As camera technology progresses, resolutions are increasing, and stability is like never before. Drone pilots require a great deal of balance when using drones. Drones have the potential to capture elevated wide-angle lens shots, discover never before seen locations, and soar through the clouds. Pictures obtained by drones are unparalleled from other devices. A tripod will provide greater stability, but drones can stare into volcanoes and observe from a unique perspective.

There are a plethora of drones in the market with leading models belonging to brands such as GoPro, Parrot, and DJI. Drones can be sold with a camera, or they can be sold separately. GoPro's cameras are synonymous with action and drones, making them a suitable selection. DJI's Mavic Pro Drone is capable of flying 4 miles (7 kilometers) away from a user. Stability of current drones allows them to hover in a spot while it takes photos.

Those who have never used a drone in combination with a camera before, need to check out these photos. Some of the pictures contained on this listicle have won awards for creativity and resplendence. One doesn't have to be a photographer to appreciate the qualities of these photos. These are 25 pictures of things only ever captured by drones.

25 The Keukenhof, The Netherlands

Rows and rows for as far as the eye can see make this photo a stunning shot. Seen in this photo is a bird's-eye view of tulip fields in the Netherlands. Tulips are something that the Dutch hold very close to their hearts, so it is not surprising that they would offer such a great experience to anyone who visits.

Known as the 'Keukenhof' by the locals, this place is as magical from above as it is from below.

Sights like these are beautiful with regular cameras, but drones capture an angle that only a helicopter could otherwise. So many rows and so many colors. How many rows are there? It would be nearly impossible to count.

24 Intertwined Highways In Atlantic City

Martin Ezequiel Sanchez captured a remarkable photo when he flew this drone above on-ramps and elevated highways in Atlantic City, United States. The range of colors and various lights make this photo stand out. Also, the round skyscraper building seen in the bottom-right corner may be of interest to viewers.

Based on a few different items seen in this aerial capture, this drone photo goes above and beyond. There are not many vehicles on the highway since the photo was taken at night. At daytime, these highways will be packed, and the black areas will be eliminated. Please, give a 'Like' on Facebook if you enjoyed this drone photo!

23 Morning Swim For A Polar Bear In The Arctic

Arctic glaciers and sheets of ice are ideal locations for drones. Since those walking on the ice run the risk of falling into frigid water, they may opt to use an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In addition, a polar bear could attack. Compared to black and brown bears, polar bears are becoming increasingly aggressive due to climate change.

Whether this bear's habitat is being melted by global warming is not certain, but we get to see it in its most natural form, untouched by humans.

What we end up with is a stunning photo of a sizeable polar bear who is walking on a, hopefully, thick layer of ice. Since this area is a mix of ice and water, the temperature of the water is likely near 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

22 Fireworks up close

There are even drone photos taken from within fireworks. Since drones are manufactured to perform stunts such as soaring through clouds, maneuvering through trees, and entering a potentially hazardous area, drone cameras are often made to be virtually indestructible.

Since we can't jump in the fireworks ourselves, drones can safely travel through them and capture amazing angles like this.

For a camera with high durability, grab a GoPro. GoPro is the leader in action cameras, and a GoPro took this particular photo. Since GoPros are capable of shooting in 4K, they are the most desirable cameras in the market of their kind. Just don't accidentally crash your drone because that will break.

21 Entrance To Hell By Xiaoxiao Li

Flames spew from the water in this photo titled "Entrance To Hell" by Xiaoxioa Liu. It is a confounding photo that likely has a story attached to it. Are the flames the result of a carrier ship or is this stunning blaze the result of underwater volcanic activity? As time progresses, we are mapping more and more of the ocean's seabed.

The amount of volcanoes we are discovering has surpassed our expectations.

Land masses are formed when volcanoes erupt to create rocks which settle on the ocean. It is doubtful that the drone would survive if it made contact with the fire's smoke.

20 Rocky Cliffs Across The Mediterranean Sea

Take a trip to Costa Brava to catch a glimpse of this surreal view in person. A photo can say a thousand words, but to experience this location for yourself would be one-of-a-kind. Lots of color with lush greens and light blue water makes this picture too priceless. It appears as if there are houses atop the cliff.

Who would want to live anywhere else if they managed to find a home here?

A private beach and bright green trees add to the scenery. One could go for a peaceful swim; just watch out for sharks, maybe take the drone out to catch them first!

19 A Stunning Castle View In Pattensen, Germany

It's a white castle surrounded by a white forest. The visuals provided by this environment are too spectacular. It is likely winter time since the trees are covered in frost.

A few of the trees are a blend of green and white, and from this angle we wouldn't even know if the dreams had snow, or were painted white.

The castle itself has remarkable architecture. King George V left this castle with his family over 150 years ago. As a country in the middle of Europe, there are many reasons to visit Germany, since one could visit other countries afterward with ease. Perhaps those vacationing in Europe would want to visit Germany first.

18 The star fort of bourtange

Featured in this picture is a tourist destination known as The star fort at Bourtange. It has layers of walls and moats to prevent attackers. The last cannonball to be fired at this fort was three centuries ago. Now, it has been turned into a museum in Bourtange of the Netherlands.

The construction of this site began in 1593. As a museum, it serves a more valuable purpose. This drone captures an image of the site from a distance that is far and high enough to see all vertices of the star fort. There is much detail in this photo.

17 Erupting Volcano In Reunion Island

One of the last places on Earth you want to be is face-to-face with a volcano, especially if their eruption is imminent. Plumes of smoke are rising, and it is time to evacuate this area. The advancements in drone technology allow users to control drones from long distances.

No camera could capture this footage since some have a small range and others have low durability, and also, because they normally have a human attached to them.

