Angelina Jolie must be one of the most well-traveled ladies in the world. She is often photographed in different locations, whether it be for her humanitarian work or her acting career, or simply for a holiday with the children.

Her adopted children come from different countries from their siblings and Angelina makes sure they have a chance to connect with their native lands and to introduce the family to their countries of birth. She likes to involve all her six children in her work and her charity commitments, meaning that they are as well-traveled as their mom.

While Angelina traveled extensively when she was married to Brad Pitt, it is since her divorce that this high-profile mom has focused more on her work as she helps her family to heal from the upheaval of separation and divorce.

Whether she is traveling in a private jet or piloting a plane herself, Angelina is definitely of the mindset that travel broadens the mind. She escapes to other countries for many reasons, including research for new films, suggests The Travel. She works tirelessly for her charities, visiting refugee camps that might put many celebrities off. She enriches the lives of her children by exposing them to different cultures and ensures that there is always plenty of time for fun, be it water sports, cinema trips or a spa visit for herself.

25 25. The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Off the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula is the perfect place for Angelina to recharge her batteries. It is home to deserted beaches, the quiet of nature and, if she wishes, a golf course!

It is not easily accessible, so Angelina is unlikely to come across any unwanted onlookers as she soaks up the sun in this Costa Rican treasure. It is tranquil and known as a place to unwind and relax and soak up the natural landscape according to Costa Elena.

24 24. Skiing in Crested Butte, Colorado

When Angelina wants a family skiing trip, she likes to head to Crested Butte and enjoy the snowy peaks and après ski that this Colorado destination offers. It is a very peaceful spot, hours away from the nearest town or city reports SkiCB.

The scenery is quite stunning, and the locals have created a sense of community within the picturesque town. Of course, the skiing is wonderful, but there are plenty of activities to engage the children, including a climbing wall and mini golf.

23 23. London

Angelina has recently been seen in London receiving an honorary damehood from the Queen according to, but she likes to see the sights and visit friends while she is in town as well.

There is a wealth of history to explore, including the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Angelina also likes to take her children to enjoy a musical in Theatreland in England’s capital. Of course, if that is not enough, there is Harrods and the high-end shops of Bond Street to wander around.

22 22. Amanpuri Resort, Thailand

For sheer natural beauty, this area of Thailand is the perfect location. Angelina has the choice of anywhere in the world to experience that aspect of a vacation but picks Amanpuri for something more.

The resort is known for its attention to personal service and the excellent cuisine and privacy that is offered by the staff and the layout of immaculate villas reveals The Telegraph. It offers every luxury imaginable and Angelina can surely relax and pamper herself in between her hectic work schedule.

21 21. Caneel Bay, St John, the Virgin Islands

There are many aspects of Caneel Bay that appeal to Angelina, one of which is that it is an eco-friendly resort that claims to conserve the natural environment around St. John. Each room at the hotel includes natural stone and wood carvings from the local materials reveals Caneel

It sits within the Natural Park of the Virgin Islands, which was the brainchild of Laurance Rockefeller, and his influence has ensured that the project is still devoted to conserving local resources to this day.

20 20. Seychelles

The privacy of Seychelles makes it a popular haunt with celebrities and Angelina is no exception. She prefers the isolation of the north island where she can be assured of a holiday with no intrusions reports The Guardian.

The private island offers luxurious villas furnished in decadent contemporary style. The scenery is of course, outstanding, and there are plenty of water-based activities for her children to enjoy. There is one villa that Angelina enjoys, which offers access to the beach through a coconut grove, after which she can soak in a marble bathtub.

19 19. Sydney, Australia

Angelina has been to Sydney many times and takes time to fulfill her official engagements as well as enjoying time with her family at outings like the famous aquarium, according to Allure.

She has admitted how much she loves the country and the family atmosphere it embraces. Her children like to engage in water sports such as surfing and have a feeling of space and freedom that can be rare for celebrity children. Aside from filming and directing in Australia, Angelina has even spent a Christmas there, enjoying an al fresco meal in the sun.

18 18. Alfajiri Villas, Kenya

The Alfajiri Villas offer celebrities such as Angelina the chance to see the African plain in luxurious surroundings. Guests at the resort have a private villa, butler service and are specially catered for by their own chef, reveals Alfajiri

There is a beach villa for those that enjoy a sea breeze, and daily massages are available with a sea view. A private pool is available if you prefer pool swimming and water sports can be arranged if something more active is required.

17 17. St. Tropez, France

The beautiful southern French town of St. Tropez has long been a haunt of the rich and famous. Think Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel, Joan Collins and many more, including Angelina Jolie.

Since the Cannes Film Festival started in 1946, stars have flocked to the nearby St. Tropez to relax and enjoy the bars and restaurants, as well as to be seen, according to See Saint Tropez. Angelina has used the little town to recoup and refresh and enjoy the sunny beach life.

