A supersized food is much larger than its average counterpart. World-class chefs are continually finding ways to "wow" their customers. "Everything is bigger in Texas," according to the famous expression. There are also supersized foods in states such as Florida, California, New Jersey, Arizona, Washington, and Missouri. Let's tour across the United States to see its gigantic foods.

Many of the foods contained on this listicle are part of food challenges. There are restaurants across the United States that give free meals, a spot on a wall of fame, and prizes that are just as ridiculous as the meal. They are so large that they may not be able to fit on an ordinary table. Ginormous foods can attract customers who are willing to pay top-dollar to fill their deep bellies. You'll need either a large group or an endless stomach to finish most of these foods.

Including a 50-pound burger, a 12-inch hot dog eaten by David Hasselhoff, an oversized sundae served in a kitchen sink, and an OOmg burger with 15 beef patties, these menu items are among the most massive in the United States. These are 25 supersized food only found in the U.S. that you can't miss!

25 54-Inch Pizza At Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria

Big Mama and Papa at Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria were not playing around when they decided to bake this enormous 54-inch pizza. They named the 54-inch pizza "The Giant Sicilian." Don't expect to receive this pizza in under an hour like most other pizza deliveries since they require 24-hour notice.

Astonishingly, The Giant Sicilian is a Guinness World Record Holder.

More photos of The Giant Sicilian can be found on the pizzeria's website at bigmamaspizza.com. If you merely want to order the pizza with sauce and cheese, you'll have to pay $299.99. However, to add a topping costs $20!

24 The Simpsons Donut At Universal Studios "Mmm, donuts"

This giant The Simpsons donut can be purchased at Universal Studios in California. There are several types of giant donuts available in The Simpsons themed area of Universal Studios. The movie poster of 2007's The Simpsons Movie shows Homer eating a pink donut covered in sprinkles.

The iconic pink donut covered in sprinkles can also be eaten at Universal Studios.

This young visitor got a bigger donut than she expected judging by her expression. Donuts can be purchased in the Lard Lad Donuts donut shop in The Simpsons themed area. You can also get a Flaming Moes from Moes Tavern or a Duff Beer to enjoy with this donut.

23 Pink's Hot Dogs

At Pink's Hot Dogs, lineups can reach down the street because locals frequent the establishment. Pink’s Hot Dogs is a delightful destination in Los Angeles, California. Their enormous weiners covered in copious toppings includes a 9-inch Stretch Chili Dog and a 12-inch jalapeno dog named the "El Cucuy Dog".

Most importantly, these weiners are delicious. The hot dog joint has an average review of 3.5 stars out of 6752 reviews on yelp.ca. David Hasselhoff enjoys hot dogs just like everyone else. His visit must have been planned since they made a banner saying "Pink's WELCOMES DAVID HASSELHOFF!" He seems to be enjoying that hot dog.

22 50-Pound Mount Olympus Burger

The 50-pound Mount Olympus Burger is not built for a man, but for a godly appetite. How many slices of tomatoes could fit in this mega-sized burger?

Mt. Olympus restaurant, located in New Jersey, is confident their burger is too big for a single person.

They offer a challenge. If five people can finish the 50-pound Mount Olympus Burger in under 3 hours, the diner will give you $1,000. If that wasn't enough, the diner also has a 105-pound cheeseburger called "The 8th Wonder." Finish the 105-pound burger costing $411.25, with a maximum of ten people in under an hour, and you'll receive $5,000.

21 Two-Pound Donut

Enjoying a two-pound donut is undoubtedly an appropriate way to enjoy a mid-day break. Round Rock Donuts is a restaurant known for baking unusually big donuts.

For a donut larger than the average, you'll want to get their Texas-sized donut.

At Round Rock Donuts, you can grab a dozen donuts for $7.98 or a single massive donut for $7.98. Could this giant donut be the size of a dozen donuts? Customers say Round Rock's donuts are unlike any donuts they've had before. Even with a gutsy bite of this donut, this man barely made a difference in this donut's size.

20 Pho Garden San Francisco, California

Pho is a popular dish served in Asia and other parts of the world. It's a Vietnamese dish containing rice noodles, broth, and various meats. The chefs at Pho Garden San Fransisco, California decided this bowl was an adequate size for one of their dishes.

