Romantic movies have forever changed the way we look at certain places in the world. Whenever a famous love scene happens in a spot, it instantly becomes a tourist destination for lovebirds. However, many of these places definitely are not what they seem in your favorite rom-com films. With so many movie fans, tourists have taken over many of these gorgeous places, totally taking away the private, romantic aspect. From huge crowds to bad weather to expensive prices, most of what was once considered the world's most romantic spots are anything but nowadays. When you go to these spots, there will be thousands of people all taking the same photos as you. That's not very unique or special, now is it?

Rather than having to deal with crowded beaches, pickpockets, and unsavory neighborhoods think outside the box when you are choosing your next sweethearts vacation spot. There are tons of beautiful places around the world that can truly give you a romantic experience. Take a look at this list of totally overrated spots and avoid them. Instead, try one of the unique romantic destinations at the end of the article. Your significant other will thank you!

25 20. The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

The Eiffel Tower has long been considered one of the most romantic places on Earth. There is just something about it: the lights, the tower's beautiful architecture, the big lawn where you can picnic with your sweetie. Once you get there, though, you will see literally hundreds if not thousands of other couples doing the exact same things as you.

Instead, snap a photo of the Eiffel Tower from afar and go enjoy the other things Paris has to offer.

Cozying up in a tiny café whispering sweet nothings over cappuccinos is much more romantic!

24 19. Hotel de Glace (Quebec City, Canada)

Quebec City's Hotel de Glace is certainly a unique destination. This hotel is made entirely of ice and snow! Here you can enjoy drinks at an ice bar and snuggle up with your sweetheart in front of a fireplace on ice beds.

While it does sound like the perfect way to get close to your partner, being freezing cold the entire stay is probably better on paper than in reality.

Instead, take your GF to a cozy warm room at one of the city's other fancy hotels like the Chateau Frontenac. Not having to stay bundled up is much better for romance!

23 18. Venice Canals (Venice, Italy)

Italy as a whole seems to attract lovers in search of romance. Venice especially draws huge crowds throughout the year because of its uniquely beautiful system of canals. Everyone dreams of taking a gondola ride for two around the city!

Unfortunately, though, with more and more tourists wanting that same experience, chances are you will have to wait in long lines and pay exorbitant prices for the privilege.

If you do go to Venice with your sweetie, try navigating on foot instead. You'll get the same great views from the bridges without blowing your entire vacation budget on one experience.

22 17. The Empire State Building (New York, USA)

Countless movies feature New York City's Empire State Building. In each one, the couple has a romantic meeting on the observation deck, kissing with the city lights sparkling in the background. Somehow there are never any other people there. I am here to tell you that will never, ever be the case! The Empire State Building is one of the busiest tourist attractions in NYC, with constant huge crowds trying to catch a glimpse of New York from above. It is definitely a cool thing to experience but not romantic at all. Pushy tourists and long waits in line are no one's idea of romance.

21 16. Super Paradise Beach (Mykonos, Greece)

A vacation to the sunny beaches of Greece sounds like the perfect recipe for romance, right? It can be, but choosing the right beach is key. Super Paradise Beach is known for its party atmosphere is packed full of loud, drunk 20-somethings. It's like spring break all year round! While the drinking and dancing can be fun for a while, it doesn't allow you to spend quality time with your partner. Choose a quieter, more private beach where you can relax and have deep conversations while admiring the beautiful water instead. Greece has so much more to offer!

20 15. Walt Disney World (Orlando, USA)

Let me start by saying I personally love Walt Disney World and so does my husband. However, it is in no way a romantic vacation spot. Some people think that the whole fairytale aspect of Disney makes it good for a romantic getaway.

But with so many crying kids, huge crowds, yelling parents, and extreme heat or rain, you will not feel in the mood at all.

You can find some shreds of romance on Disney property if you know where to look. Get away from the hoards of families and spend some quiet time together at one of the hotels' fancy restaurants.

19 14. Ponte Vecchio (Florence, Italy)

Florence, Italy is one of the most romantic cities on the planet. There is so much art, architecture, culture, and food to explore with your sweetheart. One famous spot you should skip, though, is Ponte Vecchio.

This bridge has a legend that you and your partner should attach a lock to it and throw the key into the Arno River below to make your love last forever.

It sounds cute except that all of these locks have caused structural problems for the bridge and the government has started to remove them. To avoid paying a fine, leave your lock at home!

18 13. Stone Town (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

The Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar attracts beach lovers from around the world. The sunny weather and clear waters make for a relaxing place to spend time with your sweetie. However, stay away from Stone Town, the old area of Zanzibar City.

This place does have a lot of interesting history to explore, but it also comes with some unsavory characters.

You may experience scam artists or even robbers if you go into certain areas, especially if you stand out as a tourist. Stick to resorts instead to have a stress-free and safe vacation with your significant other.

17 12. Rockefeller Center Skating Rink (New York, USA)

The Rockefeller Center Skating Rink is probably the world's most iconic ice skating venue. Many people dream of gliding across the ice hand in hand with their sweetheart with the tall buildings of New York City towering around them. While it's a nice idea, in theory, this experience might be less than romantic when you get there. For instance, the wind whipping through the city might make you uncomfortably cold the whole time. With long waits for this popular spot, you could spend your time better elsewhere. This is all not to mention the crowded rink that makes doing tricks or skating fast practically impossible.

