Vacations are meant to provide relaxation and to alleviate the stresses of our day-to-day lives. There is an abundance of vacation options and deals posted online, and one could go on several vacations during a year. It shouldn't be surprising, but not all places on Earth make for attractive vacations. There are locations found on Earth which contain issues such as pollution, civil unrest, and other problems which would make people think twice before visiting.

Attractive vacations are safe, have little pollution, and have citizens who want to have fun. A tasty local cuisine or historical sites are additional reasons for why someone would choose a vacation. To have warm weather can be a bonus, but too scorching can make a location unworthy of visiting. Chances are if you've been on enough vacations, you've found reasons to avoid vacation spots.

You've probably heard of many locations located on this article. However, do you know why people stay away from these places? Read on to find why destinations may seem like a fun vacation, but are actually 25 places people couldn't even be paid to visit.

25 Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand

Tourists may choose to avoid the city of Chonburi in Thailand. It is one of the most frightening destinations in the world due to a presence of a crocodile farm. Tourists were once able to visit this location and feed crocodiles from a fenced raft. Later, the site was banned for tourists due to the level of danger present at the farm.

There are more than 4,300 crocodiles in this Thailand location even though it is named the Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi.

Most tourists fear for their lives when they visit this place. One tourist said, "‘The poor crocodiles. People are laughing at them when they pull the food away. It’s so cruel."

24  The North Pole

Take a trip to the North Pole for a trip to visit Santa Claus, but don't expect to enjoy a week-long vacation there. The North Pole is much like the cold version of the desert since there are wide open landscapes with not much in sight.

If you want to be eaten by a polar bear and possibly freeze by the harsh weather conditions, head to the North Pole.

The area is essentially a giant freeze in the outdoors. The temperature at the North Pole is 0 degrees Celsius in the summer and it is -40 degrees Celsius in the winter. You'll need more than a winter jacket to stay warm in the summer let alone the winter.

23 Xingtai, China

If this picture isn't enough to keep you from visiting Xingtai, China, then you will be surprised to learn that Xingtai, China is one of the world's most polluted cities. An excess of coal mining and energy facilities based on coal adds to pollution present in China.

One cannot walk around Xingtai without a breathing mask.

Cities in the United States such as Los Angeles and Fresno have pollution, but in comparison to China's Xingtai, the pollution is minuscule. Countries around the world are making leaps towards clean energy. It doesn't seem to be the case in Xingtai, China.

22 Lake Natron, Tanzania

Just by touching the substance present in Lake Natron in Tanzania, one could lose their life. It happens with wildlife in the area. Those visiting Tanzania should avoid this treacherous lake. Seventy-five percent of the world's lesser flamingoes are born near Lake Natron so the nature of this salt lake is threatening the species.

The PH level (acidity) is a whopping 10.5.

The lake has an exceedingly high level of high soda and salt content. You wouldn't want to go swimming in this contaminated lake. Animals are turned into what looks like stone after perishing near Lake Natron. Animals are calcified in the caustic water.

21 La Oroya, Peru

The Blacksmith Institute's 2007 report rated La Oroya, Peru as one of the "World's Most Polluted Places." Do not underestimate how polluted a town can be. There are countries in the world where people continually wear a breathing mask to filter out contaminants. Perhaps they get used to the way of living or have found work in that area. It is strange as to why people inhabit areas that are so polluted.

The pollution in this town can cause an excess of lead in the blood of children. Astoundingly, there are no plans to clean this land the polluted town of La Oroya.

20  Disneyland, California

Disneyland, California is also known as the Magical Kingdom, but have people stopped to look at the state of the amusement park? Rides such as Splashdown Mountain and the Haunted Mansion run almost every day entertaining hundreds and thousands of fans.

These rides are ancient and are in need of renewal.

Yes, there are inspections on these rides but do they catch every problem? How long until Disneyland tears down these deteriorating ancient rides. Disney World in Florida is superior in nearly every aspect. It is a far superior vacation compared to Disney Land.

19 Zabol, Iran

Due to pollution and civil unrest present in the city of Zabol and the country of Iran, you wouldn't want to visit this area. Just take a look at the vast amounts of pollution present in the air. Coal plants are among the factors which have led to over-pollution in Zabol.

Children play in clouds of dust which that are formed by the environments natural pollution.

Visitors can feel the effects of pollution even if they visit for a short period. Pollution enters the lungs of tourists which could have lasting effects. To be safe, it is wise to avoid the city of Zabol.

18 Snake Island, Brazil

There is an island in Brazil whose wildlife is representative of its name. There is not much to take away from a vacation on Snake Island in Brazil aside from spooky nightmares. Snake Island, Brazil is a not only dangerous, but there is not much to do on the island. To travel to this place could be costly, so why go at all?

The Golden Lancehead Pit Viper is a venomous and rare species found on Snake Island.

Even if someone is bitten and receives anti-venom, there is a strong possibility they will pass regardless. Plus, as a location that poachers visit to capture endangered snakes, you should probably choose the all-inclusive resort in Hawaii instead.

17 Gwalior, India

It is widely regarded as India's most polluted cities and one of the most polluted cities in the world. The previous statement alone will deter visitors from coming to Gwalior, India. Many believe that Delhi is the most polluted city in India, they would be wrong, since it is undoubtedly Gwalior.

Pollution is made up of waste and a significant amount of air pollution.

