The earth is a strange and miraculous place. It holds many amazing things that are beyond our comprehension of how they got here. There are also very mysterious places that have strange things going on like no other. One of these places is the Bermuda Triangle. Several instances have reported strange activity that has happened here. Everything from radars going haywire to planes going missing the Bermuda triangle is a mysterious place that nobody can explain. The Bermuda Triangle may seem like a one of a kind place, however, there are several other places arguably much more mysterious.

These places are less known to people around the world but they exist and they are certainly mysterious. Most of these entries are places where things occur that not even scientists can explain. These are places located all over the world and most are open to the public while others are not. This hasn't stopped people from trying to get to the bottom of these strange mysterious places and get answers. Many of these mysteries will likely never have answers to them and they will forever remain mysteries of the modern world. There may still be some mysteries yet to be discovered somewhere on Earth that is even more mysterious than these, however, we may never know.

25 The Door To Another World

Located in the northern desert region of Turkmenistan, the Door refers to a mysterious crater that appeared more than 40 years ago. Though some speculate that a drilling accident caused the crater to appear, no one is sure why it has caught on fire. Turkmenistan holds the sixth largest reserve of natural gas in the world, explaining how such a place could still be on fire to this day. However, what originally caused the fire, especially because the land is so barren, is a complete mystery to scientists. Many of the locals believe that this could be a doorway itself, referring to the fire as eternal flames from below.

24 The Red Falls

In the remote continent of Antarctica awaits what many refer to as Blood Falls, a waterfall that slowly drains into McMurdo Dry Valleys. This waterfall is located in one of the driest, coldest places on the Earth. Many scientists believe that the red coloring of the water comes from red algae and other strange bacterial life forms that inhabit the waterfall. However, how such things are able to survive such extreme temperatures and icy cold waters eludes scientists. Furthermore, how such a waterfall can even exist on the continent without continually freezing over is also a scientific anomaly.

23 The Crooked Forest

The Crooked Forest is located in Poland and contains over 400 pine trees with an unusual shape. The curved trees that give this forest its name are said to have been planted around the 1930's while this section of Poland was still German territory. Who planted these trees and what was their purpose is still an unknown mystery to the world. Even how the trees were planted or why they were able to grow in such an unusual way are not known. Many believe some sort of artificial tools had to be responsible, but some also believe that a terrible snow storm left the trees in this shape.

22 The Bighorn Medicine Wheel

Located in Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming, U.S., the Bighorn medicine wheel is a national landmark. This large stone structure resembles many Native American medicine wheels, however, this particular wheel has not been claimed by any particular tribes within the area. Often believed to be used for sacred rituals and ceremonies, this abandoned medicine wheel brings more questions than answers about Native American history. This site could possibly be 10,000 years old, suggesting that there existed some unknown tribes in the area.

21 Spotted Lake Khiluk

Spotted Lake Khiluk can be found in British Columbia, Canada and received its name from its unusual spots that can only be seen during the summer months. During the hotter months of the year, the lake's water begins to evaporate, and with it comes hundreds of mineral deposits covering the entirety of the lake. The lake was often thought of as a mystical healing spot for hundreds of years and is still used in more traditional medicine today. The mystery lies in why are all these mineral deposits centered beneath this lake, and how has it been seen as a form of healing not known in modern medicine.

20 Moeraki Boulders

These large round stones are known as Moeraki Boulders and are found on Koekohe Beach in New Zealand. Scattered all throughout the shoreline, these stones were formed on the sea floor over 60 million years ago. These stones were exposed through shoreline erosion from the coastal cliffs that surround the beach. These boulders are several tons in weight and are usually around 6 feet tall. Exactly how these stones ended up here in the first place are unknown, and how they received their shapes and their abundance of cracks are a mystery as well.

19 The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramids are a well-known set of ancient pyramids located in Egypt. Although these structures are well known throughout the world, many people do not realize how much work would have been needed to create such magnificent structures. Being built over 2000 years ago, the technology for such creations is a scientific anomaly for such times. With thousands of stones used for each pyramid, and each stone weighing over 2 tons, the advanced technology to create such magnificent structures seem to be lost on modern-day archaeologists. How were such amazing giant pyramids able to be produced way back then? We may never know.

18 Inuit Village Near Lake Anjikuni

The Inuit Village near Lake Anjikuni in Canada was once home to a bustling village. However, the village seemingly vanished in thin air overnight. According to a traveling fur trapper in the 1930's, he visited the village once before, but upon his return, there was no sign of humans in the area. With campfires still burning and food still warm, the trapper only found dogs who seemingly froze in place, even with the abundance of food nearby. Weapons and supplies were all still in place, seemingly untouched. To this day, there are no solid leads or theories as to what happened to the people of this village.

17 Stonehenge

Located in England, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument with little known about its origin. Though this monument is famous across the globe, no one knows how these stones appeared in the area, or how anyone was able to arrange them in their unusual pattern at the time. Researches have found tools and animal bones at the site, suggesting human activity was involved, however, there is still much unknown about the purpose of the site or who was involved in the building of this monument. Though many have speculated, the monument's true origins will probably be lost in history forever.

