Looking for THE BEST tables for two in the world?

A loving partner, a beautiful atmosphere, and a luxurious, romantic restaurant make a perfect combo for a date. Which restaurant you choose plays a major role in making your date memorable.

Who doesn’t loves romance? If you get a chance to sneak in a great time with your partner in some of the best and luxurious romantic restaurants, who wouldn’t jump up to the idea? Well, we all would!

This is why we bring you the list of perfectly-picked, most luxurious, romantic restaurants from around the world. So, if you are bitten by the travel (and the food) bug and you are looking to have a splendid time, make sure to explore through these restaurants and pick the one which seems best for you. Trust us, these will be the times you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

Every bit of perfection, these restaurants are known to be class apart and the vibes of romance is going to drown you in its feel. Special days are always planned in a special way at the special place. So plan and book in advance as these places need prior reservations if you are planning to take a look at the romantic beauty of the destination.

25 Just The Two Of You At TURTLE ISLAND

Steps away from Devil’s beach, this piece of paradise includes a private beach, a restaurant and free breakfast too. Turtle Island is surrounded by incredible scenery and gorgeous white sand beaches. The resort offers accommodation for only 14 couples and all are welcomed with a traditional Fijian greeting. The staff will sing and dance with you and slowly take you into the island world, disconnecting you from the outsides.

The resort is wildly romantic and you get a chance to connect well with your partner. Sunrise breakfast is served on the beach where the guests get to meet each other as well. The lunch is a beach picnic and the couple can also decide to dine away from the rest of the guests if they wish too. The island arranges for the love dinner at private intimate dining areas like the dock or the beach under the stars by lantern light on a floating pontoon. Food at Turtle island has been recognised for the “Best Food in Fiji” by Travel & Leisure readers.

This paradise uses fresh combinations like lemongrass, slipper lobsters and tropical soursop. Couples can also request for special dietary needs. Crab, Pacific green lobsters, yellow fin tuna are caught by the local fisherman from the surrounding villages. The vegetables and fruits served at the restaurant are grown on the Turtle island itself. The Turtle Island offers the finest wines from around the world and mouth watering pastries’ too. Yummy!

Couples can also enjoy other resort activities like Horse riding, snorkeling, mountain biking or even relax at the couplse spa on the island. There is magic in the kindness and warmth of Fijian people. A perfect destination for honeymooners and also for those looking for a romantic date.

24 Canaves Oia - Pretty As A Picture

This luxurious hotel is mainly known for the kind of spectacular setting which it has to offer. You can listen to the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing nearby and at the same time, the endless blue sky with the tuft of clouds make for a great ambiance.

The panorama balcony offers you a view to die for and you can also find weddings and corporate events being held here. Apart from this, the selection of food is ultimate and is a real treat for the food buds.

If you are looking to court your partner and have a romantic candlelight dinner, this is definitely the place to be. Greece is known to be one of the most sensuous countries in Europe and sitting in this outdoor area on a candlelit table and having a private terrace to yourself, you can swim in the eyes of your lover and seal the moment.

If you are looking to pop the big question with a ring, there are few places as perfect as the Canaves Oia.

The cuisine offered is Mediterranean and the attire is casual. So, be all set to steal one of the most magical moments of your life and make it yours to reamer until the end of times. We recommend making prior reservations.

23 Lycabettus - Have We Found The Most Breathtaking Balcony In The World?

What can be more exciting than sitting on the edge of the cliff with your angel love amidst the spectacular blue view? Blue skies, Blue water! Yes, when we talk of spectacular blue view, nothing compares to Santorini, Greece. Lycabettus restaurant in Santorini is one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. You can share intimate moments with your love, on a delightful terrace shaded by billions of stars and feast your taste buds with authentic and handmade food at the same time. Sounds so fascinating!