Gwalior, India is not THE most polluted city in the world, but to have clean air is essential, whether visiting for a short period or long-term living conditions. Lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke could occur while in Gwalior. So we wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

16 Pyongyang, North Korea

Many know of the diplomatic issues present in North Korea. Historically, North Korea has been a hostile territory towards the United States, South Korea, and other countries of the world. Under their current leadership, the country has faced its share of issues.

You will hear different statements from individuals whether it's safe to visit the country of North Korea.

There is not much to see, and the food is quite bland. To visit North Korea by yourself is prohibited—you must join a tour group. Still, about 5,000 Americans visit North Korea a year.

15 This scary Valley in Kamchatka, Russia

This location is one of the many deserts located in this article that are not the most attractive destinations. Given its name, most will opt to stay away from this barren land. For a long time, it was a mystery as to why so many bodies of wildlife were found in the area.

Scientists later determined that a combination of gases emitted from volcanos are responsible for the loss of lives found in the Valley of Death in Kamchatka, Russia.

The dangers of this valley were discovered when a pair of hunters stumbled onto the area in the 20th century. They received headaches and quickly fled the area.

14 The Moon

Taking a trip to the moon is worse than slow wi-fi. There are scarce reasons to visit the moon. It contains a load of space rocks with barely any weather change.

Not only will your astronaut suit collect space dust, but it's not that easy to move on the moon even with low gravity.

The photo shown above is a photo from Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency. Japan's Kaguya spacecraft orbited the moon from 2007-2008 and later struck the moon. The images it retrieved are boring. One could go to the moon if they wanted to pay almost a $1 billion, but what's the point?

13 Great Pacific garbage Patch

There is not much to see if visiting the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. They indeed called it "great" based on the size of the patch and didn't call it "great" to admire the patch. The Great Pacific Patch is found between California and Hawaii and has an accumulation of plastic.

The amount of marine life that has been affected by the oceanic region is jarring.

How we can allow this waste to exist is absurd. Visitors should visit the area to gain a perspective on environmental pollution. The Great Pacific patch covers an area of 1.6 million square kilometers or three times the size of France.

12 Varadero, Cuba

Cuba has had shaky relations with the United States for years. A lengthy trade embargo has added to tensions with Cuba. Some people who vacation in Varadero Cuba have claimed to have lost their value while on a beach in ten minutes or less.

Jellyfish are also abundant throughout the area, making swimming more dangerous than other vacation locations. At face value, Varadero Cuba is a paradise that seems attractive. However, with so many other options such as Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, visiting Varadero falls shorts for its various issues. One could rent scooters in Varadero, but beware, since bikes are rarely inspected or maintained.

11 Antarctica

Scientists are speculating that millions of years ago it was possible that Antartica was a lush green area that had wildlife. Now with climate change, it is possible the icy continents of Antartica will change back into what it used to be. Will the poles of Earth change and a new continent will replace Antartica? Scientists do not have enough information to see climate change's long-term effects.

Antartica is not worth the trip. Also, without supervision, you may not even be allowed to visit Antartica without supervision. There are strict rules for visiting Antartica which can make the trip not worth it.

10 Sahel, North Africa

There are many historical sights to see in Sahel, North Africa. Given the heat that is tremendously overbearing and the amount of crime present in the area, making it an unattractive tourist destination.

Conflict is abundant in Sahel, so there could be a danger for tourists.

Although the possibility of running into not-so-good organizations is low, overbearing heat may keep some away from Sahel, North Africa. There are millions of people at risk of starving in the region of Sahel, Africa. Water can also be challenging to find at times. The UN is taking steps towards helping the people of Sahel, Africa.

9 Mount Everest

Even the most experienced hikers will pass on an attempt to scale Mount Everest. Many experts consider Mount Everest to be the tallest mountain on Earth since it has the tallest height measurement. There are some who believe Chimborazo, a stratovolcano in Ecuador is the tallest, but only seems smaller since it is the furthest from the Earth's center.

Even if Mount Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world, it is still one of the most dangerous mountains to climb.

Endurance is not enough since hikers will need strength, resistance to cold temperatures, and the ability to scale steep areas. About two hikers die for every sixty who attempt the climb—four will reach the peak.

8 Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

Just from the photo, visitors will choose to stay away from the Danakil desert located in Ethiopia. It is a desert with volcanic activity and not many attractions.

Although the Arabian desert is filled with sand and has warm weather, the Danakil Desert should be avoided due to the dangerous conditions.

It almost seems as if this land is not from Earth judging by the appearance of the colorful area. Locals can guide you to this land by way of a camel. Minerals such as salt and sulfur combined with acidic pools have changed the appearance of this land.

7 Pripyat, Ukraine (Chernobyl)

Many remember or have read about the Chernobyl catastrophe that involved the meltdown of a nuclear power plant. It occurred in April 1986. The results of the Chernobyl disaster are visible in this photo. The area has been abandoned due to the high concentration of radiation that remains.

It is estimated the area will be safe from radiation in about 20,000 years.

Safety systems were intentionally turned off during a late-night safety test which led to a meltdown. Pripyat, Ukraine is not just an unfavorable vacation location, but it is also  just very dangerous.

6 This Valley in California

Death Valley, located in California, is a desert away from the city. The temperatures are so high there, and combined with the lack of water is why people have lost their lives in this area. Take a vacation and head to California to spend some time by the beach, but try to avoid this Valley.

Even a road trip to Death Valley should be avoided due to its extreme heat.

Geologists are saying that volcanoes were active in this area thousands of years ago. Ancient volcanoes could have erupted with massive explosions. Some visitors camp in there and ignore the heat, but we wouldn't recommend it.