pair of shoes is an absolute must.

While you might be tempted to pack those cute sandals or shoes that match your Disney outfit, choose comfort over style.

No one will be looking at your feet anyway! To avoid blisters, sore feet, and even leg problems, go for shoes that are supportive and cushioned that you can wear all day long.

21 21. Visit During Peak Season

Disney's peak seasons are busy for a reason. They are usually during school breaks (making it ideal for families with kids) or holidays when the parks put on special events. Both of these make them appealing times to visit but if you're flexible with your travel, visit another time of year. Sure, you might miss out on things like Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and some rides may be under renovations. But I assure you that the cheaper prices and shorter lines are so worth it! During off-seasons you can truly enjoy the magic of the parks instead of just fighting crowds.

20 20. Use Swear Words

This next entry may be hard for some of you grown-ups out there. Swearing might be part of your everyday language, but it has no place in the Disney parks.

Even if Goofy steps on your toes during a photo op or you just miss the big parade, keep your mouth shut!

There are little ears all around and cursing takes away a little bit of the magic. Avoiding profanity and other offensive language and behavior is actually in the official Disney parks rules, so be extra cautious with what you say while you are there.

19 19. Litter

Littering is not a cool thing to do no matter where you are. When you are at a Disney park, however, it's extra rude. Disney tries super hard to keep trash in check and even makes their cast members pick up garbage whenever they see it on the ground. Try to make their jobs a little easier and put your rubbish in the trash can where it belongs rather than just dropping it wherever you stand. Set a good example for the little ones around you by doing your part to keep the parks a fantasy land.

18 18. Show PDA

Showing public displays of affection with your partner at Disney can be cute. Maybe you just got engaged in front of the castle and share a kiss. Or perhaps you are there for your honeymoon and want to snuggle during the fireworks.

A little PDA in the parks is ok, but keep it in check. No one wants their small child to see you sloppily making out or grabbing each other while in line for It's A Small World.

As a general rule, save the lovey-dovey stuff for your hotel room and stick to holding hands while in the parks.

17 17. Not Stay Behind The Yellow Lines

Staying behind the yellow line, rope, or chain is a big part of the Disney parks experience. Whether you are waiting to board a ride, hop on a resort bus, or watch a parade go by, there will be barriers you cannot cross. While this might seem annoying at first, realize that these barriers are put up for your own safety. Cast members would rather you not get run over by a parade float or get your foot smushed in the roller coaster tracks when the next car pulls up. Stay where you're supposed to be and you'll have a magical time!

16 16. Go Into Restricted Areas

Similar to not crossing yellow lines and other barriers, Disney parks guests should avoid going into restricted areas. You will see many doors and walls around Disney that say "Cast Members Only." That is not an invitation for you to snoop!

This is where Disney employees go to leave for the day, take their breaks, or move around the parks quickly. It would take away all the magic if you saw those backstage areas!

Plus you don't want to get in trouble with security and risk being booted from the park, so stick to the fun areas that are designed for guests to enjoy.

15 15. Climb On Things

I'm not sure why some kids (and adults) can't seem to understand this, but don’t climb on things! Especially in the Disney parks! Whether it's a wall, a statue, or the giant pyramid in Epcot's Mexico pavilion, stay off of them. Disney works hard to keep their parks looking nice and climbing all over stuff makes them look worn. Plus if you fall and hurt yourself, your magical vacation won't be so fun anymore. Keep your feet on the ground and enjoy the numerous real attractions instead. If you're a parent, be sure to enforce this with your kids, too!

14 14. Jump Over Line-up Chains

For some reason, people often want to take the route to somewhere that makes the least sense. For example, if you are in a line at a Disney park with more chains than needed, why would your first thought be to step or jump over them?

To move up to the end of the line faster, either walk through all the queues or simply unhook the chains to get by. It's that easy!

You might think you're nimble enough to jump over but when your foot gets caught and you fall and break your nose, you'll feel like a real fool.

13 13. Use Flash Photography On Rides

On Disney dark rides like The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a rule read to you at the beginning that says no flash photography. So follow this rule! It's fine if you want to snap some photos for your memory book but keep the flash off. This ruins the illusion that Disney is trying to create by revealing the mechanics and other background stuff. The flash could also blind a performer if you are at a live show or even set off medical conditions for other guests. No vacation picture is worth all of that!

12 12. Smoke Outside Designated Spots

According to the official Disney parks rules, using cigarettes and other tobacco products is not allowed outside of designated areas. There are many reasons for this. First, seeing someone puffing away sort of ruins the magical atmosphere. Smokers also tend to throw their cigarette butts on the ground, which causes ugly litter. Some guests may be allergic to smoke or have other health problems that could be triggered or affected by your smoking. If you absolutely must use tobacco while in a Disney park, stick to the specified areas to ensure that other guests get to enjoy their vacation, too.

11 11. Get Too Drunk

When Walt Disney first opened Disneyland in the 50s, he wanted to have completely dry parks. In recent years, however, Disney parks have started serving alcoholic beverages.

While drinking is a fun way to relax after a busy park day or to try booze from around the world, be sure to enjoy it responsibly.

There is nothing that can ruin a kid's fairytale day like a drunk person yelling and stumbling around in front of them. If you are visibly drunk and rowdy, you can even get booted from the park. Stick to just one or two drinks and you're golden.

10 10. Try To Do Everything

The Disney parks are chock full of fun things to do. The rides, the shows, the restaurants, the water parks, the character meet-and-greets! If you don't plan on visiting Disney often, you may feel pressured to fit every single activity in during your trip in order to get your money's worth. I'm here to tell you, though, that your peace of mind is worth more than any Disney ticket. Whether you are traveling with kids or adults, being overly exhausted in order to ride every ride isn't fun at all. Choose your must do's and save the rest for next time.

9 9. Sleep In Late

While you don't want to exhaust yourself, you also don't want to go too far in the other direction. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but Disney is no place to sleep the day away! Oftentimes you can walk right onto very popular rides if you get to the parks right when they open. If you stay at a Disney resort hotel, you can even get in an hour early or stay an hour later than other guests to give you a leg up. Set your alarm, grab some Mickey waffles for breakfast, and start having fun bright and early!

8 8. Ignore Your Kids

No matter what age you are, the Disney parks will fill you with wonder. That doesn't give parents an excuse for not watching their kids, though. Disney is usually quite crowded, making it easy to get separated from your family. So keep your little ones close! In the same vein, don't stop parenting your children just because you're tired. Parents who allow their kids to scream, climb, and run amok while at Disney are the worst. Yes, Disney parks are a place for them to have fun but it shouldn't be at the expense of other guests' enjoyment.

7 7. Violate The Dress Code

Many guests don't realize it, but Disney parks actually have a pretty strict dress code for visitors. For instance, guests over 14 years old can't wear masks or costumes unless they are there for special events like Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Clothing with lots of tears or that show excessive amounts of skin also aren't allowed. If you have a lot of tattoos, be cautious.

The official dress code forbids "objectionable tattoos," which Disney security can define at will. Err on the side of caution and cover up your ink to avoid any problems when entering the parks.

6 6. Rely On Selfies

Taking a Disney selfie with your travel companions might seem like the fastest and easiest way to get your photos. But did you know you can your picture taken by professional park photographers for free? Disney places photographers around the parks in classic photo op spots like in front of the castle and Epcot's Spaceship Earth. Disney wants you to pay for a photo package, but they will take a picture with your phone or camera if you ask! In fact, selfie sticks have now been banned from Disney parks, making selfies an even less reliable way to capture your vacation!