This luxury restaurant offers traditional foods, savory desserts and best wines from across the globe. The extraordinary taste in all dishes of the island is a benefit from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Santorini hosts unique agricultural products like the sweet Santorini tomato, white fava beans and the ripe pistachios. This, clubbed with the authentic Mediterranean cuisine makes dining noteworthy here. Lycabettus restaurant is known to incorporate the latest culinary trends and experiment with new techniques. Couples cannot miss a dinner at this restaurant on their holiday to Santorini as it draws a mystic charm towards its beauty.

So, take a break and spend the perfect evening at the perfect table with your perfect partner!

22 Dopolavoro, Venice - Luxury And Romance Together? Sign Me Up!

If you have a thing for Italian cuisine and you are looking to be on your most romantic date ever, there is no way you can miss out on the Dopolavaro dining room at the JW Marriott in Venice, Italy on Rose Island.

You need to float across the Venetian lagoon in order to enjoy your time at this private island. There is absolutely no doubt that the food quality is going to be impeccable as it was awarded the first Michelin star back in December 2015.

The diner prides itself on the fresh handcrafted food and this restaurant is going to redefine luxury for you. The kind of views which you can steal while taking a sip of your favorite wine is unmatched and it will make you crave to freeze time at that moment.

This restaurant makes use of the best quality of spices and the herbs are handpicked from the garden. The 2-Michelin star chef leaves no stone unturned to prepare the kind of meal you won’t be able to ever forget. The focus is not merely on the food but it is equally on creating the right ambiance, laying the tables and sticking to the best quality of standards as well.

So, check your free days and you are sure to fall in love with Italy and Dopolavoro together.

21 Grotta Palazzese - It Can't Get much more romantic than a Cave lit by candels

A romantic dinner at the candlelit cave! Who would miss such a scenic beauty?

Italy always has been on the top of the list for Romantic restaurants. Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy, is a favourite among love couples discovering new places and who are on the look out for some interesting food.

Years ago, this restaurant was carved out of the cliff’s limestone and now is the largest and natural sea cave under the town of Polignano a Mare. It has been serving since 1700 (yep, you heard right!) and is used widely for parties and banquets.

This cave restaurant is a summer restaurant which means it is open only form May until October. The restaurant is much more atmospheric in the daylight and has its own charm at night. The white cloth clad tables, wood floors and the blue-green Adriatic Sea adds up to its glory. Only 6 tables with the main view exist and hence it is advised to request for it when you book your reservation. This romantic restaurant along with creating the romantic vibes also focus on the quality of the ingredients and the visual food.

Dishes are prepared with delicate flavours and fragrances to offer an unforgettable dining experience. They also have a vegetarian menu on their list or the guests are at liberty to plan their own lunch or dinner.

20 A Florida Restaurant With Saucy Food And A Saucy Name

Well, when you are out on a date, this might be the place to head. Better Than S*x in Key West, Florida, is mainly a dessert and beverage place and the ambiance is spot on. The café is dimly lit which means that diners have their privacy to themselves. You do not have to bother about someone passing glances in your direction.

What sets this little cozy romantic restaurant apart has to be the fact that when you are here, you two can fall once again in love and order the best dessert you have been carving to share together. Some of the descriptions of desserts are spot on and so sensuous that you it may spark other thoughts in your head.

Extra care is taken to ensure that the service is top notch and most people who come here turn out to be regulars. The specialty of this restaurant is that everything is made fresh from scratch and there is nothing which is pre-made. So, be all set to splurge on your sweet tooth and dig into some of the best desserts of all time.

It is a small, nice, cozy place which is apt for those random date night just to show your partner how much you truly care. There are few things as endearing as sharing a plate of the yummiest dessert ever. Chocolate has often been called as the most tempting sin and having a gorgeous partner to share it with makes it all kinds of beautiful.

19 Wicked Walu Restaurant - feel like a royal couple in your own kingdom

Dine with your partner at Wicked Walu Restaurant at Warwick Hotel, Viti Levu, with the backdrop of tranquil waters of Fiji's Coral Coast.

