Have you ever smelled something so amazing that you can’t get enough? Some people love the smell of freshly baked bread, while others prefer rain or scented candles. Smell is an often overlooked sense that gets especially neglected when planning a trip. Rarely is any sort of travel or vacation planned around the sense of smell. Instead, sights and physical experiences are considered the most important. Sure, it’s amazing to see some of the wonderful sights around the world (such as the Colosseum in Rome or the Northern Lights in Finland) but does that mean that our other senses should be completely ignored?

Imagine that you were to plan a trip solely dedicated to using your nose. Where would you go? Even if you’re an experienced traveler, you may not have thought about destinations that are more geared towards smells rather than sights. Luckily, there are certain places around the world that are known for smelling especially amazing. In fact, many of these places are bucket-list destinations simply because of the way they smell. Check out these top 25 places that smell absolutely amazing and that you should add to your destination list if you want to experience something different!

25 25. The Slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania: Smell the Fresh Coffee

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh coffee? In Kilimanjaro, you can literally smell it every day. Surprisingly, many visitors say that the coffee beans smell more like blueberries than actual coffee, but regardless, the smell is definitely good!

You can actually stay right in the coffee region, and if you're willing to splurge, you can embark on a super intensive 6-day tour. Most guests fly from London, but there are some guests from all over the world in search of the great coffee smell. Whether or not you're a coffee enthusiast, you're sure to love Kilimanjaro for more than just the smells.

24 24. Vanilla in Madagascar: The Smell of French Toast

If you've never been to Madagascar, you'll be surprised to know that it's known for more than just cute animals! The majority of the northeast coast is actually the land where vanilla plants are grown. There are tons of local markets where you can buy this vanilla in many forms, and travelers are often surprised to discover how cheap vanilla is here.

Vanilla is a sort of Madagascar staple and is sold outside almost any other attraction in the area. If you want to see some of Madagascar's wildlife, such as at the National Park, you can simultaneously smell (and purchase) vanilla.

23 23. Citrus Groves in Central Florida: Orange Picking Anyone?

Want to smell the delicious scent of oranges while basking in the Floridian sunlight? There are literally tons of citrus groves in Central Florida and singles, couples, and families alike all enjoy some good old orange picking. While the spring is the absolute best time for orange picking, you can go any time of year and enjoy the smells and activities.

Florida really is the sunshine state, and the amount of orange groves available reflect that. If you head north of Ft. Lauderdale, you can not only pick oranges, but also go to a citrus inspired spa where you can receive all sorts of orange wraps and treatments. Don't forget to pack a few oranges to take home so that you can make freshly squeezed juice!

22 22. Flor de Gala in Cuenca: Roses Galore

If you're a romantic at heart or really love the smell of flowers, Flor de Gala in Cuenca, Ecuador is the place to be. The gardens are known for having over 100 different types of roses! There are also hundreds of types of other flowers, for the less rose inclined. The flowers and roses are meticulously cared for.

You can also buy these roses and flowers just outside the garden for super cheap, something tourists get pretty excited about. Whether you want to actually purchase flowers or just simply sit and bask in the smell, Flor de Gala is definitely the place to be.

The lavender at Provence in France is easily one of the most popular destinations on this list and not only smells heavenly, but is absolutely beautiful. If you want a photo-op spot that will nourish your nose while you shoot, then this lavender field will do the trick. This certain strain of lavender actually dates back to Roman times and is known for being especially helpful with aromatherapy.

There's an old (but upscale) farmhouse you can stay at right on the property. Your best bet is to go during the spring (normally the harvest is late summer).

20 20. Grasse on the Côte d'Azur: The French Perfume Capital

Grasse is known as the perfume capital, not only in France, but of the entire world. Some of the most "distinguished noses" have visited Grasse to be trained. There are just about 2,000 primary scents included in lessons and perfume aficionados must know how to recognize every single one.