16 Island Of The Dolls

Island of the Dolls is a remote island off the coast of Mexico. Its name hails from all the creepy and mysterious dolls that hang off the trees grown on the island. The urban legend states that the dolls are there to honor the soul of a young girl. However, some claim paranormal events take place nightly on the island, causing no humans to inhabit the island. Some say that the dolls will move on their own, heads will spin and limbs will move at the most random of times. What is causing such things are unknown, but to this day the citizens of Mexico stay away from the deserted island.

15 Area 51

Deep within the remote deserts of Nevada, U.S. lies an American Air Force Base known as Area 51. This air force base is highly known of, however, the official purpose of this base is unknown to the public. It is widely believed to be used as a testing site for new, experimental aircraft. This base is also believed by conspiracy theorists to be hiding extraterrestrial life and hiding knowledge of such things from the public eye, though the U.S. government has vehemently denied knowledge of any such beings. With high security and little known about what goes on at the base, the site is a mysterious wonder.

14 The Petrifying Lake

Lake Natron, also known as the Petrifying Lake, is located in Tanzania and receives its nickname from its unusual temperatures and contents that often lead to animals being petrified and seemingly left mummified. Anyone and anything not used to the lake can get burning eyes and irritated skin. This lake is known to reach up to 140 degrees F in temperature at any given time of the year. This lake also holds high levels of sodium carbonate, giving the animals their mummified looks.  Even so, oddly enough this lake is seen as a safe breeding ground for flamingos every year.

13 Coral Castle

Coral Castle can be found in Homestead, Florida U.S., where a castle was built by one man in the early 1900's using limestone boulders and stones. How one man was able to build such a magnificent place is beyond belief. What makes this especially mysterious is how he was able to do such a thing considering that the stones and boulders each weighed several tons. With there being over 1000 stones that make up the castle, how just one man and limited tools and technology was able to create such a place will forever be a mystery to all. The man did claim that it took him over 25 years to complete.

12 Moai Statues

Found in the remote Easter Island, Chile, these spectacular statues are said to have been built by the ancient civilization of Rapa Nui sometime between 1250 and 1500 CE. Their purposes or who their resemblance is supposed to be is still a mystery to this day. Even more of a mystery is who designed and set these statues here, all 887 of them. What was their purpose, and what did this long forgotten civilization intend with these amazing pieces of art?  Many believe these statues have been able to stand for so long because they actually have bodies beneath the ground, planting them to this island for eternity.

11 Magnetic Hill

Located in Moncton, New Brunswick lies a road in which has stumped many travelers and tourists alike for hundreds of years. This road is said to have mystical powers, often confusing people as to the nature of the path. When people drive by this stretch of road, they will often stop and set their cars in neutral, and from inside and out, the vehicle will seem to begin to roll uphill. It is also said that nearby streams of water seem to flow uphill as well. This phenomenon, now a well-preserved area only accessible by pay, defies all natural law that man has lived by for centuries.

10 Racetrack Playa

Death Valley, California, an unseemly and scary-sounding place, is home to a mysterious but oddly beautiful occurrence. This remote valley is a desert land that was once a lake bed, now filled with rocks and sand. What makes this so-called empty lands so mysterious are its seemingly lively rocks and stones. Referred to as "sailing stones", this dessert is home to stones that leave behind trails as if they have been pushed by the wind. How are such heavy and large objects able to move with no humans or animals nearby? These rocks are able to move long distances, leaving their racetrack trails behind.

9 Hessdalen Lights

What was once a small, quiet village in central Norway has become a widely known area due to its mysterious lights that appear by both day and night. These lights, known as Hessdalen Lights, are of unknown origins. These lights can appear in an assortment of colors any time of the year, however white, yellow and red are the most occurring colors people report seeing. Though many would like to believe these lights are caused by some extraterrestrial beings, others try to theorize a more scientific explanation. However, to date, there is no official explanation for the people of this village.

8 Richat Structure

This structure often referred to as the Eye of the Sahara Desert, can be found in the middle of Mauritania, Africa. This phenomena can only be fully seen from space and is not very accessible to humans as it lies deep into the desert. Many theories exist as to how this structure was formed and who was responsible. The main scientific theory is explained by erosion due to the high winds, exposing indigenous rocks. However, some believed it was a crater site, or even extraterrestrials living on Earth. Others believe this to be a fossil of an unknown giant creature who roamed the earth millions of years ago.

7 Jatinga, India

This small Indian village consists of small hill tribes and is best known for what locals call "bird suicide", a strange phenomenon in which birds seemingly fall from the sky with no real cause in site. Though some speculate this to be just a rumor, it does seem to be backed by evidence of large migrations of birds disappearing in the area during the monsoon seasons every year, like clockwork. With no real explanations, the locals are often believed when they say the sky rains birds during these seasons. What could be causing such a thing, and why is this recurring?

6 Yonaguni Monument

Located off the coast of the Ryukyu Islands in Japan, these mysterious rock formations were discovered in the 1980's and are believed to be over 5000 years old. With stair-like structures, straight walls and evenly spaced pillars, this place seems like a magical underwater kingdom, often compared to the fictional city of Atlantis. Unfortunately, how this place was formed is still unknown. Whether this is a man-made place or a strange natural phenomenon has yet to be proven. What we do know for certain is that it is one amazing sight to behold.