Wicked Walu Restaurant at Warwick Hotel is one of the Award-winning Luxury Restaurants in Viti Levu, Fiji. The restaurant is perfectly nestled in the midst of the popular Coral Coast on its private island having a picturesque view at the backdrop.

The dreamy look with flawless moves of the tranquil waters make this restaurant an ideal hotspot for the lovebird couples looking for a romantic and relaxing outdoor meal. The restaurant is known for serving premium seafood delicacies like fresh crab, lobster grills, char-grilled steaks and luscious desserts.

The tender touch of the sandy floor inside the restaurant will give a feel being very close to nature. You will enjoy the moments of an intimate dinner with your love. What makes this restaurant different from the rest is that it's an exclusive adults-only restaurant. The restaurant remains open for dinner from 6 pm to 10:30 pm daily. Advance booking is a must to get confirmed seats in the restaurant.

The exotic ambiance followed by great hospitality of the staffs will make you feel like a royal couple in your own kingdom. It is truly one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. Wicked Walu Restaurant offers an intimate setting for a romantic dining experience that no couple should miss.

18 La Pergola, Italy - Would you like wine with that view?

La Pergola at Bellevue Syrene Hotel in Sorrento, Italy is another romantic, luxurious restaurant in Italy, this one too is perfect for your special date night. The key highlight of this place has to be the brilliant views along with the classy service. If you are someone who loves the variety of food, this restaurant is not going to disappoint you one bit.

The restaurant has a terrace sitting and when munching on your food, you can drink into the beautiful views which make Sorrento such a majestic place to tour. Do not miss out on the authentic Italian wine here because it is just about marvelous and perfect to seal the date night. Too many couples have rated this restaurant to be one of the best in Italy as the servers make it a point to ensure that you have a great time.

When you are enjoying your meal here, sneak the perfect views of the boats in the bay and you might even draw your plan of exploring this quaint little city through the waterway, because there are few pleasures as endearing as exploring the vast sea and the breathtaking landscape with your partner.

So, everyone who loves dinner with a view, this is surely the right restaurant to pick. Luxury, class, taste and of course passion – it packs all of it together.

17 Costa di Mare - Quaint Love In Not-so-quaint Vegas

The Costa di Mare restaurant, positioned at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada is acclaimed as the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award-winning restaurant. The romantic restaurant depicts the highly praised seafood, cooked by Chef Mark LoRusso. The appealing aspect of the place is that there are plenty of dark green trees around which makes the whole look more alluring.

This is the restaurant that presents a vegan and vegetarian menu, specifically designed to the same standard as any of the signature items provided. The flavor combinations are made delicious with the help of highest quality meat-free as well as dairy-free ingredients. This provides great convenience to customers.

The chef prepares the menu every night by incorporating fresh Mediterranean seafood as well as Italian cuisine with delicious pasta and more than forty varieties of fresh fish and shellfish, flown on a regular basis from coastal waters of Italy.

The dining experience is unique as customers may choose to enjoy the food in the recently redesigned dining room or outside within a private cabana adjoining the peaceful lagoon. In order to not miss the chance of getting romantic dining experience, it is suggested to make a cabana table reservation as earliest as possible, in advance, prior to your arrival.

16 Treepod Dinin, Soneva Kiri - Fancy Luxury Dinner In Your Own Love Nest

The very idea of enjoying food in a nest facing beauty of the bright blue sea is terribly exciting! Don’t you think so?

This scenic location is at the Soneva Kiri resort built on the Thai Island of Koh Kood. Home to private luxury villas and Treepod Dining. It only is a one-hour flight from Bangkok.

For all the nature lovers, this is the most romantic restaurant in this world. Don't worry, there's not thousands of stairs. To reach this beautiful Treepod, you zipline! Couples or even friends and family would enjoy the breakfast experience that reaches you by an excellently trained waiter/zip liner.

The best part is also the journey to the treepod where the tourists take the jungle path along the bouldered sea coast. Natural materials like bamboo has been used to design this nest and is given the shape of an egg where guests can relax and savor a meal in the leafy rainforest canopy. This cute treepod comfortably accommodates four people. An exotic fruit basket and juice is offered to the guests on arrival. Couples can indulge in the taste of these local fruits while watching the fantastic view until their order arrives. The resort serves vegetables and fruits from it’s own organic garden.