Many famous perfumes have come from Grasse; the most notable is the Chanel No. 5. The perfume factories are well-known, but so are the fields, and all sorts of scents are grown organically just outside of where the perfumes are manufactured. If you're interested in perfumes and being trained in the art of smells, then Grasse is the one place you have to visit.

19 19. The Shoyeido Incense Company in Japan: Traditional and Great Smelling

Japan is a smell-focused country, and the Shoyeido Incense Company is especially so.  In fact, it is the one place in the world that is known for perfecting incense recipes. It has been around for over 300 years! The original store is the largest, but there are many subsets now all over Japan.

At any one time, the incense company has at least 500 scents. The more intense part of the store is the incense ceremonies that are routinely performed. As a traveler, you can be taught how it works and experience smells to a whole new level for a small fee.

18 18. The Perfume River in Vietnam: More Than Just Perfume

Do you love the smell of perfume? The Perfume River in Vietnam isn't actually made of perfume, but if you choose to float down it, you can bask in the scents of the frangipani flowers that grow all along the sides of the water.

Most travelers begin the journey along the river at Hue and travel downstream (on many different types of boats), passing the tombs of ancient emperors and other large landmarks. It is a very relaxing trip, mainly for your body and your nose, that also showcases the Vietnamese culture and some really amazing sights.

17 17. Icebergs in the Arctic: Cleanse Your Nose

If you're into fresh, clean scents, then you'll love anywhere that's cold and has icebergs, especially the Arctic. Icebergs don't smell much like anything at all, unless you count fresh laundry, and a lot of people really love this. In the cold air, most things that normally have a smell don't actually release the chemicals that create the smell, so there aren't many bad odors.

You can choose to experience these (non) scents from land, or take a cruise in the Arctic that will go right in between the icebergs. Your nose might hurt a bit if it's super cold out, but many travelers say that it's worth it and will pay top dollar for the experience!

16 16. The City of London: It's Better Than You Think

Have you ever wanted to experience traditional London? If so, it might be interesting to do it through smells instead of simply sights. You might be surprised to learn that London doesn't actually smell bad, especially not compared to other cities. Instead, travelers report smelling mainly the fresh mist and rain (since London quite often experiences wet weather).

Peppermint is also often a big smell in London, although the exact cause remains unknown. Because smoking is no longer as common, smoke is less prevalent and the better scents are easier to smell, making London an unlikely destination for good scents.

15 15. The City of New Orleans: Stick to the Good Parts

New Orleans is another surprising destination that has some good smells, if you know where to go. If you like traditional Southern scents, you'll love the Garden District. The smell is mostly described as being created by the plants and the air, and has a humid yet fresh scent that you can only find in the South.

The Mississippi also contributes to this smell, and if you're near the river you can easily detect the scent of mud combined with plant-based humidity. For those who don't like the South or humid weather, this won't be a great smell, but southern natives feel that it simply smells like home.

14 14. Pleasantville, New York: Upscale and Great Smelling

With Pleasantville, New York being one of the most expensive towns in the area, it's no surprise that it smells wonderful. If you want to get away from the rather putrid smells of New York City, Pleasantville is a great choice. The trees are especially pungent, and will give off some amazing scents (such as Maple and Pine) depending on the time of the year.

Pleasantville has a lot of nature-based smells while still having a civilization so that you can enjoy yourself in luxury. Many travelers end up living here because of the beautiful cleanliness that clearly translates to a beautiful smelling town as well.

13 13. Istanbul, Turkey: Cultural Yet Fun

If you want to see the traditional city of Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople) and experience some history, you might as well be prepared to smell some amazing scents as well. Istanbul is especially known for olive oil, tobacco, and of course, tons of spices.

There are all sorts of Turkish scents that are unique to Istanbul. Travelers especially love the soaps and teas along with much of the traditional food. Not only will your nose love a visit to Istanbul, but you'll get to experience a ton of history and be immersed in a rich culture. Istanbul is a very unique place like no other!