Most individuals who order this bowl of pho do not finish the bowl in one sitting.

Yelp user Sascha O. said, "I don't know who these ppl are. They just wanted to take a photo with me and the noodles. Anyone who can stomach this massive bowl of pho gets the meal courtesy of the restaurant.

19 Fat Sal's Challenge

There are guides on the internet, such as the one found on thrillist.com, that provide tips on how to conquer Fat Sal's Challenge. Among the contents of Fat Sal's most crazy sandwich ever is a 27-inch bread covered in copious amounts of garlic butter, onion rings, bacon, cheeseburger, cheesesteak, pastrami, and mozzarella sticks.

This meal could be shared between five people, judging by its size.

Anyone who can finish Fat Sal's absurd sandwich creation will get the sandwich free of charge. Fail the challenge, and you'll have to pay $50. A decent value considering the amount of meat atop the bread.

18 The Ultimate Destroyer

The Ultimate Destroyer sandwich was designed to be aerodynamic for its trip to your table. You'll need plenty of time to devour this footlong with half a pound of meat consisting of sausage, hamburger, and hickory-smoked brisket. Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que is found in Kansas State in the United States.

With a side of fries and a spicy pepper, few will be able to finish this enormous sandwich that costs around $58. Yes, a footlong at subway is not challenging to eat, but this footlong sandwich contains layers of sandwiches and half a pound of meat.

17 6-Foot Giant Sub At Subway

Yes, Subway does make subs longer than a foot long. Subway has a catering menu on their website which offers sub platters and giant subs. Giant subs 6-feet in length can be purchased by calling Subway. Subway is now a fast food restaurant with the most locations in the world.

A giant sub makes for a neat gimmick during a birthday party or for when you have friends over during a movie night.

A groom was so in love with Subway that he requested a 6-foot sub to be delivered to his wedding. Anyone who can eat a 6-foot sub would have to be inhuman. A 6-foot sub from Subway is meant to be served to 20-25 people. Subs that are this massive can cost over $100.

16 26-Pound Party Gummy Bear

It's the ultimate gummy bear of every kid's dreams. Guess how many calories are in this gummy treat! The 26-pound gummy bear, which is sold online on vat19.com, is 32-000 calories. The purpose of the 26-pound gummy bear is mostly to be served at parties and fun events. It would be awkward to see this bear served at an uncle's funeral.

This gummy bear is specially shaped so a bowl can sit on its belly. Punch and other snacks can be served in the gummy bear's bowl. It is aesthetically appealing and is a scrumptious treat. The 26-pound gummy bear is served online and is handmade in the United States.

15 The Zellagabetsky

Arby's excessive folded meat looks tiny compared to this beast of a sandwich. The sandwich is so large that its beginning to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The enormous Zellagabetsky sandwich is found at Kenny and Ziggy's New York Delicatessen. Shaquille O'Neill once came to Kenny and Ziggy's with the intention of eating this the Zellagabetsky; he ate two in one sitting!

The sandwich contains oodles of meat consisting of pastrami, turkey, roast beef, salami, tongue, swiss cheese, and corned beef. There is rye bread between each layer and a ton of Russian dressing. Please don't attempt to eat this sandwich!

14 Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Disney World

The restaurant has a western theme, so while your dining and eating giant plates of nachos, you'll feel as if your dining in the wild, wild west. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is located in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World.

It's not the first time we've seen oversized foods in a Disney theme park.

Even if you don't want to eat an enormous dish of nachos, you can find other foods to enjoy at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn such as a 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger, a Fajita Platter, Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and a Southwest Salad with Chicken. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn is one of the numerous restaurants in Disney World that needs to be visited.

13 72-Ounce Steak At The Big Texan Steak Ranch & Brewery

A 72-ounce steak at the Big Texan Steak Ranch and Brewery is enough to meat to feed a small village. This ginormous steak is nearly five times as many ounces as a leather football. The restaurant owner opened the Big Texan Steak Ranch & Brewery in 1960. He soon realized that customers were coming to his place for huge Texan-sized steaks.