This romantic restaurant has taken the concept of dining to new heights. Literally, new heights! Love birds can enjoy the spectacular view, the gourmet meal and cuddle in like birds in their nest do!

15 Twilight Dinner at the lobby pond - Proposal Under A Canopy Of Stars?

Not just one, but there are countless romantic places that Bali proudly boasts. This beauty located over the Ayung River Valley greets you with the right kind of hospitality and utmost kindness. You can feast your eyes with this picturesque view cuddling in the arms of your partner over an infinity pool.

Love can find infinite ways to express when there is a beautiful and natural backdrop of woodland greenery and the sounds of the enchanting river flowing around you. With the magical green scenery and the stunning romantic location, this infinity pool found its place among the most romantic restaurants in the world.

Advance reservation here is suggested. Upon booking, your special place will be decorated with candles and perfumed flowers will immerse you in the feeling of passionate love. You can choose between the two shifts of 6 PM or 9 PM. The best time to make your date night special is 6 PM as the you will be able to enjoy the fabulous sunset splashed of gold over the woods and the surrounding beauty.

Be sure not come with your stomach full as this restaurant offers a five-course gourmet styled menu, with best of wines, which will make the pleasant evening even more unforgettable. Salmon and Sea Scallop Carpaccio with lemon and olive oil dressing if their speciality. And, the things don’t end here! By the time your finish your meals, you will be covered by a blanket of stars which makes the whole setting even more passionate and romantic.

14 One If by Land, Two If by Sea - Even the name is romantic

Located on 17 Barrow Street in the New York City Manhattan borough, this fine dine restaurant has established itself as one of the very best. From serving the finest food to the rich ambiance, the world-class décor, the best service and of course the overall feel; there is nothing which is awry as far as this restaurant is concerned.

One If by Land, Two If by Sea, New York further has a rich history as the restaurant operates inside a carriage house which was built back in the year 1767. It was later purchased by Aaron Burr. It was in the year 1910 that the building was remodeled into a restaurant.

It is by far one of the most romantic places, as you can find a baby grand piano, candlelit tables, and two fireplaces as well. It has a rustic American village feel and you are bound to fall in love all over again with your partner as you allow the romantic ambiance to play its charm. It has often been used as one of the ideal places by too many men to pop the big question and make their epic love proposal to their lady.

So, if luxury and romance are two of the top cards for you when seeking a restaurant, pick this true gem in the heart of New York City.

13 Sheesh Mahal - no less than dinner in heaven

Udaipur is one of the most fascinating cities of India which contains numerous heaven-like restaurants. One such restaurant is Sheesh Mahal which beautifies your experience of visiting or staying in the city. The services, food, location, and everything about it makes Sheesh Mahal the most popular restaurants in the city of Udaipur.

Sheesh Mahal is an open-air, lake view restaurant with a really fine dining. The view while having meal gives you an another level experience which handsomely matches with a royal essence. Who wouldn’t love having dinner under the sky full of stars capturing the breathtaking view of Pichola lake? Sheesh Mahal serves the best of food. Needless to say, it’s royal kitchen rules the flavors of India and other cuisines

There are a lot of restaurants in Udaipur but hardly any matches Sheesh Mahal, and the thing which makes it elegantly unique is its romantic essence. Yes, it is renowned among the most romantic restaurants in the world. Words may not describe the beauty of the place that well, but the kind of setting, view and the essence there at the Sheesh Mahal makes the experience no less than having dinner in heaven.

12 Nautika Restaurant, Croatia - An unmatched Fortress View

Nautika Restaurant is known to be one of the most romantic restaurants of the world is located at the edge of the sea at Pile. It is positioned along the western entrance of Dubrovnik's Old City. The panoramic view which one can get from the restaurant turned it into a lover's paradise for a romantic meal. Thanks to its unique terrace, guests can get a complete view of the fortresses of Lovrijenac, the Adriatic and Bokar. The restaurant architecture is designed brilliantly and is housed in the former Dubrovnik School of Maritime Studies.

