25 Rare And Bizarre Things That Actually Exist On Our Earth

The world is large and across the world, there are things that humans still cannot explain. These things can be bizarre in nature and stand out from the rest. Scientists have trouble explaining them and we are left scratching our heads as to how they got here. Anything and everything from strange colored animals all the way to a forest in Japan that glows in the dark nature, the world is full of mystery. There are many things like these 25 bizarre things that are being discovered every day and each of them needs an explanation just as much as the last.

If you are on the hunt for strange and bizarre things you may want to add some of these 25 things to your bucket list. It is almost guaranteed that there is nothing else in the world like these 25 things. Who knows what the next albino animal we will find or the next strange stone but it is guaranteed that these finds will be amazing. Some of these things will make you think we are actually on another planet than Earth or that some of these things are handmade, but all of them are naturally found on Earth.

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25 Amazing White Peacocks

via: imagefully.com

We spoke of albino animals in the introduction of this article but we weren't talking about this all-white peacock. Many people look at this peacock and think it is albino but in reality, it is just all white. The thing that distinguishes this bird as not being an albino is its blue eye color. Albino animals have a reddish tint to their eyes. The white peacock is born a yellowish color and over time will turn into what we know as the white peacock. They can be found in the large grass fields in Australia and India. They have a condition known as Leucism which basically strips them of any color.

24 The Unusual Bismuth Crystals

via: TopRock

The above image may look like a unique handmade jewel or something from an alien planet but it is actually made naturally here on Earth. The Bismuth Crystals are small crystals that have unique shapes and shine brightly with a purple tint to them. However, some of them are classified as rainbow colored. Bismuth is 86% as dense as lead according to Belmont Metals. The Bismuth crystal is thought to have healing properties stored within it and is sometimes called a stone of "transformation and change, helping to adapt to change with calm assurance."

23 The Painted Rainbow Eucalyptus

via: Imgur

When you first look at the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees you may think that a kid has gotten a hold of some paint brushes and literally painted the town red. However, these Rainbow Eucalyptus trees are naturally colored like that and over time the bark peels off the sides of the trees revealing its true colors. These trees can only be found in the Philippines, New Guinea, and Indonesia. The Rainbow Eucalyptus can grow to be up to 250 feet high since they are usually located in rainforests. The most common colors that are revealed from the bark peeling are bright reds and purples.

22 An Oddly Colored Waterfall

via: National Geographic

This strange waterfall is located in Antartica and is nicknamed 'blood falls' given the strange color of the waterfall. The waterfall comes from the Taylor Glacier in the continent's McMurdo Dry Valleys and it looks as if the waterfall should not be here on Earth. The waterfalls were discovered in the early 1900s and only recently have scientists figured out a reason as to why the waterfall is red. Research done by the University of Alaska Fairbanks reveals that the water in the waterfall is produced due to oxidized iron in brine saltwater. It can be thought of the same process which rusts metals.

21 A Rare Smelly Flower

via: Arizona Daily Star

This flower, known as titan arum or its more common name 'corpse flower', is one of the biggest and rarest flowers on Earth. The name corpse flower comes from the foul odor that comes off of the flower when someone smells it. The flower can grow up to be ten feet tall but you will have to wait a while for that to happen. While the smell is very bad people will wait upwards of a decade to see the flower bloom. The smell of the flower is used to lure in bugs like flies and beetles to the flower. While you may not want to smell the flower it is an interesting sight for sure.

20 Koroit Opal

via: Koroit Opal Company

Koroit Opals have a one of a kind look to them. They are popular for their strong exterior and their colorful shades to them. The place where they were first discovered was known as the Koroit Opal Field in Queensland located in Australia. It was discovered by someone named Lawrence Rostron who would later open the Australian Opal Mines due to this discovery. The Koroit Opals have been used for jewelry and pendants for many years due to their colors. The opals aren't even that pricey and they make for great gifts for people who like colorful jewelry.

19 Nazca Lines

via: Travel 1 Tours

Giant lines known as geoglyphs litter the area of the Peruvian coastal plain and are known as the Nazca Lines. If you want to see the lines you will have to travel a bit south of Lima located in Peru. Although you won't be able to make out what they represent unless you are flying high above them. Many of the lines connect to make different shapes of animals and other mythical creatures. They are thought to have been made by the Nazca residents around 2,000 years ago. There are around 300 different designs that can be viewed by flying over the Peruvian coastal plain.