One day, the restaurant put a few tables together and held a contest between a few cowboys. It was a $5 entry fee to participate in a contest to see who can eat the most steaks. The winner of the contest ate 72 ounces of steak! From that day on, anyone who came to the Big Texan Ranch and could eat a 72-ounce steak would get their dinner free.

12 Hill Of Spaghetti Challenge

Mama’s On The Hill’s spaghetti challenge is a huge bowl of spaghetti combined with a lovely meatball on top. The enormous bowl of spaghetti and a giant meatball is covered in marinara and parmesan cheese.

You'll have to try their giant bowl of spaghetti when visiting Mama's On The Hill in the State of Missouri.

It is a giant hill of spaghetti. Hopefully, some couples head to this restaurant and can find a nearby alleyway to enjoy this bowl during a romantic candle-lit dinner—just like from the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp. This Italian dish is probably the most delicious meal on this page.

11 Shelby’s Kitchen and Deli 2-Foot Pancake

Yes, there are a bunch of eggs, toast, hash browns, and two pounds of bacon on this plate. Try to see past this plate's extras you'll see a 2-foot (24-inch) pancake. Shelby's kitchen and Deli is famous around Florida of the United States since it serves a bunch of oversized foods such as a colossal 26-inch hot dog with fries.

Those who value quantity over quality shouldn't have an issue dining at Shelby’s Kitchen and Deli.

A location could attract business by having unusual food such as the pancake in this photo. Although the difficulty of an enormous pancake is lower than other foods on this listicle, they'll need a huge grill to make this pancake.

10 7-Pound Monster Roll At Deli Sushi & Dessert

Whenever a meal weighs more than a pound, it can be challenging to finish. This 7-pound monster roll found at the Deli Sushi & Dessert would be too much for one person. You'd probably need a family of four to eat this dish. Look at how the monster sushi roll extends across the table.

One person could finish this entire roll, but why would someone want to ingest so much raw fish? YouTube user ErikTheElectric finished the roll in under 15 minutes. You'll be seasick with a bucket after consuming a 7-pound Monster Roll at Deli Sushi & Desert.

9 Giant Ribs And Beef Brisket

More meat, more meat, and more meat can be found at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, Arizona. Resembling a Korean BBQ, there is a wide variety of meat served on this platter. Not only is the meat juicy and fresh, but it comes with a ton of pickles.

Crust seasoned with spices sit around meats that are beyond juicy.

People who dined at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, Arizona complimented the restaurant for their friendly employees and atmosphere. Employees routinely come by and ask how your meats are. Oh my, are these ribs crusty and supersized! The amount of flavor is enough for at least two people with big appetites.

8 Beth's Cafe 12-Egg Omelet

Dwayne "The Rock" Johson revealed that he consumes a dozen eggs a day, including two eggs in the morning and a ten-egg omelet (made of egg whites) at night. This meal would fit into the diet of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and only a handful of other human beings on planet Earth. Beth's Cafe of Seattle, Washington serves one of the most massive omelets at any restaurant.

Visit this cafe when traveling through Seattle, Washington as it is a revered destination.

Beth's Cafe was featured on an episode of Man v. Food, which airs on the Travel Channel. Alongside hashbrowns and toast, how could anyone finish this enormous meal?

7 N.C. State Farmers Market Giant Watermelon

Giant foods contained in America aren't always human-made but can be naturally grown. It is unknown if the use of steroids was present for the growing of this watermelon, but it is safe to assume it was.

This giant watermelon won the state fair at a North Carolina farmers market.

Judging by the size of the second-place contestant, we're guessing there were several enormous watermelons at this farmers market. Based on the dark green patterns, we'd say these watermelons are ripe for eating. You'll need help to finish this watermelon. Get your spoon ready (or maybe a ladle).

6 Big Idaho Potato

Idaho is internationally recognized for their top-quality potatoes. The type of soil and clean air among other factors make Idaho potatoes near perfect. This enormous potato sits on a flatbed truck for Meals On Wheels. It is part of the Famous Idaho Potato Tour.

This truck can be seen riding across the country. The approximate weight of the truck with the potato is 44,320 pounds. Coincidentally, the United States' biggest Catsup bottle is in the background. **Spoiler alert** It's not a real potato.

This potato is 802 times the size of the world's actual largest potato. The real largest potato is 11 pounds heavy!