16 16. Dao Six Senses, Vietnam

Dao Six Senses believes that the guest’s happiness is the most important aspect of their service, so it is no surprise that Angelina loves to visit the resort. They design a personal program for each guest to ensure that maximum wellbeing is achieved during their stay.

Everything from handmade pillows to a personal analysis of your lifestyle is done to ensure that your stay at the Six Senses contributes to your happiness and sends you away with tools to live a better life outside of Six Senses.

15 15. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Angelina has enjoyed vacations in Lake Tahoe, which made headlines for the wrong reasons. Her daughter Shiloh broke her collarbone during one trip that the family made to the resort, according to Inquisitr.

It is a resort connected with vigorous activities, both skiing and water based. The Jolie-Pitt children are known to be adventurous with their outdoor pursuits, so perhaps it is no surprise that a broken bone occurs here and there. There are plenty of delightful restaurants and luxury spas to relax in, so it is easy to see why Angelina favors the US resort.

14 14. Galapagos Islands

Angelina seems to favor a remote location for her vacation and the Galapagos Islands certainly fits into that category. Coupled with its natural wonders and the star’s love of nature and conservation, the islands make an ideal destination.

Angelina visited the Galapagos with Brad and her children before they were married, and no doubt all enjoyed the unique wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. Privacy and luxury are combined in the islands, especially when Angelina can fly in on a private jet and use a luxury yacht to reach the more remote islands, reports Hello Magazine.

13 13. Paxos, Greece

Another island location favored by Angelina is the Ionian isle of Paxos, set in the Mediterranean Sea. It has all the requirements for a beautiful vacation, with azure seas, white cliffs, coved beaches, and a sunny climate. Paxos combines two islands: one full of olive groves, the other covered in vineyards.

According to Greece 10 Best, Angelina has visited the beauty spot at the same time as Hollywood actor, Keanu Reeves, feeding rumors of a romance between the couple.

12 12. Malta

Angelina has filmed in Malta and took some downtime while she was there to enjoy the local delights. She travels on location with her children, who must love the variety of vacation spots they experience.

The island is dotted with secret coves, some housing pirate caves and is surrounded by clean, crystal sea. The unique light, rustic charm and natural beauty make Malta a popular destination with many tourists. Angelina seems to have succumbed to its charm as well, reveals The Independent.

11 11. Anguilla

Anguilla is yet another island location that Angelina has visited and loved. The Caribbean isle has all the standard paradise features, white sands and deep blue waters and of course, hot sunshine. For Angelina, the tranquillity and isolation must be a draw, and if she wanted to experience a unique natural setting, Anguilla offers that as well.

It is famous for its reefs, so the children could cruise around the islands or snorkel in the waters. Angelina may enjoy the relaxed beach bars or listening to the reggae music that makes the area famous, according to Lonely Planet.

10 10. Sukantara Spa, Thailand

Angelina evidently loves a spa and the relaxation and balance that it offers, and in Thailand, her spa of choice is the Sukantara. One of the bonuses of this modest, but pricey resort is the location. It is hidden in the midst of the Chiang Mai hills, so paparazzi are unlikely to be a problem.

According to Travel Happy, Angelina is a big fan of Thailand and chose to get some of her tattoos inked in the South East Asian country.

9 9. Namibia

Namibia is a place that is close to Angelina’s heart as she gave birth to her eldest natural child, Shiloh here. Hollywood Life also reveals that she opened a wildlife sanctuary in the country with her daughter, which was named in Shiloh’s honor.

The sanctuary will look after endangered animals who might otherwise have suffered death or abuse. This is a cause that Angelina is fiercely dedicated to and she has donated millions of dollars to the foundation that supports this project over the years.

8 8. Cambodia

Another place that Angelina holds dear is Cambodia, from where she adopted her son Maddox reports Forbes. The beautiful country is also popular for vacations and the actress has taken full advantage of this fact.

Less developed than its neighbor Thailand, Cambodia boasts all the beauty you could wish for in a tropical climate. Angelina has bought some jungle land here and built her own retreat far away from the public gaze. She has developed the site into a vacation retreat that allows Maddox to be close to his place of birth.

7 7. Waldorf Astoria, New York

The iconic Waldorf Astoria has been home to a legion of celebrities over the years and Angelina is one of those select few. The interior’s art deco charm has been enjoyed by everyone from the Queen of England to Marilyn Monroe.

The hotel offers luxury and glamour and is in a central location to enjoy the sights of New York at ease. Many people believe the Waldorf is the best hotel in New York and have fond memories of the place that offers a wealth of amenities according to

6 6. Jordan

Jordan is a place that Angelina has visited many times and has taken her daughters to as well. She has visited refugee camps and her daughters have experienced a very different existence than the privileged lifestyle they usually enjoy, reports Travel and Leisure.

Angelina is very fond of the country and it is a popular destination for those seeking sun and culture. The landscape is stunning, with much of it devoted to the desert. For cultural pursuits, it is a haven for World Heritage Sites and Roman ruins.