Boys love to impress girls. Girls love to impress boys. It’s a simple fact that many men seem to take for granted on dates. They might confuse things that they enjoy doing with things their girlfriends enjoy doing. They might assume that people they love will also be loved by their ladies. It is always a good plan to put the girl first, especially in the early days. What would she like to do? It doesn’t have to be something quintessentially male or female, just something that both of you will enjoy according to Greatist.

Finding that compromise can be tricky, especially when you’re still learning a lot about each other. What food does she like? Does she drink? Is she sporty? The best way to find out what your girlfriend’s ideal night out is, is to ask her. Get to know her interests and find out what you have in common, then pick a theme for a date. If she mentions something she loves, you could surprise her with a trip based on that idea. However, bear in mind that many people loathe surprises! Stick to safe bets to start with and go off script with your plans when you know each other better. No point breaking up over a bad date location.

25 The Aquarium

A visit to an aquarium is a great school trip when you point at the fish that look like Nemo and Dory. Children love aquariums and find them fascinating reminds National-Aquarium. However, when you’re grown up, the appeal is not so great, unless you are a total fish freak. It is unlikely that getting up close and personal with a shark is going to promote romantic feelings, and worst still your girlfriend might be terrified of marine animals. Save the date to the aquarium for when you have children!

24 Any Activity That Involves Wheels

Anything like roller skating, go-karting or cycling can seem like a great way to get out and about and bond with your girlfriend according to Total Womens Cycling. She might not see it that way. There is always the risk that she has no coordination and might be humiliated or worse, injured. You might find the whole experience frustrating if she is a super speedy cyclist and leaves you behind. Leave the wheels for a time when you know each other really well and both want to do it.

23 Home To Meet The Family

There are certain times when it is appropriate to take a girlfriend to meet the family and it is generally when the relationship is well established, and all parties are happy to get together. Taking a girlfriend to meet the family can be intimidating for everyone and tension is almost inevitable warns The Art of Charm. Family events can be boring for anyone who is not a family member and there is always the risk of those baby photos being brought out, making it a nightmare for the man too!

22 An Arcade

Arcades are great fun for a boys night out or for passing a few minutes while waiting for the main event, reminds Goody Feed. They are not an ideal location for a date. You might want to try your hand at virtual speed car racing or show off your dance moves to a video screen, but it isn’t the most grown-up way to show off your best side to your date. Don’t be surprised if you turn round after your eighth attempt at air hockey to find yourself on your own.

21 A Barbecue Restaurant

You may love a rack of ribs and want to eat at your favorite restaurant with your favorite girl. However, think of her. Think of the mess, points out Blog.match. No one looks their best with barbecue sauce all around their mouth and drops of sauce are hard to get out of clothes.

Try eating ribs in front of a mirror and you will get another idea of why a barbecue restaurant won’t go down well. It’s hard to look appealing when you have your jaws wrapped around a rib.

20 A Sports Bar

Unless your girlfriend is a super sports fan, this will not go down well. She will want to talk to you and to feel that she has your undivided attention. If you keep glancing at the screen or cheering in the middle of her talking to you, you won’t gain any brownie points.

If you really can’t face missing a game, be honest rather than trying to combine a date with your favorite sports match suggests The Coli. Imagine if she suggested a few hours of shoe shopping and you might get an insight into how she will feel. Unless you are a shoe fanatic of course!

19 Meeting His Friends

You might have met the girl of your dreams and want to show off your great fortune to your friends states Glamour. However, this might be great for you but a nightmare for your girlfriend. Your friends will no doubt be happy for you, but might make inappropriate comments about your girlfriend’s physique, or even verbally compare her with past girlfriends.

Save the meeting with friends for a later date and maybe introduce them individually rather than in a gang. It can be intimidating and boring for a girl to be the only female in the room.

18 Shooting Range

If you are a fan of pumping bullets, it might not be the best move to share this with your girlfriend early on. Firstly, she might be freaked out by seeing you wielding a deadly weapon next to her points out The Attraction Forums. She might have never used a gun before and not only might she feel uncomfortable, but she might feel awkward if she is not good. Save your target practice for fun with your friends or once you’ve established that your date is a crack shot herself.

17 A Wedding

Weddings can be difficult for a date because your date will most likely not know anyone, while the boyfriend may be inundated with attention from great aunts, family members or even worse, exes, says Verily Mag. If you have to go to a wedding, go on your own, or wait until the girlfriend knows a few family members or friends, or she will feel left out, ignored or just get embarrassingly drunk! Either way, it is not going to do much for the relationship.

