Any traveller can attest to trying to get that extra bottle of shampoo through security at the airport, but it never works out. If you thought that was a risky move, then you have definitely not seen some of the stuff some travellers try to smuggle back home or even try to get on the plane. Although TSA does have some pretty strict, sometimes annoying, rules as to what you can or can't bring across borders, we must admit, we are pretty thankful for them after seeing some of the things that people try to smuggle through.

We are coming at you with a list of 25 strange things that some travellers have actually tried to get past security. From live animals, dangerous materials and creepy artefacts, some travellers have really tried to test the limits on what they could bring with them. If you have ever had to question whether you could bring something on your next trip, we are certain it doesn't measure up to what you will find on this list.

24 5. Snakes

Now listen here! If anyone has not seen the film 'Snakes On A Plane' we urge you to do so now.

If you did not learn anything from Samuel Jackson, then something is truly wrong, because he has had it with those snakes on that plane!

Transporting animals in a legal matter on board is permitted by some airlines, however, trying to smuggle snakes of various sizes and species without going through the proper channels is not the right way.

  1. 24 Improvised TNT device

Second up 0n the list is none other than an improvised TNT device. It goes without saying that the first thing you are told not to bring on a plane, is a bomb, so the fact that someone decided to go ahead and try to smuggle a makeshift explosive onto an aircraft is absolutely ridiculous!

It does not appear to be real nor in working order considering the terribly drawn clock and Sears radio set, however, the idea alone of attempting to bring cross this past TSA, even as a joke, isn't funny. Safe to say it didn't make it on board.

23 Giant Lobster

Lobster anyone? One passenger attempted to smuggle a giant lobster on a plane. We are not sure what the intention of this passenger was, but if they were willing to share, then we are definitely intrigued.

Pass the garlic butter, because a feast was in the works.

The giant lobster was found in a carry-on baggage that was immediately seen during the X-Ray process. It was confiscated, and probably enjoyed by the security agents afterwards. Nothing beats a nice lobster dinner after a hard day at work, right?

22 Peacock

This majestic animal nearly made it on board but was stopped after it failed to be an official emotional support animal.

Although the passenger claims the animal is in fact her emotion support animal, the gorgeous creature was denied a seat on a United Airline flight at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

The animal did not meet proper requirements, and the paperwork was not adequate enough to allow the airline to allow the bird to pass. It is not everyday you get to see a peacock at the airport!

21 17. Tiger Cub

Furry friends seem to be the culprit of several smuggling events, however, this one definitely takes the cake. A teenage traveller was sentenced to 6 months in juvenile detention for attempting to smuggle an Indian tiger cub into the United States.

This is not the first time a tiger has been the victim of animal smuggling in airports.

A Thai woman attempted the very same thing with a 2-month old tiger cub stuffed in a checked luggage. Luckily, the cub was sent to a wildlife centre in the U.S.

20 14. Fake Corpse

Next up on the list is a scary one! A human skull was one thing, but a full-on corpse is another. Although the corpse was, in fact, a fake corpse, which makes this somewhat weirder, it does not take away from the worried reaction the TSA agents gave off.

This fake corpse actually turned out to be a prop for a horror movie and was brought to the security checkpoint at the Atlanta International Airport. The corpse was later screened and sent on his jolly way back to that Hollywood set!

19 Bottled Cockatoo

Last up on the list is a cruel sight for some. One passenger attempted to smuggle in 24 bottles of endangered cockatoos at an Indonesian airport. Police forces immediately intervened, arresting the traveller, and declared the event as an attempt of illegal trade.

It appears certain people will go to great lengths to get certain animals across borders. Luckily, with modern day technology and advancement in airport security, the dangers of smuggling in dangerous goods, animals and human remains, are steadily decreasing.

18 2. Chainsaw

Not sure what this passenger had in mind, but they packed a full-fledged working chainsaw in their checked baggage.

Whether this person is cutting down a tree, trimming some hedges or attempting to re-enact 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', it is safe to say that bringing this past airport security is never a good idea.

The chainsaw, which was accompanied by other pieces of mechanical tools, was immediately noticed by a screening security agent and confiscated right then and there.

17 3. Assorted Fire Crackers

Airlines have pretty strict rules on what they let you bring on board, in this case, an assortment of firecrackers is a big no-no. Airlines do not allow you to enter an aircraft with a lighter or matches, let alone packages upon packages of firecrackers.

This image, photographed in 2000, clearly shows this passenger was ready to light up the skies.

We are not certain what was going through this passengers mind, but it goes without saying that they were probably celebrating something.

16 4. Meat Slicer

We get that airline food is not all that great, but to bring a meat slice, tenderizer and cutting knives is not necessary. Whether this passenger was ready to slice some meat for a sandwich during their flight, anything that large and dangerous is a clear example of what not to bring to an airport.

