Unwinding worldly tensions, confronting untold stories, unfolding concealed secrets, and letting emotions flow under the warmth of the setting Sun is a unique experience. Submitting to the eternal beauty of our flaring star and experiencing the visual treat of its fading red brightness pleases the senses and soothes the mind of the viewer.

Some people find watching the sun going down the horizon romantic, and prefer to capture the moment with their partners. Metaphorically, the sunset is seen as the start of a new phase or page in life and the end of the past. People get inspired by the view and often hope that they can get a fresh start of life.

Watching the sunset relieves stress, improves the mood, and brings contentment to a person. Looking at the setting Sun can have magical effects on you as you begin to detaching yourself from worldly pleasures, feel gratitude for what you have, and praise the inexpensive and timeless natural beauty of the gradually disappearing sun that leaves orange-gold-red streaks in the skyline.

For photography enthusiasts, capturing the allure of the sunset in their camera lens is a fascinating and adventurous experience. People even climb mountains to enjoy the majestic view of the descending Sun. How far will you go to watch the splendid gift of nature? Well, our list will help you in figuring out how far you can. Here, we list out 25 places where you can capture breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime sunset view that will blow you away.

25 The Serengeti, Tanzania – Sunset & Safari

Serengeti is a region in northern Tanzania in the continent of Africa. If you want to see a vivid range of species while gazing at the sinking Sun, then the Serengeti is perfect for you. It is the most favorite destination for Africa safari adventurers. If you go north-east of Tanzania in Mara, you will find the Serengeti National Park.

Millions of animals migrate to the National Park annually. Watching the Sun set there gives thrill and tranquility at the same time. The weather and dusty winds of the region make the sunsets in the Serengeti quite dramatic and beautiful.

24 The Florida Keys, USA – Words Aren’t Enough

Besides fishing and scuba diving, the Florida Keys is famous for its sunset viewpoints. Each night, a fleet of people march to the shores and the piers to catch the view of the blazing Sun gradually losing its light and setting below the horizon. “Breathtaking” is not a word that is enough to define the beauty of descending Sun at the Florida Keys.

You can go on a cruise on special boats or head to Mallory Square, Morada Bay Beach Café, and Lorelai Cabana & Restaurant to view the star set.

23 Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia – Rock Changing Color With Sun

Visiting Uluru, or Ayers Rock, to witness jaw-dropping sceneries is mandatory for travel enthusiasts visiting Australia. The Sun shines brighter during the days, and becomes lighter and more peaceful during the evenings. Talinguru Nyakunytjaku is the most popular platform to gaze the sunset.

Uluru is the largest sandstone monolith in the world. As the day progresses, the clouds make rounds in the sky and scatter the colors that turn into a deep red from a vibrant orange on the monolith. Unfold the iconic visuals of an impressive natural monument that changes colors with the fading Sun.

22 Neist Point, Scotland – Get lost in the colors

The Neist Point lighthouse in Scotland is an iconic destination on a scenic cliff. There are several lighthouses in the Isle of Skye; however, people say that Neist Point is way more dramatic for its amazing sunset views. Built in 1900, the lighthouse is 140 feet above the sea level from where one can look up to 16 nautical miles offshore.

The concrete path to the Neist Point may cause some trouble, but looking at the drowning Sun will heal everything.

21 The Sahara Desert, Africa – Natural Foreground For Sunset

The largest arid desert in the world, Sahara, lets people relax and watch the sinking Sun. The area of the Sahara Desert is roughly as equal to the area of China or the United States. The sparkling sands of the desert complement the shades of the sunlight, and watching the Sun dip into the golden soil is a spell-binding experience.

The largest non-polar desert gives exotic natural foreground for the descending Sun. The place is ideal for taking snaps of the sunset.

20 Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, USA – Sky Erupts In Layers

The people walking on the Santa Monica Pier in California swear by the sunset views they get to witness each evening. The sky there explodes into layers of colors. Santa Monica Pier is a tourists’ favorite at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Southern California to capture the sunset during the golden hours of the day.

Located at the historic Route 66 in Santa Monica, Santa Monica Pier consists of two adjoining piers. One of the piers of Santa Monica has the Pacific Park, which homes the world’s only solar-powered Ferries wheel. Watching the Sun going down through the rim of the 85-foot Ferris wheel is picturesque and enchanting.

19 Iceland – A Day-Night Romance

Grundarfjörður is a small Icelandic town situated in the North of Nephilim peninsula between a mountain range and the sea. The dramatic bay backed by elegant waterfalls and fenced by snow-capped mountains intensifies the view of the Sun falling below the horizon of Grundarfjörður.

The Sun disappears from the month of November and reappears in the month of February. However, during summer, it is worth the wait as the sunset becomes more spectacular after the return.

Near Grundarfjörður, you can find Kirkjufell, a distinctly-shaped mountain where you can witness the midnight Sun from the beginning of July. The Sun slipping down the waterfalls from the pyramid-shaped mountain Kirkjufell is an epitome of elegance and divinity.

18 Hanalei Bay, Hawaii – Where The Sun basks in the Water

The largest bay on the North shore of the Kaua’i island in Hawaii, Hanalei Bay, has mesmerizing sunset views. Surrounded by majestic mountains and bordered by sand beaches, Hanalei Bay is the ideal place for looking at the Sun set.

The beach has natural colors that add a luminous beauty to the resting Sun when captured on lens. The Sun, with its regal charm, slowly drowning in the vast ocean behind the towering mountains on the height of summer is an amazing treat of nature.

17 Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands – Bridge To Sunset

Amsterdam is famous for its sunsets as it has more than 400 bridges arching over subtle canals that give breathtaking views of the event. The cityscape of water has many spots under its sleeve to watch the Sun go down. Amsterdam is geographically positioned in the northern hemisphere, which makes the sky turn into a vibrant blanket that spills red and orange colors.