This photo of an erupting volcano in Reunion Island stares into the belly of the beast as magma rises. It is time to fly that drone out of there! Credits go to Jonathan Payet for this terrific photo.

16 Take A Tour Of The Beach

Take a load off and spend some time by the beach with a new GoPro camera. GoPro is the leader in action cameras and a fantastic choice for combining with a drone. Combined with Karma drone, GoPro cameras are capable of shooting aerial views in glorious 4K. Experts note Karmas improvements, but classify it as inferior to the DJI line of drones. However, when looking for a camera to attach to a drone, GoPro is a top contender because of its durability.

This is a glorious image of Laguna Beach rarely seen from those who only go to the beach on their two feet.

Where would be a more suitable place to unpack your drone and take it for a whirl. The colors are soothing, and it has a story to go with it—it must be a keeper.

15 Unreal Drone Capture Of Castle In Ireland

It is the largest of the Norman castles located in Ireland. Hugh de Lacy built this castle with his son over a period of 30 years. Almost half of Hugh de Lacy's lifetime was spent building this castle, and the effort is apparent by its still-standing architecture.

Centuries from now, this castle will likely remain.

The walls surrounding this castle are made of stone. Currently, the site is classified as a ruin, because much of the original castle has deteriorated. Tourists can visit this castle since it is open to the public. It is a beautiful fortress captured by a drone.

14 Ice Falls In Iceland

It's a breathtaking site, and some may be daring to, but most wouldn't want to go swimming in these cold waters located in Gooafoss, Iceland. For the most part, Iceland is a green country with lush forest. Its name contrasts with the environment of Iceland. Still, like most countries of the world located near Earth's poles, there are areas where snow and ice can be found.

Due to the plethora of waterfalls located in this area, the water may not be stable.

It's a unique site captured by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Whoever took this photo probably took several others; who wouldn't?

13 Incredible Footage Of The Taj Mahal

India's Taj Mahal is one of the most recognized holy temples in all of India. It is a universally renowned masterpiece that uses precious stones for its construction instead of red sandstone, which was used in most temples of its time. The Taj Mahal is made of white marble inlaid.

The temple cost approximately 32 million rupees when it was constructed in the 1600s. Today, the value of the Taj Mahal is estimated to be over $1 billion USD. Of course, the temple will not be sold since it is a religious site frequented by the general public which receives about 10 million visitors a year.

12 Breathtaking Aerial In A Sports Complex

It's an impressive sports complex which doesn't have many exciting features aside from its abundance of basketball courts and soccer fields, but from a bird's-eye-view, this drone photo appears magnificent.

After dark, the lights of these courts turn on, creating an ambience that needs to be captured in a photo. We can see at least a hundred people on the courts from this angle even though they are difficult to see from this aerial view. There does seem to be plenty of courts and fields, but remarkably, only a fraction of the courts made it into this limited photo.

11 Mada'in Saleh In The Arabia Desert

It is an archeological site contained in the Arabian desert. Mada'in Saleh was the land of Thamud in the Wadi Al Qura. Centuries ago, there may have been rivers flowing through this area which used to be a village. It contained a trading route that lies between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

One could find themselves lost in this vast desert that now contains mostly remains of ancient structures. It was pillaged multiple times, hence the emptiness of this land. A drone can capture the scale of this land constructed around the 1st century in the Nabataean Kingdom.

10 Looking Through The Mist In Barcelona

The photographer who decided to fly their drones through this fog was daring enough to accept the risk of destroying their camera. Some drones are easier to control than others, but for the most part, beginner and advanced drone pilot steering is skewed.

Head to Barcelona, Spain to see a world-class soccer team and to visit Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, a church that began construction in the early 1900s and was completed in the early 1960s. It bears a neo-gothic style of architecture. To enter this castle is free, and to take the elevator to its top is 2 Euros.

9 Western Australia from above

Western Australia is the location of beautiful landscapes, which appear better in drone photos when compared to regular cameras. To preserve events of the past, one can take photos. Of course, using a drone has its advantages over regular cameras.

The swimmers in this photo would not have been able to capture the scene with so many waves.

Time magazine obtained this drone photo from the SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contest. Swimming alongside a hurricane rip, these swimmers may have been unaware a drone followed them. This miraculous footage captures something unique, and it's why we love drones.

8 Stunning Aeriel Of Sunset By The Pier

Taking into account its range of colors and wide-angle lens, this photo is a keeper and one of the most eye-catching pictures in this article. Simplicity works and whoever took this photo didn't have to risk crashing their drone since beaches have wide areas.

To be able to capture much of the pier, incoming waves, the distant ocean, and a sunset behind clouds all in one frame makes this photo exceptional. Aside from taking a helicopter to the beach, there are not many options for taking a picture from this angle. Drones are worth the investment for shots like these!

7 A Field Of Snow And A Gorgeous Sunset

This gentle slope would be ideal for cross-country skiing. It is a field of snow in what looks like the mountains. Whoever discovered this location would not have been able to capture the size of the field without a drone. Combined with an orange sunset, this photo is a winner all-around.

We can't see people on the ground, but we're sure they are nearby and just are too small to see. It is uncertain how high off the ground this Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) is. Based on this vantage point, we wouldn't be surprised if it was a few hundred feet off the ground.

6 The Golden Gate Bridge From Above The Traffic

Drivers appreciate the engineering behind a large bridge like this as they look out their vehicle's window. The long cables prevent this bridge from collapsing. This is an angle we never get to see while on land, which is why it is so spectacular.

Up above the hustle and bustle of a busy city and its commuters. 

We don't recommend anyone taking a drone to fly above a bridge since there is traffic below and it could be potentially dangerous. This photo, however, does provide a unique angle to a cable-stayed bridge that likely has thousands of people crossing it per day. It almost makes it seem like a peaceful place to drive. Almost.