This passenger, boarding a flight from Southwest Florida International Airport, was taken to the side of the TSA line, and questioned for their odd choice of checked baggage items. Unless you're Gordon Ramsay, keep the culinary tools at home.

15 6. Propane Tanks

This passenger attempted to cross over not one, but two, propane tanks. Can someone please inform this passenger that there are no BBQ onboard features available?

Propane tanks are definitely an odd choice, considering they are both extremely large and heavy in weight, it goes without saying that they would be flagged right away. Unfortunately for this flyer, he will be flying without the two 'Flame Kings' this time. Perhaps the airline's grilled chicken will suffice, rather than these two explosive tanks of propane.

14 7. Human Skull

There is a first for everything! TSA came across a real human skull stashed in a clay pot at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

One thing airlines do not let you travel with are bones other than those in your body.

The date to which this skull is from is currently unknown to the public, however, it surely makes you wonder why someone would be carrying a human skull to begin with and where exactly it came from. So many questions...

13 8. Small Child

We get airline tickets can be expensive, but this is just absolutely insane. An 8-year-old boy was discovered within a luggage! This scene took place in Spain, not too long ago, where a passenger was attempting to smuggle a small child on board.

This true story, as crazy as it may be, has a bit of a tragic ending. The child was eventually handed over to Spanish authorities and child protective services, while the mother of the 8-year-old boy was arrested at the airport. Travel certainly isn't cheap but is never worth this.

12 9. 10. Dog

Next up on the list is a little pupper! A dog was once found in carry-on baggage. The passenger was attempting to smuggle the animal onto the plane without any proper documentation.

Airlines are quite strict when it comes to animals, and paperwork declaring the animal's health status, including shot history, is a must.

A lot of the times passengers have emotional support animals and seeing-eye dogs that are allowed on board with again, proper documentation. Luckily, the dog was safely taken out of the luggage, while the passenger was denied boarding.

11 11. Mickey Mouse Surprise

This one must have been an interesting find for the TSA. Many times you will find children, or sometimes adults, carry stuffed animals or cartoon characters to bring with them on the plane. Although they appear to be harmless and usually are most of the time, this passenger carrying a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal was concealing something more than meets the eye.

A surprise was hidden inside the stuffed Mickey Mouse, which is one of the first items you are told not to pack or bring on board. Both the weapon, and Mickey Mouse were taken that day.

10 13. Cat

In addition to dogs and peacocks, another animal found in a checked luggage was a furry feline. The worst part of this was that the animal was packed along with the passenger's other personal items and sent to be stowed with other checked baggage on the bottom of the plane.

This cruel act did go over well with the screening agents.

The cat was immediately noticed and removed from the cramped baggage. The passenger who owned the luggage was not only denied boarding, but was taken by authorities for an act of animal cruelty, and rightfully so!

9 15. Turtles

This passenger attempted to smuggle not one, not two, but nearly three bins of turtles. Turtles have become quite the hot commodity as of recent. Many countries in Asia have been participating in the poaching and smuggling of different species of turtles and tortoises to and from North America.

Turtles will usually find themselves as a food dish upon arrival at their destination, that is if they make it. TSA agents across the globe have halted the smuggling of turtles more and more to the point where it is no longer a surprise.

8 16. Eels

Yikes! As if snakes were not bad enough, passengers have attempted smuggling eels through security at several airports worldwide.

One of the biggest eel smuggling cases occurred at an airport in Malaga's Costa del Sol Airport, where nearly 20 kilos of eels were found dispersed throughout 22 pieces of luggage.

The market for eels is nearly as popular as that for turtles, and is commonly seen throughout certain areas of Europe and Asia.

7 18. Giant African Snails

Continuing with the theme of animals and odd creatures alike being smuggled throughout airport worldwide, we introduce the giant African snail. As depicted, nearly 70 of these snail species were busted at Los Angeles International Airport.

Although they were carefully stuffed in bags, and stored in checked baggage, they did not make it a few seconds past the screening process before being flagged as suspicious, and suspicious is right! Why is someone smuggling giant African snails? We'll never know.

6 19. 94 iPhones

Next on the list is one clever idea, although we do not recommend it! iPhone's are definitely at the top of the gadget list, especially with Apple's newest 2018 releases.

Although these devices are ones worth getting your hands on, they aren't the easiest to grab in Asia with how quickly they sell.

This passenger attempted to create a mobile armour of iPhones, and smuggle them into China. It did not work out too well on his end, obviously.

5 20. Tarantulas

Nope, nope, nope! Snakes, turtles, snails, it was all okay until now. One passenger was busted trying to smuggle in bags upon bags of tarantulas. This clearly sadistic traveller is looking for trouble carrying a handful of these extremely large eight-legged creatures onto a plane.

We can only imagine the havoc this would create if they were to roam around the cabin freely.

Although the spiders appear to not be alive in their bags, they are. If you have been looking for a reason to be thankful for the TSA, this is a prime example for just that.