12 12. Manaus, Brazil: Breath In the Scent of Nature

You might be surprised to know that a trip to the Amazon is more amazing than just the views. According to travelers and locals, the best part of Manaus, Brazil is the smell. Imagine that there's been a huge rainfall. That amazing smell of rain on the ground is literally everywhere in the Amazon.

Basically, the Amazon smells lush and natural, a scent you simply can't recreate. If you don't mind the humid air and creates that inhabit the rainforest areas, then you'll have an amazing outdoor adventure while pampering your nose and getting some gorgeous pictures.

11 11. Leuven, Belgium: Brew Lovers Unite

Leuven, Belgium is literally the best place to go in the world for beer. Not only can you taste test some amazing brews, but you can also smell the scent of beer throughout the entire city. It's a warming, cozy smell that beer drinkers can't help but love.

Stella Artois is one of the most popular beers in the city (and is authentically brewed there) and is well-loved by locals and travelers alike. Belgium is a super popular country to visit at the moment, but Leuven is a smaller city that you might enjoy more than other larger ones for its authenticity.

10 10. Seoul, South Korea: City Fun With a Good Smell

Seoul is known for being a huge, shiny city with tons of skyscrapers and a fast-paced feel. What many travelers don't know is how good it smells, especially compared to other large cities like New York and Las Vegas. The food makes literally every street in the city smell amazing. Many of the most popular foods include Korean pancakes, tea, and sweet alcohol.

Tea is the main focus of the smells, and Seoul offers such a huge abundance of different types of tea that you could never get bored. Not only will you get to experience a truly cultural city, but you can try (and smell!) tons of different foods and drinks.

9 9. Mombasa, Kenya: Terracotta In the Rain

Mombasa, Kenya is a surprisingly popular spot for tourists, but not only for its great scents. The terracotta architecture is well-known and popular, and there are many different tours that you can take to see the area. These buildings also tend to have a really special (and good) smell, especially during a storm.

The main perk of visiting Mombasa is the smell (and views) of the Indian Ocean. If you've never seen it before, you'll be astounded by its beauty! It has a much more pungent smell than other oceans, so you won't be able to forget that you're near a salty body of water.

8 8. Cheerios in Buffalo, NY: Your Favorite Breakfast Smell

Are you a breakfast person? If so, you won't want to miss out on the Cheerio Factory in Buffalo New York. The General Mills Plant is where the original Cheerios are still created, and you won't be able to miss the scent of this great breakfast food being baked.

Buffalo residents pride themselves on claiming the plant, and you can buy all sorts of memorabilia based around Cheerios. If you want to make a full vacation of it, you can easily head to Niagara Falls, a sight that is only a few miles away. You can even stay at the same hotel for the whole trip!

7 7. Brussels, Belgium: Taste and Smell All At Once

Not only is Brussels exceptionally beautiful, safe, and clean, but it smells incredible. Who doesn't love food and beer? Anyone who eats a lot of sweets (especially chocolate and waffles) will enjoy themselves in Belgium both for the smells and the tastes of the food.

Everything in Brussels is created to smell sweet, down to office supplies! There are literally tons of chocolate shops within the borders of the city (about 2,000 to precise) and you don't have to look far to find some sweets that both smell and taste wonderful. Brussels is certainly a popular choice for a reason!

6 6. Blommer Chocolate Company's West Loop Factory in Chicago: Chocolate Lovers Will Be In Heaven

If you've ever been to Chicago but didn't check out the Blommer Chocolate Company's Factory, you're missing out! You can primarily take a tour of the factory (which is coincidentally similar to what you might see in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and do a taste test as well as shop at the attached shop.

If you want a more immersive experience, the factory will give you a "daily smell map" that will explain how the chocolate scent spreads out that day depending on a variety of factors, such as the weather and other people present. For any chocolate lover, this spot is a must!