16 A School Reunion

Again, taking a date to an event where they won’t know anyone can be a really awkward situation. Mr. Gentleman’s Guide knows that you might want the moral support from your partner at a reunion of people you haven’t seen for a while and want to show her off . However, put yourself in her position, she is most likely going to be on the edge of conversations about school events that she has no identification with and isn’t necessarily going to hear anything favorable about you from school friends.

15 A Funeral

Funerals are upsetting and emotional events for everyone. Taking a girlfriend to a funeral is a lovely idea in terms of her feeling that she can offer you support and is no doubt a great help to you. However, it is unlikely that your girlfriend will know anyone, and it can be awkward to make small talk at such a solemn event reminds Nothing is toooo Big. Plus, it could bring up unpleasant memories for your girlfriend if she has lost someone and both of you might end up in a soggy mess of tears.

14 A Shopping Mall

It shows a thoughtful nature to take a girl to a shopping mall when you are on a date if you know that she loves shopping reminds City-Data. However, unless you are planning to just wander around the mall hand in hand and stop off for the odd coffee, it is unlikely to be a successful plan.

Firstly, it isn’t really a ‘place’ so can present difficult choices in terms of where to go. She might not want to spend all day in an electrical shop while you are unlikely to want to give your opinion on nail varnish colors, so maybe wait until you have a joint purchase in mind or go separately.

13 Open Mic Night

Of course, you want to show off your talents to your girlfriend, and you might fancy yourself as the next Justin Bieber. However, your view of how good your voice is and the rest of the world’s might be a little different. If you want to serenade your girlfriend it might be better to do it in private, rather than have her watch you humiliated on stage. There is no need to cut your Elvis moves on stage in public, she might be embarrassed or even worse, walk out points out e Harmony!

12 A nightclub

Having a date at a nightclub opens up a minefield of disasters. First, it’s really hard to hear anyone speak over the noise of the music, so the conversation will be limited, points out Dating Advice. Second, a club is full of people who may be intoxicated and who may approach your girlfriend, putting her in a tricky position. If it is early on in the relationship it can be awkward to protect your lady from admirers as the relationship might not be established and she might not be comfortable if you say, ‘leave my girlfriend alone.’

11 A Picnic

An outdoor meal is a lovely idea. Images of gingham clothes spread out over lush grass while the sunlight glistens on a pond are idyllic. However, as Thought Catalog, points out, the reality might be slightly different. If you have chosen a public park, for instance, you run the risk of small children or dogs running all over your carefully spread blanket. Weather is unreliable and you may find yourself sheltering under the blanket rather than sitting on it. It’s a great idea but needs careful planning and a few pre-packed sandwiches are not going to cut the mustard.

10 The Museum

Your girlfriend will be impressed by the suggestion of a date at a museum, right? Not necessarily says Attic-Museum Studies. If you are well informed about the subject matter and can offer an insight into the exhibits, then you might hold her attention. Reality is more likely to be careering around school children, trying to work out what that lump of stone is and yawning loudly while trying to look enthralled. Fossils are not known for their romantic connotations, so leave the museum for the school children.

9 An Exercise Class

Stripping down to a Lycra leotard might show off your muscles to their best advantage, and you may be keen to show how long you can pedal at high speed in a spinning class says Press Releases. Your girlfriend however, might feel awkward showing off her lumps and bumps in public and might not be as fit as you.

No one looks their best when they are red and sweaty after an exercise class, so if you are really desperate to show off your body to its best advantage, deflate the ego for a bit and remember that she loves you for who you are not for the size of your biceps.

8 The Zoo

Even if you know your girlfriend is an animal lover, a zoo might not be an ideal choice for a date. The plus side is that you have plenty of time to talk and bond. The downside is that your girlfriend might hate animals or hate animals being kept in captivity and might be distressed. Also, zoos are usually full of parties of over-excited school children who can bump into you and ruin a romantic moment in an instant reminds The Student Room.

7 Anything Involving A Discount Voucher

No date wants to think their boyfriend is skimping on the costs for a date unless you’re a teenager, points out Seventeen. She wants to feel special and that she is worth as much money as a boyfriend can afford. A cheap date makes her feel like a cheap date. So, put those discount vouchers away and choose a location you can easily afford. Save the discount vouchers for your friends. It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on a date, but it is important to make her feel special. Little touches that don’t cost a lot will mean more than an expensive restaurant with a discount voucher discount.

6 Fast Food Restaurant

A quick snack after a date might be an appropriate reason to visit a burger joint, but as the main date, it’s a no-no. However much you might be craving a fried chicken meal, your girlfriend might not remind Buzz Feed. She isn’t going to look her best eating a burger with her fingers and the noise, mess, and lighting are not going to provide a great environment for a romantic liaison. Plus, the very nature of a fast food joint is not going to make a long, intimate evening, so what are the plans afterward?