Airports can be a stressful place, but there are many things that airports are trying to do to ease the stress of travel. With many new advances in technology inside airports, they are making it much more convenient to travel through airports. Things like shopping centers, entertainment areas, and places for pets to relax, airports are becoming more like a vacation than stress. However, there are still a few airports in the world that are causing stress and may not even know it. One of these airports is the Denver International Airport which has had many news headlines questioning many aspects of its existence.

The Denver International Airport has been the target of many conspiracies about who runs the airport and what lies underneath. Why the airport gained so much attention is strange. but it is now being looked at even closer than ever due to several strange things inside the airport. Everything from secret underground bunkers to large gargoyles that overlook the baggage claim, what exactly is going on at the Denver Airport? Here are 25 things that make it more understandable as to why the Denver Airport is the center of so many conspiracies.

25 DIA's Prestigious Status

The Denver Airport has a lot of achievements under its belt besides being one of the strangest airports in the country. The airport has six total runways making it the third largest airport in the way of runways. It is also the second largest airport in the world based on the total size of the airport and is only second to the King Fahd International Airport of Saudi Arabia. The Denver Airport has been voted North America’s Best Regional Airport and the 5th Best Regional Airport in the world.

24 The Big Blue Mustang

One of the first things you will notice about the Denver Airport is the huge blue horse out front of the airport. This sculpture was made by the famous architect Luis Jimenez and most of his sculptures can be found all around the United States including this large blue steed. A few other of Jimenez's sculptures include the Vaquero located in Houston’s Moody Park and the  Man on Fire sculpture which can be found in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. However, this large sculpture is known as the Big Blue Mustang. It is an eery sculpture that welcomes people into the airport.

23 The Freemason Ties

In the post-14th-century era, a group of stonemasons created an organization known as the Freemasons. The Freemasons are a prestigious group and it is very hard to join. Only a few presidents were ever inducted into the club including the first president of the United States George Washington. So what does this have to do with the Denver Airport? The Freemason's insignia can be found in parts of the airport. Does this mean that the airport has ties to the freemason's or is it simply a coincidence?

22 The Bird's Eye View Of The Airport

Many have taken the conspiracy theories that are connected to the Denver Airport a little too far and this includes what is revealed about the airport when you see it from a bird's eye view. Certain parts of the airport form dark symbols from the world's history. While this is most likely just coincidence many have taken this to mean something deeper within the airport. With the rumors of the airport being connected to the Illuminati and secret tunnels underneath the airport, is it such a stretch that the airport would try and sneak some dark symbols in its architecture?

21 Denver Art Displayed Everywhere

No other airport in the world has as much art on its walls than the Denver Airport. The art in the Denver Airport is very impressive and it covers most of the airport. There are paintings on the wall as you walk to your flight, there are also paintings everywhere else. If you look up on the ceiling you will likely see some art along with on the floor beneath your feet. The official Denver Airport website classifies the art into three different categories: the current exhibits, the past exhibits, and the collection that is still there. Much of the imagery in these painting depict strange things that many people think are tied to darker things. Perhaps they are just unique paintings.

20 The Gargoyles In A Suitcase

Usually, when you go to baggage claim you have to wait a while for your baggage to come off the plane and into the baggage claim area. Usually, there are seats and sometimes TVs to help pass the time. However, at the Denver Airport, they took it a bit further and added some more of their "unique" art into the baggage claim areas. There are large gargoyles that watch over the baggage claims at the east and west side of the airport. These gargoyles are said to watch over the travelers and ensure that they're luggage is retrieved successfully.

19 The Vast Shopping Areas

Many airports are starting to adopt larger shopping areas in their airports as it is becoming a top contributor to airport income. However, the Denver Airport takes it to a whole new level and has added a large shopping district to their airport. Similar to other airports have large food courts the Denver Airport has large areas where people can shop. These shopping areas can be found near Gates A, B, and C, and the Jeppesen Terminal. You can find a wide variety of shops including bookstores, restaurants, and electronic stores to name a few.

18 The Weird Murals

As mentioned before the Denver Airport is no stranger to the art inside the airport walls. While much of the art in the Denver Airport is harmless the large murals that are painted across large walls have guests worried and a little creeped out. The large murals depict strange imagery similar to some of the paintings found throughout the airport. The main artist of these murals is Leo Tanguma who has a strong progressive social influence which can be seen throughout his art in the airport. So why did the airport contract him for the paintings?

17 Ice Skating In The Airport

Denver is known as a place to participate in winter outdoor activities like ice skating. Well if you are traveling to or from the Denver Airport then you can still enjoy the activity of skating as the airport has a dedicated section set up to be an ice rink. The ice rink is open for twelve hours of the day and is completely free of charge. If you are traveling for the holidays and want to get into the holiday spirit then this can be the perfect opportunity for that while you are waiting on your next flight.

