Going on vacation is always fun. You'll be able to dine as the locals do, and you'll be able to do fun things to bond with your companion or your friends and families. As you travel and keep exploring, you'll make memories that will, without a doubt, last a lifetime.

But before all the fun begins, you first have to endure the flight. If you're going to Paris, you'll be on the plane for over seven hours. If you're headed to Japan, that's over eleven hours. What do you do to entertain yourself while on the flight? Well, there are many options. You can watch the in-flight movie or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix using your laptop. You can listen to music or you can play games like Scrabble.

But the longer the flight, the more likely it is to see passengers do strange things to entertain themselves. They cut their toenails on the tray table, they have a grooming session while in their seats, they change into provocative outfits, they use the aisle as their gym, as their yoga studio, as their dance floor, and even as their catwalk. They display heavy PDA and even clip their nose hair while seated.  Interested in more weird things?  Well, here are 25 strange things passengers do to keep themselves entertained on a long flight.


A way to entertain yourself on a flight is to preoccupy yourself with your personal hygiene, which for some, means cutting their nails. This allows a half an hour or so of some strange fun! When people cut their nails, they usually do so above the tray table. And then where do those clippings end up? Usually on the floor or seat.

But the strangest thing is cutting their toe nails.

They have to take off their shoes and socks and, to properly cut their nails, they have to somehow get their foot on the chair or, worse, on the tray table. What if you saw that? Yuck, yuck, yuck!

24 Do their Make-Up

Often women choose to pass the time and entertain themselves in a non-traditional way by occupying themselves with their grooming process. First they take up the bathroom by washing their face so it's clean. When they get back to their seat, they take out their all their primers and foundations.

Next step is to pull out the mirror and put on your 'face' for the day.

It will guarantee that you will look your best when arriving at your destination. But the whole process is messy and bottles can be spilled. Your airplane is not a spa.

23 Put On A Face Mask

We know, flying, especially long-distance, can dehydrate your skin, so many people take to drinking water to keep their visage hydrated. We just told you how women use their flight to put on makeup. Well, this may be worse. Some women take the time to put on a face mask. It's messy and your fingers get dirty.

These women use a toner or makeup wipes to take off the mask, but how to remove it completely? Well, they use the bathroom and make a mess. Worse, women pair their mask with cucumber slices over their eyes. Yep, the airplane is still not a spa.

22 Do Yoga

A flight can wind you up and make you stiff because of the tight quarters, so some people will do some stretches, or even get up a few times to make sure they aren't getting too tense. Some might even do a few lunges between the aisles, which is, honestly, taking it too far.

But some people have been known for taking it a little farther by getting up and doing a full-on yoga session in the middle of the aisles.

We know the flights are long, but the planes aren't their personal gym, and sometimes it can get in the way of the other flyers!

21 Take their socks off

There's always someone on your flight who seems rude or has bad manners. These flyers take off their shoes and socks and bring their legs to their knees or else dangle them over the edge of their seat. But that's not all.

They also put their feet up on the tray table--which is probably the strangest, and most uncomfortable position of them all.

For them, it's always a case of getting comfortable and being entertained by feeling free. This is equivalent to a visitor at your house who puts their feet up on the coffee table. Worse, if it's summer, they take off their flip-flops. No one wants stinky feet around you.

20 Hang out in the bathroom

Some people on board a long-distance flight might need to refresh their mind or refresh themselves. They need a change of scenery. Where in the huckleberries will they find that? They could always go and hang out in the bathroom.

It's a new outlook for those who are bored. All of a sudden, bathrooms become appealing. We think this strange act is due to privacy. We all lack it in coach. We want to escape from crying babies or people doing yoga in the aisles.

19 Dancing in the Aisles

On a flight, you're often trapped in your seat. You need to move around to get your circulation flowing, which prevents blood clots from forming. But instead of walking up and down the aisles, many entertain themselves by dancing in the aisles.

This is just strange and you will get the attention of many people on the flight, but they won't be clapping you on or smiling as you pass them. They'll just look at you in a rude way. If you don't want to be the plane jester on your flight, refrain from entertainment that draws too much attention to yourself.

18 Watch an emotional movie

Watching the in-flight movie is a great form of entertainment that will shed almost two hours off your long flight. It's also not strange and it's also the safest (as opposed to doing yoga in the aisles) way to entertain yourself to keep you out of trouble.

But when the sad ending of a movie draws to a close and you're bawling loudly, you're just making everyone feel awkward.

So too is laughing too hard while watching a comedy. Don't think that just because you're on a plane, and that because you can't hear everyone else decorum can be thrown out the window.

17 Recline Too Far

Reclining your seat, especially reclining all the way and in a way that the passenger behind you has absolutely no leg room, is rude. In coach, we all have no room, and while relaxing is a way to entertain yourself, it's also strange because you are encroaching on someone else's territory.

According to The Points Guy, many flyers believe that if your seat can recline, it is solely your decision to do it.

But the gain of one person "is the pain of the person behind". Try to be more respectful and try to recline as little as possible.