18 An Underwater Monument

via: NinjaJournalist

In the past few years, scientists have found something strange lying at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee located in Isreal. Not only that but they have also discovered a few strange monuments in northern Isreal that they think are connected somehow. The underwater monument was discovered in 2014 and was found on satellite imaging. Not far from that another strange structure called "Jethro Cairn" was found. The underwater structure was built out of basalt and it shares a similar shape to a cone. The stone is reportedly two times the size of Stonehenge in England according to Live Science.

17 Albino Alligators

via: Orlando Sentinel

The albino alligator is something that many never thought possible. There are only around a dozen left in the world and they are a very endangered species. The albino alligator lacks all pigmentation and is completely white all over. They also have light pink eyes. There is an albino alligator at Florida's Gatorland preserve named Pearl and she is seven and a half feet long and is a bright shade of white. One of the main reasons why the albino alligator and other albino creatures are going extinct is because their complexion makes it hard for them to blend in the wild.

16 The Glowing Forest

via: Tokyo Cheapo

This amazing forest is located in Shikoku, Japan and from images it may look like its a Disney World attraction but in reality, it is a naturally formed forest that glows in the dark. The Glowing Forest illuminates itself by bioluminescent mushrooms that are hidden on the forest floor. The mushrooms only come out at certain times of the year so it is important to plan a trip around that. This is likely the only forest in the world where hikers will choose to hike at night versus the daytime. The forest itself contains around 10 different types of mushrooms each having their own bioluminescent quality.

15 Shores Of Vaadhoo

via: Wander Pig

Tourists gather year-round to see the amazing shores of Vaadhoo on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives. The phenomenon that makes the shores of Vaadhoo so special is known as the sea of stars. The island doesn't have many people living on it but it makes up for that by how many people visit the island every year. At night time the beach becomes something from another planet. The waves light up the night sky with a bright blue and are due to the water becoming bioluminescent by Phytoplankton that creates the blue glow. It is truly a spectacular sight and can quickly become anyone's paradise.

14 The Longyou Grottoes

via: RedTandem.net

The Longyou Grottoes are located in China and date back centuries ago to the Qin Dynasty in 212 BCE. The caves were only discovered recently in 1992 and a total of 24 caves were discovered in total. Each of the caves is carved into siltstone and each reaches deep into the ground. The rooms underground contain many things including stone rooms, bridges, gutters, and pools. There are stone pillars that hold the rooms up that show the etchings when the grottoes were made. One of the caves can even be visited and toured. Inside there are different etchings on the wall that depict different animals.

13 An Underwater Forest

via: pond5.com

Kazakhstan is a place that is popular for its outdoors which includes large mountain ranges and beautiful lakes. However, one of the more popular locations is known as Lake Kaindy where it appears the lake is actually an underwater forest. Millions of visitors come to see the underwater forest every year. It is impressive enough with its limestone-blue waters, not to mention the fact that the forest is literally growing out of the lake. The forest was created due to a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. The landslide from the earthquake created a sort of dam and over years the area started to fill with water and it is now what we know as Lake Kaindy.

12 Volgograd Discs

via: Amazing World News

Investigators in Russia have just uncovered around a dozen of these strange discs. They were discovered in the Volgograd region and are made out of stone. The disc mystery has still yet to be solved and there are many theories as to what they are. When they were first discovered many thought them to be the remains of crashed UFOs and some went even further to call them the remains of extraterrestrial beings that once inhabited Earth. Obviously, these are just theories and they aren't proven. Many people believe that these rocks are just naturally formed through erosion.

11 The Largest Natural Mirror

via: Reddit

If you travel to Bolivia you may find yourself staring back at yourself standing on the largest natural mirror in the world. These salt fields that stretch 4,000 square miles are known as the reflective salt flats and is what has happened over thousands of years to several prehistoric lakes. The salt flats don't look like this all year round and in the summer they are actually used as a source for lithium and salt. However, after flooding occurs this is the result and it looks amazing. The salt mines are a flat surface so you can see for miles in any direction and all of it will be reflected right beneath your feet.

10 The Gate Of The Sun

via: Wikipedia

Speaking of Bolivia you will find this next natural wonder there as well. This structure is known as the Gate of the Sun and is thought to have been constructed by the ancient Tiwanaku culture. The structure itself is a little smaller than 10 feet tall and reaches to be 13 feet across. The Gate of the Sun is made out of one piece of stone and there are several inscriptions on the stone. These are thought to deal with astronomy in some way. In the top of the structure, we can see a strange deity which appears to represent the Sun God. The structure itself is an amazing feat and it shares a part of history with everyone who wishes to see it.