Breathtaking view of the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar from Nautika Restaurant sets the mood for a perfect romantic dinner date. The Restaurant was awarded the 6th rank in the list of most romantic restaurants in the world by well famed Condé Nast Traveler magazine. So most of the couples add this place in their bucket list. The restaurant serves mouthwatering dishes of lobster from the Dalmatian island of Vis and local delicacies of the Adriatic.

Nautika proved it to be a place which offers a perfect blend of tradition and quality with absolute creativity. Enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine of Nautika Restaurant on a special romantic dine date.

11 The Cress on Oak Creek - The Perfect Combo of Nature and Romance

The Cress on Oak Creek, located at L’Auberge de Sedona in Arizona is known to get inspired by the nature of Northern Arizona. The ambience and surrounding of the place are found to be magical and romantic for the visitors. Here, hand-selected ingredients are included in delicious courses served on the wonderful banks of Oak Creek. The restaurant heartily invites guests to indulge in one of the most memorable, fashionable and picturesque dining experiences in the world.

Among adobe facades as well as New Age crystal outlets of Sedona, the recently renovated Creekside stay features 21 lodge-style guest rooms, 62 luxury cottages, and stand-alone five-bedroom Creek house. The tranquil Creekside location can be felt in each and every part of visitor’s stays, right from fine-dining at its restaurant to the visits made to the L’Apothecary spa.

The restaurant owns an ambiance which is no less than a miracle. When you visit here, you would state that you are living in a paradise, starring at the twinkle lights, the creek, the crisp air as well as private tables. Couples easily fall in love with the place and its unique dining experience. The staffs present here are extremely accommodating, and they accomplish the job at setting up a unique ambience during dinner. The place is perfect for the couples looking to have a romantic dining experience.

10 Romantic Sandcastle Dining - This name says it all

We all know how Maldives and romance go hand in hand. It is the romance capital of Asia and so many couples tend to choose this exotic spot for their honeymoon. From the endless sea beaches to the sprawling beauty of the city; you will have endless to do here. When you are looking for the restaurant that spells romance and luxury together, you should surely head to Sandcastle Dining.

It is considered to be one of the most amazing dining experiences. Look into each other’s eyes, with your feet dipped in the sand and the roar of the ocean nearby – can there be a moment more perfect than this?

It'll definitely surpass your standards and you are sure to have a great time that you'll love to repeat.

With the best of services and a wide variety of food options to choose from, the sandcastle dining is truly every traveler’s dream. If you are looking to surprise your girlfriend and give her a romantic moment she will ways recall, take her here and watch her expression go WOW! We are sure you will love the ambiance, food, and the service!

9 Taj Exotica - secluded Romance At it's finest

Do you think a restaurant can ruin your special date? Well, we definitely think so! What if a baby is continuously crying? Umm, or may an old lady is yelling around? You don’t want spoilers on your most planned day, right? That is what Taj Exotica in Maldives offer you. In fact, you're guaranteed to avoid any annoying nearby tables.

Away from the city lights, this hotel is spread on Emboodhu Finolhu island, right in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in Maldives. The island has 64 sea view luxurious villas in the lap of nature.

There will be no dull moment at anytime of the day or night. You have options to relax at the lounge by the infinity pool or even at your private beach. Couples can also choose to rejuvenate their body and mind at the Jiva Grande Spa on the island. Take a blissful walk with your partner or relax with your eyes feasting the sky below the twinkling stars.

Taj Exotica is known for its best culinary skills and authentic dishes using ingredients sourced locally and globally. If you love seafood, this is one perfect place to be. Just hop in to the Teppanyaki Kitchen and pick your craving from the crafted menu of 24 degrees. And If you are waiting to experience the fantastic views of the Indian ocean sunsets, sip up your cocktails at the Equator Bar. How romantic the ambience shall be viewing the majestic Indian ocean?