16 Sing Out Loud

A great way to entertain yourself is to listen to music with your headphones. You may love a song when it comes on and so you jack up the sound. Then you start singing along to it or else humming in a very loud manner. If you don't have noise canceling headphones, people nearby will be able to hear your songs. That's rude.

But what's even worse is singing at the top of your lungs.

Mind your manners. What's strange about this is that many "singers" aren't being rude on purpose; they're just humming along without knowing it.

15 Use The Tray Table like A Changing Table

This isn't something entertaining, but it will keep you preoccupied. And it's strange to passengers near you. You use the tray table to change your baby's diaper. Some put talcum powder on their baby, which gets everywhere, and sometimes some people will even place dirty diapers in their carry-on bag, which stinks up the whole plane.

All of this is unsanitary and the truth is, airlines don't regularly clean tray tables between flights.

The tables are used to eat and are used to hold your laptop, among other things. Why not use the designated changing tables? And while you're at it, throw away the dirty diaper down the wastebasket in the restroom.

14 Go a bit overboard

An obvious way to entertain yourself is to get sloshed on the plane. It calms your nerves if you dislike flying or puts you to sleep to make the flight seem shorter. But if you are under the influence and get tipsy, a flight attendant will cut you off.

It may even be a bit entertaining to others on the flight!

But even though the attendants give it to you, it is actually illegal to be tanked on a plane and, not only that, it's illegal for flight crews to get you inebriated. Even those, seemingly, harmless little bottles can do some damage. Because of the air pressure, and different aspects of the flight, you will get to the passing out stage much faster than you normally would.

13 They take something to help them sleep

We've already told you how fast you can get sloshed on a flight to entertain yourself. But if you take prescription meds, above all benzos--these include Ambien, Xanax, Ativan, etc--even just to relax, your body will absorb those meds quickly when you are 30,000 feet up in the air if you add a little bit of a drink with it as well.

It's a big deal, so don't do it. Just be careful, because what you thought might just put you to sleep, could affect your mood during the flight. If you try to get up and can't stand, or are acting belligerent, expect to be restrained on the flight and detained.

12 Pet their emotional support animal

Now that Emotional Support Animals are becoming more common, flight attendants have seen a lot of pets on board. Sure there are dogs and cats, but it's the stranger animals that get the most notice. This one takes the cake.

A woman who couldn't fly without her emotional support animal was allowed to bring it on the plane. It was a turkey.

As in the bird. This is by far the strangest thing we've seen and the fact that the woman played with her turkey and kept petting it as her source of entertainment, was even odder to see. The turkey was given a wheelchair so that it could be brought on board.

11 Vape

Smokers who are on a long-flight go crazy because they need their nicotine fix. You can't smoke on planes, but you can carry a battery-powered vape to entertain yourself. However, you have to be careful.

The lithium-ion batteries in a vape have shown a propensity to ignite during a flight, according to CNN.com.

That's due to exposure to excessive heat or damages to the body of the vape. To be on the safe side, never stow your vape in the luggage that you check. Bring it on the plane because of the sensitive nature of lithium.

10 Making Soup

The weirdest thing we've seen on an airplane is passengers making soup--like Ramen--using the airline water. This will also entertain you while you sip, or at least gives you something to do.

But the EPA found that most airplanes' supply of water is gross and that their tanks are old and contain bacteria. At least now we know why flight attendants only serve us bottled water. So don't try to make soup, or eat anything that requires hot water on your flight unless you want to get sick!

9 Shave in their Seat

For some men, shaving on the plane might be necessary if they don't want to show up with a beard when they get to their destination. So they lather up and shave while on the flight. Shaving is a good way to make time pass on a long flight, so it could be entertaining for men. But here's the weird part.

Many passengers have witnessed men shaving in their seat.

This is equivalent to women prepping their face and putting makeup on. It definitely raises eyebrows and begs the question: why not shave in the bathroom?

8 Try to join The Mile High Club

Joining the Mile High Club is a major way to entertain yourself and a definite must-try fantasy for those who are into that kind of things. But while you may be comfortable doing it, it's gross for others and unsanitary.

According to Bustle, doing it is not illegal, but if you're found out, you may just end up having to have a serious talk with Homeland Security.

On a packed flight, everyone will know what you're doing.

7 Read Books

Many passengers entertain themselves by diving into a book. These people, who are versed in contemporary literary novels, as well as classics and big biographies, tend to be on the literary side.

While some people bring along their Hemingway, instead they end up reading fluff or bad books, anything from Anne Rice to James Patterson.

Sometimes they wouldn't even read these normally, it's just that they are a much easier read, and good to pass the time. Reading such books will make time, well, fly, while up in the air.

6 PDA with their partner

Another thing that passengers do on airplanes to entertain themselves is something that tends to be frowned upon even on the ground. Couples sometimes like getting it on in their seats. The obvious problem is that nearby passengers have to watch this or try to look away while becoming more and more uncomfortable. Who wouldn't?

Often, the people who keep kissing each other are so wrapped up in their hookup that they get to the point where they don't even realize their surroundings. It's an airplane, people! Not your home.