16 11. Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Canada/USA)

Everyone should see Niagara Falls at least once. This natural wonder is really a sight to behold and is worth a visit. However, the towns on either side of the Canada/US border are definitely not the romantic destinations they claim to be. Both are filled with dive bars, tourist trap attractions, and chain restaurants. Prices are steep everywhere and you don’t even get unique experiences. You are better off to make Niagara Falls a day trip from a nicer vacation destination like upstate New York or Toronto, Ontario. You can spend your money better somewhere else!

15 10. Taj Mahal (Agra, India)

The Taj Mahal is considered one of the world's most romantic spots for its history. This architectural wonder is actually a giant mausoleum built by the emperor for his favorite wife.

The buildings and grounds are so pretty and there is a lot to learn here, but it probably won't be a very romantic experience.

With tons of tourists visiting here each day, you will probably feel stressed out trying to see everything past other people's heads. There are other places in India to see this kind of architecture so save your sanity and avoid the crowds at the Taj Mahal.

14 9. South Beach (Miami, USA)

With gorgeous weather all year long, Miami is popular with tourists from around the world. Escaping the cold and hanging out on the beach sounds like a great way to relax with your lover! But South Beach is not the best choice. This area is known for its party culture with fancy nightclubs all over town. Add in beaches that are constantly packed like sardines and crazy high prices and you have a less than a romantic getaway. If you want the beauty of Miami without the crowds, try North Beach instead. Or head to Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or the Keys.

13 8. Monte Carlo (Monaco)

I get it. All women dream of living like Grace Kelly and zooming around Monaco living the high life. But unless you're basically a millionaire, leave Monte Carlo off your travel bucket list. You can either spend tons of money or look like a poor tourist, neither of which is too fun. Everything here is made for the rich and famous and it comes with a price tag to match. The gambling, fancy cars, designer shopping, and 5-star restaurants will set you back an entire year's salary if you're not careful. You can see pretty much the same landscapes in France without going broke.

12 7. Waikiki Beach (Honolulu, USA)

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is one of Hawaii's most popular beaches. Almost everyone who visits the islands goes there. And that is exactly what makes it so overrated.

When you can hardly find a spot of sand to lay your towel out, you definitely won't get any private quiet time with your boo.

Not to mention the risk of scams and thefts that can happen when you leave your bags while you swim! Instead, head to another beach or even another Hawaiian island for the same natural beauty but with more romance and space for yourselves.

11 6. The Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas, USA)

I am not sure why but some people seem to think that the Las Vegas Strip is a romantic place to vacation. Maybe it's the flashing lights or the luxury of the casinos. Whatever the reason, it sounds a lot better than it really is if you're going on a sweethearts vacation. While the Strip is cool to see, find some other Las Vegas attractions to see on your trip if you want romance. An early morning hot air balloon ride over the desert or a fancy downtown dinner for two might do the trick!

10 5. Santorini (Greece)

There are few places more iconic than Santorini, Greece. With its bright white buildings with blue roofs, stunning sunsets, and beautiful beaches, it's no wonder travelers flock here. While it is a stunning place to visit, Santorini might not be the romantic spot you were hoping for. Hordes of tourists trying to snap the same photos as you, scary donkey rides or tons of stairs up to your hotel, and crazy heat might all put a damper on your trip. If you go here with your GF, explore some of the other, more secluded Greek islands, too, for some private time.

9 4. The Maldives

Practically every girl dreams of being swept off her feet to a sunny vacation in the Maldives. With white sands, crystal blue waters, and tower palm trees, it is the definition of paradise. However, you might want to consider a different spot for your romantic getaway.

Tourism has caused lots of ecological damage to this place, making it less beautiful than it was before.

You will also have to stay in a resort, which means you could get a very similar experience at a beach closer to home for less money. The Maldives definitely isn't on the budget-friendly list!

8 3. Jay Peak Resort (Vermont, USA)

If you're looking for a romantic winter vacation, skiing in Vermont is pretty much your best bet. With some of the best skiing mountains in North America and lots of opportunities to snuggle with your sweetie, it sounds like the perfect getaway! When choosing your hotel, though, don't get sucked into expensive places like Jay Peak Resort. These places charge you a ton of money to have easy access to the ski hills but it's usually not worth it. Staying at a cozy little bed and breakfast where you can explore more of the town on your own is much more romantic and cost-effective.

7 2. Kuta (Bali, Indonesia)

If you want to see paradise, Bali, Indonesia is about as close as you can get. But be warned: everywhere in Bali is not created equal. Kuta has become a party area for young tourists who engage in drinking and another debauchery all through the year. They leave the beaches dirty and have caused a trend towards scams by locals. You won't find any of the natural beauty or unique Balinese culture here. For a romantic and relaxing trip to Bali, head to Canggu or Ubud instead. Both have more laid-back, quiet vibes where you can enjoy each others' company.

6 1. Times Square (New York, USA)

With its bright lights, fun stores, and unique people, Times Square is one place almost everyone visits on a trip to New York City. While a romantic stroll or proposal in the middle of Times Square sounds straight out of a movie, in reality, Hollywood is the only place that could really happen. Times Square is always packed so full of tourists you can barely move. Plus you have to watch out for people trying to scam you or pickpocket you in the crowd. With so many more interesting, quiet, and romantic places to visit in NYC, don't spend too much time here.