16 Permanent Art Collection

As mentioned before, there are several different art categories in the Denver Airport. One of these categories was the permanent art collection category which is a category in which the art will remain in the airport forever. The permanent art collection category has 31 subcategories all to its self. That will give you a good idea as to how much art is actually in the Denver Airport. These paintings are much less creepy than the aforementioned murals and usually depict a story in them from the artists. This can be a great pass time while waiting for your flight.

15 Rumored Tunnels And Bunkers

This is where the list dives back into the famous conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver Airport. Many people believe that there is a large interconnecting set of tunnels and bunkers underneath the Denver Airport. Not only that but many believe that the largest underground bunker in the world is located underneath the airport. This would make sense as the Denver Airport is one of the largest airports in the world and covers a large portion of land. While no one can confirm the existence of the largest bunker in the world, there is definitely connecting tunnels under the airport for staff.

14 More Past Exhibits Than Museums

Some of the art in the Denver Airport was only on display for a short amount of time. The Denver Airport quickly began growing in its art department and had to retire some of its older artwork to make room for its newer works. There are over 50 different unique art exhibits that have already been retired from the Denver Airport. Some of these old art exhibits can still be seen in the airport in the past exhibits section of the airport. Journey through time and see the amazing art that could fill several art museums.

13 The 2094 Time Capsule

There is a strange stone slab located in the Denver Airport that represents a time capsule that is supposed to be opened in the year 2094. The markings on the slab of stone are that of the Freemason's and it has made many that much more curious to find what is inside the time capsule. Many have asked the airport personnel what is up with the time capsule and they have responded with "you'll have to wait to find out". For many that wait is too long but the mystery is still up in the air.

12 Cats (Canine Airport Therapy Squad)

The airport can be a very stressful place for many. That is why the Denver Aiport has attempted to make people's travel a bit easier by enlisting the help of a few furry friends. What is more, stress relieving than seeing a cute dog or cat and petting it? There is a long list of volunteers who allow people to pet and cuddle their pets for stress relief during their airport experience. This program is called CATS and stands for Canine Airport Therapy Squad. These therapy pets can quickly change your attitude about your airport experience.

11 The Huge Airport Size

As mentioned before, the Denver Airport is fairly large making people speculate that there is a large bunker underneath. The King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia is the only airport that can stand up to the sheer size of the Denver Airport reaching 77,600 acres of land. Denver Airport is closer to 13,571 acres. While this number may seem like a large difference, it still shows how large the Denver Airport is making it the largest United States Airport. Why the Denver Airport is so large is a question that has fed the fire behind many conspiracy theories around what lies under the airport.

10 Water Bottle Filling Stations

Being one of the largest airports in the world, the Denver Airport was inspired to seek out more Earth-friendly ways of treating travelers. One of these ways is the addition of water bottle filling stations. There are several water-bottle filling stations around the airport, specifically at Gates A, B, and C. These stations promote the use of reusable water bottles instead of using disposable plastic water bottles. The stations give you the option of getting warm water or ice cold water. The airport also uses large solar farms to circulate power throughout the airport.

9 For Bicycling Travelers

Bicycling in the city of Denver and in Colorado, in general, is a big thing. If you travel to Denver chances are you are going to experience the outdoors in some fashion and this could include bicycling. If you are traveling out of the Denver Airport then it has some accommodations for bicycle riders. There are several biking trails that lead straight to the airport and there is even parking for your bicycles when you arrive. This is another stride to save the environment and accommodate those who are exercising.

8 The Automated Baggage System

An Automated Baggage System sounds like a great idea and on paper, it seems like it could work. The Denver Airport was one of the first airports to try and put this system into play and it worked for a while. The airport spent a lot on construction, maintenance, and repairs on the system before they had to ultimately remove it due to it costing too much to keep up. The original purpose of the system was supposed to cut down on delays, waits, and airport staff. While the system didn't work out it is interesting to know that the Denver Airport is making strides to improve its systems.

7 The Amazing Wifi

Wifi in airports is nothing new as they are even putting Wifi in flights now. However, in flight and in the airport the Wifi typically isn't the best only allowing you to browse emails and social media. However, the Denver Airport is known to have some of the best Wifi compared to most airports. A study done in 2017 showed that the Denver Airport ranked number one in several tests including download and upload speeds which reached 78 Mbps. This fast internet can help people check in on friends and family and download anything they need for their flight.

6 Paradise 4 Paws

As mentioned already, the Denver Airport is very accommodating when it comes to furry pals. A service known as Paradise 4 Paws is available inside the Denver Airport and has several services that include a daycare, grooming and spa, veterinary care and dog training services. Paradise 4 Paws didn't originate in the Denver Airport as there are two other locations located in Denver so they are definitely credible. The service also allows for the owners to watch their pets in paradise as there are live webcams set up inside the rooms.