Amsterdam’s bridges are phenomenal viewing points. Photographers line up on the bridges to capture the sight of the setting Sun. The Magere Brug, a bridge over the river Amstel, is quite a romantic spot to picture the blurring Sun shine.

16 Lake Annecy, France – The Lakeside Sun

Voted Europe’s cleanest lake, Lake Annecy casts beautiful sceneries of a Sun dipping into the crystal waters over the French Alps. People rush to Annecy to watch the mountain springs, sinking Sun, and reflections of light on the waters.

The sunset at Lake Annecy is quite dramatic, and picturesque. In spite of it being overcrowded with tourists, the lake’s charisma is well maintained. The people who visit Lake Annecy claim that witnessing the surreal beauty of the lake and the stunning sunset is like a dream.

15 EI Carmel Hill, Barcelona, Spain – A Bird's Eye Sunset

EI Carmel Hill is a place in Barcelona where you get one of the best panoramic views of the city. Many movies and advertisements are shot in the EI Carmel Hill. Gazing at the setting Sun from the top of EI Carmel Hill, through the colorful rooftops surrounding city heritage of Barcelona, is a unique experience.

If you go to the place early, besides the thrill of the sunset, you can get a glimpse of the relics of the Spanish Civil War.

14 Taj Mahal, India – A Royal Sunset

Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located on the south bank of the river Yamuna. The historical monument is an emblem of love built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

The beauty of the global tourist destination intensifies during the sunset. The change in the color of sunlight reflects on the marble, making it look enchanting. The serene beauty of the monument and the descending Sun is a complete package of tranquility.

13 Bora Bora – Too Good To Handle

Bora Bora, an island in French Polynesia, is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Surrounded by sand fringes and coral reefs, the place is an epitome of beauty. The serenity of the place fills the place with romance. The popular resort destination attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

Witnessing the sunset at the Bora Bora region is said to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The place facilitates a variety of options to catch the sinking Sun. You can go on a public or private cruise, sail through the waters and watch the Sun go down.

12 Puglia, Italy – Sun Goes Down The Heel

Located in the Italian region of Apulia forming the heel of the Italy’s boot, Puglia is one of the top tourist destinations in Italy. The clean beaches, tough rocky hills, and still towns together conspire to make the sunset beautiful. The Sun rejuvenating its fiery light, contrasting the waters and slowly softening its crisp as the evening draws in, is a moment to remember.

Savor the sunset amid the silence in the heel of the boot of Italy. The magic begins in Puglia during the summer nights when the sunset looks more sensual and mesmerizing.

11 The Maldives – A Real Mirage

The exquisite beauty of Maldives is known to enthrall tourists worldwide. The place has several beautiful sunset viewing points. The serene and placid waters during the sunset captivate the eye and enrich the soul. The spectacular beauty of the Maldives coupled with the multi-hued intensity of the submerging Sun tickles the eyes of the beholders.

The magical turquoise waters blend into the shine of the setting Sun and make the place surreal, which blurs the line between mirage and reality.

10 Ipanema Beach, Rio, Brazil – Sunset Hues Over Water & Sky

The laid-back atmosphere, Sun-drenched white sands, and the diversity of the Ipanema Beach make it one of the world’s most famous beaches. The beach is located in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The beach lightens up to the oranges and reds of the sunset. Watching the Sun slipping down to its horizon behind the mountains brings tranquility to the mind. Catch the deep orange hues across the sky and over the water at Ipanema Beach.

9 Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia – Mystery & Beauty On The Same Plane

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Bali. The shrine is built on a mammoth rock in the middle of the sea on the coastal side of Beraban village in the Tabanan regency. The place comes in a bundle of mystery, beauty and class. Droves of tourists visit Tanah Lot Temple to learn the history of the place and watch its unique sunset.

The panoramic view of the ocean and the setting Sun amid bursting waves looks majestic. The place is ideal for sunset photography.

8 Matterhorn, Switzerland/Italy – Glacier Mountains Intensify The Sunset

Straddling the watershed and border between Switzerland and Italy, Matterhorn is a mystical and majestic mountain in the Alps. Noted as the king of mountains, Matterhorn is the most-pictured mountain in the world. Switzerland’s most famous landmark is perfect for people seeking beautiful views. The magic and the beauty of the glacier paradise intensify in the glow of the sunset.

The unrivalled scenery of Matterhorn paired with the breathtaking view of the setting Sun is a delight to the eyes. Watch the descending Sun from the peak of the mountain and click as many photographs as you can.

7 Pfeiffer Beach, USA – The Last Rays of Light Piercing Offshore Rocks

Pfeiffer Beach is situated in California, USA. The ethereal glow of the sunset through the Keyhole Arch on Big Sur’s Pfeiffer Beach is a rare experience. The unspoiled Beach of Pfeiffer, the beautiful offshore views of rocks and sea sacks melt the heart through the visuals.

The Pfeiffer Beach has unusual purple sand that becomes even darker as you move into the beach. The artistic and natural views of the place are nature’s gift to photographers. Catch the last rays of the Sun through the Keyhole over the dramatic offshore rocks of the Beach.

6 Santorini, Greece - Wholesome Package Of Beauty & Delight

A beautiful island in Greece, Santorini offers stunning sunset views. Watching the Sun fall into the sea in Santorini and basking in its warmth will enthrall the mind and soul. The dimming glow of the Sun giving out pink and violet colors as the day comes to an end is a wholesome package of beauty and delight.

The dazzling panoramas with volcanic-sand beaches as a frame makes the sunsets at Santorini romantic. The wonky croissant-shaped island was once hit by a colossal volcanic eruption, which formed the trademark landscape, towering cliffs, of Santorini.