We're going to come right out and say it: we absolutely love water parks, and we think all of you should too. It's the kind of place you can go and just have the time of your life for a few hours.

There's a certain etiquette that comes with having a nice day out at the water park - mainly because it's probably pretty tough to ensure that there are no problems or accidents on a day to day basis.

On a side note that's one of the reasons why we applaud anyone who chooses to work there, and in general, it just reaffirms our love for water parks even more.

As we've said, though, there are certain ways to behave and certain ways to not behave when it comes to going to a water park. A few of these may seem painfully obvious, and yet, folks will continue to do them. Crazy, isn't it?

25 Cut In Front Of People

It’s pretty simple: there’s a queue for a reason. Honour it.

People have probably paid quite a lot of money to come on holiday, and they likely planned their day out at the water park pretty far in advance, too. So then – instead of cutting in front of people in the queue, which is enough to get you banned from rides in some water parks, why don’t you just play by the rules?

24 Go Down The Slides In The Wrong Way

Now you’re just trying to be annoying.

A lot of water parks are designed in a manner that assumes a person is going down feet first, with the exception of some rides in which you go down head first. Either way, though, there’s no reason excuse for not just doing what is required of you. The only person you’re going to be seriously harming is yourself.

23 Try Your Hardest To Go As Far Up The Sides As You Can

You aren’t taking part in the Winter Olympics and you also aren’t Superman. Therefore, trying to go so far up the side that you fly out is probably going to be a bad move.

We don’t need to be the ones to tell you that it’d be pretty silly to attempt this, especially if there’s a good chance you could fly out and plummet to the ground below.

22 Eat & Drink Too Much Before Going On Rides

Just don’t consume anything beyond what you know you can handle. If you do, then we guarantee that you’re going to find yourself in a tricky situation that you’ll probably struggle to get out of with your dignity.

How do we know? Probably because it seems to happen every day.

21 Pay Too Much For Queue Jumps

It’s all about patience, guys.

If you use the jumps then not only will you burn through everything the park has to offer really quickly, but you’ll be spending money that could’ve easily been saved for something else.

20 Go On Anything You Feel Uncomfortable On

Newsflash: you can have a good time without feeling peer pressured into doing something you really don’t want to do. Sure, you may end up enjoying the ride in question once you’ve got up there, but what if something goes wrong? Or, what if you have a panic attack when you’re walking up the stairs? We’ve seen it happen before, and it’s all because guys or girls try to fit in when in reality, they should just chill out a little bit.

19 Don’t Run Around Everywhere

Did your parents ever tell you not to run around a water park? Well, as it turns out, they had pretty good reasons for that.

It’s incredibly slippy, there are people everywhere and, well, you don’t really need a third point. You’re putting not only yourself but also those around you in danger, and we’re going to go out on a limb and say that’s pretty frowned upon at most parks.

18 Steal People’s Towels

This is a doggo. He steals towels because he doesn’t know any better. You are a human, and shouldn’t subject yourself to this kind of ridiculous behaviour.

A lot more tourists do this than you may have initially thought, and it’s mainly because they forgot to bring their own towel. They see that people have left their towels unattended whilst they go on rides, and they decide to strike while the iron is hot.

17 Push People Into The Pool

Aside from the fact that you could seriously injure someone if something goes wrong, you’ve also got the overriding fact that it just isn’t that funny.

There’s almost certainly a reason why they didn’t want to get pushed into the pool, and we aren’t kidding when we say that we’ve seen it happen to people who legitimately can’t swim before.

16 Forget To Wear Sun Cream

Sun cream makes the world go round – especially when you’re in a really, really hot place. It protects you from all different kinds of risks and while we sound a little bit like we’re working on behalf of a TV advert, it’s true.

If you’ve never had sunburn before then you probably can’t even begin to imagine the pain, and when it comes to a water park, we can kind of understand why you’d forget.

15 Use Your Phone To Record Footage

You’re going to lose your phone and the masses, including us, are going to laugh hysterically as a result. If you hold onto it for dear life then you might be a little bit more fortunate, but we aren’t going to hold our breath.

In all honesty, it seems a little bit silly to even attempt it, given that most parks will go out of their way to try and prevent you from recording.

14 Pressure Others Into Doing Things They Don’t Want To

In the same way that you wouldn’t like being pressured into something, others don’t either. It can be difficult sometimes to find the line here because you may really want all of your friends to go on a ride together, without any of them feeling too left out. If that’s the case then just try to take a step back, think about it, and consider their own feelings.

13 Be Rude To The Ride Attendants

We noted at the start that we have a great appreciation for those who choose to work as ride attendants. It can be a risky job, and while it may be seen as a pretty ‘laughable’ job in some circles, we find that to be an incredibly arrogant point of view.


12 Turn Everything Into A Race

People from around the world often do whatever it takes in order to get ahead of people they may perceive to be ‘competitors’ of theirs, and it’s a mentality that we just can’t get on board with.

This extends to a water park, where some rides allow you to ‘race’ your friends or family. Please, try not to take this too seriously, because this is where utterly foolish injuries occur and that’s never a good thing.

11 Get Changed In Front Of Strangers

When we say getting changed, we mean the full Monty.

We happen to feel like it’s a little bit odd to get changed in front of a room of strangers. If it’s a public water park they should still have private dressing rooms, and if they don’t, we’d recommend going into the toilets and getting changed in there. It’s just easier.

10 Forget To Stay Hydrated

If you don’t think this is an important entry then you’re silly, and you should feel very silly for even thinking it.

Ensuring that you’re hydrated with lots of water throughout the day is something you should be prioritising from dawn until dusk, and the same thing applies to a water park. Accidentally swallowing some water from the rides doesn’t count.

9 Dress For The Occasion

Don’t go to a water park without a pair of trunks, because wearing your boxers just isn’t really the same no matter how much you think it might be.

Essentially what we’re saying is you should know your audience, because it can be a real problem if you don’t. Beyond that, though, it’s just unpractical.

8 Purposely Over Do It

If you know that you’re rapidly running out of energy but you just want to try and show off to your friends by being a bit of an idiot, then we’d strongly recommend that you reconsider. These are the type of people who almost certainly end up either making a fool of themselves, going to the hospital, or writing themselves off for days after they’ve been to the water park.

7 Forget To Check The Weather Forecast

There’s a difference between a surprise rainstorm and a pre-forecast dose of rain, guys. We don’t think we should even have to explain this one, but alas, such is the nature of the modern age.

Make sure that it’s going to be a nice day when you go to the water park because there’s nothing worse than getting cold.

6 Imitate Stunts You’ve Seen Online

You may be feeling like you can conquer the world when imitating stunts you’ve seen on the internet, but trust us when we say that that is nothing more than a massive illusion. You’ll be halfway through attempting the stunt when you suddenly realise: oh wait, I actually can’t do this. Huh.