8 Enter This Fairy World Of Clos Maggiore, London

You won't be able to stop yourself from screaming WOW! in your mind as you enter this place. Sharing a romantic evening with your special one has to be an incredible experience, from gorgeous flowers and striking backgrounds to a sumptuous supper. Looking for an elegant place to celebrate your special moments, what could be more amazing than to be in an exotic restaurant in an enchanting city? Visit Clos Maggiore in London, which is among world’s greatest fine-dining venues.

Perfectly located in Convent Garden, the restaurant’s stylish interiors offer supreme warmth and intimacy. The telescopic glass roof creates a bright and airy dining space during the day and transforms into a well-lit setting by candles and starlight at night. Influenced by elegant French countryside inns, the cherry blossomed insides invoke a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant features live music to set the mood for a perfect romantic evening.

Showcasing the contemporary French cuisine, chief chef Marcellin Marc uses only the finest and freshest ingredients to bring out unique dishes. Do not miss the fabulous post theatre menu which includes Oven Roasted Welsh Fillet of Lamb and Pan Roasted Scottish Salmon. The globally distinguished wine cellar flaunts more than 2000 selections, appealing to all occasions. Least to mention, the pursuit of impeccable service brings perfection to each meal served.

Clos Maggiore is not mere restaurant, but an experience in sophisticated magnificence. It checks all boxes for the most intimate and memorable meal you could ever have. Get ready to be blown away by the most romantic restaurant in the world.

7 Bask in the moonlight at Il Pirata, Praiano, Italy

The restaurant “Il Pirata”, combines the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine with the uniqueness of the landscape offering beautiful moments of pleasure. Large, expansive windows, a patio suspended over the water, magic of the full moon & the warm light, and blinding of the day make a unique combination to make your date unforgettable. The delicious taste of the traditional cuisine is enhanced by the natural setting of rocks, sea, and the sky.

You will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood here among the rocks and sea surrounding you. The kitchen at Il Pirata follows the rhythm of the seasons. Fish, flesh, vegetables, dairy products, and sausages are carefully selected as they think, ‘eating well is to live well’.

The lounge bar, the true heart of “Il Pirata”, gives a sense of peace and security which leads to relaxation of the mind. Il Pirata has a beautiful solarium with access to the beach where the sun shines from early morning.

To make your special days memorable, it organizes small ceremonies, meetings, and buffets with the possibility of fireworks, live music, mechanical music and after dinner. The staff here is very obedient, friendly and attentive. You should definitely visit Il Pirata at least once in your lifetime. It is worth that romantic time of yours.

6 Breeze at Lebua, Bangkok - Is This Your Fantasy Getaway?

Perched at 52 stories above the Chao Phraya River, this exquisite rooftop restaurant’s modern interiors offer fresh vibes and a panoramic view of one of the happening cities in the world. The elegant design of Bangkok’s highest open-air riverside Asian restaurant sets the mood for a fantastic romantic evening. This stunning location of Breeze at Lebua Hotel in Bangkok quickly became famous as the “new face of Asian Dining”.

The contemporary Pan-Asian cuisine, chief chef Sam Pang uses the best of Asian ingredients to bring out the special and unique dishes. Don’t miss the fabulous Charcoal Grilled Chilean Sea Bass and Jasmine Tea Smoked Wagyu Beef Ribs, his signature dishes. The restaurant offers excellent hospitality services too. They have a long list of more than 3000 bottles of wine to choose from. Dietary requirements of customers are always their priority.

They offer not just inspiring décor and great service but also an ambience that will guarantee creating a warm emotional connection. The best time to check in is during the sunset when the alluring rays illuminate the skywalk that leads to the Breeze, with the most spectacular dinner setting that couples in love could ever imagine. Sounds lovely, right? Smart attire and classy atmosphere combines to a picturesque place to be and click some of the most romantic pictures of your love.