9 The Underground City Of Derinkuyu

via: Expedia

This underground city in Turkey is known as Derinkuyu. The underground city is said to go 200 feet deep and is said to of housed several thousand people. The underground city spans for more than you would expect and it is amazing that it still stands to this day. There are many tunnels and secret areas in the caves which were used as shelter at one point in time. The city is one of the most popular underground cities in the world and it is one of the most visited. With so many people coming in and out of the cave it has become quite the tourist attraction.

8 Eternal Flames Fall

via: Wikipedia

This small campfire behind the waterfall isn't someone's campsite for the night. It is actually a naturally burning flame that has yet to go out. The flame burns on natural gases and has never actually gone out. The strangest part is the flame is in a very wet area hidden away just behind a waterfall. If video games have taught us anything it is the fact that there is something hidden behind that waterfall. Many people have traveled across the world to see the Eternal Flame and many believe it to be a message from another being.

7 Caño Cristales

via: ColombiAventura

Caño Cristales has been called the lake of five colors and for good reason. This lake is known to have the water in it change color due to a unique plant called Macarenia clavigera. The main color of the lake is a dark deep red and there are other colors like bright yellow. The lake isn't like this at all times of the year. If you go to the lake at the wrong time of the year it will appear to be just a normal lake. This is due to the fact that the water is rushing too fast for the plant to take its effect but when the sun is out it helps the plant produce the spectacular colors.

6 Jellyfish Lake

via: Vimeo

Jellyfish Lake is located near Koror in Palau and it is a freshwater lake that features hundreds of harmless jellyfish. These jellyfish are fairly small and they don't feature harmful stingers like other jellyfish. The reason there is so many jellyfish in one spot is that the spot is so isolated giving the jellyfish a chance to live peacefully. You can take a swim in Jellyfish Lake and swim around with jellyfish unless you are deathly afraid of jellyfish-like some people, then maybe you want to skip out on this one.

5 The Road to Heaven – Huashan Mountain

via: GoPole

This one is for all of the thrillseekers who didn't get enough of a rush swimming with jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake. This hike along the side of the Huashan Mountain is known as 'the road to heaven' as the pathway leads up one of the largest mountains in the world and only has a small path built into the side of it. Surely there must be something that makes the hike and risk worth it right? The only thing that is located at the top of Huashan Mountain is a teahouse. With this disappointing reward, thousands of people still test their limits and attempt to climb this mountain.

4 Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake

via: World for Travel

The Marble Caverns are carved into the Patagonian Andes, located on a peninsula in the middle of Carrera Lake. The caves were formed by waves eroding and eating away at the peninsula until it created what is known today as the marble caves. If you want to get to the caves the only way is by boat and the tour is given in a boat. However, the caves are well worth the boat trip as it is amazing to see what effect erosion can have on such a large structure. The best time of year according to atlasobscura.com to visit the marble caves is between September and February.

3 Perfectly Shaped Spheres

via: Academia Tica

These strange spheres can be found in Costa Rica, located on the Diquis Delta and on Isla del Cano. There are several mysteries surrounding these large boulders, mainly questioning how they got there seeing as they are so large. These aren't the only balls, however, there are over 300 spheres littering the area in Costa Rica. These strange large spherical balls vary in size some being small enough to lift while other weighing several tons. According to world-mysteries.com these aren't naturally made spheres but are man-made unlike the similar strange stones found in Mexico.

2 The Stonehenge

via: Sky News

Stonehenge is one of the most popular mysteries known around the world. Stonehenge can be found in Wiltshire, England and it consists of several large stones that are stacked in a strange formation. These stones can range between only a few feet high to reach heights of 13 feet. A few of the rocks weight up to 25 tons! Many scientists have pinpointed that Stonehenge was built around 5,000 years ago and may have been a burial ground of some sort. There is still the mystery of how a civilization 5,000 years ago was able to make such a monument without the knowledge of the wheel.

1 Purple Carrots

via: Osborne Seed Company Variety Trials

We are all used to carrots being orange and that is typically the color you can buy carrots in. However, not long ago orange carrots weren't the norm. Purple carrots were once what people ate and they look more like beets than carrots. Popular Science reports that carrots were first used in Afghanistan for food and quickly spread across the world. However, at that time purple carrots were the norm and they weren't liked due to their dark color staining other foods. Orange carrots were never grown when purple carrots were the norm and the only other carrots were pink carrots. It seems as if orange characters popped into existence one day.

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